John couldn't believe his luck.
He'd been working as a landscaper for the last three years, but it was only seasonal work, and that left him really strapped for cash every fall.
However this year would be different thanks to Dave, or more to the point, Dave's brother Kyle.
He'd been working as the grounds keeper for an all girl’s boarding school for the last few years, but had finally gotten the research grant that he been gunning for, and he wanted to turn Dave on to the Job.
Dave had already set up his plans for that fall, and winter, so he decided to pass the offer along to John.

“It's incredibly easy.” Dave had explained to him one day as they were laying sod. “All you have to do is mulch, and fertilize the flower beds, prune the trees, rake the lawns, you know, basically get the grounds ready for spring. Free room, and board, not to mention a ridiculously large salary.”

“Well it sounds great,” John had replied, as he laid down another square of sod, and wiped the sweat from his brow. “But why don't you take the job yourself?”

“I wish I could.” Dave lamented as they walked back to the flatbed for another load. “But they need a guy on site, and the wife would never go for that.”

So that was how John found himself working at the Dolly Madison School for girls.
The accommodations were less than stellar.
Just a small framed off room in the grounds keeper's hall which was little more than a glorified garage, but at least he had his own bathroom.
Dave's brother Kyle hung around to show John the ropes, and introduce him to the head master as well as some of the faculty.
After touring the grounds, and going over the basics Kyle asked, “So, what do you think?”

“Well I gotta be honest.” John said, shaking his head. “This is a pretty sweet job. I can't believe you want to give it up.”

Kyle laughed, and said, “In a way, I don't. I mean, this place has been really good to me, but I've finally got the chance to work on the type of research that I went to school for, and I just can't pass that up.”

“That sounds cool.” John responded. “If you don't mind my asking, what are you researching?”

“I'm doing this really intense psychological study on the Lolita complex.” Kyle began, getting kind of excited. “I'll be doing a lot of interviews, and I'm hoping that it'll end up making a pretty decent book.”

“What's the Lolita complex?” John asked, knitting his brow.

“Well it gets its name from this novel, Lolita, about this older man who becomes obsessed with this fourteen year old girl.” Kyle explained. “So I'll be interviewing sex offenders, and the psychologists that work with them to try, and posit some kind of a hypothesis as to what causes grown men to be sexually attracted to such young girls.”

“Oh man, that is fucked up!” John exclaimed, grimacing a little.

“Yeah,” Kyle chuckled. “But you know that as little as a hundred years ago it was normal for thirty, and forty year old men to marry thirteen, and fourteen year old girls, and I have to admit, after working here for a couple of years I'm a little more sympathetic to the pathology.”

“How do you mean?” Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Dolly Madison has three different campuses.” Kyle responded. “Elementary, middle, and high school. This is the middle school campus. So all the girls that attend this particular school are as young as eleven, and as old as fourteen. They're just starting to discover their sexuality; they're skipping around campus in these short little plaid skirts.”
John must have given him a weird look because he suddenly interrupted himself with, “Hey, don't look at me like I'm a freak, and don't get the wrong idea. I never did anything with any of these girls, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it once, or twice.”

“Well I'm not really into little girls so I don't think that will be a problem.” John said with a wry smile.

“I would have said the same thing myself.” Kyle chuckled, shaking his head. “All I'm saying is that if you do find yourself tempted, just stay frosty. You don't need that kind of trouble.”

“I'll take it under advisement.” John scoffed; little suspecting what was in store.
He was about to walk a mile in his shoes, and find that they were far more comfortable than he'd ever imagined they could be.
As a matter of fact, it was less than a week into the fall semester when John discovered what sage advice Kyle had tried to impart to him.

He was crouched down, pruning the rose bushes out side of Ambrose Hall, making them ready for Spring.
It was between classes, and all the students were rushing to beat the tardy bell when a small shadow fell over him.
He looked up, and there she stood in all her glory.
His eyes traveled slowly up the length of her, from her little patent leather shoes to her white knee socks, over her short little plaid skirt, and white button up shirt until he reached her face, and almost gasped.
Her pretty face was framed by dark, wavy hair, and she bit her bottom lip before saying, “You're the new grounds keeper right?”

“Um, yeah, yeah that's right.” he stuttered, trying to recover from the shock of how ridiculously attractive this young girl was.

She twirled her hair in one hand, holding her books up to her chest with the other as she said, “Those are roses, right?”

“They will be if I do my job right.” He replied with a smile, tuning back to his work, and trying hard to ignore the sweet scent coming off of her tender young flesh, and the cute little giggle she gave as an answer to his comment.

“I'm Morgan.” she said with a broad smile, extending her hand.

“John.” he responded, grasping her soft, delicate little hand, and shaking it.
As he started to pull away she tightened her grip a little, saying, “It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance sir.”

“Um, yeah.” he stuttered again, suddenly feeling really nervous. “It's nice to meet you too Morgan.”

“Oh, I'm sorry.” she giggled, quickly releasing his hand. “I hope I'm not bothering you.”

“No, it's okay.” he said, returning to his work just as the bell rang.

“Well I'd better get to biology class.” she giggled, then turned on her heel, and scurried away, calling over her shoulder, “I'll see you around.”

John watched as she ran off, and much to his chagrin he found that he had a raging hard on.
He could still smell her in the crisp Autumn air, and as much as he tried to fight it, all he could think about was running his hands through her silky hair, and up her creamy thighs to what he was sure would be a fat, smooth little vagina.
He tried to go back to work, but visions of slipping a finger in between her soft, thick labia as she squirmed, and whimpered in his grasp continued to haunt him.
'What the fuck!' he screamed inside his head, 'What is wrong with you?'
Of course the thing that was really bothering him was the uncertainty.
Did she even realize what she had done to him, or was this just a game to her? Had she intentionally done anything, or was it all in his perverted mind?

This encounter with Morgan seemed to open the floodgates.
All of a sudden he began to notice all these little nymphets flitting to, and fro, their slender little legs emerging from their short little skirts which barely covered their tight little butts.
It was driving him to the point of distraction, so he decided to arrange his work schedule so that he could get most of what he needed to do outdoors during classes, thus limiting his exposure to these little vixens.
This seemed to work well enough, and then one day he forgot to look at the time, and he heard the bell go off before he knew it.
He had been spreading mulch, and he began throwing his tools back into the wheel barrow before the bell even finished, but he wasn't quite fast enough because just as he began heading back to the shop he heard Morgan's lilting voice calling across the quad. “John!”
He tried hard to pretend that he hadn't heard her, but she wasn't letting him get away that easy.
“Jooooooohn!” she called again. “Over here!”
He decided that it wouldn't hurt to say hello, so he turned around to give her a smile, and a wave.
She was standing with a small group of friends, and as she smiled, waving back, her friends began to giggle, and whisper to each other.
He was sure that this didn't look good, so he got the hell out of there just as fast as he could.

