30yo woman 14yo girl
My Neighbors Niece

I am a 30 year old woman about 110 lbs, 5'6", and with blonde hair that I wear up in a

small bee-hive hair-do. I have kept my body in pretty good shape and have really nice 36c's

breasts. At the present I don't have a man in my life. I live alone and work the graveyard

shift as a cocktail waitress so I have my days free. My neighbor is a woman in her 40's who

works long hours during the day not getting home till 7 or 8 sometimes. Her niece came to

stay with her during the summer vacation. Her niece Sheri was fourteen,5'1', had perty

little breasts and blonde hair the same shade as mine.

During the week Sheri would get really bored so she would come over and hang out with me.

Sometimes we would go shopping or just hang around the house, sunbathing, doing each other's

hair or nails. Often when we were shopping we would try on clothes in the same changing

booth and model them for each other. Many times I would help her undress down to her bra and

panties and due to the closeness of the changing booths we couldn't help to be in close

contact. Sheri was quite taken with my body saying that she hoped that her breasts would

develop as good as mine. I noticed that Sheri always had her hands on me as we changed.

One day I picked out a sheer pink lacey bra and panties.

I looked at Sheri "Do you think these are sexy?"

"Yeah, why don't you try them on." she responded.

We walked back to the changing booth and I started to get undressed. I was only wearing

shorts, sandals, and a halter top so I was quickly down to my bra and panties. Sheri moved

behind me and unclasped my bra exposing my breasts to her.

"Its feels good to be out of that bra I think that it shrunk in the wash because it's too

tight now." I said as I rubbed my tits. Sheri without thinking reached up and helped me rub


"Better now?" she teased.

She reached down and pulled my panties down so that they fell at my feet. I stepped out of

them as she rubbed my ass. She sat down on the changing bench as I stood completely naked

about a foot in front of her. I keep my pussy shaved and Sheri put her hand on it and felt it.

"I really like the way you shave your pussy it makes it look very sexy." she cooed.

I put on the pink lacey bra and panties and stood facing her.

"Well what do you think?" I asked.

Sheri reached over and adjusted the panties a little.

"There, now you can see your pussy thru it." she responded.

Sheri stood up and started to adjust the bra. Sheri's height meant my breasts were even

with her face. She would ocassionaly rub her face across my breasts.

"Now you can see your nipples." she stated. "You definitely need to buy these." Sheri's

hands were just all over my body.

I redressed and bought the bra and panties. On the way home in the car Sheri looked over

at me.

"I'm gonna shave my pussy too." she announced.

"Really." I respond.

"what are you going use to shave with? I asked.

"My Aunts scissors and razor." she answered.

"Oh no baby that would be too harsh and you might get knicks or razor rash." I told her.

"Well what then." she said.

"Let me shave you I've got everything that need." I answered.

"OK." she said.

When we got back to my house Sheri stripped down to her bra and panties. She grabbed my

arm and started hopping up and down.

"Shave me! Shave me! Shave me!" she said giggling.

We went into the bathroom and I had her sit on the fur covered toilet lid. I went ahead

and took off my shorts and halter top so we were both in our bras and panties. She had on a

white lace bra and a pair of too tight panties that had winnie the pooh on them, her legs

were wide spread. I knelt down before her and reached up to her panties. As I was starting

to pull them down she closed her legs and lifted her butt up so that they would come off

easily. After her panties were off she pulled her feet back so that they were tight against

her ass leaving he pussy fully exposed to me.

Her pussy hair, what there was of it was as blonde as her hair on her head. Her pussy was

not that hairy on the sides but she had a cute little blonde tuft on top. I ran my fingers

thru her pussy hair and let my middle finger dip slightly inbetween her pussy lips. She

gasped sligthly when I did this so I kept doing it.

"Oh baby your pussy is beautiful." I said as I continued to rub it. I was rubbing and

fingering her blonde pussy. I was getting my finger in about to my knuckle. I looked up to

her to see what her response was. She had her head back, her eyes closed, and her mouth


"Your blonde pussy hair looks too good shave off completely how about if I just shave off

the sides and leave the top the way it is?" I asked.

"Gee I don't know, can I look at yours again." she responsed.

