It was 2 weeks before he asked me to come over and work in his garage again, while he was at work. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to once again, be with his german shepard.

This time I tried to get some work done first because I knew that he would come home like last time and wonder what I had gotten done. I finished 2 of the projects and felt pretty good about it, as I leaned them up against the wall. The same wall that his german shepard was at, as he sat there watching me, with the pink tip of his pointed dick, sticking out. Even he heard the little moan that came out of me, when I saw it. I wanted to get down and lick on it so bad but I was still afraid to and somehow he knew it.

I tried to not look at it and to figure out a way to get him to let me do it, as I got down on my hands and knees and just started crawling towards him slowly, letting him watch me, so he wouldn't look at me as a threat.

He was still sitting there, when I crawled up to him, like he " Knew " as he watched me bend down and stick my head inbetween his front legs and look right at the pink pointed tip, as it stuck out of its hairy sheath, under his belly.

I could smell his strong pee on it and I could smell something stronger, maybe his precum, as I felt myself being drawn down to it, touching the tip of it, with my warm tongue. Ohhh, touching it again and again. Tasting it, slipping my warm mouth down over the end of it and sucking on it gently, like a baby sucks a nipple.

I worked my warm mouth down on it slowly, trying not to scare him and make him bite me. When I felt the hair from him sheath touching my mouth, I knew that I had all of it and started to suck. I don't know how long I had been sucking on it, when I finally understood that in that position, he couldn't hump, so cuming for him was out of the question, so I backed away from him and let him stand up.

I couldn't believe how big it was, as he stood up and more of it, much more of it slid out of his hairy sheath, hanging down, almost to the floor.

I hated myself as I raised his tale. I hated all of the black sailor's that had been on my ship and gotten me to lick their's and making me their " Sea Pussy ", their " White Sea Pussy " everytime we went back out to sea.

I don't know how long, I kissed and licked on it before he moved away from me. Standing sideways and showing " IT " to me, trying to get me to " Want it " and I did, really did. All I know is that he had " Satisfied " a " Need " in me, a need that even I didn't understand then and still don't understand, to this very day, by letting me lick on it.

I felt nothing but shame as he stood there and let me start licking on his long and swollen dick. Licking on it, slipping my mouth over the end of it and letting him hump me, in my mouth, until he squirted. Swallowing and eating it, like a baby, swallows and eats, the milk coming out of a warm titty.

I went home that night feeling completely satisfied. Knowing that what I had done that day wasn't right. But it wasn't not right enough in my mind to make it wrong. And I fell asleep across my bed, like the baby, after sucking the nipple and being " Fed "..
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