Addicted to oral sex-Chapter Two:

Most mornings when we all left for school, Julie was usually the last to leave, since she had to wait for our older sisters to finish in the bathroom. As I lay awake waiting to get ready for school, my cock continued to throb, as the thought of last night’s adventure dominated my brain. I really wasn’t thinking straight as I got up to go to the bathroom, because it was Saturday and no one would be getting up this early today. I plopped back into bed and prepared to jerk off, while trying to resurrect thoughts of the taste and smell of Julie’s pussy. I wouldn’t be able to pee anyway, with my cock this hard. I couldn’t help but wonder what my sisters were doing or thinking at this moment, since Julie’s conversation about them last night. Were they masturbating, or thinking about sucking their boyfriend’s cocks? Did they ever think about my cock? Fuck, I wonder if any of my other sisters might suck my cock. I gave myself a shake and went back to pounding away at my cock.

As my load erupted, it shot spurts higher towards the ceiling than ever before and now I would have to clean up a huge mess. It must have taken almost half a box of tissues to clean up, but I got it done and headed out to the bathroom. I met Julie in the hallway as I left the bathroom, and my cock immediately sprang to attention, causing her to chuckle. I was about to whisper to her that I wanted her to come to my room and suck my cock, when Sarah, my 16 year old sister who shares a room with Julie, appeared out of nowhere. Fuck me, I thought to myself as I walked back to my room, trying to conceal my boner. I left my door open just in case an opportunity arises for Julie to sneak in unnoticed.

Five minutes later Julie and Sarah came into my room and closed the door.

“Still sporting that boner I saw out there”?

“Sarah, it happens to every guy in the morning, so I’m not going to act all embarrassed, just because you saw it by accident”.

“It was no accident Brian. Julie and I had a long talk last night about her little adventure with you and it got me horny”.

“For fuck sake Julie; why did you have to tell what we did in private”?

“Sarah was awake when I went back to my room last night, and she kept at me to tell her what was going on between you and me”.

“Relax little brother; I’m not going to spill your secret to anyone. However, I did promise Julie that I would teach her how to give a great blowjob”.

Holy fuck; did I just hear right? I’m not that lucky. I must have imagined in my head that she said that.

“It’s true Brian. She said that she would come in with me this morning and show me how to suck your cock properly, to repay you for eating my pussy so well last night. I was a little hesitant last night about sucking your cock, because I didn’t have a clue what to do, and I didn’t want to disappoint you”.

“Shall I get started with Julie’s lessons or are you going to prude out on us”?

“This is a little weird, but I guess we could try it, as long as you don’t expect my cock to be as big as your boyfriends”.

“Trust me Brian; from the way your underwear bulged out earlier, that won’t be a problem. It’s plenty big enough”.

As I slid my underwear off, I asked both of them to get naked too. Sarah said that’s not part of the deal, but Julie told her that she has to get naked, or she couldn’t do this. Sarah reluctantly agreed and, in a heartbeat, I had two naked girls staring at my throbbing cock.

“Don’t get any weird ideas Brian. I’m going along with being naked and teaching Julie how to suck cock properly, but if you try to stick that cock in me, I’ll break it off”.

I was quite happy just looking at Sarah’s beautiful tits and hairy pussy, so that wasn’t going to be a problem. She had full round tits, and her nipples stood out like little boners. Her hairy pussy was also great to look at, and filled out the spot between her legs much better than Julies. Just looking and thinking about Sarah had pre-cum slime running off the tip of my throbbing cock.

“Julie, we better get started. His cock looks like it’s going to blow any second”.

Sarah pushed me back on the bed, and told me to lie nearer the wall. She had Julie kneel between my legs, and then Sarah leaned her elbow on my chest, looking down towards my cock.

“When you approach a guy’s cock, start by blowing air softly at the cock head. That’s it. Just blow air on it. Then you slowly move closer to the cock head and flick your tongue, touching the underside lightly. Use one of your hands to play with his balls, but be careful, because they are very sensitive. JESUS CHRIST BRIAN”.

Sarah slapped at me and got up off of her elbow, wiping my semen spurts off of her face, and out of her eyes. I had blown my load at the first tongue flick, and drenched her face and hair. She stormed out of the room, presumably to go clean herself up. Julie just stared at my cock and appeared to be in shock, and had no clue what to do now. My cock was still throbbing and was waving in front of her face, and frankly, I didn’t know what to do either. I couldn’t imagine Sarah coming back, and Julie looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Julie, maybe you should go talk to Sarah, and see if she is okay”.

