My Niece the drunken cock tease (another unexpected chapter)

Authors note: When I first wrote about Debbie and her constant teasing, I thought that the night I got my revenge and fucked her pussy and came down her throat, was basically the end of the story. We continued seeing Debbie and her husband for several more years, and she continued her groping and teasing, but another opportunity to fuck her never came along. All I had was a lot of instances of tight balls and jerking off to the thoughts of ejaculating in Debbie’s mouth that evening so long ago.

A new and unexpected chapter:

A few years after I fucked Debbie, my wife and I spilt up and she moved a thousand miles away, and because Debbie was her niece, I didn’t see any of them until recently. My ex came back to town for a visit with the kids and Grandkids, and we all ended up gathering at a local bar to talk about old times. Because I had told my ex that she could stay at my house during her time in town, she ended up inviting Debbie and her husband to come to my house after leaving the bar. Debbie was pretty drunk, so I told them that they could crash at my place instead of trying to drive home, and they gladly accepted.

We put on music, had a few more drinks and got even more relaxed and uninhibited. While Debbie and her husband danced, my ex and I sat together on the sofa and she asked me if I remembered the time that Debbie had climbed into our bed and dry humped me. I said that I did remember, and had regrets all those years that I didn’t fuck her that night. Of course I knew that I had indeed fucked her but no one else knew, including my ex.

My ex acted all shocked and surprised that I would want to fuck Debbie, so I told her that I had masturbated many times, thinking about doing just that.

“Oh, so now Debbie is your fantasy fuck eh”?

“You have no idea how many times she has groped my cock over the years, and she pretends that she doesn’t remember”.

“You are getting me hot talking like this”.

“Are you still with your boyfriend back home”?

“No. That relationship has been over for a while”.

“So why are you telling me about getting hot”?

“You mean that you would turn me down if I offered myself to you”?

“You know me well enough to understand that I would never turn down sex, but we were talking about Debbie; not about you”.

“Should I be offended”?

“No. I would really enjoy one of your famous blowjobs and then fuck you silly. It’s just that I have that memory of Debbie humping me and I can’t get it out of my head”.

“How would you feel if I sucked your cock right here, while they are dancing”?

“That would be great as long as they didn’t get offended and leave”.

“You never know. They might join in”.

“Are you serious, or are you just yanking my chain”?

“I feel like yanking more than your chain”.

My ex leaned into me on the sofa and kissed me, while sliding her hand into my crotch. I was already rock hard from the discussion, and I kissed her back and reached for her tits. As I got my other hand into her crotch, I felt heat emanating from her pussy, so I knew that she was really horny. My ex began sliding lower towards my lap and because I thought that she might be getting ready to blow me, I glanced over to where Debbie and her husband were. I couldn’t see them, so I turned the other way and saw that they were in the loveseat at the other end of the room.

I guess they had become turned on watching us, since Debbie was bobbing her head up and down in her husband’s lap. I was fixated as I watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth, so I put my hands on my ex-wife’s head and directed her mouth towards my erection. She had my pants and underwear at my ankles in an instant and first I could feel her hot breath and then her tongue licking at my cock head. There is something very erotic about watching your cock head glisten with pre-cum, as an enthusiastic mouth approaches.

Debbie’s husband knew that I had watched them, so as my ex licked at my cock, he grinned and gave me the thumbs up sign. As much as I was fascinated at the thoughts of watching Debbie suck her husband’s cock, I couldn’t ignore the mouth and tongue that were bringing my cock closer and closer to orgasm. I reached for my ex’s face and began thrusting into her mouth. I was rather loud as I said that I was cumming in her mouth, so Debbie’s husband also screamed out that Debbie was swallowing his cum.

I guess at this point there was no reason to be shy, so my Ex and I completely disrobed and I placed her on top of me and told her to ride me. I made sure that I was positioned on the carpeted floor, so that I could still see Debbie and her husband.

“Holy shit. Are you still hard enough to fuck after cumming in her mouth”? Debbie’s husband obviously wasn’t ready for more sex, so he was asking me how I could be ready so soon.

“I’m ready to go again. I guess I’m just a really horny guy”.

Debbie was trying to get herself impaled on her husband’s cock, but it was way too limp. Obviously she wanted to get laid and was a little annoyed at her husband, so she stood and threw off the rest of her clothes, and headed in our direction. Watching Debbie walk naked towards me got my cock got even harder and it started throbbing, and yet I knew that this could get really ugly, considering how much everyone had to drink.

My wife had straddled me and got my cock fully into her pussy, but because she was facing away from the other two, she didn’t see Debbie approaching. As she rocked and humped on my cock, I knew that I wouldn’t last long, especially since I had the added stimulation of looking at Debbie naked. I was a little distracted, trying to watch Debbie’s husband to see what he was going to do about Debbie. I knew that I had to do something so I blurted out “come and get her before this gets out of hand”.

