Chapter Four:

I asked the girls to get into one bed, so I could take turns eating their pussies, and as I leaned back to admire the feast before me, my cock blasted a load of semen, without even being touched. I started with Julie and slowly licked my way from her inner thighs to the outer folds of her pussy. I then flicked my tongue at her clit, and when she bucked and groaned, I sucked that little button into my mouth. I used suction as well as the flicking of my tongue, and the next thing I felt her hands clamping onto my head pulling me further into her wide open pussy. As I sucked and flicked, I tried to get my nose free so that I could breathe. Just as I sucked in a deep breath, Julie pulled at my hair and started squirting in my face. The taste and smell overwhelmed me, and I began burying my tongue deep in her tunnel.

Something seemed different though, and when I opened my eyes, I realized that I had my tongue in Julie’s anal opening. She was squirming like crazy and asking me not to stop what I was doing. I really didn’t notice any bad taste or anything, so I kept reaming her ass with my tongue. It was opening up pretty well, and I suddenly had this greedy idea of trying to get my cock into her anal opening. Julie seemed disappointed when my tongue left her ass, but she was shocked and somewhat hostile, when she felt my cock pushing up into her rectum. I moved so fast, she didn’t have a chance to refuse or close her legs, and before long I was humping her ass and shooting gobs of semen into her rectum.


Although I had shot my load into her ass, I was still buried deep in her and couldn’t stop humping.


“No way. I’m already buried up to my balls and I’m going to finish”.

I slammed my cock in and out of her and I felt another load of semen building. Julie had stopped resisting, and I thought I felt her hips rise up to meet my thrusts. When my semen shot into her over and over, I could hear soft moans and I was certain that she enjoyed it. When I withdrew my cock and rolled over towards Sarah, she gave me one of those looks that could kill, and I figured my night of sex would be coming to an end.

“Brian, do you understand what you just did to Julie”?

“Yes, I bum fucked her”.

“It was rape, you idiot”.

“Look Sarah, I don’t appreciate what he did to me, but I wouldn’t exactly say it was rape”.

“Why not”?

“I hate to admit it, but it felt really good after I got over the shock. I can’t get pregnant, so there really is no harm done”.

“There Sarah; Julie is not all that upset, so why are you”?

“Just forget it and go back to your room”.

“Does that mean that you don’t want your pussy sucked”?

“Not if I have to worry about you raping my ass”.

“I’m not going to rape your ass Sarah. I guess I needed to stick my cock into a girl, so it’s out of my system now. If you want your pussy eaten, I won’t try anything else”.

“You better not, or I’ll cut your cock off when you are sleeping”.

I got between Sarah’s legs, and I was surprised at how wet she already was. I Looked up at her and told her that she must have enjoyed watching me and Julie, since she was fully juiced. She ignored that comment and closed her eyes. I started out by lapping her with my tongue and I purposely made sure my tongue licked over her anal opening. I noticed that her body squirmed and I thought I heard her groan. Licking her from ass to clit was working well, since she now had her ass raised up off the sheets and she was grabbing at my ears. As she pulled me tightly into her crotch, I buried my nose in her tunnel, and flicked my tongue at her anus. The groaning grew louder and her grip tightened on my ears, so I inserted my tongue into the anal opening and darted it in and out.

“You little weirdo; that feels so damn good, I don’t want you to stop”.

I lifted my head up just so I could speak and said to her “Are you sure that you don’t want my cock in there? It would feel even better than my tongue”. Julie piped up and said “Sarah, it does feel really good, so why don’t you let him do it”.

Sarah obviously was close to having an orgasm, and was losing control, so she said to put it in her ass and she would try it. I didn’t waste any time getting my cock head to her anal opening, and because of all the spit, my cock head slipped right in. Sarah groaned and then pushed her ass towards my cock, as she grabbed my back to pull me in. When I hit bottom and my balls slapped off of her ass, she moaned that she was coming. She bucked and gyrated and her ass sucked the semen right out of my cock.

“Don’t stop humping my ass Brian. That feels so good. I can feel you squirting way up inside me”.

My cock was starting to wilt, and her tight ass ended up expelling my cock right out. I was pretty tired so I flopped down on the bed to rest. My sisters were looking at each other with devilish grins, so I asked them what they were thinking. Sarah said “We were thinking that maybe we should give you a taste of your own medicine”.

The next thing I felt was Sarah between my legs and lifting my thighs in the air. Julie joined her and in an instant Julie’s tongue was flicking into my anal opening. It really did feel amazing, because Sarah sucked on my balls, as Julie darted her tongue in and out of my ass. My cock was growing back to full erection and it wasn’t going to take long for it to start spewing. The girls changed positions and while Sarah now tongued my opening, Julie sucked my cock into her mouth and flicked her tongue on the underside of my cock head. Two tongue flicks, and I was blasting another load of semen into Julie’s mouth. She had no difficulty swallowing, but that was probably because the tank was nearly empty. I couldn’t remember how many times I shot semen today, but it was a lot. All three of us flopped down on the bed, and were pretty much ready for sleep.