Then about a week later, he had just gotten back right after classes had ended for the day, and was putting up his gear, when he caught the familiar scent of baby powder, perfume, and little girl sweat.
He turned around, and there, just inside the doorway, stood Morgan, looking pretty as ever, and just slightly out of breath.
“Hi John.” she chirped cheerfully. “Been working hard?”

“Um, yeah, well, you know.” he answered, turning away, trying not to sound nervous, and not succeeding very well.
Then he turned back to her, arching an eyebrow as he noticed that someone was standing behind her.

“Oh, I'm sorry.” she said, suddenly realizing what that look was about, and hauling the girl behind her forward. “This is my friend Rose.”
She had strawberry blond, almost red hair that fell to her shoulders, and deep green eyes.
Her pretty face blushed a little at her introduction, and of course she was wearing the same white shirt, plaid skirt, and knee socks that were the school's uniform.

“Hi,” she said sheepishly. “It's nice to meet you.”

They all stood there for a moment in awkward silence, Rose looking down, and kind shuffling her feet as Morgan grinned at him like she just wanted to take a bite of his flesh.
They both had book bags slung over their shoulders, and Morgan began rifling through hers, saying, “I have something for you.”
John shifted uncomfortably, wondering what in the world she could have to give him, but he didn't have to wait long.
“I made this for you in pottery class.” she said sweetly, holding an object out for him. “I don't know if you smoke, or not, but you can always put candy, or your keys, or something in it.”
John looked at the little fired clay ashtray in her hand.
It was baby blue, with a little heart, and the word love stamped in, and painted red.
As he reached out, and grasped hold of it she suddenly said, “Oh, you're all sweaty.” running a finger lightly up his arm, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.
Then she popped her finger into her mouth, making a little yummy sound as she sucked on it.
John's eyes practically bugged out of his head, and his cock began swelling.
Rose covered her mouth with her hand, barely managing to stifle a nervous giggle, and Morgan quickly pulled her finger out of her mouth, her cheeks turning beat red as she said, “I'm sorry, that was weird.” before grasping Rose by the hand, and almost running out the door with a quick, “We'd better go. Bye!”

John walked over to the doorway, and watched them hurry across campus, whispering, and giggling to each other.
As he looked down at the little ashtray in his hand, his other hand slid down, unconsciously rubbing the hard bulge in his pants as he watched these little nymphets scurry across the quad.
'Goddamn!' he thought to himself. 'This is so fucked up. I want to fuck this little girl, and I don't know what to do about it, or if I should do anything.'
He finished putting up his gear then stripped, and got into the shower, a cold shower.
He tried hard not to think about Morgan's pretty face, her long dark hair, the way her slender waist curved into her hips that her skirt hung off of, the way her back curved into her tight little butt, or her cute titties, and the way her hard little nipples poked out when she talked to him.

That night, just as every night since he'd first met her, he thought about Morgan as he stroked his cock.
He imagined crawling up between those pale, slender legs, and licking her sweet little pussy, about penetrating her virginal hole with his stiff penis, and fucking her until she begged for mercy, and as he finally blew his load, he pictured it landing all over her pretty face.
As he cleaned himself up he couldn't help but wonder if he'd be able to avoid her for the rest of the semester, and when he lay down to go to sleep he figured that it wouldn't be too hard.
He couldn't honestly foresee any circumstance in which they'd be alone together, and as long as all he did was think about her while masturbating, what harm could it do?
However, the unforeseen was exactly what was about to happen.

John awoke later that night to the sound of whispering.
'What the hell is going on?' he thought to himself as he quietly rolled out of bed, and slipped his trousers on.
He crept over to his door, listening intently to what was happening outside in the work shop, attempting to assess the situation before he did anything.
“Damn, this stuff stinks.” one voice whispered.

Another quickly replied, “Of course it stinks you dumb bitch, it's fucking manure, now keep your mouth shut before you wake him up, and get us caught.”

It was immediately obvious that they were students, but what in the hell were they up to?
Sure, he could have just busted them right there, but now he was just too damn curious, and he knew that if he apprehended them too soon they'd never tell him what they were really up to.
He decided to just lay low for the moment until he could figure out what their game was.
He listened quietly as they grunted, and gasped, dragging something large toward the door, before long they were outside, quietly closing the door behind them, and that's when John opened the door to his room, giving the garage a quick once over.
It seemed that a large bag of manure was missing, and based on what he had heard, that made a kind of sense, but what were they planning on doing with it.
The only way to find out was to follow them, and see where they went.
He silently slipped outside, and tailed them, sticking to the shadows as much as possible.
There were five of them, and although he hated to admit it, the sight of them hauling this big bag of manure across campus in the dead of night, with one of them running ahead as lookout, was kind of comical.

Once they got to the east parking lot, and open ground, he tucked himself into a dark alcove next to the back door of one of the classrooms.
He watched as they approached a convertible, giggling as they tore open the sack of manure.
He realized what they were doing at the same time that he recognized the car.
It was the Head Master's car, and these girls were filling it with manure.
He almost had to bite a hole in his lip to keep from laughing out loud at this totally outrageous stunt.
These girls were bat shit crazy if they thought they were going to get away with this, and sure enough before they could even finish emptying the bag a loud voice called out, “STOP RIGHT THERE!”

They froze in place for a second, and then scattered, all running in opposite directions, with campus security in hot pursuit.
There were only four security officers, and as luck would have it, the one girl that didn't have an officer on her tail came running his way, and as she got close, before he could even think twice, he grabbed a hold of her, covering her mouth with his hand as he pulled her into the dark alcove with him.
“Mmmmggghhhooogghh!” she whimpered, squirming against him, so we bent his knees, crouching down until his mouth was right next to her ear.

“Shh, quiet.” he whispered urgently, tightening his grip on her. “Do you want to get caught?”
She stopped struggling, and quieted down, and they both listened intently as the sound of quick footfalls, and security officers yelling for them to stop became fainter.
He could still feel her body quivering slightly against him when he realized that her scent was familiar, and then he felt his cock begin to swell in his pants as, with a shock, it became obvious that the object of his desire was right there in his arms, and a wicked plan suddenly popped into his head.
He knew that if he gave himself to much time to think about it he might come to his senses, so instead he pushed forward with his tentative plan.
“I'm going to let go of your mouth now.” John whispered into Morgan's ear, “But don't speak above a whisper.”

“Thanks for helping me John,” she whispered back, suddenly realizing who he was. “But maybe I should try to get back to my dorm now.”