As Julie neared the door, Sarah came back in and asked if we were finished.

“You seemed pretty upset, and I didn’t think you’d be back”.

“I never expected you to shoot so quickly, and it shocked me getting blasted in the face. When my boyfriend shoots in my face, I am expecting it, and it’s not a problem. Julie, do you want to carry on with the lesson”?

“Sure, but isn’t he finished now that he has shot his semen”?

“Are you kidding me? At his age he can probably shoot as many times as he wants. His cock is still throbbing, so he appears ready, if you want to suck”.

I got back in position, and while Julie kneeled between my legs, Sarah kneeled with her, beside my hip. I guess she was making sure she didn’t get blasted in the face again.

“Okay, now hold his balls and play with them, while you flick your tongue at his cock head”.

Both of them stared, waiting to see if I was going to blow my load early again, but when I just moaned, and didn’t shoot, they continued the lesson.

“Before you actually start sucking on his cock, it’s really important to protect his cock head from your teeth. If you cut the head of his cock, not only will the blowjob be over, but he will be out of commission for a couple of weeks. I know that, because I cut my boyfriend’s cock the first time I tried to suck him”.

Julie looked very confused, so Sarah asked her to look at her mouth. Sarah opened her mouth and curled her lips over both rows of teeth, and asked Julie to try it. Julie was having trouble understanding, so Sarah took Julie’s fingers and place two of them in her mouth, and began bobbing and sucking. I thought I would shoot just watching, but managed to hold off. When Julie seemed to be getting frustrated, Sarah asked her to change positions and watch how it was done. I stared down in disbelief as Sarah got between my legs and approached my cock head.

“Watch this carefully Julie as my mouth engulfs his cock head and I begin sucking without my teeth touching him”.

When Sarah’s mouth had my cock head fully engulfed in her mouth and began sucking, I lost control and shot another huge load of semen. I was waiting to get slapped and cursed at, but Sarah continued sucking and was actually swallowing the semen. Julie stared in amazement, and said to Sarah that she now understands. I don’t think Julie realized that I had blasted semen into Sarah’s mouth, but when Sarah released my cock and semen dripped off of her tongue, she figured it out.

“Holy fuck Sarah, that was amazing. I hope that you are not mad at me for blasting your mouth”.

“I’m not mad Brian. When I went to clean up, I ended up licking my lips, and liked the taste of your semen. Maybe now that you have shot twice, you can last through the rest of Julie’s lesson”.

“Julie, are you okay to suck my cock now”?

“Yes, but I’m not sure about swallowing after you shoot. I don’t know if I would like the taste. It looks kind of yucky”.

“Look Julie, there is still some semen on his cock. Try licking it off and tasting it, and then you will know if you can handle swallowing. Guys expect to get swallowed. My boyfriend would probably dump me if I didn’t swallow for him and his semen doesn’t taste nearly as good as Brian’s”.

Julie gave my cock a lick and sucked a bit of semen into her mouth, and didn’t seem to react badly.

“It’s not bad tasting, so I think that I can handle swallowing”.

We all got back into position, except this time Sarah lay on my chest so I had her tits pushing into me, and my arm around her waist could almost reach her crotch. As Julie went through what she had been taught and was now bobbing up and down on my cock, Sarah altered her position and straddled my face with her crotch. I couldn’t believe my luck, and so I buried my face in that pussy and worked my tongue into her slit. I was so focused on Sarah’s pussy that I almost forgot about Julie sucking on my cock. Also I was a little desensitized, after shooting twice already. I reached up with my hands to massage Sarah’s tits as I lapped at her pussy, and I noticed that she started grinding on my face. Next thing I knew, she juiced my face with the sweetest tasting pussy nectar, and I blew my load of semen into Julie’s mouth.

Julie began gagging, so Sarah got off of my face and helped her catch her breath.

“Sorry Brian. I couldn’t swallow your semen, because your first shot hit the back of my throat and I choked”.

“Don’t worry about it Julie. You did great”.

Sarah winked at me and whispered that I also did great. The girls left to clean up, and as I lay there all proud of myself, my thoughts drifted to my other two sisters.

To be continued………………..

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fantastic story looking for more

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Sarah altered her position and straddled my face with her crotch. I couldn’t believe my luck, and so I buried my face in that pussy and worked my tongue into her slit. I was so focused on Sarah’s pussy that I almost forgot about Julie sucking on my cock. Also I was a little desensitized, after shooting twice already. I

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