Newly single Sally takes consolation from a fair few young admirers
Sally was disappointed, firstly because after dumping her two timing dick of a boyfriend the week before she was anticipating a night out on the town with the girls, a chance to pull some guy and maybe start up a new relationship. However the girls all had heavy working schedules as opposed to Sally's weekend off, and wanted to call it a night around half eleven. She'd dressed for a night in the city too, rather than the pub, in a tiny pale blue cotton vest top and a silver plastic micro mini skirt with white stillettos. Her mates had dressed far more conservatively in blouses and slacks, so she stood out in the crowd to all the horny guys - many of which copped a feel of her plastic covered ass as they passed by her. She didn't mind this as she loved the attention... and the free drinks!

She was secondly disappointed that, as she walked down the hill from the pub, the wolf whistles came from two young lads rather than fit hunky studs her age (28). The two hooded lads couldn't believe what they were seeing, her silver skirt shining in the light thrown down by the street lights and her bra-less breasts bobbing up and down to the beats of her movement as she got closer to them. Her mates had gone home the other way and she'd decided to go home alone as it was only a few roads.

"Hey lady, wanna come to a party?" asked one of the hoodies. Sally looked at the lads, 15 if they were a day, and sighed wishing the lads weren't men. "Come on lady, the pub's closing but the night is young". "Fuck" she thought to herself as the two lads drank in her body's assets, "i'd have been going to bed at their age". "Nothing to lose miss, free beers and just round the corner".

Sally deliberated and then said "fuck it, why not eh lads?" With that they led her to the house with loud rave music pumping from it, and pushed open the door. Disco lights were flashing and all manner of young people were there, ranging from 14-19. "Sit down there love an' i'll get yer a drink, what'ya'avin'?" asked the lad who first spoke to her. "A beer" Sally replied, sitting in the middle of a three seater couch. So short was her skirt that, as she sat, the hem slid up her luscious thighs. Her blue satin panties now on show to all the young lads agog at who had come to the party. "'Owd'ya manage that Carl" asked a horny Ben. "Just asked her like" he replied. A gathering of 14 year old lads started sniggering as they could see between her legs. Two 18 year olds weren't sniggering, their cocks were twitching as one sat either side of Sally and started chatting away. Sally not known for being the quiet one kept on gabbing while Carl brought her beer over.

The 14 year olds pulled out their mobiles and started taking pictures, making sure her panties and shapely legs were fully in the frame. She didn't seem to mind, although the alcohol had made her forget to be a lady and cross her legs. The lads either side used their boyish charm and "cheeky chappie" ways to flirt with her and she flirted back, glancing occasionally at their crotches. Their track suit bottoms unable to disguise their growing erections.

Turned on herself by the fact that two hot looking young lads were chatting her up, her nipples hardened and she felt wet between her legs. The 14 year olds ran off upstairs and the two lads chanced their luck, each placing a hand on her bare thighs as they spoke. Sally's body started to tingle. After discovering that her ex was cheating, she'd denied him sex for 6 weeks. These lads touching her really aroused her, but they were far too young for a woman her age to do anything with... or were they? Soon the male partygoers' eyes were devouring her, watching as their two mates slid their hands up her thighs. She turned to one and he dived in with a kiss. She turned away, facing the other who did the same.She looked either side and leant into the first (he was first to try and kiss her after all) and their mouths locked.

He slowly lifted his hand from her heg, grabbed her hand and placed it on his throbbing member, pulsing in his pants. She rubbed it through his trackys as she placed her other hand on his mate's bulging crotch. "What am i doing here?" she asked herself, "well, whatever it is there's no turning back now".

The two lads slid their pants down letting two huge pricks spring up, both vying for attention. Sally sat kissing one then the other, skiing their two cocks as the onlookers gasped in disbelief. Another lad, 16, moved forward and dropped his trousers standing right in front of her. He started rubbing his already hard cock as the live porno show went on before him. Sally caught sight of him but ignored it, she was so turned on. Three guys hot for her, just the antidote for her rejection. She had literally just thought that as a thick wad of the youngster's load flew up her body, splatting her thighs, skirt and (already wet) panties. The next flew onto her tits in her vest top, then the next and the next, making her look like she'd just auditioned for a Miss Wet T-Shirt competition.

