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Yay another addition sorry friends I have been busy in real life and haven't really been able to hammer at this like I might have wanted to. Sadly this series may fall prey to the Censors.... so if it does, I'll post it someplace else.

A few seconds later Lacey walked into the room she gasped to see two naked women in the room and me with half hard cock. “Mom!”

“Why are you still dressed?”

“I um?”

“Didn’t Keith tell you he wanted you topless?”

“But mom I didn’t think?”

“What that I wouldn’t approve of him, I wouldn’t be happy to know that he was going to fuck you?”

“Mom!” Lacey said.

“Lacey take your clothes off.” I said just as a quick tapping came at the door.

Miranda walked to the door swinging her hips sexily and opened it. Belinda hurried into the house wearing a T-shirt that hung below her nether regions. “Belinda did I say you could cover up?” I asked

“I” she gestured with her hands, “had to come all the way over here and I didn’t want anyone to…”

“What see that you’re a slut? Miranda asked.

“Take your shirt off,” I said

“Okay Keith or do I call you master?”

“I think we should call him Daddy” Becky said

“Yes” Miranda agreed

Belinda pulled the long t-shirt up over her head. She lifted the shirt exposing her chubby body and soft breasts. “Now I want you to bend over and suck my cock” I said. She looked around at Becky and Miranda apparently looking for some sort of indication, I didn’t look, I waited then I reached up and took her by the hair and pulled her towards my cock she grabbed my hips to keep her balance as Miranda came around to her backside and wiggled the greens imbedded in Belinda’s ass.

“I love it!” she said as Belinda groaned, Miranda squeezed Belinda’s ass. “Hurry up now swallow daddy’s cock now or I’ll have Lacey do it. Belinda’s chin was just above my cock she closed her eyes as I watched her, as she slowly opened her mouth, I felt her soft lips brush the head of my cock and her not breath was exquisite. I thrust my hips forward and my cock slipped between her lips. It very quickly became obvious that she had never done this before because she just let my cock slip back and forth on her tongue. “Suck it slut” I said finally and I pulled her nipples, she finally pressed her lips around my cock and started sucking gently on it, I slowly started fucking her face, then suddenly she started sucking more exuberantly I looked up and saw Miranda her hand apparently teasing Belinda’s pussy. “That’s it slut” I said as I felt my balls tightening. “Drink my cream.” I pulled her head onto my cock as I exploded into her mouth. I let go of her and she almost face planted into the floor coughing.

“You need to work on that” Miranda said “Pitiful”

“Why don’t you go back and check in on Megan and the others” Becky said to me, we will be along shortly.
“Okay” still a bit curious but well the cool air would do me some good I found my clothes and stepped into the night air. I walked into the house a few minutes later there was Megan and Trisha and Tina all sitting in a row on the couch. “Why don’t you girls get naked” I asked and then I took off my clothes and set them in a pile in the middle of the living room. “Megan, could you get me a drink?” she sort of just sat there on the couch her eyes and the eyes of the two other girls were fixed on my naked cock. I didn’t know weather to be embarrassed or amused for a second. “Megan” I snapped her eyes flicked up at me “Get me a drink?”

“Oh yeah” sure she said her eyes moving back down to my cock which was starting to inflate from the attention I sat down in the middle of the couch. Trisha and Tina both slid close to me one on either side their eyes seemed to be fixated on what was in my lap. “Are you going to get naked like I asked Trisha? Or do you want to be punished? You did say you wanted to be my sex slave remember?” Trisha smiled shyly and then pulled her shorts down and kicked them into the piled of clothes she then slid her panties off. Exposing her lovely naked pussy. She was almost completely devoid of hair unlike her older sister. “I want to look at your pussy,” I said to her

“You can look at mine too,” Tina piped up she was standing next to me now as I was leaning over Trisha I glanced over and got a view of her cleft only a few inches from my face.

“Here is your drink Keith” Megan said coming into the room with a soda. “Oh?” I reached down and let my fingertips brush the puffy folds of her sex, she signed. The front door opened and in walked Becky and Belinda and Lacey.

“Oooh” Becky exclaimed your checking out my baby girl’s naughty bits.

“Yes” I said “I really havn’t had a chance to look at a girls…

“Pussy” Becky finished for me.

“I want you and Belinda and Megan to shave your pussies for me, In fact…” I thought as I rolled the idea around in my head for a second” I want Megan to shave you and Belinda and then Trisha can shave Megan.”

“Yes daddy,” Becky jiggled.

“Daddy?” asked Megan.

“Daddy” Becky replied.

