my first work, continued.
my tongue flicked her hard nipples relentlessly, her virgin body shaking with the new sensations i was bringing over her, i sucked each nipple for a good 10 minutes, then as i pulled away to admire her again i grinned at the deep purple and red they'd become, 'see' i said to her 'i told you your to become a woman, dont they look more grown up?' I sniggered as i told her to kneel down, it was time to show her what i was really here to give her, unbuckling my belt i drop it to the floor, then unbuttoning my jeans i slowly slide them down with my boxers, letting my throbbing hard 8" cock spring out, standing to attention as hard as i ever saw him i knew we was in for some fun.

I told her to stand up for me and she did, each movement she made was followed by a glance at the hunting knife i still held, i told her to turn around and face away from me and slowly slip herself out of her skirt, i wanted to see her cute round ass appear slowly from the band of her pleated skirt, and boy she didnt dissapoint. slowly she slipped it down giving a slight wiggle too just as she slid them over her hips, this movement sending a twitch through my hard member, I groaned out at her telling her what a dirty sexy lady she is about to become.

Then quickly I guided her by her hair to her knees, facing me i let my cock rest against her face, I asked her gently if she'd ever had a cock in her mouth before and she shook her head. I reassured her that she'd love it as i pushed it against her lips, she instinctively opened and let her tongue flick out, i groaned as she nervously sucked the tip for the first time. my groaning must have done something to her because instead of waiting for instruction she went a bit deeper, about 2" and sucked as she pulled away, letting my cock out of her mouth with a 'plop' before sucking it again. wow i mumbled as she continued sucking, slowly taking more and more of me she didnt miss a stroke, each movement ended by a flick of her tongue over the tip which was sending me wild. I knew I didnt want to cum in her mouth before I gave her virgin pussy some of my juice but, she was working so hard, it would have been wrong to withhold it, well that was my logic anyways as i grabbed at her soft hair and grunted loudly as i launched stream after stream of my cum into her throat, she had no idea it was coming and choked, badly, almost swallowing my cock as she gasped for breath. i let her pull away and she looked at me, eyes full of tears, as she panted hard, my cock still dangled in front of her i told her to lick my shaft clean which she silently obeyed.

As she finished I switched on one of the showers in the corner, directing her to wash herself, as i sat on a bench. my cock was still tingling and more than a little hard from that first round, and watching her slender petite body under the jets of water, sealed my erection again. i knew it was time now to finally give her what i wanted, but I had begun to like her, so instead of the forceful pounding she was going to receive i decided i was gonna make it special. well as special as a rapist can make your first time anyways i thought to myself as i led her from the shower.

I took her to the bench and sat her down, then I kissed her forehead and soft lips, she didnt kiss back at first but as my fingers caressed her neck under her wet hair she started leaning into me, opening her mouth slightly and kissing back, just as passionately now. i kept kissing her for a long while, i forget quite how long, but she was a great kisser. eventually i assumed she'd at least have some kind of self lubrication going on, so i reached down, stroked my fingers up her thigh and across her pussy lips. my oh my she wasnt just a bit turned on, she was soaking, i let my fingers roam between her lips, finding her clit and rubbing her juices all over it, she squirmed and i knew she'd never had any experience of this, so i slowly start circling my fingers around, taking care not to be too rough. soon she was moaning steadily, her mind clear now all she wanted was more of this pleasure, i got faster and she leaned into me, burying her face in my shoulder she screamed as i rubbed hard now, her little clit about to receive its first ever orgasm at my rapist hands. she bit me hard as she came, i didnt mind, feeling her body shaking in my arms was worth the slight trickle of blood dripping down my shoulder.

As she came down from this orgasm I scooped her in my arms and layed her flat on the floor, she knew what was coming and didnt have either the strength or the will to protest as i kissed her again, i kept kissing her and her neck as i let my body weight press down on her, my throbbing shaft resting against her thigh, i whispered this may hurt a little and she just nodded. she grabbed hold of my shoulders as i positioned my hips, my cock now pressed at the entrance to her sweet virgin pussy. i whispered im sorry and before she could reply i plunged into her, not fully but enough to shred her hymen, she squealed out in pain at the sudden defloration, digging her nails into my flesh she cursed at me, but didnt seem to be angry, i muttered that its better to do that quickly.

As my cock rested inside her, my head was swimming, i never knew anything could be this tight or this good, i pushed again after a few minutes, she screamed louder as i went about 6" deep into her pussy, I knew i had to just go for it now to ease her pain, and my cock's suffering also, so i slowly started grinding my hips around in circles making just enough movement to ease myself in and out of her vice like pussy, her screaming had turned to moaning as i started this, and slowly i started rocking myself in and out, after 15 minutes or so i finally got my full length inside this amazing virgin pussy and oh my god was it good. my balls pressed against her lips as i slowly rocked with her, her moaning now was nothing more than her body begging, begging for me not to stop, but to get faster, harder. I leaned down and kissed her soft lips again and started to thrust, slamming into her now, my balls made a slapping noise of her pussy, her body was clenched and suddenly almost before i knew it she cried out and i felt a rush of her juice engulf my hard shaft. I groaned and got faster again, my one goal now being to drive my cock into her as fast and hard as i could until i came. she got there again before me tho, another huge wave rushed over her as her body twitched. my balls slapped of her lips and the noise of her cum being there just took me over the edge, finally with one hard thrust i pinned her down with my hips, my cock buried almost to her womb as my cum was pumped inside her, there was so much i thought it would never stop. i collapsed on top of her and to my surprise she put her arms round my neck, hugging me she whispered thank you and as i looked at her puzzled she just kissed me, and hugged me tight.

I dont know how long we layed there but a good hour later i managed to get up, i switched on the shower and stepped under the roasting hot water, it soothed my aching muscles and then two soft hands came round my waist, my sweet little schoolgirl was hugging me after her defloration, ifelt happy, but robbed at the same time, i wanted the feeling of control, but this sexy bitch wanted it just as much as i did. oh well i thought, its not over yet.

After our shower we dressed and sneaked out of the clubhouse, i put the ladder against the wall and let her climb out first which she did, not forgetting to shake her hips with every rung to tease me with her cute arse, her cute, virgin, arsehole. we went back to mine where i made her a sandwich and some tea whilst i called her parents, they were worried sick and said they'd be over in 10. i hung up and she grinned at me, 'arent you scared i'll tell?' she asked, 'no' i replied 'not if you ever want more of the same' she giggled and whispered that i know she does, and that she wont tell, so we concocted a quick story about me finding her not long ago over in the gym and that i brought her here to ring them. Grinning to myself as she left in her parents car i'd found that shed left me a present, on my kitchen table she'd left her knickers, that id retrieved, and wrote her telephone number on them. telling me to call at the weekend, she feels like a good hard workout...

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