Chapter Two

The tutoring sessions became less about school and more about the evolving relationship with Tara, and unfortunately that didn’t help my grades. Almost every tutoring session began with Tara’s mouth on my cock, and inevitably led to her swallowing my semen. She was showing all kinds of improvement with her technique, and had managed her first deep throat blowjob, that amazed both of us.

The unfortunate part was that the blowjobs took up a little more than half of the session. After barely getting a passing grade on an English test, Tara said that we needed to discuss the tutoring sessions. She felt that we needed to concentrate on tutoring and leave sex for other times.

“What other times Tara? I don’t have any free time, outside of studying and sports”.

“Come to the Club and I will look after you there personally”.

“Speaking of the club; I have to tell you that I’m not all that comfortable with you working in a place like that, and I think you should give it up”.

“Brian, I can’t believe that you just said that. Listen to yourself. You go there to blow your frustrations in some girl’s mouth, and yet you don’t want me there, even though I don’t get involved in the sex part”.

“I guess it does come off sounding hypocritical, but I care about you and it’s hard for me thinking of you working there”.

“I’m not giving it up, since it’s going to help with my college tuition, so you are going to have to deal with it”.


I had a practice the following night and my coach couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. I knocked our goalie on his ass several times with hard blasts and then scored on the rebound.

“Whatever has gotten into you Brian; don’t change a thing, and I want you to bring that same intensity to our next game. We’re playing the third ranked team, and they are only four points back of us in the standings, so we need the win”.

I certainly did bring intensity to the game, and after scoring four goals and crushing my opponents into the grass, I singlehandedly became the target of all of the opposing players in the second half of the game. We won, but the team had to finish the game without me, since I was ejected, and the officials were going to file a report with the league regarding my penalties and ejection. After the game, I was swarmed by four college scouts, who wanted me to sign an offer sheet, regarding scholarships. I wasn’t particularly interested in signing anything; since I was miffed that Tara wasn’t at the game and was probably back at the club.

When we were due for our next tutoring session, Tara didn’t show up, so I called her cell phone, and found her at the club.

“Why didn’t you show up for our session”?

“I’m busy Brian, and I’m not doing tutoring anymore, so you should find someone else to help you”.

Before I could respond, Tara said goodbye and hung up. Now I was really miffed and in a bad mood, so I headed down to the club. When I walked in, I plunked my $20.00 down and asked for someone new. Tara looked shocked and hurt, but she sent me back to a booth to prepare for the next available girl. Sitting there with my pants around my ankles, I began to think that I may have been hasty, not to mention cruel, and wondered if I should just leave. Before I could decide what to do, the curtain was pulled back, and a girl came in and dropped to her knees right away. She began sucking on my cock, but was basically giving an emotionless effort, bobbing up and down until I spewed in her mouth. She spit my ejaculate into some tissues and then got up and left. I felt empty and hated what I had done to Tara. I guess my immaturity got the best of me and I didn’t know how to fix this mess.

When I walked out, it had been my intention to apologize to Tara, but she was nowhere to be found. As I waited to see where she had gone, a girl came out and took off her hood, and as she wiped ejaculate from her chin, my heart sank. It was Tara, and obviously she had just sucked someone off to get even with me. I couldn’t even speak. I just stared at her and then left.

The walk home was lonely and depressing and I found myself getting very angry. I needed to take out this anger on something or someone, so I went back to the club and waited outside. Tara came out, so I kept out of sight until she was gone. The next girl that came out was about to call someone on her cell phone, so I said hi and asked her if I could walk her home.

“You’re that Lacrosse guy aren’t you?”

“Yah, I’m Brian”.

“Hi Brian, I’m Kelly. I was just about to call my mom to pick me up, but I can walk with you”.

“I was just in the club. Was that you Kelly that looked after me”?

“We’re not supposed to reveal that information, but Yah that was me. Did I do okay”?

“It was okay, but if you let me, I could teach you how to get much better at it”.

“Can I tell you a big secret Brian? You can’t ever tell anyone about it”.

“Sure, I promise to keep your secret”.

“My older brother and I were fooling around a few months ago and it led to some sex talk, and before I realized what he was doing, he shoved his cock into my mouth. I didn’t mind all that much, since I had never been with a guy like that, so I let him do it. He asked me to do it a couple of times a week since then and that is how I learned to suck cock”.

“That is a big secret. Are you still sucking him off”?

“No, because I told him that he was going to have to start paying me for it, and he refused”.

“How about if you suck for me at my house and I’ll pay you, but also I can teach you how to do it much better”.

