The first part to a VERY long story.
The Players:

Katherine Banks (Kat): A very horny, 25-year-old, sexually imaginative woman. Virgin because no one has wanted to take her virginity away.

Caleb Whitaker (Cal): Kat's male counterpart. Similar story.

Peter: Kat's imaginary lover, also the name of her favorite vibrator.

Angela: Cal's imaginary lover, based on the real Angela he was pals with in grade school.

Let the story begin....

Katherine was in her favorite position; on top of Peter, her favorite stud, and impaling herself with his 16-inch-long, 4-inch-thick cock. “I’m so fucking close to cumming,” she hoarsely whispered as she leaned her exquisite 6-feet tall, leggy, tight-assed body over him and fucked him harder and faster, her waist-long auburn hair and massive tits swinging. “Bite my nipples hard!” she commanded him. He responded by squeezing both of her 44EE boobs and pulling one fully erect nipple to his mouth. He bit down on her sensitive nipple, almost drawing blood. “OOOhhh, yeah,” Katherine sighed, “just like that. Again!!!” He bit her other nipple even harder, but still not quite drawing blood. Katherine began screaming like a banshee as a powerful orgasm began ripping through her sexually supercharged body. She bore down on Peter’s massive dick to get his entire length in her sopping wet cunt. Peter responded in the only way he could; he thrust his manhood as deep into her pussy as he could and exploded into her, filling her womanhood with his hot cock cream.

Katherine collapsed on top of her lover and slowly rolled over, gently dislodging his still-swollen member from her inner recesses. “Mmmmm,” she said, looking at the slimy snake before her, “I think I need to clean you off.” She proceeded to kiss and lick all the cream off of his shaft and cockhead, then took the entire length into her mouth and down her willing throat.

* * * * *

Katherine looked at her bed: sheets torn up; bedding soaked from her ejaculation during her orgasm; pillows strewn across the room. “This always happens when I fuck myself with you, Peter,” she said, pulling a 6-inch long, 1-½-inch thick vibrator out of her pussy. She licked her juices off it, then sucked her fingers clean. She went to her bathroom and washed her favorite vibrator lovingly. Katherine looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror on her bathroom door; she didn’t really like what she saw. She was only 5-feet-2-inches tall; short, flat mouse-brown hair; hazel eyes; 30A-25-30 body; short legs; plain face; and Coke-bottle-bottom glasses. She knew that she had an incredible capacity to sexually please any man she could get between her very willing legs, but no man had ever given Katherine a first look, let alone a second one; hence, her very active imagination created a hot body that every man wants, and her job provided the income to buy an extensive collection of sex toys. At age 25, she was still a virgin, but only because no man had found his way into any of her very ready holes. She sighed as she got dressed and gathered her soaked bedding and went to the Laundromat.

* * * * *

Caleb was doing what he liked best; fucking Angela in doggy-style, so he could push his 10-inch-long, 2 ½-inch thick pecker really deep into her hot, wet pussy. Angela met every one of Caleb’s deep strokes half way, pushing her ass tight against his crotch to ensure maximum penetration. They both liked deep, hard fucking like that. Caleb knew what to do to get Angela to cream all over his cock; he reached around and cupped her 38DD tits and tweaked both her hot, erect inch-long nipples hard, sending little stabs of pain and pleasure straight to her cunt. He then reached down with one hand and twiddled her clit, sending Angela over the top. When she started cumming, he exploded into her, shooting his wad deep into her.

As she collapsed onto the bed, his cock came out of her. She rolled over just as his cream began to ooze out of her quim. She scooped some up with her fingers and sucked it into her mouth. “MMmmm,” she said, “it tastes better every time.” Her big blue eyes beamed at him.

“There’s more where that came from,” Caleb said, tapping her erect nipples with his stiff manhood. “I’m all slimy, and I need to be cleaned off.”

“Here’s a willing towel for you,” Angela said, pressing her impressive tits together. “I like cleaning your cock with these.” Caleb put his cock in her cleavage and slowly fucked her incredible tits, thoroughly cleaning his slimy appendage before leaving Angela with a pearl necklace.

* * * * *

Caleb knew he wasn’t much to look at. He was only 5-feet-5-inches tall; 4-inch long, ½-inch thick erection; slightly pudgy for his frame size; slowly going bald; plain featured; and Coke-bottle-bottom glasses. The only girl that even liked him when he was growing up was Angela. He remembered her exactly as she was when he met her. She was a new student at his school, 12 years old, sixth grade, and seemed a little lost. She was very physically advanced—38DD-24-35—short, blonde hair worn in a pageboy style, 5-feet-3-inches tall, electric blue eyes, and a sweet smile. They were great friends that whole school year. Unfortunately, her dad got a job out of state that summer, and Angela had to move away. They kept in touch for a while, writing letters and sending pictures. Caleb’s favorites were from her high school senior year. One of Angela’s friends took some nude photos, showing off Angela’s large boobs and sweet pussy. After seeing those, no other girl really sparked his interest. That was seven years ago, and now, at the tender age of 25, Caleb was still a virgin. He also wondered what had happened to Angela.