John could feel the moment slipping away, and although he knew that the smart thing to do was to just let her go, he had already decided that he wasn't going to do the smart thing.
“No!” he whispered urgently, attempting to keep the excitement out of his voice, as he pulled her body in closer. “They'll be watching the dorms, and they'll probably be heading back this way soon to do a more thorough search.”

“Oh no,” she whimpered, a shudder of fear running through her body. “What should I do?”

John had to suppress a giggle.
This was exactly the reaction he was hoping for, and all he had to do was carefully manipulate her to put her right where he wanted her.
“I really shouldn't do this,” he said, pretending to be in conflict over it. “but I think that I can hide you for a couple of hours until this blows over.”

“Would you really do that for me?” she asked, her voice raising a notch in pitch, and intensity.

“Shh!” he shushed her. “Yeah, I'll help you, but we have to stay quiet, and make sure that nobody sees us.”
He released her, sticking his head out of the alcove, and taking a quick look around before saying, “Alright, now when I say run, run like hell, and stick close to me.”
She nodded, her eyes wide, and then he took another look around, making sure that he didn't see anyone before grasping her hand, and hissing, “Run!”

She kept up pretty good as they quickly made their way back to the Grounds Keepers hall, and once they were inside he locked the door.
They stood there for a moment panting, and as they slowly got their breath back John grasped Morgan's hand, and suggested, “Let's go in, and sit down shall we.” leading her to his room.
He turned on the light, and motioned to the bed saying, “Go on, and take a load off.”

She took a quick look around, and realizing that his bed was the only place to sit, she sat down, and said, “Thank you.”
He quietly locked the door, and then joined her on the bed.
“It's no big deal.” he said casually, looking her up, and down, taking in her slender frame.

“No,” she protested. “It is a big deal. Do you have any idea how much trouble I could get into for this?”
She suddenly grabbed her face, groaning, “How do I let Penelope talk me into doing this dumb shit.”

“Penelope?” he asked, raising an eyebrow, and looking at her small breasts which were now clearly visible through her sweat soaked shirt.

“Yeah, Penelope, she's kind of our leader” she explained, and when John gave her a quizzical look she went on. “We're in this kind of exclusive club, The Bad Girl's Club.”

“The Bad Girl's Club?” John chuckled in disbelief.

“I Know,” She said, rolling her eyes. “It's a dumb name, but it goes almost all the way back to the school's founding. Every year we pick two sixth graders to join, and if they remain in good standing, so to speak, to eighth grade, then they're eligible to join the club in High school, but not everyone gets in, so we have to pull some kind of outrageous stunt to prove to the high schoolers that we're bad enough.”

John couldn't help but smile, and shake his head at this new information.
“Wow!” he laughed. “That's crazy. So tell me who else is in this club?”

She turned her head, and gave him a look that clearly said that she wasn't sure if she hadn't already told him too much, but then she sighed, and decided in for a penny, in for a pound.
“Well Penelope and I are the eighth graders, Rose, and Tiffany are our seventh graders, and Amy is our only sixth grader so far, but we have to choose another one before the end of the month.”

“So there are only five of you in the whole school?” he asked rhetorically. “And only six of you in any given year? Damn, that is an exclusive club.”

“You know I could be expelled if I get caught.” she said sheepishly, biting her bottom lip before adding, “I don't know how to thank you.”

This was the opening he'd been waiting for.
He moved closer to her until their legs were touching, and then he reached over, grasping her thigh, and saying in a low voice, “I'm sure I'll think of something.” giving her tender flesh a nice little squeeze.

She stared at his hand on her thigh for a moment, her mouth dropping open, and then her head suddenly jerked up to look at him, her eyes wide, like a deer caught in the head lights.
“I-I-I...” she stuttered, suddenly shivering nervously.

“Have you ever kissed a man?” He asked, leaning in, and slipping his other arm around her slender waist, pulling her in until her face was just inches from his.
He was so close that he could feel the heat from her flushed cheeks as she quivered in his grasp, and before she could respond, he pressed his lips against hers, thrusting his tongue into her hot mouth.
She whimpered into his mouth, squirming in his grasp as he slid his hand up behind her head, burying his fingers in her thick, silky hair.
Her breath became quick, and shallow as he forcefully tongue kissed her, slowly slipping his hand under her skirt.
He extended his index finger, and lightly stroked her fat little pussy through her white cotton panties, and she squealed, somehow managing to pull away from his kiss, and whimper, “Please, no.”
John decided to toy with her a little, so he released her, just to see what she would do.

She quickly stood up, and then nervously smoothing out the front of her skirt with her hands she said, “Thanks for your help, but I really think I should go now.”
John stood up as well, and fear flashed across her face as she saw the big bulge in his trousers.
She hurriedly took the two steps toward the door, grasping the handle, and finding it locked, she almost panicked.
Then she felt his strong hands grasping her narrow hips, and she began to squirm, and whimper again as he pulled her back towards his bed.

“Nonsense.” he said salaciously. “You can stay a little longer.”
She let out a little shriek as he sat back on the mattress, pulling her down onto his lap, and she felt his hard cock pressing against her tight little ass.
He quickly undid one of the buttons on her shirt, slipping his hand in, and grasping one of her soft little breasts, squeezing, and massaging it as his other hand began working its way back up her thigh.

“What are you doing to me?” she cried, her lip quivering as a single tear run down her pretty face.

“Well,” he chuckled. “It looks like I'm having my way with your little prepubescent body.” as his hand reached her vagina, and began firmly rubbing her though her panties.
Soon her hips began involuntarily rolling as her little pussy became aroused, and her tiny nipple became hard under his fingers.
She may have been reluctant, to say the least, but her body suffered from no such doubt, and this was apparent when he slipped his hand into her panties finding that not only was she wet, but her tiny clitoris was stiff, and aroused.

“Nooo, pleeease!” she pleaded, grabbing his wrists, and attempting to pull his hands away from her, however, not only was he too strong, but his insistent rubbing, and caressing were sapping her strength.
“Please, puh-please let me go.” she wept, and much to her surprise he pulled his hands out of her shirt, and panties, lifted her onto her feet, and let go of her.
She turned around; regarding him with disbelief in her tear filled eyes, and slowly began edging her way toward the door.

“Go ahead, and leave,” he said casually reaching for his cell phone. “And then I'll make sure that security meets you at your dorm room, and you'll be expelled.”

“Nooooo!” she screeched, wringing her hands. “Please don't turn me in. My parents would kill me if I got expelled. I'll do anything.”

“Anything?” He said with a wry smile, tossing his phone aside, and pulling his shirt off. “I like the sound of that. Now come over here, and I'll show you what “anything” is.”

