we went for a camping trip and fulfilled two fantasies!
By The Full Moon

J took several deep breaths of the cool night air with satisfaction.

The stars were out, and the night was unusually warm. Crickets chirped conspiratorially, sharing their own secrets, oblivious to the human intruders in their midst.

Surprisingly for this time of year, they were enjoying a cooling breeze in the woods at the campsite.

It was just her and the boys at the tent, I would be coming later to the community campout it was an annual event where our group gathered from miles around to have the place to themselves, surrounded by the towering trees of the forest, snug within the circle of light from the glowing campfires.

Some hiked several miles that day. Bathing by a waterfall and shared a simple evening meal.

All who gathered, shared food and games late into the night, most comfortable in the other’s company and not fearful of sending the children to bed early while the adults stayed up talking into the morning hours.

Now P emerged from the tent and spread his beloved and extremely scruffy blanket on the ground by the fire. Grinning, he sat on it and patted the empty space beside him.

“Saved a spot for you.” J returned his smile, a blossom of gratitude erupting in her stomach.

She’d been alone so long, and finally, finally, she’d found someone that was right. They’d been together for nearly a decade now.
Every day he found a new way to make her smile. She couldn’t remember ever being so totally in tune with another person.

She still found herself feeling like the luckiest woman in the world.

She loved the way he boldly held his ground with men 20 years his senior. She admired his passionate love of debate. She found his strength a comfort .

And she couldn’t get enough of his lean, strong body.

She knew he would want to be out late but had plans to drag him into the tent for a quiet roll after the boys were good and asleep.

She had snuck a bottle of alcohol into the tent and spiked his Dr Pepper. They were both warming by the fire inside and out.
The fire had burned down and most of the women had retired and the men were gathering away from the tents.

As they did not want their conversation to disturb the sleepers.

She said come tuck me in and you can come back out and talk as long as you like. We had put two air mattresses in the tent one for the boys and one for them.

Now his muscular arms were reaching for her, and she was enveloped in an embrace like coming home.

His kisses were gentle and loving at first, but soon they became more urgent.

He began kissing her neck, on the spot that always made her shiver, and she giggled at the sensation.

His fingers were pulling at her shirt buttons, easing their way past her bra. He was tweaking her rapidly hardening nipples. She did her own exploring, wriggling her hand into his pants.

In Just moments she was grasping his hard cock.

Before long they were both naked. J silently thanked whatever fortuitous circumstances had caused everyone else to stray away. Even though she could hear laughter and bits of conversations going on within 30 feet or so.

She was exhilarated to be nude like this, completely exposed under the stars without a care as to who might be just a few feet away separated by the flapping tents.

She had enjoyed the risk of being seen by other men or women when she was being a little risqu?n public.

The roof top of a bank garage, an office at the law firm we cleaned at night, or even the living room of my parents.

When she was ready for sex she lost all concern and just enjoyed the moment.

P lay on his back and beckoned her to him. They kissed again, skin against skin, his breath soft in her mouth.

She imagined they were the only two people in the world, Adam and Eve, alone in the flickering light of the fire.

P said turn off the lantern in case some one walks by I don’t want our shadows to give away what we are doing.

“I want to taste you,” he said, licking his lips and smiling.

J obliged, straddling his face and lowering her pulsing, wet pussy onto his mouth.
She loved the idea of smothering him with her juices, of his whole world becoming her femininity.

The alcohol had definitely loosened both there libido’s.

He would have to be controlled or this could get out of hand rather quickly.

Explosions of pleasure blasted upwards through her body as he applied himself, swirling, licking and sucking at her folds and clit.

Her orgasm was rapid, and immensely satisfying. He felt the contractions as he dipped his fingers deep into her wetness careful to hit the g spot as she squirmed and bucked with a lasting orgasm.

Thighs still trembling, she moved down his body.
Kneeling between his open legs, taking his hard cock into her mouth, eager to return the favor.

His body jerked occasionally as she sucked, his hands gently reaching for her face as the pleasure overtook him.

She always felt powerful doing this, controlling his cock, taking him to the very edge of climax.

He listened as it seemed the conversations has gone strangely quiet. A few older, men tended the night fires and wished for what he now enjoyed.

At the last moment she moved up and impaled herself on his cock, riding him like a wild woman, uninhibited and abandoned to pleasure.

She rubbed her clit frantically, feeling the orgasm build, and reached her second peak just as P exploded.
Her pussy clenching around his pumping cock. Her muffled scream was too much as he saw the shadow of at least three men move beyond the tent door.

They lay together exhausted on the rug, listening to the crackle of the fire. And muffled voices reminded them they had just had public sex surrounded by men just a few yards away.

As she slipped over to the bag and retrieved some baby wipes to clean up.

He watched as she squatted and wiped her dripping pussy clean.

Then she slipped over and reached for his manhood. He thought she would hand him the wipes but instead she leaned down and began to lick and then suck him dry.

