A few days after Christmas, we were having a family reunion dinner at my uncle's house. Everyone was cheerfully talking to everyone else while drinking wine, laid back on sofas in a dimly lit room with a nicely decorated Christmas tree.

My 10 year old cousin Adam ran towards me holding his new Play Station games which he was begging me to check out with him. Thinking it would be a good idea to get away from the family's smothering inquiries about my university, I followed Adam to the TV room.

His 9 year old sister Abby was sitting in a sofa in front of the TV, playing games on her iPod Touch. Adam and I sat on the wooden floor after he had turned on his PS3 in which he inserted one of the games.

My cousin started playing, showering me with comments about how real and amazing the graphics look, while his sister shouted every other minute for him to shut up.

Then Adam stopped talking, but only because he was too taken by the game. He had his eyes riveted on the screen, and as his ears were deaf to any sound not made by the TV, I got up and took a seat next to his sister Abby on the couch. As she acknowledged my presence, I pretended to be interested by the game she was playing on her iPod until she, too, was taken by her games.

I turned my gaze to her thighs, on which her hands holding the iPod rested. I liked my uncle's family a lot, and always felt happy and comfy around them in their house, but right there, looming over my innocent 9 year old cousin, I was moved by the need to feel her.

She had long hair and dark baby-smooth skin. She was wearing a black and red wool sweater, black shorts and black tights and had put on cute little red boots. She was struggling with a puzzle and complaining about how hard it was to solve it.

“Can I help you with that?” I asked Abby.

“mmyeah okay”, she sighed.

I held both her iPod and her hand with mine, and as I moved my thumb on the screen, my fingers were brushing the silken back of her hand. I was blankly looking at the screen as my mind was becoming aware of my breathing in my cousin's neck getting heavier and my dick growing harder. I was hardly resisting the urge to ask her to sit on my lap. I wanted so much to press her ass against my hard-on.

“Fine, got it from here”, she said pulling me out of my reverie and removing her small hand from my palm.

I went back to checking her young body out. She had almost no breasts, but was a little pulpy. Her shorts were very brief, and her thighs molded by the black tights were invigorating my erection. I was staring at her frustrated pout, wanting nothing at that moment but to brush her tender lips with mine. I went fantasizing about my running my hands along her shoulders, sucking on her gentle neck, thinking about how she would react. How would she perceive what she can understand as affection but that she cannot fathom with her 9 year old mind as sexual desire. I was going crazy with lust for this 9 year old girl, my sweet little cousin that I couldn't touch in any way, I lost all restraint and as if in a state of trance, I planted a tentative kiss on her warm cheek and kept my face held close to hers.

I quickly realized how reckless I was being as she exclaimed “heeey, leave me alone I'm playing”

I was mortified as this distracted Adam from his game. He didn't turn but mimicked what she had just said mockingly. She screamed back at him. I was terrified at the idea of their mom walking in on us and suspecting something based on what they were saying.

“Adam, come, let's have dessert and leave your sister here alone” I told my cousin to avoid any further attention. We walked out of the room and back to where the adults were seated, where I should have been seated. I ate cake, and poured some cranberry juice before sitting down next to an aunt who went asking me about my plans for the coming year. After a couple of drinks I needed to pee and left the room again.

As I was heading towards the bathroom, I walked by the TV room, carelessly at first, but then I stepped back and saw that Abby was startled to hear someone coming, and was making an effort to remain hidden. I walked in and she instantly turned to face a wall “Go out! I'm playing”, but she was keeping her voice low. I locked the door, came closer to her, and held her arm to turn her, but she violently held it in place and told me to leave her alone.

“I won't tell your mom, I promise”. Half-reassured she turned to face me with tears running from her red eyes. I almost laughed as I understood the reason for this. She had stained her new sweater with chocolate and was afraid her mom would be angry with her if she found out. I held her by the shoulders to cheer her up and tell her that this was no big deal, but then thought better of it as my horniness took over. I fed on her fear, realizing how much advantage I could take from the situation with no risk of her telling her mom.

Putting my hands at her sides, I pulled her closer to me and moved her between my legs, shoving her against my raging hard-on. She was ridden with fear and confusion, and to avoid the latter becoming suspicion, I manipulated her innocent delicate feelings by whispering to her how much her mom would be disappointed in her if ever she found out about this.

I lifted my hands to under her arms and brought my mouth to where the stain was, where a breast would grow a couple of years later. I lightly took in her sweet scent before starting to eat the chocolate from her sweater, massaging what lied under it with my lips.

My dick was twitching violently under my jeans. I wrapped my hands around her under her arms and pressed her hard against me, resting my head on her shoulder, and leaning my lips on her neck. I started planting kisses along her neck, allowing my tongue to venture out of my mouth an on her deliciously suave skin.

I broke off my smooching and held Abby's head between my hands. She looked at me innocently while I was molesting her. My helpless little cousin thinking I was embracing her with reassuring affection, while my cock was pulsating wildly with a longing to have her, to eat her out, to fuck her soft defenseless body, to make her scream with pain.

Seeing her fearful and confused tears made me lose all sense. I told her to take off her sweater and she complied without a plain. I stared at her cute nipples as she was mortified with fear, but she didn't flinch as the embarrassment she felt probably added up to the fear of getting caught by her mom. I massaged her shoulders and traced her back with caresses. I stroked her tummy and worked my way to touching her tits. I was pleased that Abby made no move of resistance and felt a hint of sorry for her.

My little cousin's being scared and confused as she was was so inviting. I undid my pants and took out my dick. “What are you doing? Are you gonna tell mom? What are you doing?” came her feeble, helpless trembling voice. I was more stimulated than ever. I lifted her into my lap, with her face to me, and her thighs still inside their shorts along my sides. I gazed at her naked torso and marveled at my good fortune. I leaned down and whispered in her ear “I love you” and then sucked on the soft lobe of her ear, while rubbing my dick against her inner thighs and her soft stomach. I shook her mildly, moving her up and down against me, drunken by the amazing feeling of my naked balls being massaged by her thighs and ass through the smooth fabric of her tights.

So close to the edge, I held my helpless little Abby's face and kissed her lips. “w.. w... we're not sup..posed to kiss on the lips”. I responded with multiple other kisses, telling her how much I loved her, while one hand rested on her lovely thigh, and the other brushed her hair. I slightly parted her lips with mine, and with my tongue, started sucking on her upper lip.

With a mixture of horror and lust, I realized that there was no turning back. I was going to cum on my nine year old cousin, who was not knowing what was happening to her, and I was loving it. She had started crying quietly, her body shaking to her sobs. I was turned on even more and wiggled my dick furiously between her hips, licking the tears off her cheeks and kissing her wildly.

I couldn't repress a moan as, pulling her closer to me, the sperm came rocketing out of me, splashing between us while I was holding on to her adorable little body. I came so hard that thick layers of my cum ran down her thighs, arms, and both our stomachs.

As I sat there gasping for air, my mind was overcome with conflicting emotions. I had just molested my nine year old innocent little cousin and as my mind came back to its senses, it raced as I started to think how I would explain this to her. But at the same time, as I held her warm, wet little body, I knew that I'd never been happier. Even though anxious about how I was going to handle this situation, I kissed her neck and lips again, telling her how much I loved her.

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