“No. Let’s just see how far she takes this”.

“Look, we have all had a lot to drink and I don’t want this to get ugly, so please come over here and take Debbie back with you”.

By now, my ex was getting worried, so she lifted herself off of me, and stood looking at Debbie. Before I could get up, Debbie tried to straddle me, and what happened next really shocked me. My ex quickly went over to Debbie’s husband and kneeled between his legs. I stared as she sucked his limp cock into her mouth, and soon she had him erect and pumping in and out of her mouth. He was no longer watching me and Debbie, so I figured that I may as well let things develop. Debbie straddled me to impale herself on my cock, but I managed to push her further down so that her mouth was lined up with my cock. She knew what I wanted so she knelt between my legs and sucked my cock into her mouth. I watched as Debbie licked and sucked, and I couldn’t help looking over at my ex bobbing up and down, as she sucked his cock.

“Do me a favour and don’t cum in her mouth. I have to sleep with her and I don’t want to smell you’re cum all night”

As if that was all he had to worry about. I guess he has resigned himself to having Debbie suck someone else’s cock right in front of him, so I decided at that point that I was going to enjoy this. I manoeuvred Debbie into a 69 position and we began lapping at each other. I licked and sucked her clit into my mouth, as both of my hands held her beautiful tits, and as I tweaked her nipples, I felt her mouth release my cock.

She screamed that she was cumming and asked me to keep sucking hard on her clit. I knew she was cumming since her thighs clamped my head, and her juices flowed into my mouth and down my chin. I figured that if she resumed sucking on my cock, I might blow and be unable to fuck her pussy, so I mounted Debbie in the missionary position and would be able to lie against her beautiful mounds as I fucked her.

One last glance over at the ex to be sure everything was still peaceful, and there were no worries, since she had straddled him and she was grinding and gyrating on his cock. He looked as if he had no interest in what Debbie was doing, so I buried myself up to my balls in Debbie’s pussy, and began slowly humping. Debbie wrapped her legs around me and clawed at my back with her nails. She was moaning and writhing around underneath me and appeared to be nearing orgasm. That spurred me to increase the pace of my thrusts, and as my balls slapped off of her ass, I heard:

“Oh fuck. I’m cumming again. Pound my pussy with that big hard cock”.

As soon as I heard those words leave Debbie’s mouth, I had a gut feeling that it might set off her husband. My ex must have had the same feeling because she screamed that she was cumming on the best cock that she had ever ridden.

“Your big cock is so beautiful in my pussy, and I want to feel your cum filling my insides”.

It must have worked because he began thrusting upwards and he blew his load into her as she continued screaming and moaning. What my ex had just done probably saved this evening from turning into a disaster and I had a new found respect for her.

All four of us were now collapsed on the floor, and it was pretty obvious that we all needed some sleep. I suggested that we head upstairs, and everyone agreed. When we got to the bedrooms, Debbie and her husband headed into their room, and my ex asked if she should sleep with me or find another room. I took her hand and led her into my bedroom, and told her that I wasn’t done with her yet. I have to admit that the prospect of entering her pussy, which was full of another man’s cum, wasn’t all that appealing. Mind you, I didn’t think that I had anything left in the tank, so it probably didn’t matter.

My cock was pretty limp, so I pulled her down to lay beside me to cuddle. I whispered to her that I would wake her up in a while and as she drifted off to sleep, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of trouble all of this would cause tomorrow, when everyone was sober. About an hour later, I woke up with a throbbing boner thinking about Debbie’s pussy, but in reality I had been shook awake by Debbie as she crawled into my bed. This was d? vu all over again, as I thought back to many years ago when she had crawled in and dry humped me. My ex was still sleeping, so I faced the dilemma of what to do. Was her husband still awake? What would my ex do if she woke up while I was fucking Debbie?

After the events so far, how much worse could things get? I decided to thrust my throbbing cock up into Debbie’s pussy, and the ride began. She rode me like a bucking bronco and eventually I knew it would awaken the ex. Debbie was having an orgasm, since I could feel contractions in her pussy walls sucking at my cock. As I was about to unload into Debbie, my ex got up on one elbow and said to me: “I guess your fantasy has been fulfilled”. That interrupted my impending orgasm, so I said that she could join in if she wanted.

“How am I supposed to join in”?

“You could sit on my face and I could suck your pussy until you came in my mouth”.

The problem with that suggestion was that Debbie had cum already and was basically collapsed on my chest.

“Hey you know what? I have always wanted to see you eat pussy, so why don’t we both do Debbie? She is obviously passed out, and won’t remember anything in the morning anyway”.