“Daddy” Tina asked?

“Yes Tina?”

“Can I touch it?” she asked tentatively reaching for his cock.

“Sure Tina why don’t you and Trisha play with It while the rest of the girls shave?”

“Okay” Trish and Tina said.

“We will be in the bathroom” Belinda said.

“Who told you to go to the bathroom to do it I want to watch sit in front of the TV so I can watch from here.”
Becky went and gathered the supplies needed warm water shaving cream a few towels and a razor. She then sat down on the floor in front of the television and spread her legs she handed Megan the razor. Megan started at the edges after applying the some warm water and shaving cream.

“Daddy?” Keith looked up at Belinda.

“yes Belinda?”

“Please Daddy will you take the carrot out of my ass?”

“You will be a good girl from now on?”

“Oh yes daddy”

“You didn’t do a very good job sucking my cock last time”

“It was the first time I have ever sucked a cock” Belinda pleaded. Megan had managed to clear away most of the Jungle that was between Becky’s legs and was starting on the detail work, carefully shaving off the hairs that were near the lips.

“You can suck on a cock?” Trisha asked.

“Well I have heard people called cock suckers, but I never thought they were serious” Tina said.

“Can I try Daddy?” Trisha asked?

“Me too!” Chimed Tina. “Let me try Daddy,” I was suddenly overwhelmed by Trisha and Tina taking turns sucking my cock. They would kiss the very tip or just suck the very tip their tongues flicking out and teasing it, made me shudder uncontrollably. The two of them giggled and started doing it cooperatively. I could only pay attention to the two brown-eyed beauties taking turns on my cock.

I was very soon close to cumming with the two enthusiastic girls treating my cock as if it were the best lollypop ever. “Girls get out of the way” Becky said as she walked over to me” She lifted her stomach slightly as the girls scurries out of the way and said “Ready for your inspection Daddy” I looked at the now denuded pussy and what I saw I really liked. I reached up and peeled the lips apart and found them wet and slippery and quite pliable. I looked into the pink flower a little bud at the top then a small opening some flesh that looked to have a very interesting texture and then towards the bottom another larger opening. Juices were running out and onto my fingers. “Look good enough to eat Daddy?”
I gasped as I saw that beautiful pink flower contract and I could see little pearls of moisture forming all over. “Yes it does” I said finally

“Well then give it a lick” Becky laughed

“Lick you… down… well there?”

“Why not men and lesbians have been doing it for years”


“The proper term is cunniligus, one of the few proper terms I know, but it was dirty and I could use it without everyone knowing what I was talking about. Eating a girl out is more modern or sucking the clam or well there are a bunch of different terms that refer to it. I leaned forward and licked up one of her lips she moaned softly and shuddered as I reached the top of her cleft. “Oh Oohh Daddy right there that’s the spot” I suckled on the little button briefly. Her legs shook I flicked it with my tongue I reached up and dug my fingers into her generous ass as I continued my ministrations with my tongue and lips.

I pulled my mouth off and glanced over “Lacey come here and eat Becky out”

“I…” she stammered. I got up and walked over to where she was sitting watching Megan shaving Belinda’s snatch.

“Make her cum before Megan finishes or I’ll whip your ass”

“You can’t be serious” she said incredulously I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her hard face down on the floor her ass in the air I slapped it hard, several times in quick succession. “Ow… Keith… stop…”
I slapped her ass again “should I ask Belinda to do it and I’ll take the carrot out of her ass and put it in yours.”

“No please Keith”

“Still haven’t figured it out have you slut” I slapped her ass again.

“Daddy please” apparently the protocol clicked in her head.

“Please what slut?”

“Please stop spanking me?”

“Why should I stop spanking you slut I think you ass looks good that color”

“I... can’t eat out slut Becky’s pussy if your holding me and spanking me.

“You want to eat slut Becky’s pussy?”

“Yes!” she cried

“I would hate for your mom to find out what a defiant slut you are but then you are going for your waxing tomorrow?”

“In the morning” Lacey whimpered. “She told me to ask you to come with us so that you could fuck me right after”

“Miranda is a very thoughtful woman”

“She says my dad, will be home in a few weeks and if I’m pregnant she was going to ask you to let him fuck me.”

“Well if you want to have any influence on my decisions I guess you should start doing what I say then, don’t you think?”

“Yes daddy” she said, I released her hair and she crawled over to where Becky was now sitting on the couch. Becky spread her legs and Lacey pushed her face between her thighs, Becky leaned back to give
her more access.

