It wasn’t easy growing up in my family, since I was the youngest of 5 kids and I wasn’t exactly outgoing or popular. My 4 sisters treated me like I didn’t deserve to exist in their world, so my self-esteem was non-existent. Even my parents ignored me, so I turned inwards to keep my sanity. While really young, I entertained myself playing alone, and as I reached puberty, I amused myself by masturbating constantly. The only sister who treated me reasonably well was Julie, who was a year older, and wasn’t exactly endowed with good looks and personality. Julie wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t gorgeous either. “Plain Jane” is probably the best way to describe her.

When I turned 14, Julie started paying more attention to me, probably because the older girls totally ignored her. She started coming into my room regularly, and that was a problem for me, because it cut into my masturbation time. I think I was jerking off 5 or 6 times a day, off in my own little world. That all changed the day Julie came out and asked me how come I jerk off so much. I was lost for words, and after the panic and embarrassment wore off a little, I blurted out “What the fuck are you talking about Julie”?

“Look Brian; your room is right next to mine, and I can hear you pounding away at your cock every day. You don’t need to be embarrassed; I masturbate a lot too”.

“You do”?

“Everybody masturbates Brian, even our older sisters”.

“That would be something to see”.

“You mean that you would like to spy on them masturbating”?

“Are you kidding me? I would jerk off even more, after watching something like that”.

“Brian, if you knew what I know about our sisters, you would be shocked. They are always talking about blowing their boyfriends, and the next thing they are rubbing their pussies”.

“I would love to watch them rub their pussies, but I would get killed if they ever caught me”.

“How would you feel about watching me do it”?

“Sure Julie. Would you let me watch, while I jerked off along with you”?

“Yes, as long as you don’t try anything weird”.

“What do you mean by weird”?

“I mean that you can’t try sticking your cock in me or anything”.

“What makes you think that I would want to do that”?

“My sisters told me that every boy wants to get their cock in a girl’s pussy”.

“I’m happy just jerking off, but the added excitement of watching a girl rub her pussy while I was doing it would be incredible. The only thing better would be to get a blow job”.

“I’ve never given a blowjob, but I’ve heard my sisters talk about it often enough. It doesn’t sound all that difficult, so I could probably do it”.

“Fuck Julie, do you think you could ever try doing it to me”?

“I would have to think about it, but for now I think we should stick to you jerking off while watching one of your sisters masturbating”.

“I would rather watch you Julie”.

“Rather than our older sisters? They have big boobs and more pussy hair than I do”.

“Yes. You are the only one that doesn’t treat me like shit”.

“When would you like to masturbate together”?

“Fuck Julie, my cock is hard and ready to go now. Do you want to try it right now”?

“Okay Brian, but remember, nothing weird, okay”?

“Okay. Let’s get naked”.

I had my clothes off in an instant, but Julie was being a little hesitant, so I started Jerking off, and gently coaxed her to finish undressing. Julie stared at my cock and as her tiny tits came into view, it started spurting and some of my semen landed on her legs. She didn`t seem to mind, so I urged her to finish undressing and start masturbating. My cock was still hard, and when I finally got a glimpse of her pussy, I began stroking again.

``Come on Julie, I need to see you rub that pussy. Spread your legs and make yourself feel good``.

When she spread her legs and fingered her pussy, my cock blew again, and shot semen all over her legs and stomach. I instinctively started to wipe it off of her stomach, and she closed her eyes and moaned, when I touched her.

``Keep rubbing my stomach Brian. That feels really good``.

``Can I touch your pussy Julie``?

“Okay, but don’t try anything else”.

I was jerking my cock with my left hand, and I slid my right hand down her stomach and onto her open pussy. I still had semen on my fingers from her stomach, and I rubbed it all over her pussy lips. This was the first pussy I had ever seen or touched, so I didn’t have a clue what to do. I just fingered her pussy lips, and slid two fingers into her slit. All I knew was that a pussy was a magical place that made me tingle all over when I touched it, and nothing compared to the soft and hot place between a girls legs. When I moved my two fingers inside her pussy, she moaned and then clamped her thighs on my hand. I shot more semen again and this time it got Julie right in the face. She didn’t seem to mind and just lay there with this contented look on her face, even though the semen was running down her face and on to her lips.

I had ejaculated 3 times and my cock was still hard. I guess because my fingers were still inside Julie’s pussy, my adrenaline was really pumping.

“Julie this was so awesome, and I’m sorry that I shot my cum all over your face”.

“You can take your fingers out of my pussy now Brian. It did feel really great though and that was my best masturbation ever”.

“So will you consider giving me a blowjob Julie”?

“Are you still horny, after all of that”?

“Look at my cock. It’s still hard and wanting more”.

“I guess my sisters were right. Guys are never satisfied and keep wanting more”.

“Come on Julie. Please try it. I would give anything to feel your mouth sucking on my cock”.

“What if I also wanted to get sucked”?

“Do you”?

“I heard my sisters talking about their boyfriends wanting to eat their pussies, and they said it feels really good. So maybe I should ask for that, since you are asking for a blowjob”.

“Sure thing Julie. I’ll eat your pussy, if you suck my cock”.

“Okay Brian, but I want to wait until later. I am satisfied, the way I feel right now, and want to save some fun for later tonight. I’ll sneak into your room after everyone is asleep. Okay”?

“I’ll be waiting”.

I pounded my cock two more times that night, waiting for Julie to sneak into my room, and then finally just before midnight, I heard my door opening, and then a whisper.

“Brian. Are you awake”?

“Of course I’m awake. I have been laying here with a hard cock all night long”.

Julie climbed into my bed, and we just lay there silently, not sure of what to do next. I decided that I should start something, before she changed her mind and went back to her room. I was already naked and Julie was wearing a t-shirt and panties. I reached down and pulled down her panties, and started rubbing her pussy.

“Julie, I will start first and suck your pussy, if you promise to suck my cock, when I’m done”.

As I moved down the bed to get between her legs, I could hear her saying that she would gladly suck my cock, after I had finished. As I faced the task of not knowing what to suck, or even what to do at all, I noticed heat coming from between her legs, and a musky odour. I swear that animal instinct took over me, and I buried my face in that pussy and sucked anything I could get in my mouth. I tried to get my tongue deep in the slit, and just as it entered her, she groaned and clamped her thighs together,

“Brian, stop licking. I’m coming”.

“That’s it Julie; come on my face”.

I could taste her sweet juices that flowed onto my tongue, and I could smell the musky odour even more. The taste and smell would be something I would remember every time I jerked off, after that. When she finally relaxed her thighs, I moved up near her face and asked her if I did it okay.

“Oh Brian; it was much better than okay. It was great. We have to do this again”.

“Can you suck my….”.

I didn’t get to finish my question, because we heard the bathroom toilet flush and then we heard footsteps in the hallway.

“Oh shit Brian, I have to get back to bed before they come looking for me”.

“No Julie. You can’t leave yet”.

I lay there helplessly watching Julie leave, and feeling my hard cock throbbing and aching for a mouth to suck on it. I lay still waiting for her to come back, but she never did. After a half hour, I grabbed my cock and thought back to the taste and smell of her pussy, and with just a few strokes, the cum blasted up my stomach and onto my face. I didn’t get much sleep that night, but became determined to get my blowjob soon.

To be continued…………………………….

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