Being a Lifeguard provided me with a job, all the pussy that I wanted, and a girl to love and grow old with.
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Lifeguard At A Nudist Camp

I could not believe it when I got hired as a lifeguard at a nudist camp. Interestingly I had to wear trunks that identified me as the lifeguard, while everyone else was naked. The job came with food and lodging.

I saw women from babies through teenagers, adults, and old ladies. I saw breasts from nonexistent to drooping to their waists. I saw guys too but tried not to look at their cocks, even so I saw some real monsters. I saw all sorts of scars from operations and tattoos too.

Then I saw Molly, the owner’s daughter. She was sixteen years old like I was and she was wonderful. She was smart, she was very pretty, and she had a fantastic body.

At the end of a long day Molly offered to fix me a cheeseburger and fries to eat. However, I had to get out of my uniform so that she could see how big my cock and balls were. She already knew what she wanted and luckily I had it. She said that I had the perfect package. I looked at her and said the same thing. She gave me a kiss when she put my dinner down. She sat with me and stroked my cock to see how hard it would get. She was pleased with the results.

Three days later we made love on a towel on the floor behind the snack shack counter. I smiled when I saw my cum dripping down her leg as she ran and jumped into the pool. She talked to a few other girls that were in the pool and they all giggled and looked right at me.

After that those girls would brush up against me on purpose. I could feel their hands on my cock and ass and I could feel their tits and pussy rub up against my body. Molly told me to enjoy the attention and to take advantage of the girls if I felt it was safe to do so. I just couldn’t let her father of any older man catch me at it. She said that all of the women no matter what the age would know what was going on, especially her mother. The younger guys might be jealous but they wouldn’t do anything.

So life changed in the nudist camp. Each day some new girl would brush up against me to let me know that she was available. I could then grab and touch any part of her that I wanted too. Nipples and pussies were always at the top of my list.

Molly made sure that I could stay soft around the other girls by taking special care of me. We made love every chance we could. The girl’s bathroom was our popular place. No one in there ever cared what we were doing. Her mother was in there more than once and just enjoyed the view. She brushed up against me one day and smiled as I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. She came by often after that too. In fact I was surprised at how many grown women would rub up against me and hold my crotch in their hands while I finger fucked them. On a few occasions I had the mother in one hand and the daughter in my other hand fingering them both. I really liked girls from thirteen to eighteen years old but I never refused an offer.

When the nudist camp closed down for the summer I was asked to help out on weekends to button everything up for the winter. Molly and I made love one last time on the floor behind the snack shack counter just like we had the very first time. She was on her back with her knees up and spread. I was lying on top of her, trying to pound her into the cement floor. Her pussy was on fire and she was trying to cook my hotdog in her vagina oven. Cumming in her was the cream of the crop that summer. I smiled as I watched my cum run down her leg as we headed to the showers. Her parents were in the shower right next to us. Apparently they had the same idea but with the Shauna.

When we got out together her mother asked me if I had had a good summer. I assured her that I had. Then her father asked me if I would like to lifeguard for him again the following year. I said, yes.

Mom noticed a change in me after that summer. She said I carried myself differently and I seem more sure of myself. She said that I had matured and become a man over the summer. I had and in more ways than one. I could not count the number of pussies that my fingers had been in that summer. My cock had only been in one though but it had been in that one many, many times.

In school girls seemed to gravitate toward me. Word had spread quickly what my summer job had been. The guys felt that I was their hero. I just told them all that I didn’t kiss and tell. The girls were totally different. They asked if I had seen anyone that I knew there. Then they would tell me that one of their relatives was or had been a nudist. Some of the girls themselves had been to one nudist camp or another. When I told them about going back the next year, they promised to try to talk their parents into trying my camp next summer. Several asked me out on a date.

I would be crazy to turn any of them down. How often does a girl ask a guy out anyway? They all knew that I had seen hundreds of naked girls and women so nudity was not a problem for them. It was like stripping for their family doctor. Sex seemed to be a given too, as how often it was freely given. Some of the girls just laid there while I fucked them, others moved around a little, but none of them compared to Molly. Molly was the fuck of my life, only I never had anything to judge her by at the time.

Sometime in May, Molly’s father asked me to come and help set things up on the weekends. When Molly saw me she came running full bore, she hit me with her naked body, and knocked me down before kissing me to death. I was still dressed but she pulled my cock out and slipped it into herself. She confessed to letting other guys fuck her over the winter but then she confessed that none of them lived up my standards. I told her that I had fucked a few but that she was by far the very best. We made love whenever we could and did some work in between. At the end of the day Molly and her mother dragged us into the shower for one last quickie and to clean up.

Weekends flew by and the summer was there. I got my old cabin back. The very first week, two sisters from my class showed up with their parents. One night they knocked on my cabin door and Molly invited them in. They had not been expecting her be there. She told them that we were living together and then asked them if they wanted to join us in bed. Molly loved it when they said yes. She ate their pussies and I fucked them. They went back to their tent for the night but joined us first thing in the morning.

Girls and women from the previous year came by and held my crotch while I fingered their pussies. The two sisters just smiled. They could not believe what was happening. Then when their own mother let me finger her pussy they giggled and came up behind her. They told her that they had had sex with my girlfriend and me the night before. Then they took her off to meet Molly.

That night the mother joined Molly and I in bed without her daughters. She was a wild woman in bed and a real screamer too. We had to try and smother her with a pillow to keep her from disturbing the whole campground. After that she let her two daughters spend the night in my cabin. It was a summer that they would never forget. A new girl from my school would show up almost every week. Molly loved teasing them and inviting them back to our cabin for group sex. She loved my cock but Molly also loved to eat pussy too.

