Becky, the seventeen-year-old virgin who loves to do naughty things outside, has just one thing left to do with her boyfriend Rob. Please note that this isn't just sex, I've written the whole series of Becky stories to build up the feelings that are involved in what is happening. This final installment is no exception; it is telling the emotional story as well as the sexual.
It had been a while ago, thought Becky, that she had first tried masturbating outside. Over a year ago now; that had been last Summer, and now it was grinding along into Autumn. It was even longer since she had plucked up the courage to ask Kate's older sister, who worked in a somewhat sleazy pub in town, to get her a vibrator from one of the mucky joke shops on the way home. She had been round at Kate's house one afternoon, and they had been tittering about sex, talking about boys. Kate's sister had popped her head round the door to say she was off to work, and Becky followed her out with her heart in her mouth, to ask her if she'd bring her back a vibrator, because she wasn't ready to have sex yet and her fingers weren't doing the trick so much. Kate's sister had found it a bit amusing, but seemed to understand, so she accepted Becky's money and went her way. Becky went back to Kate's room slightly flustered and told her she'd gone to the toilet. Kate joked.

'Couldn't you wait until you got home? Had what we were talking about made you horny?'

'No...' Becky blushed heavily. She couldn't tell Kate. She'd asked Kate's sister to get her a vibrator, but she knew that she was old enough and mature enough not to tell anyone, and the way she had seemed to understand told Becky that she might have one herself.

The next day, Kate's sister delivered to Becky a new vibrator, a six-inch long shaft of black plastic, with a screw-top on the flat end, which she put the batteries in. When she got it home, she tried it out. Several times. She remembered it as clear as day. She waited until her parents were in bed and asleep, and she opened her bedroom curtains to let some light in from the lap posts outside. With her heart racing with excitement, she took off her pyjamas and lay on top of the covers on her bed. She looked down over her nearly-fourteen-year-old body in the orange flicker of the lamps outside. She looked white and thin, but healthy. Her pussy had very little downy hair on it: even though she had become aware of herself as a sexual being a couple of years before, she seemed to not grow hair down there. Her breasts were small, but so were the breasts of most of the girls her own age that she knew.

She trailed her right hand down to touch herself. She felt a little nervous, even though nobody could see her, not even through the uncovered window, because she was upstairs. Her fingers started do what they had done plenty of times before: rubbing her pussy lightly to get her body in the mood. After a few minutes, the wetness was enough for her to push a finger inside herself. Her middle finger between her lips, she curled it round and pushed it inside herself. With her left hand, she reached round and picked up the vibrator, and turned it on for the first time. It was louder than she expected; she turned it off quickly and stood up, stepped across the room, and turned the radio on. Lying back down on the bed, Becky started fingering herself again. She turned the vibrator on again, and the radio drowned it out.

She stopped fingering herself, and carefully slid the vibrator inside her young pussy for the first time. From the first moment the vibrations reached her young clit, she shuddered and gasped. She just lay there with it inside her for a few minutes, and then the orgasm came. Pushing the vibrator a little deeper into herself, she thrust her hips a few times and stretched her arms out, and came, letting a few shrieks of pleasure out of her mouth.

When she finished coming, she turned the vibrator off again and continued rubbing herself with her fingers...

That night lasted quite a long time, she must have had four or five orgasms in rapid succession. The most orgasms she had ever had in one day. With a toy like that, she thought, she would never need a cock.

She grew to love that vibrator, and used it regularly. She even thought of it as her 'special friend,' though nobody ever heard her say it. Quite soon, a point came when she even had to keep a stock of batteries in case she got too carried away and tired her friend out. Eventually, one night when she was not long since fifteen, she got too carried away when she was playing with it, and broke her hymen.

Now, nearly four years later, Becky was sat in shorts and a light blue t-shirt, cross-legged on her bed with the vibrator in her hand. It was late morning, and she was going to go out today, to Rob's house. Her parents had met Rob, and they approved of him strongly, because he was an intelligent young man, and seemed to have and show all the proper respect for Becky, and women in general. Of course, they didn't have a clue as to the sorts of sexual escapades they had been getting upto, or even the circumstances in which they'd met. As far as her parents knew, Rob was a friend of a college friend.

Even now it was hard to believe she had a boyfriend. They still hadn't had sex yet - that was why she was looking at the vibrator, she was wondering how much longer she would need it for her original reason - but they had done a lot of other stuff. She still had to prove to herself that she had a boyfriend though, that it wasn't a dream or a fantasy. She took her diary out of her bedside drawer and read:

(Saturday, May 24, 2003)

This afternoon something happened that I didn't think would... the boy who caught me playing with myself at the beach that night - Rob - and I are now girlfriend and boyfriend - we're going out! We celebrated by dry humping on his bed, I came better than ever before!

