redraft, my first true story
The rape.

My first true story

First let me set the scene; I rent a room nothing fancy just a room in a house that overlooks an athletics track, through my windows I can see the whole track and into the windows of the changing rooms, often windows are kept open and so I have a clear view into them. The track is used by the whole community, be it men trying to keep fit or school kids brought there by their schools for track days. So from 8am until around 6 there’s always something, or someone to watch. I’m 26 years old, 5’ 11” and athletically built, I work from my laptop in my room so I’m always home, sitting by the window….

This is my story about Emily, the girl the school left behind.

It was one winter evening, around 7 when it happened, I had finished working for the day and had just made myself food, I wasn’t hungry so I just picked at a salad, then as I was glancing out the window I saw a lone figure walking inside the gate of the athletics park, I had seen the grounds man leave and lock the gate an hour ago, so I knew no one should, or indeed could be in there for a good reason. My first thoughts were I should call up the security patrol, but no this person didn’t seem like they were causing trouble, in fact they looked trapped, indeed it was dark and I could barely make out the figure at all, but from their body language I could tell something was up, I looked around and found my flashlight, then headed across the small field that lay between my house and the fence, as I approached, this angelic voice called out to me from the shadows asking me to help her and as the beam from the torch found the voice in the dark I was shocked. This girl was beautiful, the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on, although she could be no more than 14 I could see she was well formed, her breasts, which I later found to be 36D, were straining at her white school shirt, and I could see she was from an athletics team from the toned legs that protruded from her pleated skirt.

I approached the fence and she stepped closer and told me she had been training with her school but the bus left without her whilst she was taking a shower, and that when she realized they’d gone she went inside again to find a phone and at that moment the gates had been locked. I ummed and ahhed at her and told her not to panic and that I’d get her out in a moment and I was just going to get a ladder from my house. Walking back to mine my plan formulated before me in my head, my urge was too strong not to act upon, I quickly headed into my room and picked up some tape and rope that had been lying around when I moved in, I stuffed them into a small bag with a small hunting knife and threw it over my shoulder, then I took a ladder from the shed and headed back out across the field, knowing now that I was going to have my way with this girl I realized I had a huge bulge in my pants, knowing I couldn’t hide it if I walked up to her I quickly slid my hand down into my boxers and pulled my 9 and half inches up tucking it against my stomach held still by the waistband of my boxers and jeans, now with my t-shirt untucked I was covered and safe to continue, I didn’t want her thinking anything was wrong until it was too late.

I got to the fence to see her sitting on other side on the grass, her legs outstretched together looked irresistible under the moonlight and I had to suppress a groan in my throat. As I put ladder against the fence, she asked me why I was coming in, and wouldn’t it be easier to put ladder over for her to climb out, but I reminded her that then the ladder would be stuck on other side, she mumbled a response but I didn’t hear it, I got to top of the fence and swung one leg over, then I hoisted the ladder up and swung it over onto the grass next to where she sat, she walked over to it and just as she got there I dropped down next to her and put my hand out to stop her picking it up, she stepped away from me and looked at me with a quizzing glare but I smiled and said ‘over by the clubhouse it’s easier to climb down’ and without waiting for a reply I lifted the ladder and walked towards the dark clubhouse, rightfully assuming she’d follow.

As we got to the old brick structure I purposefully dropped my torch, knowing that the shock would turn the light out, and plunge us into darkness… she gasped, I faked a few curses and then stepped away from where I knew the torch was, telling her I couldn’t see it she starts looking around on the floor too, giving me a chance to quickly take out the tape from my bag, and softly tear off enough to stretch over her soft innocent lips, after I have enough I stretch it out in front of me, my arms out spread ready to drop them round her head from behind and gag her, to have her silent was paramount, any noise would alert other neighbors, I couldn’t risk that. I got close to her, I think she sensed it cos she stood up straight, which made my task easier, quickly I stretch my hand up over her head and brought the tape to her lips, she struggled, grabbing at my hands but I grabbed her wrists forcefully and held them down by her side, I talked calmly into her ear telling her if she struggled that it will be worse for her and eventually after a few minutes she stopped trying to resist my grip and let her arms go limp. I told her to put her arms behind her back and as she did I roughly bound her wrists together with the rope and pushed her to the floor, she landed on her back and as she did her skirt slid up her legs and I could see her exposed thighs and the curvy cheeks of her ass showing through her tight panties.

I kneeled down between her legs and forced them open around mine, she went to close them but I gave her a stinging slap right across the inside of her thigh, I heard a scream through the tape but she stopped struggling, I reached under her arse and grabbed at the cotton panties, tearing them from her to expose her soft, virgin pussy lips, she obviously shaved because only bit of hair was a tiny tuft of blonde just above her clit area, the rest was so smooth to the touch as I run my finger across and around it, her body twitching at my unwanted touch. I leaned forward and placed my lips on her pussy and softly kissed her lips, then I inhaled the scent of her virgin pussy and decided I couldn’t wait any longer.

grabbing her by her t-shirt collar I lifted her to her feet, noticing for the first time that she was real petite, maybe 5’ 4” at most, I pushed at her and she started walking, knowing I wanted her to walk into the clubhouse she went in, head bowed knowing any chance she had of being rescued went as soon as the door closed behind her. As we got inside I led her to the men’s changing room and told her that tonight she’s going to become a woman, I saw the tears in her eyes but I didn’t care, I led her to shower block which had lights but no windows, so I could examine her properly, I pulled the knife from the bag and showed it to her, telling her if she didn’t do as I said I’d cut her, she nodded and in return I untied her wrists, and pulled the tape from her mouth, she gasped for air but stayed silent, I told her to take off her t-shirt and slowly she lifted it off, revealing her pert breasts in the sports bra she was wearing, her nipples straining at the fabric. I asked her what her name was and she replied Emily, ‘well Emily how do you feel about showing me your lovely big tits now?’ she shook her head saying she’d rather not but I flashed the knife at her and she quickly unhooked her bra and let it slip of her to the floor, revealing the nicest firmest looking breasts I’ve ever seen, I reached out my hand and grabbed them, ‘wow so soft but firm I muttered’, I leant forward and took her left nipple in my mouth, giving it a gentle suck, surprised to feel it swell between my lips and even more surprised to hear her moan softly at my touch…

thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoy the newly posted part 2 as well :p

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2011-05-23 19:50:29
Seemed a good idea for a story, but way tto short for me, try some extra detail next time.

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2010-12-21 14:03:29
What a tease. Shame on you!

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