Sally started yanking hard at the two stiff cocks in her hands as a third lad, barely a teenager, stood before her and released his cock. He reached forward and grabbed at the hair on top of her head, lowering her face onto his shaft. Once her lips had enveloped his mushroom head he held her head firmly and rammed his length in and out of her mouth furiously. The sight for the onlooking, now wanking, crowd of young men was an amazing porn fest they had previously only imagined in their beds late at night. Sally's mouth was pounded for all the young lad was worth before he suddenly pulled out, his cock exploding onto her pretty face. Stream after stream shot onto her cheeks, mouth, eyes and into her hair.

Now turned on the most she'd ever been in her sexual life she rubbed her two young admirers to orgasm, their loads shooting up into the air and landing down over her hands. She couldn't believe their copious loads as they trickled over her fingers. Once fully spent, she reached her hands up to her face and sucked clean her fingers and thumbs. The crowd were cheering and all the partygoers' girlfriends walked out in disgust, unable to compete with with what looked like an insatiable slut. A rough, shaven headed youth of 16 kneeled in front of her and reached his hands up her thighs, grabbed at the sides of her satin panties and yanked them roughly down her legs.Her wet pussy now on sight to rapturous applause from the sex hungry young men.

The lad entered two fingers into her sopping pussy and started finger fucking her hard and fast as another stood on the couch, legs astride Sally, as she reached up and started sucking and wanking him. She was wanking the lad as fast as she was being fingered. Suddenly she started shaking and coming onto the lads hand as he continued finger fucking her. Her squirting cum being stifled with each plunge of his fingers into her. She kept on frantically wanking the young lad at her face until he blew onto her chin and tongue, now sticking out to lap up his load.

Wasting no time, Mr. Fingers was inside her sopping twat and fucking her hard and fast. He grabbed at her soaking vest and ripped it down, snapping the straps, before flinging it across the room. Her massive 30 F breasts now on show, bouncing around to every pound from her young fucker, drew more guys to surround her. Suddenly she felt the sensation of young cum splashing onto her breasts and belly, finally welling up in her plastic skirt. The young lad inside her pounded away 'til he was ready to blow, finally releasing his virgin seed deep inside her.

He gripped her tightly as his load was spent, she felt his body lose all it's strength as she held him in her arms. Ben, now wanting to fuck the horny babe himself, sat down beside her, pulled her onto him and stuck his cock up inside her. He grabbed hard at her silver plastic clad hips, fucking her as hard as he could, as he enjoyed watching her heaving, fleshy mounds bouncing around in front of him. Tracey shook again and started a shuddering orgasm, Ben fucking her as her juices flowed down his balls.

Behind her, a 15 year old lad was being egged on by his peers... "go on, just like in the movies. Go on.... Go on!" "Let me help you" said another lad, shooting his load over her ass, watching it seap down into her asshole. "NOW!" demanded the guy. The young lad grabbed her hips and slid his cock into her mildly lubricated ass. She shreaked, it was soon apparent she was an anal virgin. Luckily for her the young lad's dick was small, but the feeling was intense. Other lads squirting onto her backside from either side. Carl took his turn to slide underneath her and fill her dripping cunt. He pounded away as the lad behind fucked her in unison, the rest of the lads standing on the couch shooting either over her face or breasts.

As Carl and his anal friend came inside her Sally came herself a third time before melting into Carl's arms, totally "fucked". The two lads withdrew and, with all loads spent, the others moved away - leaving her sitting on the couch, legs akimbo, dripping in cum. Ben nipped upstairs and popped into his dad's study, only to find the young phtographers from earlier had printed the pics out in A3 and were jacking off over them. "The real fucking thing's down there lads!" he said, as the young lads bombed down the stairs, cocks in their hands.Each stood in front of her and spat their fat at her, adding their load to the mess on her face, tits, belly, skirt and thighs.

Unable to walk, Sally stayed the night and repeated the performance solely for Ben and Carl the next day before heading home, totally satisfied.

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