“Before I go back to my room, tell me how it felt to have my cock in your ass”.

Sarah spoke first and said “It hurt a little, but the sensations were fantastic, and gave me my best orgasm ever”.

Julie piped up and added “Same for me, and I’ll do that again whenever you want Brian”.

“Okay girls; now let’s talk about Karen and Eli. Are you going to tell them that I bum fucked you both?”

Sarah said “Don’t you want us to”?

“No, I don’t want to scare them off”.

“If you let me tell them, I’ll make sure that they know that it was amazing and the best orgasm of my life”.

“Okay. Hopefully they will try it too”.

“I will try and arrange for us to all get together next Saturday, when Mom and Dad are out shopping. They are usually gone for a few hours, so we’ll have lots of time”.

“Deal. Now I’m heading to bed”.

I got into bed and thought I would be asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but I couldn’t stop thinking about next Saturday. My cock was pretty beat up, so I wasn’t thinking of jerking off or anything, but the excitement over next Saturday had me pretty wound up. Next thing I knew it was morning, and my cock was back to full attention. I went to pull my cock out of my underwear to jerk off, when a foul odour hit me and I realized that my cock had been buried in two rectums last night and I badly needed a shower.

When I was doing my homework later that day, Sarah stuck her head in my bedroom and asked if we could talk about next Saturday.

“I talked to Karen and Eli, and they are up for it, with one condition”.

“What’s the condition”?

“They won’t let you bum fuck them. They did say that if you do a really good job eating their pussies, they will let you lick their anal openings, and fuck their pussies. They both are on birth control pills, so there is no worry about getting pregnant”.

“Holy fuck, I think I just shot my load in my pants. That is fantastic Sarah. Do you want me to eat your pussy to thank you for setting things up”?

“Cant. Chores are waiting, but maybe I’ll slip in later tonight for a licking”.

“Any time Sarah. My tongue is at your disposal”.

Sarah didn’t show up that night, but she told me the next day that she fell asleep and slept through the night. Saturday finally came, and when I woke up, my cock was stretching my underwear to the limits. I wasn’t going to jerk off, because I wanted to save my loads for my sisters.

The prearranged time came and at ten o’clock I entered my older sister’s room, with my erection proudly displayed for all to see. All four of my sisters were naked as I was, and rubbing their pussies in anticipation.

“Who wants to be first”?

Sarah said “You choose Brian. There is an all you can eat buffet here, so you pick the pussy that you want to start on”.

Obviously I wanted to get at Karen and Eli, since I had never even seen their pussies, let alone sucked them. I dove between Karen’s legs and as I licked up her thighs, over her anal opening and into her slit, she grabbed for my ears and mashed my face fully into her gaping pussy. No hair. She must have shaved her pussy, and that was fine by me, since it made access for my tongue even easier. I moved up to her clit and sucked it into my mouth and gave it a good tongue lashing, as I sucked hard. Karen was moaning and pulling at my ears, so I thought this might be a good time to try something. As I continued sucking on her clit, I worked two fingers into her tunnel and began finger fucking her. My cock was ready to blow, and as Karen bucked wildly and moaned that she was coming, my semen blasted all over the place.

I now moved to Eli, who didn’t have a shaved pussy, and as I sucked her clit into my mouth, I felt a tongue licking at my ass. Karen had moved behind me and was darting her tongue in and out of my ass, as I licked and sucked Eli’s pussy. I decided to try licking Eli’s anal opening, but she grabbed at my ears and asked me to fuck her pussy. It didn’t take long to comply, and my cock was at her tunnel entrance preparing to enter. As the full length of my cock became engulfed in this hot and moist pussy, I shot my semen again. It didn’t stop me though, and I kept humping and slapping my balls off of her ass. Eli was coming and screamed for me to slam her pussy hard, and I didn’t disappoint. Even at my age, I needed a breather, so I flopped down on the bed to rest up for the next pussy treat.

Karen then says “Well little brother, my pussy is next, whenever you are ready to go”.

“Suck my cock back to life for me and I’ll gladly fuck your pussy hard”.

As Karen kneeled between my legs, I reached down to get a good feel of her big tits, and my cock was now fully engorged and ready to go. Karen licked and sucked for a few seconds, but I had to pull my cock out of her mouth before I blew again.

Boy was her pussy hot and wet. My cock slid deep in a hurry and I began thrusting with a fury. My semen was blasting her insides almost instantly, and she moaned loudly when she felt the spurts. I continued hammering away at her pussy until she screamed that she was coming, and when her eyes rolled back and her body wilted, I knew she was spent. Me too. Fuck, maybe I had bit off more than I could chew here. Obviously I had satisfied Karen and Eli, but I hadn’t even got to Julie and Sarah yet.

Sarah and Julie were very understanding and actually thought it was funny that I had worn myself out. They said that they could wait till tonight or tomorrow for their licking, so I headed back to my room, feeling great about my oral sex prowess.

Later that night Sarah and Julie did come in to my room, and I gave them a good licking. I also bum fucked them both, and as they left my room they promised that they would be back for more, whenever I wanted.

The End

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