He reached to turn the lantern back up for the light.
He was blown away to see the faces of three friends staring into his tent.

Anger flashed but quickly turned to pride as he realized they could now see his beautiful wife.

Her ass in the air, her gleaming pussy in full view and his penis in her hot mouth.

He said are you angling for seconds you little tart? She giggled and said, why sir only if you don’t mind an audience.

I immediately looked to the three grins in the tent door and thought?

She had been here with them all day with the wives and children and at the fire when she said come tuck me in it was a signal to stay close for the fireworks.

That’s why she had the alcohol on board so as she often says then I can say, “I don’t remember a thing.”

I didn’t take long to get a rock hard on again but I wanted the distraction of some wet pussy to keep my focus.

So I turned the lantern down but just enough to give a semblance of propriety.

I then had her face the tent entrance on all fours while she engulfed my now throbbing member, I buried my face back in the hot wetness that the three amigos could by now smell.

I saw one of them wink as she must have lifted up for a full frontal shot of her heaving d cups with swollen nipples begging to be sucked.

By now its apparent that these guys are here for the duration and she Is a little tipsy.

I feared that playing to the unseen audience she would start getting loud.

So as much as I hated to do it I suggested we take the show down by the river. There were showers and restrooms 100 yards away.

So we slipped her dress and my jeans on and cleared our throats as we said loudly lets go for a walk.

The boys were zipped in and surrounded by other families sleeping by now and we did not see any one when we went, lantern in hand, to the river.

She was weaving a little woozy or at least acting the part setting up tomorrows deniability.

As we reached the showers we heard water running in the men’s showers already. Some one had beat us there!

I said let me look first and make sure we can slip in unnoticed.

As I entered I saw the first three stalls were occupied leaving the forth and farthest from the door open. Three showers three voyeurs.

Ted was my age and very reserved, but Tim was younger and much taller we actually locked eyes over the top of the curtain he just gave me a little nod and a grin.

Dan was the oldest he must be at least 65 and very lean and tanned, My wife had recently told me she was very intrigued by the thought of an older man giving her a long fuck.

So while I was checking the situation J had gotten chilled and now here nipples were literally straining at the material of her cotton dress.

I said walk straight back to the fourth privacy stall.
They are all taking cold showers trying to recover form our earlier show.

She drank the last half a glass of her mixed drink and slurred her words with a wink, and said I won’t remember a thing!

I gave a nervous chuckle and said let’s go before I change my mind.

As we walked past the other stalls I ran my hand under her dress.

I lifted the material so they got a clear shot of her well rounded ass and milky thighs topped off by powerful 36 inch hips.

She is 8 years removed from her last child bearing and has walked and worked out to maintain a very nice figure.

Long flowing red hair natural red flaming pubic bush untrimmed the way I liked it.

Freckled and golden late summer tan. And a laugh you could can and sell at the Market!

We slipped into the privacy stall and I turned on the hot water as she quickly lost the dress.

She stood on the dressing bench to look out over the stalls to see if this was really an audition.

All three men had left the cold showers running for cover but had wrapped towels and moved to the mirror and sink.

She gasped and said they can see into our stall from the reflection in the mirror.

I said ok what are they doing?

Well they are pretending to shave but I don’t see any razors working.

Ted and Tim are up front. Dan has moved almost in front our stall.


The shower water hand gotten hot so I reached for her hand and led her into the stall leaving the door and curtain fully open.

As we soaped each other up I looked down and saw three sets of feet under the stall next door then they disappeared.

Evidently they wanted a closer view and knew once she had stepped off of her perch on the bench she could not see them looking over the top of the stall.

By now she had decided to enjoy the moment fully and began to dance and writhe as I washed all of her intimate parts.

I leaned her back against the back of the shower wall for stability and positioned the water spray directly over her swollen breast.

She began to squeeze and fondle her nipples as I knelt and began to use first one then both hands.

I put one thumb in her ass and then massaged the inside of her vagina while licking and lapping hot water and flowing pussy juices as fast as I could swallow.

We were lost in the moment making passionate love relishing each nerve tingling sensation as the water ran and the Juices Joined in.

We had completely ignored the voyeurs and forgotten about the lights when just as she was tossing her wet mane back and screaming yessssssssssss, to her third orgasm of the night ………..

Darkness engulfed us. We heard stumbling, then groans as our audience lost their view and began to reach for shower controls to kill the sound of water pounding the concrete.

As silence came and the orgasm leveled off the shock of the lights going out lifted and our eyes miraculously adjusted to the new light source. ……….

The showers had been built with multiple skylights in the roof.
Designed to save power during the daylight hours. As our eyes adjusted we remembered it was a beautiful fall full moon tonight.

As we realized we had ample light to finish our showers we laughed and concurred we always wanted to make love by the moon light.

We were giddy from the shock and excitement of being in a public room with three horny men watching as we began to kiss long and deep.

I thought they might clear out but instead they all three took up renewed vigilance to see what my little hot mama would try next.

As we settled our minds on our task we began to dry one another off with the towels.