Caleb had an overactive sexual imagination. He thought up many scenarios where he and Angela would wind up naked and getting it on, always ending in fantastic orgasms, sometimes four or five times a day. His favorites always ended in doggy style. They also ended up making his bed a colossal mess, with his cum all over the sheets and pillows. He got dressed and gathered all his bedding together and went to the Laundromat.

* * * * *

When Caleb arrived at the Laundromat, he found that his favorite double load washer was already in use. He didn’t really like the other washer, but he had no choice. He put in his bedding, added detergent, closed the door, and started the washer. “You overloaded the washer,” a voice said. “Huh?” Caleb responded. “You overloaded the washer,” the non-descript woman said again. “Your stuff won’t get clean.”

“Oh… thanks,” Caleb said. “I usually don’t have a problem with this.” He looked at the woman talking to him. She was short, kind of mousy, not much to look at, and no real figure. She reminded him of Velma Dinkley from the old Scooby-Doo cartoons he liked to watch when he was a kid, but Velma had more of a figure than she. Yet, she was a woman, and she was talking to him. He reached out his hand and said, “Hi. My name is Caleb Whitaker; my friends call me Cal. What’s yours?”

She gently shook his hand. “Katherine Banks; my friends call me Kat. You can call me Miss Banks, Mr. Whitaker,” she coolly replied. Katherine looked over Caleb; he was not much taller than she, and he wasn’t much to look at. Still, he was a man, and she could feel the beginnings of that familiar itch which usually precedes one of her fantasies.

“Pleased to meet you,” they said, almost at the same time, and a bit awkwardly.

“I’m not good at talking to girls, Miss Banks,” Cal sheepishly replied. “I get all nervous and scared.” He felt strange; she wasn’t anything like Angela, but he was talking like he wanted to be Katherine’s friend.

“What’s to be scared about, Mr. Whitaker?” Katherine asked. “We’re not gross, evil creatures. We’re people, just like you. Besides, I get sort of nervous when I talk to boys.” Katherine wasn’t sure why she was trying to put Caleb at ease; she just felt that she needed to calm him. She could also feel a hot wetness between her legs. “Please excuse me,” she said. “I need to use the restroom.”

“Not a problem,” Cal replied. “I need to go, too.” His crotch rocket had begun to stir as they were talking, and he was glad that she had to go. It gave Cal a chance to take care of his need.

* * * * *

Peter and Katherine were on their favorite deserted island in the South Pacific, strolling through the woods hand in hand, when they came upon a small clearing. “This looks like a good spot,” Peter said, and began setting up the picnic.

Katherine looked at her man and smiled to herself. He was gorgeous, and the bulge in his tight pants was growing. Katherine slipped the straps of her sun dress off her shoulders. She then slipped a hand up her dress and began rubbing her bare, bald pussy, getting it hot and wet and ready for Peter.

Peter noticed Katherine starting to play with herself, and he came over to help. He went behind her and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall to the clearing floor. Katherine stood there, wearing only her shoes and a smile. “You’re overdressed,” Peter whispered into her ear as he gently nibbled on her lobe while caressing her massive boobs.

She pressed her ass against his crotch and said, “So are you. Take off your pants.” He responded by tweaking her rubbery, blood-engorged nipples and stepping back a little to drop his trousers. He, too, had no underwear on. He resumed his place behind her, and he put his hands back on her tits, gently teasing, caressing, and pinching her nipples. She could feel his boner trying to slip in between her legs, and he could feel her heat and wetness with his cockhead.

“It will be better on the blanket,” she moaned, as his hand reached down to her quim and started gently teasing her pussy lips. She almost fell as she broke away from his grip and moved to the blanket, lying on her back and spreading her legs.

Peter took the invitation and crawled up Katherine’s body, kissing and licking and caressing her body on his way to her lips, where he kissed her deeply and passionately, igniting both his and her sexual fires. She responded just as passionately, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He moved down to her neck, nibbling and kissing and sucking over to her earlobe, then back around her neck to the other lobe, then back to her lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

She was writhing under him, rubbing her pussy lips against his mighty pecker, trying to get him inside her. He was having none of that, as yet. He continued playing with her, licking all over her huge, super-sensitive tits, sucking and nibbling on her engorged nipples, bringing loud moans of pleasure from deep in Katherine’s throat.

He continued down her fantastic body, heading for that most sensitive place, the one that she wanted him to invade. He got there and took a long look; she had waxed all the pubic hairs away, and her pussy looked so sweet. It smelled musky, just like he liked it. He ignored the inviting lips, and continued down the outside of her sexy leg. He very slowly licked and kissed and rubbed her leg, all the way down to her ankle. When he got there, he went up the outside of her other leg, just as agonizingly slowly, until he reached her hips. He then crossed over, just above her quim, and continued down the inside of her left leg, then up the inside of her right, ending at her sopping wet twat. He began licking it, kissing it, then eating it with gusto, always stopping before Katherine could cum.