Yep, it seemed to be true. She could remember how excited she was when she wrote it, and she could see it in her handwriting, too. Every letter was spiked and malformed, and she could almost see where each spike had been caused by an excited heartbeat.

There was a knock on the door, and she heard her mother open it, and Rob ask to see Becky. She quickly put her vibrator and diary back into her drawer, put her sandals back on, and dashed down the stairs to meet him. He looked better now for having a girlfriend: he had had his hair cut and was wearing more stylish clothes; well-fitting jeans, trainers, and a patterned pink shirt. Stopping to say 'see you later' to her mother, Becky danced out of the front door with Rob to his car, and they set off back to his house.

'So, how're you, Becky?'

'Wonderful. You?'

'Wonderful. Are you still enjoying your second year at college?'

'Mneerh. I s'pose so, but the work's so much harder than last year. Been back a month, and they're piling the fucking work on like they'd die if we didn't do it.'

'Yeah, I know what you mean. It was the same for me, don't worry. And my new job... well... mneerh...'

They both lit cigarettes, and a few minutes Rob pulled up outside his house. They got out of the car together, and stood finishing their cigarettes for a minute before Rob unlocked the door and motioned for Becky to walk in, then following her and closing the door behind them.

Rob's front room looked different now. Since he and Becky had become a couple, he had made the place a little more friendly for her sake. Not that she minded, but he had moved all his looks onto a shelf that he had bought and erected especially, and the table was now in the middle of the room, with a cloth on it, ready for when they had coffee or when he cooked a meal for them both.

They both went into the kitchen and carried on talking while Rob made them each a cup of tea, and they then sat down on the sofa, Becky taking her sandals off and screwing her toes up on the carpet.

Rob looked at her eagerly and hungrily. They hadn't got to see each other for a week because of Becky's college. She realized he was looking at her, and looked back. There was something different about them than when they first met; there was fondness there, even the beginnings of love. But neither of them had dared to say it.

After they finished drinking their tea, Rob asked Becky if she'd like some lunch. She said yes, and he took the mugs, and they went back to the kitchen. He cooked some spaghetti for them both, and they sat and ate, talking about the things they had both been doing over the last week.

A few minutes after they finished eating, Becky had to get up to use the toilet, and Rob got up with her: they had both got used to going and watching each other use the toilet. They hardly ever did anything except watch and touch, but it was still a bit of a turn on for them both. Becky sat on the seat and Rob assumed a position, kneeling on the floor in front of her. She let out a short jet and then stopped. Rob reached out and touched her, and Becky let out another jet, soaking his hand. He moved himself next to her and cupped his hand around her pussy and told her to let go, sending pee all over Rob's hand and between his fingers, into the bowl. When she had finished, Rob removed his hand and, with his other hand, took some toilet paper and wiped her clean, taking care to press lightly into the gap between her two soft lips, holding it there for a few seconds before dropping it into the toilet.

'Did you enjoy that?' Becky asked.

'You know I did. I don't know why, but you turn me on, even when you're peeing!'

'I think that's why you turn me on when you pee, as well.'

They both washed their hands together, and went back downstairs, where they sat down on the sofa again. Rob looked at her again, and raised his hand to stroke her breasts. She watched him, and then quickly moved her hand, so her own hand got to her breasts first. Rob's hand floated in mid air.

'Don't you want this out of the way?' And she pulled her t-shirt off. As always, she wasn't wearing a bra, and as her breasts bounced free Rob caught them. She stood up and sat between Rob's legs, and he cupped her breasts, one in each hand. Becky rubbed inside Rob's thighs as he did this, and pretty soon they were both feeling quite excited. Becky could feel something hard - she didn't need to guess what - poking in the small of her back. She reached behind herself and stroked the front of his trousers a few times, and he groaned. She stood up and led Rob up to his bedroom, where they were both naked in no time.

Rob and Becky stood naked for a second and looked at one another, and then Becky grabbed Rob's hand and put it back on her breast. He squeezed and massaged, and then put his other hand on her other breast. Becky started to run a finger up and down Rob's semi-hard penis, just enough to feel it. Before long, it was fully erect, and she pushed him onto the bed and grabbed his cock, kneeling on the bed in front of him, and started to pump her hand up it, and down. He lay there for a minute, enjoying the feeling, but then he told her to stop, and pulled her so that she was lying down too. Then he straddled over her so that they were in a '69' position, and started to lick her pussy, which was just beginning to be wet. She resumed her sucking of his cock, and soon they had settled into a steady rhythm. Rob was fingering her as well as licking her clit, and he could tell from her muffled growls that she was enjoying it.

