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With a resounding voice in the silence of the night Carol began speaking once more “ Dougie , I was on pins and needles , waiting to hear from Joyce, hoping to hear from Joyce, being disappointed not hearing from Joyce . Monday turned into Tuesday and then Wednesday came and still no word. I worried that I had played too rough last time , turning Joyce off completely. You do not know just how wonderful it was to have mother call me to the phone Thursday morning, telling me in a most curious of manner that Joyce wanted to speak with me. Well let me tell you my whole out look changed, I went from being in the dumps to being cautiously overjoyed, by the time I got hold of the phone. At first I had to make a bit of small talk and mother was within hearing distance, once she seemed to have satisfied her curiosity, I was able to get down to business. ”

“ I asked pointed questions of your girlfriend, receiving a Yes Mistress ! with each reply, there by allowing me to confirm that Joyce understood what I was requesting. Apparently you were to be away for a few days at the end of that week, so she informed me that she would be free , she had no other commitments . I explained that it would not involve the three other girls, but that we might be able to heighten the effects by other means. I informed Joyce that I would confirm ever thing with her by late that evening, confirming, time place and perhaps a few special things. In her closing statement Joyce clearly addressed me as Mistress, indicating that she would abide by my wishes , my desire, my commands. ”

“ Needing to get hold of John to put the finishing touches on the plan, I got dressed very quickly, very lightly. I told mother I was going for a long walk with Sprite and headed off to the village to get to a pay phone so I could call him. I do believe he was as delighted as I was, telling me to wait he would be right along, he arrived very quickly, asking me to sit and have tea with him. We chose a quiet out of the way caf?which had outside tables, so that I could keep Sprite by my side. John did not miss a trick I found out as he commented on my choice of dress, my short wrap around skirt complimented once more by a sleeveless blouse . He wanted to know if he might add to his photo collection , he thought perhaps I might allow him the opportunity to take a few test photos, to see how things might work out with the new subject, whose name I had not yet given him. Asking me if I was wearing a bra, given the fact that he could not tell just by looking at the opaque colored blouse I wore, he said he would like to begin with a few suggestive shots.”

“ I clearly remember giving him one of my coy, shy smiles, then I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse , pulling it open just enough so that he could see that there was no other material underneath. John of course complimented me on my choice of attire, then indicated that he best ask permission of the management to take some photos at that location. I think he just used that as an excuse to get close enough beside me to whisper that some pictures might even be more splendid should I decide to be bare beneath my short little skirt. While John was in talking to the owners I guessed, feeling real devilish I wiggled out of my panties right there and then, slipping them in to John’s camera bag. I doubt the few patrons saw what I actually did , even if they noticed me rocking about on my seat. My giddy feelings were getting the better of me , but I was in such a good mood knowing now that Joyce had accepted to play, I figured that I might as well enjoy myself .”

“ When John returned he was smiling like a Cheshire cat, his smile was stretched from one side of his mouth to the other. He told me that the owners were delighted with the idea of having their little shop photographed, John said of course he had to offer up some real good proposals, hardly what he had in mind for the photos he needed but he felt that he was going to come out with the better deal. He set up his tripod, and settled into his routine, snapping away. I watched as he took shots all around the whole area, the street , the tables, the front of the shop. He then picked up another of his camera and went to speak with the few patrons who were enjoying their situation. I saw him hand out a couple of business cards, before he walked back beside me telling me that the other patrons had accept to be photographed in a more or less blurred copy, allowing him to at least show that the shop had patrons. He then told me that when he crossed back to the opposite side, he would be focusing on me with the shop as background , the patrons in the foreground. He wanted me to pose in any pose I chose, knowing that those photos were not going to be part of the portfolio he would be giving to the owners.”