She slowly shuffled back over towards him until she was close enough for him to grasp her hips, and pull her in so that she stood between his legs.
She tried to choke back her tears as he slowly unbuttoned her shirt, and stripped it off of her before grasping her naked back, and taking one of her pink little nipples into his mouth.
She grunted, and moaned, pushing weakly against his shoulders as he licked, and suckled her tiny breasts, wishing that she could somehow escape from his clutches, and when his hands slid down her back, under her skirt, and started slowly pulling her panties down, she got really scared.
Sure, she'd kissed a couple of boys, and even been felt up once, but this was far more intense than anything that she'd ever experienced, and although she was scared out of her mind, she was also more aroused than she'd ever been.
It was all so confusing, and as her panties reached her knees, he slid a hand up her soft, creamy thigh, once again rubbing her wet, aroused little cunt.
As she stood there topless in her little plaid skirt, and her white panties pulled down to her knees, John ravished her cute little titties with his mouth while his fingers expertly worked her sweet, hairless pussy, and she struggled to keep her rising fear in check.
Tears streamed down her face as her thick pussy juice began to run down the inside of her thigh, and her body shuddered with a combination of fear, and arousal.

The sweet smell of Morgan's virgin pussy was making John's mouth water, and she squealed in fear as he suddenly grasped her hips, swinging her around until she landed on her back on the mattress with a little bounce, and then he got down on his knees next to the bed.
She quickly closed her legs, but that suited John just fine because it made it that much easier for him to yank her panties completely off causing her to squeal in fear again.
Then he grabbed her knees, slowly working his way up her thighs, spreading them open as he went.

“No, no, no, please.” she whimpered as his hands moved further up her white, creamy flesh until he reached her skirt, which she had pulled down in an attempt to cover herself, but he simply grabbed it, and flung it up, so that he could now see her fat little labia, her wide open legs causing them to part slightly to give him just the tiniest hint of the pink little treasure within.
He rested his forearms on her thighs to hold them open, and then he grasped either side of her thick outer lips with his fingers, pulling them open to reveal her glistening little pussy.
Her musky sweet scent was almost overpowering, and the way her small inner lips framed her little honey hole was far too inviting for him to stop now, no matter how much she pleaded.

“Mmmm, now that looks good enough to eat.” he said in a low breathy voice. “In fact I think I will eat it.” and as he ran his tongue slowly through her hot, creamy slit, stopping at the top to lightly flick her stiff little clitty with the tip, she hugged her body, and grunted, trying desperately to close her legs, but he had her firmly pinned to the mattress.

She threw her head from side to side, begging him to stop as he savaged her tender young flesh with his mouth, licking, and sucking on her tiny clit like he was starving.
Her tummy fluttered as she felt pressure building in her loins, and the harder she tried to fight it, the more powerful it became.
Then he pushed his tongue into her tight little hole, tongue fucking her as his thumb continued to work her clitoris, the combination of his saliva, and her pussy juice helping it to slide easily over her hard little nub.
She was thirteen, she had played with herself before, and knew what an orgasm felt like, but this was far beyond anything that she'd ever felt before.

“NO, NO, NOOOOAAAHHHGGG!” she screamed, her hips bucking, and rolling violently as her body was racked with spasms, her little pussy clenching hard to the rhythm of her forced climax.

The fear seemed to compound the power of her orgasm, causing her to shriek, and although she had tried hard to fight it, now that the flood gates were open she could not deny the intensity of the pleasure.
Just as it seemed to be winding down he slid his tongue up to her clit, attacking it with renewed vigor, and she started getting off so hard that he had to wrap his arms around her thighs to hold them open.
Her eyes rolled back in her head, and all thought was wiped from her mind in a wave of ecstasy as John sucked the juice out of her pink, quivering vagina.
She wasn't sure how long it lasted, but when she finally started coming down, gasping, and panting, she burst into tears of shame for enjoying what amounted to this grown man molesting her.
What was wrong with her? Was she turning into some kind of slut?

She was so distracted by her mental conflict, and the after glow of her powerful orgasms, that she didn't even notice when John took off his trousers.
By the time she realized what was happening he had already stood up, bending his knees, and pulling one of her legs up against his stomach, and chest, rubbing the head of his stiff penis through the thick, wet folds of her little prepubescent vagina.
Her head, and shoulders suddenly popped up off of the bed, and she gasped, “Wha-wha-what are y-you doing?” looking down in horror at the tip of his cock sliding through her slick, bald slit.

“What does it look like I'm doing?” he sneered, sliding his dick over her clit before slapping her pubic mound with it. “I'm gonna fuck you little girl.”

Despite everything that had happened, everything he had done to her, this still came as a shock to her.
She had hoped to hang on to here virginity until high school at least, but now here she was, about to be taken by the grounds keeper.
She had to admit that John was handsome, and she had flirted with him, but she had never imagined that it would lead to this, flat on her back with his thick, hard cock poised to penetrate her wet, virgin pussy.
Had she caused this, perhaps even asked for it?
Suddenly guilt, and shame blended with the intense fear the she was feeling, and this along with the undeniable arousal her body was experiencing left her so confused that she almost didn't know what to say as his hard cock began to push against her tight little hole.

However, as she felt his penis began to penetrate her tiny, swollen vagina, splitting open her tender flesh, she suddenly found her voice.

“N-no, don't, puh-please!” she begged, tears steaming down her hot face as his thick meat slowly drove deeper, and deeper into her.

John couldn't help but grunt, and moan as the head of his cock cleared the entrance of her hot little hole, and she bared down, squeezing hard, as if she thought she might be able to push him out, but the effect it had on John was to make him even more determined to get the rest of shaft into her tight opening.
For some reason her pleading, and crying made it even more intense as he felt her sweet young pussy pinch the end of his dick, hard.

“UUUGGGHHHH!” she grunted loudly as the tip of his cock pushed up against her hymen, threatening to break it, but then she let out a sigh of relief as she felt him pull back.

For a just a second she thought that maybe he'd changed his mind, that he would let her go, but then he began pushing in, and out, stretching the entrance of her vagina, and bumping hard against her little cherry with every thrust.

“Uh yeah,” he grunted. “Your. Sweet. Little. Pussy's. So tight.” hugging her slender little leg, the sweat rolling down his body.

The tears rolling down her face as she grunted, and whimpered just made the impending loss of her virginity even more exciting.
He slid one of his hands down her thigh, placing his palm on her soft, flat belly, and rubbing her little clit with his thumb as he continued plunging the head of his cock in, and out of her tiny pussy.
For just a moment he froze in place as it suddenly occurred to him what a sick bastard he was for taking this poor, scared little girl like this, but then he decided that it was too late for second thoughts now, and he had no choice but to embrace it.
This was it, the moment of truth, and regardless of the consequences, he was plunging ahead, quite literally.
So with a grunt, he gave one big push.
There was just a slight bit of resistance, and then her cherry popped, coating his shaft with blood as it slid deep into her tight little vagina.