The rhythm they had established was slowly getting faster. They were moving in more pronounced ways, and there were grunts and growls coming from both people. Becky was beginning to thrust her hips in towards Rob's face as he licked and nibbled on her clit, and Rob was trying his hardest to stop himself from doing the same. He was feeling the pressure build up, and he didn't want to come, not just yet, so he pulled himself out of Becky's mouth and moved around, still licking her clit, so that he was knelt between her legs. She was not far off coming, herself, but they both knew that she could come again and again, and that her orgasms got stronger the more she had them in a single session.

Becky started to feel the fiery feeling well up in her, the sign of an impending orgasm. She grabbed Rob's head and humped it as he fucked her with his tongue and fingers. She groaned, grunted, and then started to moan loudly. She humped his face faster and harder, and Rob felt the muscles in her pussy squeeze his fingers. He carried on wildly playing his tongue against her clit as she started to come on his face.

The feeling of Rob's tongue on her clit was amazing. Warm, wet, knowing everything its owner had learned over the last three months or so. The feeling was perfect, and as she came he carried right on, making each orgasmic wave more powerful than the last; she let them whisk her away to her private orgasm island, where she couldn't hear her own loud moans and growls. She only knew that she needed to carry on thrusting her hips as hard as she could without throwing Rob's head away, while each flick of his tongue sent another wave over her.

Then the waves grew weaker; their last act was to drop Becky off in the real world once more. With a final few contractions, she stopped thrusting at Rob, and moved round to take care of him again. He was still hard, but not to the point of having veins pop out like before. When she put his cock back in her mouth, she closed her lips around it hard, and sucked hard, circling the end with her tongue. He responded with a gasp, and slowly started to rub her pussy with his hand again, tracing circles on her breasts with the other.

Becky was soon bouncing her head up and down Rob's cock once again, and he had two fingers inside her, curling up from time to time to brush her g-spot. They were soon feeling flames kindle in their loins, and as Rob felt his first contraction coming on, he drove his fingers further and harder into Becky, brushing her g-spot every time with two fingertips. The first spurt came, and Becky sucked it out of him, swirling it around in her mouth as she rubbed the end of Rob's cock with her tongue. Rob let out a loud groan, and then Becky felt the crucial brush of his fingers against her g-spot that caused her to dissolve into pleasure again.

Rob's cock pulsed, squirting hot semen into Becky's mouth. He hadn't masturbated for a couple of days, just for this moment: he knew that, while he wouldn't last as long this way, the pleasure would be many times more intense. Because of Rob's recent abstinence, there was more, much more semen. As Becky started to come again, she wanted to moan and shout, but doing so would mean opening her mouth, stopping sucking, and dribbling semen all over Rob's bed. She grunted loudly, breathing deeply through her nose, and sucked as hard as she could on Rob's cock. Rob thrust into Becky's mouth, and Becky humped and ground on his hand.

Moments later, they had both finished. Becky gave a last suck on Rob's cock, which has just had it's last spasm, and let it drop out of her mouth. She forced herself to swallow the mouthful of semen, and looked at Rob, who was panting and moaning. His face was damp, and the front of his hair was sticking up. She leaned over and kissed him, and they hugged tightly.

'I think it's time for a shower.'

Becky agreed, and they both went into the shower together, and helped one another get clean. Rob felt a little bit weak at the knees, and had to hold on to Becky for support once or twice. She could see from this that she had really drained him, as much as she thought she had ever done.

They both stepped out of the shower again and towelled each other dry, and then they got dressed, slowly, back in Rob's bedroom. They both went outside and sat in Rob's small back yard, and lit cigarettes. They sat in silence while they smoked, and Rob thought to himself. Maybe this was the day. He'd had an orgasm. He thought he could take a longer round later on.

When they finished smoking, Rob was still looking vacant. Becky looked at him and spoke.

'What're you thinking about?'

'Oh, just the weather,' he lied. 'Looks like the sky's going to be clear tonight, maybe we'll see a few stars.' Or you will, he thought to himself with a subconscious grin.

Rob led the way back inside, and Becky turned the television, which was now plugged in and no longer dusty, on. They sat and watched, talking and smoking, until the late afternoon.