“ Thinking back on this, I am not sure what I had on my mind at that time, other than John wanted me to expose my body or at least parts of it while he busied himself with his camera. I somehow remember deciding that I would try and strike some innocent looking poses, trying to pretend that I did not know there was someone taking my pictures. Innocent , sexy, bold poses that would be to John’s liking I was sure. First I adjusted my clothing, undoing all the buttons on my blouse, squirming a bit to pull my skirt further up along my thighs. I had to be careful as I was not interested in providing a show to the others who were sitting at the tables, yet if it happen that they got a glance, it had to look very much like one of complete innocence. ”

“ The first pose I struck was bending down to play with the strap on my shoe, twisting to lean my body forward, I felt my blouse separate when I reached my objective. I noticed that John had moved quickly to reposition himself to get a batter vantage point, so I moved my legs apart as far as I dared, not being certain who would be able to see anything. You could hear the whirl of the camera lens as it zoomed into attain the best focus possible. I turned my head to look up, trying to make it seem that I was looking directly at the camera, yet not looking at the camera. Settling back into the chair I left my blouse hanging loose, bunched up more or less. I did not thing any one could tell just how much was showing unless they were much closer, but I knew the long lens that John had could not be fooled.”

“ As the last of the outside customers took their leave, I stood hoping that they would not turn around too quickly as the opening in my blouse came apart baring a good portion of me right to the top edge of my skirt , but just in case I raised both my hand to my mouth as though I was so surprised. I changed tables taking one a bit further back from the edge of the sidewalk landscaped with a few potted plants or bushes and slumped down in the chair, my legs stretched out before me. In this position I was able to play a bit exposing up towards my secret place, without seemingly being too out of place. I saw John giving me the thumbs up size, so continued to expand on things. I managed to get the slit in the skirt settled almost in the center, and from there provided John with several opportunities to shoot right up to the hairs on my pussy. ”

“ John came over to tell me that things were working out just swell, but wanted to know if I would care to try something more daring. He wanted me to go into the shop and sit on one of the high stools, set looking out the main glass window of the shop itself. Once I entered the place I knew exactly what John had in mind. I would be able to face out towards the street , I could even place my elbows on the little shelf that served as a table.
I asked John to get me another cup of tea so they would not think I was just loitering, and bother with me. John busied himself with a few inside shots, no doubt gaining more of the trust of the owners, little did they know, I found myself thinking. Once every thing was set John exited and I took up my place, having first fixed both my blouse and skirt so that I could work them properly. I had to be careful, I was hoping that there would be no reflection from the plate glass back into the shop, that would really screw things up. Slowly I pulled my blouse wide open, exposing my tits completely, I managed however to keep the material bunched up along the sides of my body, so I would only be in trouble if someone sat right beside me, at that time however the shop was pretty well empty of customers.”

“ I watched with interest as John shot things from several different angles, if I remember correctly I was trying to figure out what I looked like from the camera’s view point.
I remember placing my elbows on the shelf, causing the side of the blouse to fall like a curtain. Some how I managed to undo my skirt and pull the material away from my legs, providing John and his camera with a good view of my naked body from my feet right up to my chin. I was shaking , my nerves were causing my body to tingle, I could feel things churning inside of me, my excitement increasing quickly. Again I got the thumbs up from John, inciting to think I could take things further, so slowly I moved my legs, trying to move my feet on to the little support of the highchair that were at the sides, effectively spreading me wide open for any one to see if they were looking in the shop’s front window. I was shaking with excitement, watching John almost running while he tried to capture the best views possible . I guess I was more noticeable than I thought for suddenly I heard a soft voice behind me asking me if I was alright. Well that was the trigger, as I jumped , moving as fast as I could to cover myself, I felt my fluids rush from my body so intensely that I had to squeeze my thighs tightly trying to ward off the cramp of cuming. I was so agitated that I guess my body gave me away, I could feel myself flushing bright red, as I scrambled to cover myself and reply to the voice who I heard asking once again in a louder voice if I was ok.”