-- I went and took a shower not really caring what was happening but knowing full well I was sweaty and slimy. I was only in the shower for a few minutes before the curtain was pulled back slightly.

“Daddy can I help?” Tina asked

“Yes you can slut Tina”

“Okay Daddy” she helped me wash paying particular attention to my cock and balls. I managed to extricate myself before my little sister got me off and I returned to the living room.

“Okay I’m going to go to bed I have to get up early”

I lay down in bed and was alone for a few minutes; it had been on hell of a day and tomorrow looked like it would be even more trying and confusing. While I liked having sex and I enjoyed having all these women, girls at my beck and call doing whatever I told them, I was conflicted by it, I didn’t want to be mean or cruel like Becky and Lacey apparently expected me to be. I heard the door open and someone slip inside then the shifting of the bed made it clear that it was either Belinda or Becky. “Still awake daddy?” Becky asked.

“Yeah” I whispered.

“Just relax and let me take care of you”

“Shouldn’t you be teaching one of the other girls to do that also?” the words were out of my mouth before I thought about it I was falling into this madness.

“Yes of course daddy” she said a hint of disappointment in her voice” Who would you like me to get?
Which one of my slutty daughters?”

“How about Megan?” I asked

“Okay” she left I turned on the lamp on the bedside table Becky returned she was wearing a pair of panties a slight roll of flab spilling over the sides and a bra that looked like it was about to explode. Megan came in behind her wearing a nightshirt. Take your shirt off Megan and watch you slut mommy. Megan slowly pulled her shirt off and stood naked next to the bed.

“Come here” she came to the side of the bed I moved over a little and she lay next to me, I looked at her large nipples up close as she distractedly watched Becky. Unable to resisit the temptation of these pink delicacies I leaned forward and sucked one into my mouth, gently suckling it just as I felt Becky’s mouth envelope my cock. I closed my eyes enjoying the sweetness of having Megan’s nipple in my mouth while her mother gently worked her mouth up and down the length of my cock. I’m not sure exactly when I drifted off to sleep.

I woke to the smell of bacon and eggs and toast and two hot tongues working on my cock and balls I looked down to see both Becky and Megan taking turns and seeing which could hold more of me in their mouth’s the longest. I gently as I could, pried them off my cock, they seemed intent on getting me off but I was hungry and I eventually disentangled myself from the two wanton women.

Of course that didn’t mean I got to eat breakfast in peace either, I was sitting at the table and Tina and Trisha were both giving cock and balls attention with their tongues and fingertips. I managed to wolf down my breakfast and was getting a few minutes to myself in the bathroom to pee when the doorbell rang.

Becky opened the door and there was Miranda wearing a loose but almost ridiculously short skirt and a top that was tied between her smallish boobs. Hell compared to Becky’s Boobs everything was small. “Keith are you ready?” Miranda called.

I pulled on some clothes and went outside with Miranda we got in her car, a beat up old Chevy coupe that probably hadn’t seen a real mechanic since I had been born. It whined and sputtered and then growled as we pulled out of the dirt lot. “You ready to knock my baby up?” Miranda asked her hand rubbing suggestively up and down my thigh.


“ of course you are, tell you what you knock her up I’ll let you knock me up too” she winked. I really couldn’t think of what else to say at this point I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to knock anyone up never mind… “Your gonna knock up becky and her girls too aren’t ya? Gawd it makes me hot thinking about your babies in each of us.”

“Mom your embarrassing him?” Lacey came to my rescue

“What’s he got to be embarrassed about he has a nice big fat cock and he’s plenty horny to fuck us all besides you said he is pretty smart too, you said he gits straight A’s so we will all have smart babies.”

Miranda pulled to a stop in front of a strip mall, she got out and then pulled me out and Lacey came dragging after she seemed almost resigned to her fate as we walked into the small salon.

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personally, I do not get it at all.... IF he is the SO CALLED man of the house, why is he taking orders? sounds more like a wimp in training.....

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That was sooo hot while I was reading I almost started crying the reading was herting me so much cause it was to hot if they made a porn movie out of this story I wouldnt be able to sleep for days greatest job daddy

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Hi AikaI just finished vneiwig the photo shot that you did for Megan Rezendes. What a fabulous job you did!! The venue you chose was perfect. Even Ruth would have to applaud your photographs of her. I wish that you lived closer to Cincinnati I would hire you in a minute.Hopefully, we will see you next August in Westport for the family reunion. Nancy

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Any girls looking for a friend or a 'friend' I'm fifteen (almost sixteen) and up for just about anything ;) 07999267891 or elliottmiller1 on skype

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