Morgan gasped deeply, her eyes wide as she stared down at John's hard cock planted firmly inside her, a look of pain, and shock on her face.
Then she threw her head back on the bed, and burst into a fresh round of tears, grabbing fistfuls of blanket, and squeezing hard as she whimpered, “No, please, take it out. It hurts!”
It felt huge inside her, stretching her tender young flesh until she had to scream, “It's too big!” grunting, gasping, and trying hard not to move, because even the tiniest wiggle of her hips caused the meaty invader to rub against her smooth vaginal walls.

John wasn't even all the way inside her, but she was so impossibly tight that it almost hurt, and he hugged her leg even tighter, his mouth hanging open as his breath alternated between quick, and shallow, and long, and shuddering.
His penis inside her, with only a few inches left outside, looked almost as intense as it felt as he stared down with a mixture of lust, and disbelief.

“Shh, don't cry baby.” he soothed, rubbing her belly as he suddenly felt an up rush of sympathy for Morgan's pain.

Not that he was going to pull out.
Even if he'd wanted to, which of course he didn't, the way her tight virginal pussy squeezed his hard cock was far to pleasurable for him to pull out now,
Instead, he gently placed her leg on the bed, leaned forward, and took her little body into his arms, cradling her head on his shoulder as he whispered, “Shh, just relax.”

Morgan released the blanket, and threw her arms around him, not knowing what else to do with his body on top of her.
She tried to breathe deeply, weeping against his shoulder, but before long she began straining between sobs, flexing her already tight pussy around his throbbing meat.
It was almost like a cramp, and as much as she tried to resist, she just couldn't help but squeeze, and flex her vagina around his penis inside her.
She had no idea how much will power he was exercising by staying still inside her when what he wanted to do was push all the way in, and fuck her hard,
However, he waited patiently while she cried on his shoulder, moaning quietly every time she grunted, and squeezed him.

Slowly, but surely, her sobs, and groans became gasps, and moans.
It still hurt a little, but she also began feeling something else.
His strong chest pressed against her little tits, his arms wrapped around her body, and his thick, hard cock inside of her was starting to feel good, like it belonged there, which of course just made her feel even more scared, and confused.
Her toes started to curl every time she flexed, and she was suddenly vividly aware that she was still wearing her shoes, and knee socks, as well as her skirt as she glanced over to see her sweat stained shirt, and pussy juice stained panties lying on the floor.
This was insane, but the longer he was on top of her, and up in side her, the better it felt, until she felt him begin to push in deeper.

“Uuugghhmmm!” she grunted as his thick shaft slowly slide the rest of the way into her wet, bloody cunt.

John had felt her flexing around him, and had decided that it was time to introduce her little hole to the rest of his stiff manhood.
Once he was all the way in, he let out a long shuddering moan before he began rolling his hips, causing his cock to twirl around, stretching her vaginal opening, and the skin just over the base of his cock against her tiny clitoris.
She groaned, and gasped at the intensity of it all as he leaned his head back, licking the tears from her face, and whispering, “Shh, shh, just relax, and fell me cock inside you.”

Not knowing what else to do, she tried to relax, but before long she found herself flexing again, squeezing the full length of his hard cock.
Her thick, silky hair in his hand, the salty taste of her hot tears as he licked them from her pretty face, and her shuddering body beneath him, just seemed to add to the excitement he felt at the sensation of being all the way inside her.

“Sssss, mmmm, yeah, that's so good baby.” he hissed, and cooed, squeezing her little body tight against him.

He wanted to fuck her bad, but he knew that the blood was going to cause problems with her pussy being as small and tight as it was.
So he raised himself back up, grasped one of her little thighs in each hand, and began slowly pulling out.
Morgan gasped, and groaned, her breathing quick, and shallow as she felt him exiting her tight little hole.
As he got to the tip John looked down, and the sight of his shaft with streaks of Morgan's bright red virginal blood on it as his hands held open her pale slender thighs made him want to just plunge back in, and he did thrust about half way in three times, making her whimper.
If he didn't get a hold of himself, this was going to end up being a lot more painful than it needed to be.
He took a deep breath, pulled all the way out, and then released her, heading for the bathroom.

He grabbed a wash cloth, turned on the tap, and as he waited for the water to get warm he started thinking.
Was he really doing this?
It just seemed so surreal, and in a weird way, dream like, so that until he had wet the cloth with warm water, cleaning the blood from his cock, he almost believed that he'd just woken up, but the visual evidence was undeniable.
Once he'd washed himself, he walked back into his room to find that Morgan had closed her legs, turned on her side, and was now in a semi-fetal position at the edge of the bed.
She was sobbing quietly into one hand, and rubbing herself between the legs with the other.
She looked so innocent in her plaid skirt, and knee socks, her tiny shoes glinting in the light, but innocent was something that she would never be again.
He wasn't done with her yet, not even close, and as he looked down at her small shivering form, he couldn't help but stroke his cock in anticipation.
She quickly turned her head towards him, gasping, and regarding him with wide, tear filled eyes as he grasped her tender young thigh, a look of naked lust on his face.
She whimpered, and pleaded as he parted her legs, rolling her onto her back again, pulling her skirt up, and moving her hand aside to reveal her swollen vagina.

“Shh, shh, it's okay.” he cooed soothingly, “I'm just gonna clean you up.” and she gasped, hissing through her teeth as she felt the warm, wet cloth wiping the blood from her thick, hairless outer labia.

Then, as he spread her fat, smooth lips open, he realized that he didn't need the wash cloth, so he dropped it on the floor, and dipped his head down, licking her little pussy.
The slightly metallic taste of her blood mingled with the sweet, musky flavor of pussy juice was quite intoxicating, and he almost chuckled as he thought, 'Cherry cocktail.'
He licked, and sucked at her little hole until he couldn't taste blood any more, and then he slid his tongue up to her tiny clitoris, working it until it became stiff, and aroused again.
Morgan tried to resist, but when he began to finger fuck her, savagely licking her clit, her hips bucked, and rolled, the intense pleasure driving her crazy.
She sighed with relief when he pulled his finger out, and stopped licking her, but what she didn't know was that he was just making her wet enough to fuck.
She shrieked, raising her head up to look down between her legs as she felt the head of his stiff penis begin to push back into her hot little cunt.

“No, please!” she whimpered. “Not again.”