'Think it's time for something to eat?' Rob stood up and stepped toward the kitchen.

'Yeah, but I'm not starving.'

'Okay.., bacon butty, then?'

'Sounds good to me.'

Rob opened a pack of bacon from the fridge and put it into the frying pan that was already sat on the hob, and turned the ring on. The bacon was frying within a couple of minutes, and the kitchen was full of the delicious smell of it. A few minutes later, the hot bacon was wrapped in buttered bread, and they were eating it, leaning on the kitchen surface.

They finished eating, and Rob suggested they go for a walk along the beach; the sky was clear, and it looked like they were in for a magnificent sunset.

Becky didn't bother putting her sandals on when they went outside. She loved the feel of the ground under her feet, and the beach was only a hundred yards away, if that. They walked together in the rich blue of the early evening, and arrived at the beach within a few minutes. The tide was on its way out, and the Sun was already low in the sky. They walked north along the sand, Becky shuffling her feet a little to feel the dry, warm sand flow between her toes.

There was nobody else around, and Rob looked a little nervous, for the first time since they decided to be a couple. Becky looked at him.

'Are you alright, Rob?'

'Yeah, just wondering something...' He paused and licked his lips, even more nervously. 'D'you want to have sex?'

Becky stopped walking. Of course she did! 'Yes... I do... you know I do...'

'Would you like to do it here?'

'Well... yes!' On the beach. That seemed like as good a place as any to lose her virginity. And the Sun... so bright, it made her feel... warm inside. Yes, she wanted to do it here.

'I brought a couple of condoms, I know we have to be careful.'

Becky appreciated that, and she told him. She ground her toes into the sand again, and slowly sat down. They both looked around to make sure there was nobody there to see, and then she took her shorts and underwear off, and her t-shirt. This was the second time Becky had been naked at the beach. The other time was the cause of her being here now: if she hadn't screamed from that orgasm, she wouldn't have met Rob.

Rob stood in front of her and admired her body. Beautiful, he thought. He started to take his own clothes off, starting with the shirt, and then his trainers and socks, and then his trousers and shorts. He sat next to Becky, and kissed her. She put her arms around him and kissed back.

They both sat up and stretched their legs wide apart, Becky putting hers on top of Rob's. Rob leaned forward and started to finger her, and Becky took Rob's flaccid penis in both her hands and rolled it between her palms. Behind Rob's back, the Sun was crawling lower, and the warm feeling was getting warmer.

Becky looked down again at Rob's cock, which was now slowly starting to inflate, as her own pussy was starting to get moist. She felt nervous about doing this for the first time. But there was something comforting in the way the Sun's light played off the water, and the warmness it filled her with.

Rob took his cock out of Becky's hand and started to play with it himself; he thought maybe his own touch would get it up quicker. Becky watched for a moment, and then took it back into her own hand.

'This is for me to do,' she said. Then, remembering that Rob had told her about Sarah, she put it into her mouth and caressed it with her tongue. Rob reached down with his left hand and started to rub Becky's pussy lightly with the backs of his fingers, like he was stroking a cat's head. With his right, he stroked Becky's head lovingly with his fingers.

Becky sucked slowly and sensitively, savouring all the remaining time before she ceased to be a virgin. Slowly, the penis in her mouth stiffened, and she took it out after a few minutes. Rob stopped stroking her head and stroked her pussy with both hands, making sure she was horny. He felt that she was getting moist, and he shifted himself to lick her. He couldn't reach, so he lifted Becky's bottom out of the sand and she moved her hips forward to give him better access.

Rob steadied himself with his left hand while licking Becky, and very slowly stroked himself with the other hand to keep himself hard. He wanted her to have at least one orgasm before they had sex, just in case he didn't perform as well as he hoped he would, so he licked her clit and every few seconds pushed his tongue inside her. Within a short time, she was beginning to grind in the sand, and her breathing was getting heavier.

Becky spoke. 'Aah! Don't stop!' A few seconds later she started to come on his tongue like before; grunting and moaning, she ground her bottom into the sand. Rob felt the pulses of pleasure from the last orgasm she would have as a virgin against his tongue, and lapped at her lips, sucked at her clit, and even gripped what folds of skin were there between his lips while she gyrated under his touch.

The last moan of pleasure escaped Becky's throat, and Rob gave her a final, long lick with the flat of his tongue, and a flick with the end, before lifting his head and looking Becky in the eye. She looked back and grinned.

'Are you ready?'