I leaned back and lifted my legs up and pulled off my panties. I noticed a wet spot on

them as I set them aside. With my legs still in the air I spread my legs wide so she could

get a good look.

"What we can do is leave a small tuft of hair right here at the top of your pussy." I said

as I pointed at my pussy. I was thinking of growing one back here my self."

"OK." she answered back.

"Good." I said. "I think that it will look really good."

I took a small pair of scissors and trimmed the hair on the sides of her pussy really

short. Next I put a little dab of shaving gel on each side of her pussy. My face was only

inches from her pussy as I gently shaved her with a trac 4 razor. Since she had so little

hair there it only took a few seconds. I took a wet washrag and wiped her pussy clean, her

bare pussy lips looked really good.

I looked up at her and noticed that she had removed her bra exposing her pert titties and

pretty pink nipples. I could only smile. Her nipples were swollen and her pussy was leaking

pussy juices down into her ass crack. Since my panties were already off I went ahead and

took off my bra exposing my full breasts to Sheri. I noticed my nipples were also swollen

from the sexual excitment of the moment.

I started rubbing baby oil on her pussy lips to keep them moist. My fingers were rubbing

her smooth pussy lips and dipping into her pussy.

"How does that feel?" I asked her.

In a barely audiable voice she said "It feels good keep rubbing that oil on my pussy."

Looking at her newly shaven pussy I couldn't help myself and started licking her pussy. I

stuck my tongue as far into her pussy as possible then licked straight up her slit until I

reached her clit. At her clit I licked, kissed, and sucked it until she started shaking from


I rose up from her pussy and she bend down to meet me in a long kiss.

The next day Sheri came over about 11 in the morning. I had just got off work and was just

planning on relaxing. She was wearing real short shorts which exposed the bottom of her ass

cheeks and an old t-shirt.

I was in the kitchen getting some iced tea when she came in.

"You have a good night." Sheri asked

"Yeah not bad." I answer.

"You want to lay out in the sun with me." I ask.

"Sure I'll go get my bathing suit." she answers.

"No bathing suits I don't want a tan line." I tell her.

"Naked!" she saids surprised.

"Sure no one can see us in the back yard." I said.

I had a glass of iced tea in my hand as I stood there in my bra and panties "Unhook me

would you." I said as I turned my back to her. Sheri stood behind me and unclasped my bra.

The bra fell loose and Sheri removed it and reached around and put her hands on my tits and

started rubbing them.

"Oh it feels so good to have that bra off." I sigh.

"Take my panties off too." I instruct.

Sheri kneels in front of me and pulls my panties down. I step out of my panties and Sheri's

hand immediately starts rubbing my pussy.

"Mmm that feels so good." I coo.

Sheri giggles at that.

"It's your turn lets get you out of those clothes." I put down my iced tea and step up to

Sheri and pull her t-shirt off exposing her pert little tits. I reach down and unbutton her

shorts and let them fall. To my surprise she has on no panties.

"How's your pussy look?" I ask. "Did you get any razor bumps? Here sit on the counter so I

can check."

Sheri hops up on the kitchen counter and pulls her feet up to the edge so that her pussy is

completely exposed to me.

I bend over to inspect her pussy. I rub her pussy with my hand "Does it feel tender?" I ask.

"No." she answers.

"Good." I said "Lets go outside."

We walk out on the patio hand in hand. I have a double wide recliner on which we both layed

down on side by side.

"Are you sure noone can see us?" she asks.

"Pretty sure. If some guy saw two hot girls like us he would go probably go crazy." I joke.

Since I had just got off work and was still a little sweaty I got the garden hose and washed

myself down in the hot sun.

"Do me too." Sheri pleads.

My body was completely wet as I turned the water onto Sheri cooling her off.

"Let me put some suntan lotion on you. We don't want you to get burned." I stated.

I squirted some lotion on her chest. The lotion reminded me of cum as I rubbed it in on her

chest. Her tits felt wonderful as I worked the lotion in and I noticed that her nipples were

swollen as I rubbed over them.

I held the lotion bottle over her face "Close your eyes."

Sheri squeezed her eyes tight as I shot the lotion on her face. Once again all I could think

of was cum and the last time a guy shot off on me. I rubbed it in on face.