“It won't hurt so bad this time.” he reassured her, and as he slowly slid back into her tight little fuck hole she was shocked to find that although it still hurt a little to be stretched open like this, it felt good.

It was all wrong to her.
How could she enjoy the feeling of his thick cock being forced deep into her poor, abused little pussy?
She'd never felt so ashamed, and aroused at the same time, and the deeper he penetrated her, the more moist, and aroused her pussy became.

He thrust in the last couple of inches causing her to inhale sharply, and as he rubbed against her, stimulating her clitoris, she moaned, and strained.
Then she found her self drawing in a long, deep breath as she felt his thick shaft slowly sliding out of her, but then she yelped to the rhythm of him thrusting half way into her five times fast, and then letting out a long, low moan as he once again buried his stiff tool all the way back into her tight, wet vagina.
When he pulled back out to the tip she threw her hands up against his chest, attempting to push him away, but he grasped her wrists, thrusting half way into her five times again, causing her to grunt, and squeal before pinning her arms to the mattress as he slid all the way back in.

“Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck you good little girl.” He panted in her ear, once again pulling out to the entrance of her tiny pink hole, and although she didn't want it to, the sound of his nasty words made her pussy tingle.

Then he suddenly thrust all the way in twice, fast, and hard, making her shriek, before he pulled back out to the tip.
He kept alternating his stroke like this, and before long she was lost in the power of his thrusting cock.
For some reason that she couldn't understand, being held down, and fucked like this was really turning her on, and as much as she tried to resist, she could feel the pressure building in her loins again.

“No, no.” she whimpered, wrapping her slender stocking covered legs around him, and as he felt the heels of her little shoes dig into his back, he started really giving it to her good, thrusting the full length into her, hard, and fast.
As their bodies slapped together, John sweating, and grunting on top of her, his hard cock repeatedly violating her hot little pussy, his strong hands holding her wrists against the bed, his chest pressed against her little breasts, she found that she couldn't resist any more.
The pressure just kept building, and every time she thought she was about to pop, it just got more intense, and it was driving her out of her mind.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” she panted as the sensation of her impending orgasm just kept getting stronger, and stronger until at last her body began quivering, and she let out a deep, throaty moan while her pussy flexed rhythmically around his thrusting tool, bathing it in her cum.

Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her hips began bucking, and rolling wildly as the orgasm took control of her young body.
As she orgasmed beneath him John felt his own orgasm getting closer, and closer.
Having seduced her, and fucked her into submission, he was now ready to cum inside her sweet pussy, but then it occurred to him that if this girl got pregnant that would be his ass.
So when his balls began to draw up, and his cock started throbbing, he released her wrists, drawing his body up over her, and attempting to pull his cock out, but she tightened her legs around him, not letting him exit.
This caused him to pitch forward, and his cock to slide all the way back into her hot, flexing hole as he planted his hands on either side of her on the bed, gasping in surprise.
For the first time Morgan felt like she was in control of the situation as she panted, “Cum in me, c-cum inside me. ” and that was all John could take.
With an almost pained moan, he felt his cock throbbing inside her, as he slid his arms under, and around her little body, pulling her in tight, her little cunt milking his thick meat.
Morgan had almost come down from her orgasm, but when she felt the first blast of hot cum squirt deep into little pussy she started getting off even harder.

“Uuuuugghhh, uuugghhh, uuuggghhh, uuugghhh.” John grunted as he pumped load after load of thick sperm into her tight, spasming pussy, filling her with his seed.
It was so intense that his body shuddered, and he squeezed her soft little body even tighter against his chest.
He'd had enough sex in his life to now how rare simultaneous orgasms were, but here it was, both of them cumming together, their flesh quivering, and writhing as their genitals pulsed against each other, Morgan throwing her arms around John.
The ecstasy of his throbbing cock inside her was far beyond anything she'd ever even imagined could be possible, and time almost seemed to stand still as she squeezed his sweating, muscular body on top of her.
Her little thirteen year old pussy had never felt anything like this grown man’s cock cumming up inside it, and her eyes rolled back in her head as her cunt flexed around his squirting prick

John was equally blown away by the feeling of Morgan’s tight, bald pussy, and the way it seemed to almost suck the semen out of him until his balls were drained, and he lay panting on top of her.
She was still panting in his ear, and her young cunt continued to squeeze, and massage the full length of his cock for a little while after he had finished.
He felt the last few shudders ran through her as he held her slender little body tight, and she squeezed him with her arms, and legs, as well as her creamy pussy, but then the lust filled haze that she had been enveloped in suddenly fell away, and she became vividly aware of what had just been done to her.
Her legs suddenly fell open, her arms slipped from his back, and she burst into tears.

“Shh, shh, don’t cry.” He whispered soothingly, squeezing her tight little body a little tighter, and kissing her salty tears as she mourned her lost virginity.

He held her head against his shoulder with his still rock hard cock deep inside her cum filled pussy, laying in between her wide open legs, and just let her cry, her arms hanging limply against the mattress.
She cried for a while, and John just waited patiently until she ran out of steam, sniffing a little as she finally stopped bawling.
Then he unwrapped his arms from around her body, drawing himself up, and she met his gaze for just a second with her red from crying eyes before quickly turning away, her cheeks flushing hot with shame.
Of course she gasped, and then whimpered quietly as she felt him begin to slowly withdraw his prick from her swollen little vagina.
As John pulled back he grasped her thighs, looking down so that he could watch his shaft slide out of her fat, bald little pussy.
He slipped his thumbs down, pulling open her thick outer labia giving him a beautiful view of Morgan’s hot little honey hole wrapped so tight around his still throbbing meat.

“Uuuuggghhhh” John grunted, long, and low, accompanied by a little yelp, and then low pants from Morgan as his cock popped out of her.
John pulled her open a little further, and the sight of his pearly white cum leaking out of her gaping pink hole made his cock bob up a couple of times.

“Ssssssss, ummmm, yeah, look at that.” John moaned as Morgan squirmed, and whimpered under his grasp.

John was suddenly seized by an almost irresistible urge, and he instantly dropped to his knees in between the tender young thighs he had spread open in front of him, diving in tongue first.
Morgan let out a yelp, and involuntarily bucked her hips as she felt his tongue lick her tight little asshole, then she whimpered, and moaned as he slid it up to her creamy little pussy, and began licking, and sucking the cum out.
His hot mouth pressed against her tender, pink flesh, and he drove his tongue into her quivering pussy hole made her moan in pleasure, and whimper in shame, and when he suddenly climbed up on top of her so that his face was right above hers she gave him an apprehensive, but puzzled look.
Then she saw John pucker his lips, and the thick, white liquid in his mouth began to slowly drip towards her mouth.
Her instinctive reaction was to turn her head away in disgust, but it seemed that John had anticipated this, and he quickly grasped her face in one hand, turning it back to face him, firmly squeezing her cheeks so as to force her mouth open.