Here it comes, thought Becky. Rob reached over to his jeans and took a condom out of the back pocket, and opened it with hands that were shaking so much they made Becky think of her vibrator, lying in the drawer in her bedside table. He took the condom out and carefully unrolled it onto his cock, and looked at her, then back at it.

'You're sure you're ready?' Rob asked again; he wanted to be certain that she wanted it before doing what could never be undone.

'Y.. yes!' Becky understood him without any other words having to be said, and she lay back as Rob lay down on top of her. He kissed her deeply, and then broke. As she guided Rob's cock into her pussy for the first time, she noticed the last slice of the Sun disappear over the horizon. The Sun had, literally, finally set on both their virginities.

Rob expected a wall blocking the entrance, but Becky had demolished it years ago with her old friend. She didn't wince in discomfort as he slowly pushed himself in the first time, so when he pushed in again, he went a little faster. Becky was quite tight, but not as tight as his own fist, and the rhythm they settled into was slow and steady. Rob was propping himself up on his hands now as they slowly and quietly had sex, and they watched each other's eyes. Becky responded to Rob's thrusts with thrusts of her own as she stared into his face.

They were both careful not to go too fast, not just to savour their first fuck, but also so that Rob didn't come too quickly: they wanted it to last, and they wanted the buildup of pressure to be immense and the climax explosive. Soon they were both breathing heavily, and Becky started to get more confident.

With her hips, Becky invited Rob to thrust a little faster, which he did. He was beginning to feel more horny and less nervous, as he realized that his virginity was now over as well. The feeling was so different to anything he had ever felt before; as he went in, he felt warmth in his cock from the end to the hilt, and as he went out, Becky squeezed the muscles in her pussy to give him a bit more pleasure. The feeling was... just different. Becky felt different as well; she had never had anything warm and moving fill her up before. Even her old friend, her vibrator, didn't fill her when she pushed it in, and it wasn't warm, and didn't move other than to vibrate. With Rob's cock inside her, she could feel it echo her movements. Every time she squeezed her muscles, she could feel Rob twitch involuntarily.

The pleasure was beginning to peak for Rob. He could feel that soon - maybe a minute or so - he was going to come, and he tried to stave it off, but Becky didn't want him to. Becky wanted him to come. She put her arms around him and pulled him onto the sand so that his chest touched hers, and his head next to hers, resting on her shoulder.

Becky turned her head and, between gasps, whispered. 'I think... I'm going... to come!'

'So... am... I!'

They were both breathing sharply but deeply, making their voices rasp as they breathed in, and heaving great sighs as they breathed out. Becky started to come a few seconds later, and the contractions in her pussy made Rob's head spin, sending him over the edge and into the abyss of sexual pleasure. This time, they fell together, one body, one purpose. Becky screamed for the second time on that beach, but this time she really didn't care who heard, because this time she was with someone she loved... loved? Loved. It sounded right in her head...

'I love you, Rob!'

'I love you, Becky!' Rob responded without even thinking, because it seemed a natural thing to feel. They had grown to love each other over the past months, but they had never seemed to say it. Now, being the time when they first performed the act of love, seemed like the best time to proclaim it.

They were locked in that position as they continued panting and crying out. Then, the bliss ended. After a few more twitches for each of them, and then there they lay, spent.

They lay there for what must have been several minutes. After that time, Rob lifted his head and looked into Becky's eyes. He leaned over again and said to Becky, 'I meant it. I do love you.'

'I do you.' This time it was Becky who initiated the kiss, and when they broke apart, Rob pulled his deflating cock out of Becky. She looked at Rob, and down at his cock, still with the condom on. She carefully took it off him and held it in her hand, and kissed his cock. Then she let go of it and sat up, and started to dress, still with the condom in her hand. Rob dressed himself too, and soon they were stood up, holding each other.

'It's time to go back,' said Becky with a hint of resentment in her voice. She wanted to stay with Rob overnight. She wanted to stay up with Rob, all through the night. Rob nodded. They held hands as they slowly took the walk back to Rob's house, the sand now beginning to feel cool under Becky's naked feet.

When they got back to Rob's house, they went in, but just for long enough for Becky to put her sandals back on. She still had the condom clasped in her hand, but she didn't let Rob see it as they got into his car.

The lamp posts were now on, and there seemed to be an eerie feel to the atmosphere. Like the air itself was different now they had finally had sex. Neither of them spoke, until Rob stopped the car to let Becky out.

'I want you to stay over at my place some time. I want to do that again.'