“Why would you want to see me eat Debbie’s pussy? I’m not a lesbian, and she is my niece”.

“I know that. It’s just another fantasy that I have had for many years”.

“If it will make you happy, I guess I can try it”.

I decided to get innovative, so I lay on my back and placed Debbie on top of me lying on her back. That gave me great access to her tits and I could also look down as my ex ate her pussy. I massaged those beautiful tits and tweaked her nipples with my fingers as my ex crawled between our legs. There was no indication of Debbie being awake, so I asked my ex to get started. I didn’t realize that this was going to be a doubly pleasing fantasy, since my ex could not only eat Debbie’s pussy, but my cock was also sticking up between Debbie’s thighs and was easily accessible to be sucked. The ex figured that out in a hurry and she alternated between licking Debbie’s pussy, and licking my balls and cock.

“Maybe we should pay her back tonight for all the teasing over the years. What do you think”?

“I’m not sure what you mean”.

“Well you said that she has been your fantasy fuck for years now, so maybe you should fuck her in the bum, and see if she remembers that in the morning. She can’t deny a sore asshole”.

“That’s a great idea. Why don’t you lick her good, so that she is well lubed to take my cock in her bum”?

My cock was ready to burst at the prospect of fucking Debbie in the ass. As my ex licked Debbie from clit to bum hole, there was still no movement. My ex took my cock head and placed it at the entrance to Debbie’s anal opening. I pushed my cock upwards, as the ex held it in position, but she was too tight and needed more lubrication. My ex moved my cock and licked Debbie’s anal opening again, but this time she inserted her tongue and let a lot of spit dribble into the opening. When my ex took my cock and placed the head at Debbie’s slickened anal opening, the head popped in and Debbie uttered a slight moan. Now that my cock head was in, my ex refocused her efforts on sucking Debbie’s clit.

As my cock inched its way into Debbie’s bum, her moaning grew louder and she began to push her ass down towards my cock. It was obvious that my ex was enjoying herself, since her sucking and slurping sounds grew louder. I was nearing the point of no return, and my ex sensed that I was about to cum, so she took one of her fingers, spit on it and then inserted it into my anal opening. The finger was barely in when my spasms began, and streams of ejaculate shot up into Debbie’s rectum. Debbie was also in spasm, and was moaned as she came. The ex sucked hard on Debbie’s clit, until she couldn’t stand it anymore and clamped her thighs together.

Finally I had fucked all of Debbie’s holes, thanks to my ex, and I felt very appreciative towards her.

“How would you like me to make you feel good now”?

“I am totally exhausted and sexually satisfied, so why don’t we figure out what to do with Debbie, and then get some sleep”.

I tried to get Debbie on her feet, but needed help from the ex, since she was basically dead weight. She didn’t seem to be able to stand on her own, so we took her back to her room and helped her into bed. Her husband didn’t wake up, so we quietly crept out of the room and back to our bed. We were both asleep within minutes, as we cuddled and spooned.

When I woke up, it was about ten o’clock and I was alone in bed. I began thinking about last night, and although my cock was rock hard while reminiscing, I also was very apprehensive about facing Debbie and her husband. I could smell breakfast cooking, and since I was really hungry, I decided to head downstairs to face whatever lay in store. When I got to the kitchen, Debbie and my ex were cooking bacon and eggs and were talking as if nothing unusual happened last night. Debbie’s husband was at the table and said to me that last night was a real hoot, and that we should do it again sometime.

As we all ate breakfast, there were no words spoken about the sex last night, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. When Debbie and her husband left for home, he whispered to me that my ex was a great fuck. I told my ex what he had whispered and she responded: “Of course I’m a great fuck. Get into the shower with me and when we get out, I’ll show you just how great a fuck I am”.

By the end of the day, my cock was pretty sore, but since the ex was leaving early the next morning, my cock would have plenty of time to recover. That day was the last that I ever saw of Debbie and her husband, and I suspect that her husband couldn’t face me anymore, knowing that I had fucked his wife. It’s a shame really, but at least I will always have that memory of my ex eating Debbie’s pussy as I fucked Debbie’s bum. I guess her husband would really be pissed if he knew about that!

The End

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2011-01-06 22:53:00
In some sick way I really liked this story. At least for once everyone was legal.

I love most of Quigleys work. although the Females are sometimes too young. After all this is fiction.


2011-01-02 20:04:35
Thanks for your stories. I'm guessing that Debbie has DID, otherwise known as Multiple Personality. It manifests in many different levels. My ex was such. She didn't have names or voices, but more so how she dealt with things. Often it comes from being molested at a young age. My ex wouldn't remember what happened the next day when she drank, if it was a lot. Also, when she drank, she was unpredictable.

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