Next I squirted some on her belly and abdomen. "You know this lotion looks like cum." I

said as I rubbed it in on belly and abdomen.

"Does it? I've only seen it a couple times in pictures." Sheri saids.

"Watch this." I say as I squirt some on her pussy. "Oh Sheri!" I say in a mock mans voice.

Sheri giggles "Oh baby!"

I start rubbing the lotion into her pussy. I rub my whole hand all over her pussy letting my

middle finger dip into her pussy. It doesn't take long for her to orgasm as she grabs my hand

with her right hand and my tits with her left. Sheri arches her back and moans loudly.

"Wow that felt so good." She coos.

"Let me put lotion on you." she asks.

"OK." I respond and lay back on the recliner.

Sheri gets on her knees and picks up the lotion. She straddles me at the hips so that our

pussys are only a couple of inches apart.

"Close your eyes." she orders as she aims the lotion at my face. I comply and she squirts

some lotion on my face.

"Have you ever had real cum on your face? she asks.

"Yeah sure when I'm on my period and can't have straight sex I'll suck off a guy instead."
I state. "Most of times they will cum in my mouth but sometimes they will miss and cum on my face."

Sheri listened fascinated. "I can't wait to have sex."

Sheri next squirted some lotion on my chest and tits "How about on your tits? Has a guy

ever cum on your titties?"

"Sure baby." I coo "Guys love my tits and sometimes they will tit-fuck me and shoot off on them."

Sheri is rubbing the lotion all over my tits and chest as we chat.

"Wowww." saids Sheri.

Sheri moves to my side on her knees. She squirts the lotion on my belly and abdomen and

starts rubbing it in. She's not saying anything now so I assume she's imagining about what I

have said.

Sheri goes ahead and does my legs before coming back to my pussy.

"Don't let my pussy get burnt." I warn her.

Sheri squirts some lotion on my pussy and starts massaging it in. I could tell that she

loved my pussy as her hand and fingers worked my pussy. Her finger was in deep in my pussy.

Her face was only inches from my pussy as she watched her finger in my pussy.

"You like that?" she asks.

"Yeah." I coo. "But you know what? I need more. Lets go inside and I will show you my toys."

Sheri and I walk naked hand in hand into the house. We go into the bedroom and I open the

drawer where I keep my dildos and vibrators.

Sheri is awestruck as she sees my collection of dildos and vibrators. She holds up a large

8" fleshy dildo. "Its huge! No way that would fit in my pussy."

Next she picks up a double dildo, It has a larger dildoe for the pussy and next to it

running parallel is a thinner dildo for the ass.

"How does this one work." she asks.

Not sure if she ready for the concept of anal sex I lie "Well that is for two persons at

the same time."

"Wow! Can we try it?" she asks excitably.

I hesitant "Gee I don't know baby are you ready for something like that?"

"Oh yes." she exclaims. Sheri starts hopping up and down "Please! Please! Please!"

Secretly turned on by it all "Well OK."

"Wahoo!" Sheri saids excitly.

I directed Sheri onto the bed where we both got on our knees facing each other our bodies

tight against each other. My big titties were pressed into her cute little face. I aim the

thin dildo at Sheri's pussy and the large one at my pussy. Sheri is kissing, licking, and

sucking my hard nipples.

"OK slowly now." I instruct Sheri.

Sheri and I slowly lower ourselves onto the dildo. I bend down a little and start sucking

her pert little titties.

Sheri starts moaning as the dildo goes into her pussy. The dildo in my pussy feels really

good and with Sheri's tit in my mouth I start orgasming.

Sheri orgasms also, but we don't stop.

When Sheri's pussy was all the way down on the dildo I lift her up by the elbows."Lift

up." I tell her.

When She had lifted up so that the dildo was barely in her pussy "OK, back down." I


We match each others movement up and down on the dildos. I straighten back up so that

Sheri had ascess to my titties.

Sheri starts sucking on my titties as we fuck the dildos. Sheri definitly was multi-

orgasmic as was I. We had countless orgasms until we both collapse onto the bed in

exhaustion. I hug Sheri as she nuzzles my titties.

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