“I’m not sure that Tara would let me do that Brian. It is supposed to happen at the club, so she can get a fee for it”.

“She will never find out. I don’t plan on telling her and I’m sure that you won’t either”.

“Okay. When do you want to start”?

“Before you answer that Brian, you have to remember that Tara expects me at the club every day after school, so you may have to pick a time other than that”.

“Give me your phone number and I’ll let you know”.

I think I knew right at that moment that I would never be calling her. When I went to my next Lacrosse practice, the coach informed me that I would have to sit out a one game suspension, due to my penalties and ejection in the last game. I was also going to be on probation for the remainder of the season. My life seemed to be spiralling out of control and I wasn’t sure how to get things back on track. I felt like calling Kelly to come over and suck me off, but that would only be a ten minute quick fix, and because she wasn’t very good, it would basically be a waste of money. I thought about calling Tara, but fear of rejection got the best of me. That was the last thing I needed right now, on top of my other troubles. After practice, Charlie called me over and asked if he could talk to me about Tara.

“Why are you asking me about her”?

“You guys broke up, didn’t you”?

“I guess, but I’m trying to figure out some way of getting back with her”.

“Sorry man. I didn’t know”.

“Why are you sorry”?

“Look man, I thought you guys were history because she has been blowing me at the club, and she was so good, I wanted to try and hook up with her”.

“Do whatever the fuck you want”.

If he had just shut up at that point, things would have blown over, but he had to keep going on about how great she sucked, and I finally lost it. The first punch laid him out, and when he came to his senses, he charged at me, and a second shot to the nose knocked him cold. The coach revived Charlie and asked him if he wanted to press charges against me for assault. Charlie shrugged it off and said no. The coach said that I was suspended from school and the team, pending a hearing at the school, so I left. What the fuck else could happen to me, I thought to myself as I walked home. A few days ago I was on top of the world. My lacrosse slump was over. I was getting swallowed by Tara. My grades had improved. Now look at me. There was only one thing I could think of that might turn things around, so I headed towards Tara’s house.

When she answered the door, I begged her to give me five minutes to explain myself, and fortunately she agreed. As her and I walked the neighbourhood, she didn’t utter a word, but listened intently as I bared my soul, confessed my wrongdoings and asked for forgiveness. When we had circled the block and were back in front of her house, she was about to speak when I asked her to consider everything that I had said and let me know tomorrow, if she could forgive me and take me back. I suppose that I should have let her speak, but at least if there was going to be rejection, I’ve put it off for another day.

The walk home was sad and lonely, and my evening wasn’t much better. My parents knew something was up, but left me alone to deal with it. I called Charlie and apologized, and told him that I was trying to get back together with Tara. He agreed to back off, so we could preserve our relationship. I called the coach and apologized for my behaviour and told him that I was getting my act together and was prepared to deal with the consequences of my actions. All I could do now was let things play out and try and get my life back in order.

The following day, the coach called me into his office and told me that he was impressed with the phone call last night and that he was also pleased to learn that I had apologized to Charlie. He told me that the incident was now behind us and there would be no hearing, since he decided not to report it to the school. Now all I needed was to hear from Tara. I figured that she would be at the club, so I didn’t expect that I would hear from her until later in the evening. I was very surprised when she caught up to me walking home from school, and took my hand.

“Brian, I hope that you were sincere about everything you said last night. You sounded like the guy I first met and fell in love with”.

“I was sincere Tara. I meant everything I said. Does that mean that you forgive me Tara”?

“It does Brian”.

We kissed and held hands and when we got to my house she asked to come in and start our tutoring session. When we got to my room, Tara said that she wanted to give me ten minutes of oral bliss, but the next 50 minutes had to be studying. How could I refuse? Truth is that after everything I had experienced over the last 24 hours, I blew about a minute after her tongue touched my cock, so most of the hour was studying. When the session ended, Tara said that she was no longer involved with the club and that Kelly had taken over. As we were leaving, my coach called and told me that my one game suspension had been lifted, since he had successfully appealed it to the league. I was still on probation, but it didn’t matter since my head was in a much better place, and my demons wouldn’t be causing any unnecessary aggression on opposing players.

My relationship with Tara continued to blossom and my scoring touch in Lacrosse was back, so life was good. Charlie ended up hooking up with Kelly, and I learned that he punched out her brother for pestering her about getting another blowjob. I got my Lacrosse scholarship to Duke and was very happy about it, but I wondered how it would affect my relationship with Tara. Time will tell.

The End

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