Chapter Three:

I got to thinking that I must be the luckiest guy around. I had my first blowjob, from two different girls, all on the same night. Something dark and ominous must be coming my way, because I have never had such good fortune. Regardless, my cock won’t let up and remains erect and throbbing due to my memories of the last two days.

My other two sisters, Karen and Eli, are 17 and 18, and have beautiful bodies, and my brain can’t stop fantasizing about them sucking my cock and swallowing. I know; wishful thinking and probably totally unrealistic, but a guy can dream, can’t he? I jerked furiously at my cock, as I envisioned Karen sucking while Eli sat on my face. I could almost taste her juices and smell that unbelievable and unique aroma that emanates from a horny pussy. My semen was flying everywhere, and I didn’t give a shit, since I was totally mesmerized by my fantasy.

“Nice mess Brian”.

“Fuck me. Have you ever heard of knocking Sarah”?

“I hope you were fantasizing about eating my pussy, while you were pounding that thing”.

“Not exactly”.

“Okay, out with it. Who were you jerking off to Brian”?

“If I tell you, you will blab to everyone, and get me in trouble”.

“Do you want to know why I came back to your room”?

“Why did you barge in here without knocking”?

“Because you sucked my pussy even better than my boyfriend, and I was hoping for seconds”.

“Are you messing with me Sarah”?

“No, I’m not. Didn’t you enjoy me having an orgasm on your tongue”?

“I sure did. When you came in my mouth, the taste and smell of your juices caused me to blow in Julie’s mouth”.

“Well then, let’s do a repeat, but first you have to tell me who you were jerking off to”.

“Promise that you will never tell anyone”?

“I promise, so spit it out”.

“I was fantasizing about Karen sucking my cock while Eli sat on my face”.

“You greedy little pervert. Not satisfied with having sex with two of your sisters; you have to do all four”.

“It was just a fantasy to jerk off to, so I’m not a greedy pervert”.

“Well let’s get that tongue of yours in my pussy again, and then I’ll give you some encouraging news”.

“What does that mean”?

“Just eat me Brian”.

“Get naked Sarah, I want to 69, so you can suck my cock while I eat your pussy”.

“Getting demanding and cocky eh”?

“Get naked and straddle me. I want that pussy in my mouth”.

Sarah straddled me in the 69 position, and I immediately began tonguing her pussy lips. I used my tongue to part her hairs and pussy lips, and then darted my tongue in and out of her tunnel. Before Sarah put my cock in her mouth, she asked me to suck on her clit. I didn’t know what that was, so she reached down and pointed out her clit. Once I focused on that little love button, she started moaning and grinding on my face. I sucked and licked at that clit, and in no time I tasted her juices flowing onto my lips and tongue. The aroma drove me crazy and I started thrusting my hips so that my cock was fucking Sarah’s mouth. She grabbed my balls and played with them as I humped her face and I could feel my semen getting ready to blast. The slurping sounds coming from her mouth were such a turn on, and it seemed as if I couldn’t stop shooting semen.

Eventually my tank ran dry, so I started slurping away at her pussy again, and she responded by smothering my face with those huge pussy lips. I never imagined that I could move my tongue so fast for that long, but she was almost out of control, and I was having trouble catching my breath. She let out one final loud groan and clamped her thighs against my cheeks. This time her juices actually squirted and I sucked up every drop and swallowed. We were still for a couple of minutes, and when she tried to roll off of me, I held her ass and didn’t want to let go. Sarah said that she couldn’t take anymore and asked me to save some energy for tomorrow. That motivated me to let go, so she slid up beside me and told me that my face was plastered with her juices and looked like a glazed donut.

I was thinking very greedily and had visions of asking her if I could put my cock in her pussy, but she spoke and broke my thoughts.

“So do you want to know about the encouraging news”?

“Yes, let’s hear it”.

“You probably don’t know this, but sisters tell each other everything. Karen and Eli know all about you and Julie and me, and they think it is really sexy. When I told them how good you ate pussy, they masturbated and then talked about getting a turn with you. So what do you think about that little brother”?

“I would eat them anytime, anywhere, and I hope that they would repay me by sucking my cock and swallowing for me”.

“I don’t know about that Brian, but if they won’t suck you off while you are eating their pussies, I’ll do it for you”.

“Okay Sarah, so how do we set this up”?

“Leave it to me and I’ll let you know”.

It was going to be torture waiting to hear whether I would have oral sex with all of my sisters. There was something really turning me on, thinking of doing my two older sisters. Mind you, I might have to step up my pussy eating, since they are more experienced and probably have been eaten by many guys older than me. So I guess I better practice on Julie and Sarah in the meantime.

That night I crept quietly into Julie and Sarah's room, and decided to wake them both up at the same time. When I said that I was there to make them happy by eating their pussies, they gladly stripped and opened wide for me. I still had it in my head to get my cock into a pussy, so maybe I would try tonight. The best time to try it might be just after one of them comes in my mouth. If they were very satisfied, they might just give it up.

To be continued…………………………….

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