“ Thinking on my feet, I am sure you would have been proud of your sister Dougie, I feigned menstrual cramps, replying to the voice with out turning, but holding my arms tightly in front of me trying to keep my clothes together. I must have moaned louder than I had thought, for the voice spoke once more apparently much closer to me this time asking in a louder more pronounced voice, if I was alright. Before I could think of anything to say I heard John’s voice, loud and clear trying to intersect on my behalf, trying to explain in an unfamiliar masculine way that I had a difficult time once a month, that sometimes it was very painful. At the same time I felt John move his body close to mine, I guess in an apparent attempt to block the direct view of the person he was taking to, or at least to provide me with a bit more cover so that I could collect myself. Not wanting to draw things out any further, I buttoned my blouse as quickly as I could and hooked at least one clip on my skirt, before I managed to say much of any thing.”

“ I knew that if I turned around my flush red face would be very noticeable, not to say that the disordered state of my clothing would help dissimilate the situation. I sat for a minute more trying to collect my thoughts, then slowly eased myself off the high stool, grabbing on to the counter and John at the same time to stabilize my up right position. Carefully John placed his arms around my shoulders, asking if I was ok, if I wanted to wait a bit before moving, then suggesting perhaps that I twist my skirt a bit as there was a large wet stain that was showing. John thanked the lady for her concern as he guided me out the front door telling me we had better move away as quickly as possible. He grabbed his camera , taking Sprite by the leash and led us into the main pedestrian flow of the street.”

“ Telling me that if we could get to some park benches nearer the train station, we could relax a bit and perhaps even dry out the spot that was showing on my skirt. He continued in am almost jovial mood talking about the incident we had just avoided. Apparently he was delighted to see that I had opened my self so confidently on that stool, allowing him to focus on my entire naked body . The fact that I had pulled my skirt away and spread my legs wide, allowed him to take several wonderful snaps of my pretty little pussy , he said he could almost see the pulsation of my swollen lips. As he adjusted his view finder bringing it back up along my bare stomach, he noticed movement behind me. Bringing his camera higher, he was able to see that this lady was approaching , then he saw my facial expression change. He said he managed to get several shots off, before he realized that the lady was directly behind me, close enough to perhaps figure out what was going on. It was then that he rushed to the rescue, arriving in just the nick of time, He was not sure what had transpired but decided to give the menstrual period excuse in an attempt to defuse the situation once he had seen me bent forward like I had been. ”

“ Fortunately everything worked out , and we managed to avoid confrontation that would surely have ended up with the police being called getting us much deeper in shit than we wanted. I had calmed down a bit, my flushed condition having dissipated, finally getting back to reality when I noticed Sprite constantly rubbing his face up against the side of my skirt. He was sniffing at the wet spot on the skirt, the spot created when I leaked my goodies as I released my orgasm. Poor Sprite, he had been tied up all that time while John and I had been enjoying ourselves, I could not blame him for sniffing, in fact seeing that there were less and less pedestrian traffic , I lifted my skirt a bit , letting him understand that he could put his snout closer to my bare legs and of course my bottom. This action I found out quickly was not lost on John as he released his grip on Sprite’s leash providing indication that he was allowed to take further liberties under my skirt.”

“ By the time John brought us to a halt, up near the old railway station where the were long wooden passenger benches, basking in the now bright warm sunshine , I had allowed Sprite to clean most of the liquid love juice that had dripped down between my legs, quite evidently keeping me on the verge of having another orgasm during our little walk. Now I was quite ready and willing to set myself down on the warm bench and chill out. I knew that we still had to do a bit of planning to figure out how we were going to work things out with Joyce. I needed a time table so I could get her ready, I needed to know just what John was hoping for so I could get my accessories sorted out . I wanted to be prepared, I did not want to miss an opportunity because I had forgotten some material.”