“Uuunnngghh, nnnnnuuuuggghh!” she whimpered in protest, attempting to shake her head.

Then the first fat glob of cum, mingled with saliva landed on, and began sliding down her tongue.
She had to swallow quickly to keep from choking, and she didn’t even have time to catch her breath before more of the slick mixture was being drizzled into her mouth from above.
It seemed that John had licked up a pretty fair amount of their mixed juices, and was making Morgan eat it all.
She struggled a little as she felt the thick, slick, liquids slide down her throat causing wispy little trails of cum, and saliva to land on her lips, and chin.
Then just as she finished swallowing the last of it John dipped his head down, licking her chin before thrusting his tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply.
She tried to resist, but soon she was swirling her tongue around his as she felt her chest seem to swell with powerful feelings.
She suddenly had the irresistible urge to touch his whole body, and her hands began stroking, and caressing every part of him that she could reach, the feel of his hard body making her little pussy tingle as she continued tongue kissing him.

“See, now wasn’t that fun?” John whispered as he withdrew from their hot kiss, smiling down at her wide eyed expression with a sense of satisfaction.

As he climbed off of her she looked up at the ceiling with a confused expression, her pant slowing as she began to regain her breath.
Her mind was all in conflict about what had just happened to her because although she knew that this was all sick, and wrong, and that she’d just been unspeakably violated, still, she’d never felt anything that incredible in her young life.
She continued to lay in the same position, on her back with her legs spread open wide.

John retrieved a cigarette from a package on the night table, lighting it as he took a few steps across the room, stopping to take a big drag, and then turning to regard Morgan.
Lying on her back as she was her little breasts barely stood up, but were perfect little mounds on her chest, jiggling slightly as her chest heaved.
Even though he had just blown a huge load his cock throbbed to the point that he had to grab his shaft, and give it a squeeze as he gazed in between her wide open legs.
Her thick, bald outer lips were open enough to give him a good view of her swollen pink pussy, still glistening with his saliva, and as he reveled in the sweet taste still on his lip, her musky scent wafted in his direction, making his mouth water.
He kind of fell into a lucid faint, becoming so carried away thinking about the myriad of possibilities this beautiful young body presented him with that he was just about smoking filter before he even knew it.

Once he came back to himself he quickly decided that he couldn’t stand there all night staring at Morgan’s ripe young body, and stroking his cock.
She had obviously been completely overwhelmed by the experience, and would take a little time to recover, but he would have to do something with her sooner, or later.
He crushed his butt out, and then proceeded to the bathroom to start the shower going, figuring that getting her cleaned up might be a good idea.

Morgan had kind of drifted off as well, her fingers absently playing with her dark silky hair as she basked in the afterglow of her oh so recent orgasms when she heard the shower, and bolted upright on the bed, closing her legs, and covering her breasts with her arm.
She suddenly felt like a naked, violated, little girl, and as she threw her other hand between her legs to cover her privets she whimpered a little at the contact with her sore little pussy.
She cast her eyes about furtively, spying pieces of her clothing her, and there, but then John emerged from the bathroom, and although she tried her best she just couldn’t take her eyes off of his hard cock, bobbing up, and down as he walked towards her.
Her eyes got wider, and her jaw dropped as he approached her so that by the time he’d stopped by the edge of the bed, his throbbing meat practically in her face, she had a look of utter astonishment on.
Then she looked up at him smiling salaciously down at her, and quickly turned away with a nervous giggle, her cheeks once again flushing hot, and red.
He suddenly got to his knees, and her leg twitched a little as he grasped a hold of it, removing her shoe.
She gasped a bit, watching him intently as he slowly slide her sock down, and then off.
He gently took the shoe, and sock off of her other leg before standing up again

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” He said gently, offering her his hand.

Without meeting his eyes she reached out, hesitating once, then finally taking his hand for the simple reason that she didn’t know what else to do.

She continued to cover her tits with her arm as he helped her to her feet, and she quivered a little as he put his arm around her, escorting her to the shower.
In one quick, deft motion he slid his hand down her waist, found the zipper on the side of her skirt, and pulled it down.
It quickly fell down around her ankles, and he helped her step out of it, not even pausing.

Once he got her in the shower he seemed devoted to the task of cleaning her body, and once again, not knowing what to do, she just went along, turning around, lifting an arm, or what ever else his strong hands guided her to do as he lathered her up.
The only break in her utter passivity was a little whimper and a squirm as he lathered up her swollen little pussy.
Then he rinsed her, and as she closed her eyes, letting the warm water run over her smooth, creamy skin, she almost felt normal for a second, but once she’d rinsed clean, pulling her hair back, and opening her eyes, she saw John stroking his cock with lust in his eyes, and as her heart sank, her pussy tingling, she realized that she wasn’t out of this yet.

Of course it had taken all of John’s self control to not molest Morgan’s beautiful young body as he’d washed it, but now that she was good, and clean he felt like it was okay to make her dirty again.
He quickly turned her around to face the wall, and crouched down behind her so that the head of his cock rubbed in between her tight little ass cheeks as he grasped a hold of her slender body, pulling it tight against him.
She struggled a little, whimpering as she meekly tried to pull his hands away, but soon she began to moan, and slowly roll her narrow hips as he rubbed, and caressed her little breasts with one hand whilst the other worked it’s way down her flat tummy, her vagina becoming moist, and tingly in anticipation of his touch.
She grunted, and writhed as his fingers began playing with her swelling clitoris, and then she felt the head of his penis slide across her taint, lodging in between her thick, wet lips, and probing her swollen little hole.

“No, don’t,” she whimpered, getting up on her tip toes in an instinctive attempt to escape his thick, stabbing meat. “It’s too soon.”

“Aw, is your wittle pussy sore?” he asked, somehow managing to sound sweet and filthy as he continued to rub the tip of his dick through her wet, young folds.

She slowly nodded her head in response, a tear rolling down her cheek as she couldn’t help but think about what it had felt like to have his cock all the way inside her, and the powerful orgasms she’d had while he’d fucked her.
Before long John’s fingers had brought her to the edge of yet another orgasm when he suddenly pulled back just far enough for his cock to slide up her taint, and then with one big push he’d lodged the head of his stiff prick, and a couple of inches besides, right in her tight little asshole.
She yelped loudly in surprise, popping up onto he very tips of her tippy toes as she squealed, and clawed at the wall of the shower stall while John began pumping her little ass full of cock, introducing just a little bit more with every thrust.