He stopped torturing her lust-crazed cunt, and he moved up her body, bringing his purple, blood-filled, sexually supercharged cockhead to her waiting pussy lips. With one thrust, he shoved half of his 16-inch-long, 4-inch-thick lustful weapon into her womanhood, making Katherine moan with pleasure and desire. He thrust again, pushing more of his cock into her, and he kept pushing until his whole length was in her. Then he started slowly to fuck her magnificent hole, until he couldn’t stand it and had to cum. Then, he pounded her relentlessly, making her 44EE tits bounce with each full stroke of his massive weapon.

He leaned over her as her legs wrapped themselves around him, her heels locking just above his hips, forcing him even deeper into her. She started screaming as she came, trying to break off his cock and keep it in her. He shot wad after wad into her steaming womanhood, more than he had ever shot before.

Likewise, Katherine’s orgasm was even more powerful than ever. She felt each and every spasm that launched his cum into her. Her pussy was aching from the pounding of his massive manhood, and from milking his cock for every drop of his cum.

* * * * *

Katherine’s hands were soaked after her ejaculation. “Oh, Peter,” she said, “it happened again. Thank you!!!” She pulled the vibrator out of her sopping pussy and sucked it clean, swallowing her juices. She then licked all her fingers, and washed the vibrator and her hands.

* * * * *

Caleb and Angela were chaperones at the Prom. They danced a few slow dances, and Caleb got in a couple of surreptitious fondles. Angela responded with smiles and a couple of fondles of her own.

After the dance was over, the chaperones and staff had to clean up the venue. When cleanup was finished, Caleb gave Angela a ride up to Make-Out Point, a favorite haunt of Prom Night. After they arrived, they found a dark, secluded place to park. Caleb unzipped his pants, then unzipped Angela’s little black dress. Angela smiled a sexy smile, pulled her arms out of her tiny straps, and bent over Caleb’s pants, her creamy white 38DD tits spilling out of her dress and surrounding his crotch.

“Oops,” she said, “I guess I should have worn my bra.” She rubbed his cock with her bare breasts, and it responded in that wonderful manner. “Then again, I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t think you would have responded quite the same way if they were tied down.”

She put her lips on his swollen head and began sucking his weapon into her mouth, slowly driving him crazy. He wanted to thrust his cock deep into her throat, and he tried to push himself in. But Angela wouldn’t go for it; she wanted to tease and torture his cock until he simply couldn’t stand it anymore and slammed it into her waiting pussy.

She looked up at him with lust filling her eyes. He looked back and saw the desire burning there. She slowly went all the way down his shaft, taking his entire length into her mouth and throat. Then she very slowly pulled up, sucking hard the whole time, until his cock slipped out of her hot mouth with a soft “POP!” She sat up and took off her dress. “Ready for naked me?” she teased, putting her seat all the way back and reclining it as far as she could. She slipped off her saturated panties and handed them to Caleb.

Caleb pulled down his pants and climbed into Angela’s saddle, pressing his lusty 10-inch-long, 2-½-inch thick hard-on into Angela’s beautiful pussy. He pushed gently, and a third of his shaft entered her, causing Angela to moan with pleasure. “OOOhhh, yes, Caleb, push yourself into me,” she pleaded, wanting him to make sweet love with her.

He pulled part way out, then pushed again, this time Angela helping by thrusting her lustful hips up to meet him. He slid all the way into her, and Angela moaned again; a deep, throaty sound, full of raw sexual desire. Caleb began slowly loving her, in and out, in and out, passion and lust building with each thrust, with each wiggle, with each contact of skin on skin.

He leaned over her and proceeded to give her a massive hickey on her neck as he began stroking her pussy harder and faster. “Yes, Caleb!!” she cried. “More… harder… faster… deeper!!!” She needed release, and she needed him to make it happen. He increased his tempo, making the strokes shorter but faster, penetrating as deep into her steaming pussy as he could. She matched each stroke, forcing her crotch up against his, making him go deep and hard.

“OH, GOD!” Angela screamed, gushing all over Caleb’s cock, as she came more powerfully than she ever had before. “IT’S TOOOOO MMMUUUUCCHHH!!!!”

‘AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” was all that Caleb could manage as he began squirting what seemed like a gallon of hot cum into Angela’s overheated quim. He pulled out of her, and a last small jet of his cock cream headed for her face and landed on her pouty lips.

Angela licked it off and said, “Tastes a little different, this time. I think I need more to make a comparison.” She scooped some of their combined cream from her seeping love hole and swallowed it. “MMMmmm… creamy,” she purred, looking at Caleb with lust-filled eyes.

“It seems,” Caleb said, “I need a place to put this,” gently shaking his weapon at Angela. “Put it right here,” she said, pressing together her shapely boobs. “I like it when you put it there.”

* * * * *

Caleb couldn’t believe what just happened. He had never had a hard-on come on so fast before, especially right after a doggy-style fantasy with Angela. And, he’d never, ever cum so hard or so much. Wow, he thought. If talking with a woman can produce that kind of reaction, what would actually touching one produce? Caleb had a lot to think about.

* * * * *

End of Part 1


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