“ I guess I was still very excited , because John was talking trying to slow my questions, to address my concerns. He tried even to change to subject, perhaps getting me to rationalize things as he told me that it might be a good idea to fix the wet spot on my skirt so that the sun would shine down and dry it. Finally I stopped babbling along , I set about trying to turn the spot on my skirt so it faced up in my lap and thus directly in the sun. Frustrated with my attempts to twit the skirt, I finally stood up, unhooked it, opened it up and then placed it flat across my thighs. Leaving me to sit bare ass naked on the warm wooden bench , assuming a very comfortable relaxed position. The warm beaming sunshine was just what the doctor ordered, the calming effect was deep and delicious, to the point that I did not notice John had taken Sprite and moved a bit further down the station platform.”

“ How long I had been out of it I do not know, but when I came back into the real world
I found myself sitting still on the sun warmed train station bench, however my skirt was not as it had been, it was not laying over my lap. Moving quickly thinking perhaps it had slipped onto the platform, I bent forward only to be doubly surprised when I sensed my blouse slip from my shoulders. Bent over in that position I froze, attempting to size up the situation before I moved again and exposed more of my now pretty well naked body.
Looking up carefully I saw John standing there with his camera ready, Sprite laying beside him, my skirt sitting under his forepaws. Turning to look the other way I could see no one else on the train station platform, it appeared that we were all alone. Setting myself back up on the bench, I felt my blouse bunched up at my lower back, I was indeed completely naked having been stripped of my clothing while I had dozed off. ”

“ John spoke telling me just how beautiful I had been sitting there oblivious to every thing around me. He could not help himself taking advantage of things .He had begun just getting Sprite to go pull at my skirt, when it slipped right off, without me attempting to catch it, he had Sprite bring it to him. He had begun to take more photos, of my sitting there in the beautiful sun, thinking just how he might be able to get the girl I had spoken about in a similar situation. He decided that some close ups were necessary , getting almost in my face to click away. I did not move, my breathing was deep , heavy sounding like I was really into it, so he gently undid a few buttons on my blouse, pulling it open for more photos. Attempting to push his luck as far as he could given the fact there did not appear to be anyone who would interrupt us, he undid the rest of my buttons and pulled the blouse wide open. This provided him with the most wonderful so he said, scene to work with that he just kept clicking away. ”

“ Since he knew that our luck could not hold out all day, he thought he would set me up for a few surprise photos, so he gently slipped my arms from my open sleeveless blouse , leaving just a bit of the material on my shoulders knowing full well what would happen when I moved. He said that he was just about to call me out of my sleep as time was running late, when I woke up. Those waking photos were going to worth their weight in gold , he told me , the look on my face when I discovered that I was sitting there with out anything covering me were priceless. John then went on asking me if I would cater to one more request, before we called it a day. He wiggled his little finger to indicate that he wanted me to come with him as he walked a bit further down the platform. I hesitated , I was not that certain we were alone on the platform, however his calling out to tell me that it was ok there were no others there, then joking added that the last passenger train had gone through ten minutes earlier.”

“ I started to pick up my blouse when he told me to leave it, so accepting the fact that I trusted him, I walked towards him to where he had stopped along side an old fashion baggage wagon. He asked me to pose at several places on the wagon, then asked if I would climb up onto it so he could take a few final snaps. He asked me at the same time if my friend might be willing to pose in similar stances once we got this going. I told him that that would be no problem, then let my mind wander as I visualized Joyce being tied to various part of the baggage wagon when and if a real passenger train passed. I had begun to think of the commuter train her father took , but then realized that since her family had moved to our side of town, he was taking the bus and metro , my visions however were very sharp and focused, having her spread out like a tart tied to the wagon, sounded good to me. ”

“ For the first time I had come to know John, he said he had to stop as he had run out of film, surprising me for sure. As we walked back to get my clothes he told me that it would be best to start as early as possible, either Friday morning, if I could work that or then Saturday would have to do unless things were impossible. He again joked a bit telling me that we could always make use of Sunday if I wanted, he said a few shots at a church service, would really be special. We parted ways taking our fully charged thoughts with us, me walking very quickly wanting to get home to call Joyce and set things up for the next day if at all possible, if not I would have to bear the burden of waiting a whole other day which I did not think I could do.”