We could not maneuver in the small entry way of our stall so we abandoned all pretence and stepped into the open area in front of the sink and mirrored wall.

Tim and Ted stepped back into the shadows of their respective stalls and that left Dan standing not more that 5 feet form our counter space.

I covered her head and began to ruffle her hair with my towel. Leaving her totally naked from the neck down.

I watched as Dan’s old cock finally recovered and he had one of those surprise dicks. Totally shrunk and withered but when it filled out it was at least 8 inches long and 5 inches thick.


I brought her up to the counter and kissed her long and hard. I said don’t look now but the 65 year old is at full attention. So I sat on the counter and place her hands on my hips and said show theses guy’s how to suck a cock.

As she lowered her head to my manhood swaying with the intoxication of adrenaline and Bacardi 151 she hiked her ass as high as she could and began to suck bobbing with slurping sounds.

She used one hand for stability and reached between her legs and spread her vagina open for all to see.

By now she was dripping wet and I watched as she focused on my pleasure ,

Dan was taking small 6 inch steps easing closer and closer.

By now Tim and Ted are jerking for the stars and about to need showers again.

She has her audience and she plays it like a pro never looking up sucking with all she has as if my cock was the only one on the planet.

Dan finally stands less than a foot away . If he let his now throbbing pre-cum slick member come out straight he will make contact.

I assume he just wants to cum near her so he can shoot on he dripping pubis so I just let him stay with a gentleman’s nod of affirmation.

As the moment of climax nears for me she sence’s the swelling of my head and pulls up to ask, “Do you want to cum into my pussy?”

As she clears her throat from the gag reflex of deep throating my granite seven inches, she looks in the mirror and see’s Dan smile with a groan.

They lock eyes in the mirror and she gasps as she realizes the error.

Dan thinks she knew he was there and thrust forward filling her sopping pussy with his throbbing member and groans out fuck yes I thought you would never ask?

Before she can say anything he has stepped up and thrust himself as deep a he can and she looks at me for a reaction.

I just shrug my shoulder and whisper fucked by the moon light by an older man with a really big cock?

By now she can’t stop if she wanted to Dan reached and took hold of her hips thrusting deep into the mirror image.

As she begins to move past the emotion of having another man inside her she starts kissing me and all the while stroking the familiar cock she has known so well.

Within 5 minutes Dan is raising the tempo and making his final thrust as I hear Ted and Tim let go with their loads against shower stall walls.

She cum’s once more as she is filled with the old man’s hot load .

As he with draws he pats her on the bottom and says thanks. She laughed and said, “ don’t ever mention it again.”

He laughed and jumped into the shower as Ted and Tim looked once more and said, damn as they left the building.

She reached up and took a firm grip on my still hard manhood with a smile. She kisses me again and says we lost our audience but we still have our moonlight.

I smiled and said, yes we do but I am afraid Dan beat to the punch you have already been fucked twice tonight.

Well you know I won’t remember a thing come morning? Yes, I grinned, SO why don’t you have your fantasy now? She asked.

Here now ? Right now she cooed.
With that she climbed up on the counter and began to massage her seamen filled cunt juices into her ass and said, come Lover fuck me In the ass.

I got between her legs and watched as she took my cock and ever so gently fed it into her virgin ass. It was hot and very tight all the love Juices had made it a smooth entry.

I just stood there looking into her eyes and waiting for the adjustment . She began to rock her hips squeezing me to a powerful orgasm as I filled her with the biggest load I ever remember producing.

We kissed our way to the shower and stayed till the water ran cold.

Finally making our way back to our tent by the moonlight.

Sleeping the sleep of satiated lovers. Dreaming of our life together what an adventure it will be.

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2012-06-23 15:48:55
I always think of an older man inside a married woman. My wife and i live in florida. Text me for conversation 8506298962


2011-04-25 17:26:53
It's an excellent story line and more so if it's true. However, please do re-read and check your sentence structure. We all make mistakes, some are created by the format used for these stories (they don't always appear in the format submitted), but just getting your sentence structure right will help tremendously. Keep writing. Love the story. Hope your wife has many more adventures.

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2011-04-24 03:53:38
Spell checker? You fucking idiot next time you criticize make damn sure you are not sounding like some ignorant redneck with your comment. Try spell-check, my phone even has spell-check. Fucking idiot. Oh by the way love the stories.

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2011-02-11 22:49:45
Agree about that dude! I just read it too and laughed when in all caps it says "NATURE TAKE ITS COURCE". What??? Try "Course". I still thought it was pretty hot but even my freaking phone has a spellchecker! Hahaha

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2011-02-11 22:43:27
Their = possessive eg belonging to someone
There = a location eg. Over here, over there

Run the fucking thing through g d spell check and try making sentences. Writing erotica does not equal writing in chunks of words that can't even be considered full thoughts. Seriously, my 5th grade neighbor is a better author. Seriously.

It's a good story--take the time to make it not aggravating to read please.

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