That summer I realized that I loved Molly and that I wanted to marry her after we graduated from high school. She was great in bed and she didn’t mind sharing another girls with me…even her own mother.

When school started up in the fall I was a junior with two years to go. My reputation had become even greater with all of the girls from my school telling their stories about my prowess. My super ability to satisfy more than one girl at a time spread too.

Then Miss Amore my Math Teacher asked me if I would like to come over to her house some night. It was the way that she said the word night that I liked. I suggest Friday so that we would not have to get up early the next morning. She smiled and told me that Friday would be fine…then she said that we could eat breakfast Monday morning before she drove to me to school too if I wanted. That made me smile. Of all my teachers Miss Amore was the youngest and the sexiest.

When Casual Friday arrived, Miss Amore was wearing a tan T-shirt with tight blue jeans. With her long brown hair and her petite body she looked just like all the other good-looking girls in my school. I checked her out every chance that I got, thinking that in a few hours I would have her pussy wrapped around my hard cock. Several girls asked me what I was doing that weekend and if I might want to spend some time with them. Normally an offer like that would excite me, but not with Miss Amore on the agenda.

Right after school Miss Amore gave me a ride to her house. One of the girls that I had fucked, saw us then waved and smiled at me. I was pretty sure that she knew what I was up too. I didn’t care.

In Miss Amore’s house she was the one that seemed scared and edgy. She had invited me to spend three nights in her bed but seemed afraid to make the first move, so I did.

I took Miss Amore into my arms and kissed her. I had gotten pretty good at kissing. I then reached between her legs and cupped her blue jean covered pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from it.

I said, “I think you have had enough foreplay. Where is your bedroom?”

She took my hand and led me to the back of the house. Her bedroom had the look of a little girl. Really! There were Disney Princesses on her bedspread, she had pink flowered wallpaper, and there were stuffed animals everywhere. I knew better than to throw anything around so I just removed my clothes first and sat on her bed. I watched as she undressed. She was in a hurry. Her T-shirt few, her bra fell, and her pants and panties came off together. She jumped on top of me knocking me on my back. I don’t think either of us touched my cock but somehow it found its way inside her. She thrashed around on it as if she hadn’t had sex in a lifetime. A woman that gorgeous could have any man that she wanted. I smiled because she had wanted me. My cock became alive inside her and wanted control. Her pussy seemed to be thinking the same thoughts. When she put her nipple in my mouth I remembered what another woman had liked me to do to them and I started chewing on it gently at first but building up pressure as I went. All of a sudden she tensed up, cried out to God, and her cum started to flow down my balls onto her Disney Princesses bedspread. Miss Amore relaxed onto me and thanked me. I held onto her for as long as necessary.

Several minutes later Miss Amore smiled at me, then kissed me, and said, “Oh God that was great. You were even better than Sandy Philips said you were. She really deserves an A after this.”

Sandy Philips was the girl that had waved and smiled as we drove away from school. She had traded me sexually for a passing grade in Miss Amore’s class. Good for her! As for me I had just fucked the sexiest woman in the whole fucking world…and I wasn’t done either.

I grew hard inside her and rolled her over turning her so that her head was between Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. I sniffed his finger to see if it smelled like pork, I’m pretty sure it did.

With Miss Amore on her back under me I felt like I was finally in control. I had just cum so I was in complete control. I slammed my cock into her and watched her smile. I then lifted her knees up and slammed into her again. Then I pinned her ankles behind her ears and really slammed into her. Being a petite woman I bottomed out inside her, forcing the head of my cock against her cervix opening pretty hard. She grunted each time that I slammed into her cervix. Finally, after a long duration of such torture I heard her suck in a deep breath and clinch her pussy muscles around my cock. She was having an intense orgasm. I thrust into her even harder and faster until she went totally relaxed. Then I fucked into her until I had cum inside her.

Miss Amore said, “Oh my dear God, I should have fucked one of my students years ago. I felt so much cum run down the crack of my ass that I’m afraid Cinderella just drowned.” Then she giggled and asked me to release her legs.

I teased her and told her that I might not be done with her yet. She reminded me that we had until Monday morning when her car pulled into the school parking lot and that anything up to that point was fair game. I was wondering how it would feel to have my fingers in her pussy on the drive in, remove them from inside her pussy as we entered the parking lot, and then shake hands with the Principle. When she asked me why I was smiling I told her and then she smiled too. Apparently the Principle had also been trying to get in her pants.

Miss Amore gave me my first anal sex and my first tittie fuck that weekend. She wanted to be tied up, blindfolded, and spanked too. She was a dirty girl, but she was also willing to give me everything that she had to offer and I do mean everything. She was the perfect angel outside the bedroom and a devilish girl in the bedroom. She was the best of both worlds and she was mine.

We spent every single minute of that weekend together. We touched constantly, kissed often, and had sex all the time.

On Monday instead of my fingers in her pussy I had my face there. Sandy Philips was waiting for Miss Amore to get out of her car. She told me to stay where I was and called Sandy over to the car. Sandy looked in the window and Miss Amore said, “You get an A+.” I just looked up and smiled at Sandy. Sandy leaned in the window and kissed me, then she licked Miss Amore’s pussy juice off my face, and said, “Thank you.”

The Principle was not there when I got out but several other male teachers saw my head pop up and me getting out of her car. They just smiled and my Science Teacher gave me a thumbs-up.

I would never ever forget Miss Amore but I also knew that I would marry Molly, have children, and settle down with her for the rest of my life.

The End
Lifeguard At A Nudist Camp
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