'Okay. I'll give you a ring tomorrow, and we'll figure it out. But let's not give your parents any hint as to what we've just done.'

Becky nearly blushed. She had not only a hint, but solid proof, of what they had done in her left hand.

Rob and Becky both got out of the car, and hugged tightly before saying good night.

'Good night, Rob. I love you.'

'I love you, as well. Good night, Becky.' He kissed her forehead, and she looked up and kissed him back. They both smiled, and then Becky went inside the house. As Rob drove off, he couldn't believe what had happened. He felt dazed, almost like he wasn't there. But... he was. And it had. And they had declared their love to each other. That was a shock... he hadn't even realized that love was developing between them.

Becky went inside the house, being careful not to let the condom in her hand be seen. She quickly greeted her parents, and told them she needed to go upstairs to the toilet. They both grunted their acknowledgement, and she bounced up the stairs to her room, where she turned the light on and opened the drawer. She carefully folded the condom so that it wouldn't leak, and placed it at the back of the drawer: she wanted the semen in it to dry, so she could stick it into her diary. Her first fuck, her first condom - she wanted to keep it. She closed the drawer and locked it, took her sandals off and turned the light off as she left the room.

She went into the bathroom and pushed the door shut as quietly as she could. She did need the toilet, so she lifted the lid and sat down, and peed, still thinking of what had happened tonight. When she had finished, she wiped herself and flushed the toilet, replacing the lid at the same time, and washed her hands. Then she left the room and went downstairs.

Her parents were watching something on television, as they often were. She offered them a cup of tea, which she accepted. So she went into the kitchen and boiled the kettle. Happening to look out of the window, she noticed the bench she had sat on, about fourteen months ago, when she first masturbated outside. She was struck by a sudden urge. She made herself and her parents each a mug of strong tea, and after giving her parents theirs, she ran upstairs to fetch...

When she got into her bedroom, she unlocked and opened the drawer, and took out her 'special friend,' and then locked the drawer again, and hid the vibrator in her pocket. She ran back downstairs and through the front room to the kitchen, picked up her tea, and opened the back door. Still barefoot, she stepped out. The paving slabs outside the door were a lot colder than she expected, it sent a shiver up her spine. She shut the door behind her, and walked over the paving slabs to the grass, and, letting her toes dangle over the grass as she walked, went to the bench, where she sat down and put her tea down next to her.

She opened her shorts and pushed her underwear down. She didn't care if she was caught. She took the vibrator out of her pocket and turned it on. The batteries were getting low, so the only sound it made was a low hum, barely audible. She slowly pushed it inside herself with her right hand, and rubbed her clit with her left. With the residual excitement from having sex earlier on, it took her no time to get fully horny.

Becky rubbed her clit hard and fucked herself hard with the vibrator. She felt the orgasm build up, and bit her lip to stop herself from screaming. The orgasm came, and she stared, glassy-eyed, at the sky, now home to a number of stars. She squealed as the orgasm ended, and stopped masturbating, but left the vibrator on inside her, just to keep her fire lit.

She fastened her shorts, pushing the vibrator deeper into herself than it had ever gone before, and drank her tea as she let another orgasm build up without her intervention. The last gulp of tea went down, and the orgasm was approaching again. She set her mug back on the bench, stood up and stepped over it, and leaned on it. As this orgasm came, she threw her head back and squealed again as it happened.

She opened her shorts to take the vibrator out, and turned it off, and put it back in her pocket. She picked up her mug and walked back up to her bedroom, putting it down on the kitchen counter on the way.

When Becky got into her bedroom and turned the light on, she sat down on her bed, and held and looked at the vibrator as she had this morning. Over the years that it had been her 'special friend,' it had been the thing that represented the aspect of herself that had died today as the Sun went down: her virginity. She kissed it, unlocked her drawer, and placed it inside with her diary and the condom, saying a single word to this friend:



2011-02-22 15:23:04
This was the last part. The whole series was building up to the point where Becky lost her virginity. I might write another at some later time, but she'll be a bit older and her circumstances and personality will probably be different. That's why I set it in the past, so that I could revisit it if I wanted to, and bring it bang (pun) up-to-date.


2011-02-22 15:01:10
This was the last part. The whole series was building up to the point where Becky lost her virginity. I might write another at some later time, but she'll be a bit older and her circumstances and personality will probably be different. That's why I set it in the past, so that I could revisit it if I wanted to, and bring it bang (pun) up-to-date.

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That was an awesome story! Maybe make it a little longer. Dont put too many spaces

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