“That’s my butthole!” Morgan burst out with a note of shock, and confusion in her voice before she started cumming and could only grunt, and moan.

“Ssssss, mmmm, I know Morgan.” He whispered salaciously as he continued to drive his cock deeper and deeper into her quivering ass. “I’m gonna fuck your little butthole baby.”

Although it felt weird to have his cock sliding into her ass, kind of like pooping from the outside, as she started getting off, her cunt muscles clenching rhythmically, somehow it seemed as though having his cock inside her, anywhere, was making her orgasm even more intense.
She stuck her ass out, arching her back, and pressing the side of her face against the wall of the shower stall next to her hands as she pushed back, impaling her tender ass on his thick penis.
John was still rubbing her throbbing clit, and Morgan was practically screaming as she reached the peak of her orgasm right as John shoved the last few inches of cock up into her tight ass.
If anything her little asshole was even better then her pussy and John leaned back a little, grasping a tight little ass cheek in each hand, and spreading them so that he could watch his cock slide out, and then back in as he slowly fucked her beautiful ass.

One of Morgan’s hands slid down off the wall, and began furiously rubbing her stiff little clitty as she fell into a rhythm with John.
She bared down, squeezing her sphincter tight so that her ass almost seemed to suck on his hard shaft as it slid out, but she relaxed, making it easier for him to stretch her little butthole open as he slipped his cock slowly back in.
Before long Morgan started panting really hard, the feeling of her fingers stimulating her aroused pussy, and the intense sensation of his thick penis violating her little ass combining to drive her towards another orgasm.

“Uuuuuggghghhhhhh!” she grunted with a little gurgle, freezing in place, and quivering as the first wave of her orgasm broke, and then her ass began bobbing up, and down as she started getting off, hard.

She was crying as she came, knowing that it was wrong to enjoy it, but unable to resist the pleasure of it as John began driving into her a little harder, and faster.
She’d never even considered anal sex, and now here she was, getting fucked in the ass by the grounds keeper, and getting off on it like a dirty little whore.
She felt so ashamed of her self, but she just couldn’t stop cumming, and as John started really hitting it, thrusting his thick penis into her just hard, and fast enough to make a tiny slapping sound as his hips popped her tight ass every time he buried his cock balls deep into her sweet little asshole, she began getting off even harder.
She had never been so thoroughly dominated, and controlled in her young life, and even though it scared her, it turned her on like nothing she’d ever experienced.
Just the sheer intensity of his hot cock stretching her little ass as she rubbed her clit was making her feel as if she might be losing her mind.

Suddenly John remembered that day when her shadow had first fallen on him, and he’d looked up to take in this sweet little vision of loveliness, having had, at the time, no Earthly idea that in relatively short order he’d be taking her to his bed, stripping her down, splitting open her little virgin pussy, popping her cherry with his hard cock, and then fucking her tight ass in his shower.
It was really blowing his mind that he had somehow managed to make this happen, and the way that this sexy little girl whimpered, and cried as she got off just made it all the more erotic.
Then he began to think about her little friend Rose, and what it would be like to fuck her, and cum on her belly, or her pretty face, and then visions of all her friends, the whole “bad girls club”, and all the nasty things he could do to their beautiful young bodies began dancing in his head.
The idea of taking each one of these hot little bitches one, by one turned him on so much that he felt his balls draw up, and his cock start to throb.

“Uuuuuugghhh, yeeeeaaaaahhh, Mooooorgaaaaan, fuuuuuuuuck!” he grunted hard as he thrust in all the way, and his cock pumped thick sperm deep into her little asshole.

Morgan began drooling, her saliva blending with the water running down the wall of the shower as she felt the sensation of hot cum squirting deep into her ass.
Her whole body shuddered, and her knees got weak as her orgasm reached another peak while John filled her ass with semen.
She could feel his cock pulse as she milked out the last of his man juice, and she was starting to come down, the feeling of his thick meat filling up her, now creamy, ass feeling oddly comforting, like being safe in daddy’s arms.
‘Safe on daddy’s cock.’ She thought to herself, giggling a little, but then squirming uncomfortably as she realized that thinking about her father while this older man’s cock was buried in her ass was completely depraved, but before she could dwell on it too long she felt John’s meat quickly withdrawal from her as, and he spread her cheeks.

“Yeah, push it, push it out baby.” He panted ass he watched his cum leak out of her gaping asshole, and down the inside of her tender, young, and quivering thigh.

“Uugghh.” She grunted uncertainly as she felt his palms spread her little ass cheeks, his thumbs at the edges of her sphincter, firmly pulling it open, and at first she didn’t know what he wanted so she turned her head back to look at him with a little puzzled expression, but then she felt his thick cum pooling inside her ass, and she instinctively pushed as if she were taking a dump.

“Oh fuck yeah! Look at that.” He grunted through gritted teeth as she felt thick gobs of cum push out of her ass, and run down her leg.

Suddenly she got it, and angled her butt up a little to give him a better view as she continued to push his pearly white semen out of her ass.
She couldn’t really understand why he liked watching his cum leak out of her ass, but why did she want to show it to him so badly was the real question she couldn’t help but ask herself as she bit her bottom lip, trying her best to stick her ass in the air a little further in the hopes that he’d get an even better view.
After all, she should be crying, ashamed of all the nasty things she’d let him do to her, and even joined in on, and although she did indeed feel some of that, what she mainly felt was kept.
She was helpless in his hands, and she liked it that way.
In fact, as embarrassed as it made her feel to admit this to herself, she almost couldn’t wait for him to grab her again, and force her to do even nastier and more depraved things.
Once she had pretty much drained her ass of cum, he washed her again, this time a bit more quickly, and then he turned off the shower, and helped her out.
She was young, and healthy so she wouldn’t normally need such help, but she felt so drained after all those orgasms, and besides it made her feel good to lean on him like that.
She glanced down, and she had to admit that even flaccid, as it was now, his cock still looked pretty big, and she marveled that he had actually fit it not only in her tiny cunt, but her tight asshole as well.
She stood there limply with a far away look on her face as he dried her tender skin, and then let out a quiet little yelp as he picked her up, carrying her back towards his bed.
As he sat, and then lied down on his bed, holding her firmly in his arms she looked up at him with a pained, almost desperate expression and it told John everything he needed to know.
She belonged to him now.
He had her in the palm of his hand, and she would do anything he asked her to from here on out, with all the devotion that she had to offer.

John decided to take advantage of this new found arrangement immediately, kissing her pretty little face, and making her blush as he said, "Tell me more about this "Bad Girl's Club" Morgan.

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it would have been better if Morgan seduced him. it started off really good but u messed up when u made the guy rape her.

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