“ Dougie when I phoned Joyce her mother answered the phone, it was the first time I had spoken to any one with such a pronounced accent , an English accent at that. I was told that Joyce was out and wouldn’t be back for a bit, it was so nice listening to that accent that I wanted her to keep talking to me . I wanted , I mean I was very tempted to tell her what I wanted Joyce to do. Imagine Dougie if I had told Joyce’s mother that I wanted Joyce to meet me outside her place early the next day, wearing just a vest and a short skirt, complimented by her slave collar. I could just how her mother would have reacted, what she would have thought, what she would have said , heck what she would have asked Joyce. It certainly would have been a good start to things I did not however want to put a kibosh on my plans so I just asked her mother to have Joyce call me when she got home, hoping that it would not be too late.”

“ All through supper I was just so agitated, mother even asked if I was coming down with something, not that I could tell her very much about what I was involved in. Joyce finally got back to me addressing me as Mistress as soon as I said Hello. This provided me with good indication that she was aware of what she would be getting into. I explained that we had a few days to choose from and could even choose Sunday to complete the project I had in mind, in fact I told her that we could begin the next day and keep going until Sunday night if she was prepared for that. Joyce told me that the next day would be fine with her, she did not see any problem at all, as to continuing until Sunday night she said she had some reservations about that but offered to think about it with out making a commitment right then.”

“ Having agreed that we would begin tomorrow, left me to explain that I wanted. First I told I wanted her waiting for me on the front steps of her house about 8:30 AM. I expected her to be clean shaven, devoid of body hair, then I asked her to confirm that she understood what I meant. I inquired if she had a sleeveless blouse of a light color , see through if at all possible, or a open armed vest of some sort. While she did not think she had a blouse like I had described she did indeed have a vest, it was held together be two buttons and came to about her mid waist. Trying to visualize her description of this vest, I told her that I thought it would be perfect. I told her that she should wear the shortest skirt she had. Then I struck out in a stronger voice telling her that I expected her to be wearing the collar, I had left with her last time. I told her it would be best just to wear sandals, or an old pair of running shoes with out socks.”

“ Then before I closed the conversation I told her that I was sure that she understood that underwear was completely out of the question, receiving the reply - Yes Mistress - that is understood. I told her to get a good nights sleep as she might need it to bolster her stamina and bid her good night. I made a quick call to John hoping that mother would not interrupt me, fortunately all I had to say was tomorrow 9 AM every thing is a go. My next call was to Jennifer, I needed one of her larger dogs, Sprite was unfortunately not what was needed for the activities that I was planning, Joyce being a taller person than me. Jen did not even ask why she told me I was welcome to take them both if I wanted, which I had thought about, but worried that I would be unable to control both. I busied myself getting all my little play things together for what I hoped would be a most interesting experience, showered and went to bed.”

Carole moved from her chair telling me she needed to go, the wine was bloating her gizzard. While she was gone I decided to fix the fire getting a few good sized logs going, so that it would not go out and change the mood of things. I refilled our glasses, letting the jest of the story, swirl around in my mind trying to picture the things Carole had told me so far. I could feel my cock flex itself at some of the real good parts as they crossed my mind . I tried to imagine being John with his camera ready at hand. I tried to visualise Sprite as the fortunate animal slipped his long red pecker up Carole’s little hot hole. Busy day dreaming , well I guess it was night dreaming, I did not notice Carole’s return until she was about to sit back down in her chair. She had changed into her pyjamas as she had wrapped herself in a short light gown. Once she had settled her self comfortable she reached out so that I could had her the refilled goblet of wine. Taking her time slipping, running her lips over the edge of the goblet, she smiled at me taking me back many years to those smiles that she used to give me when she was going to do something, or had done some thing naughty. I heal my breathe thinking she was going to tease me with one of her abstract expressions, but I was relieved as she cleared her throat and continued .
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