I was horny one day and half drunk, as I made my way back, over to my ex-girl friends apartment. She lived above a bar, in downtown Inglewood.

As I came up the back stairway and started to step out into the hallway, I saw he apartment door opening and saw the Black mailman, coming out of it and into the hallway. I moved back into the stairs, so he wouldn't see me and waited until he had finished delivering the rest of the mail and left thru the front stairway.

If I said that my heart wasn't thumping and beating harder, I'd be lying because it was, as I made my way to her door and slowly inserted my key.

I didn't say anything as I stepped inside and the next thing I knew, I could her little moans, coming from the bedroom and I made my way over to the still open door.

As I slowly peeked inside, she was still on the bed, propped-up on the large pillows, just like he had left her. It was like she was sitting up, with her legs spread and pulled up but she was leaning back on the large pillows, while she was doing it.

Her eyes were closed and her head was still moviing slowly from side to side, like he was still doing her.

Her mouth was open and her hands were still on her little titties and the look on her face, was of disbelief. Like she was in shock but still enjoying it.

She still didn't know that I had come into the bedroom, as I made my way to the foot of the bed, where I was looking right at her lovlinees and even I heard myself, let out a little moan. Not from how pretty she was, I already knew that. But from the sight that I saw, as I looked down between her wide spread tiny legs.

Her pretty pussy was still gapping open, like she had been fucked by a horse cock. Her lips were all swollen and looked raw and there was a little puddle of his white pearly cum, at the bottom of it, that was oozing over the bottom edge and running down across her little asshole and down onto the bed. He had mated her alright and there were the signs of it.

Every now and then her stomach muscles would give a little jerk and a little more of his white cum, would ooze out over the bottom edge and once again go down across her little asshole and down onto the bed. I couldn't stop watching it and I felt ashamed of the feelings that I was having but I couldn't stop them.

The shame I felt as I felt myself being drawn down to it, was unreal. I gently got onto the bed and slowly bent down to it, kissing it lightly, trying not to scare her. The next thing I knew, I was not only kissing it but also running my tongue lightly thru the pearly white puddle. Tasting the saltiness of it but also the sweetness. The tiny moan came from me this time, not her. As soon as my tongue touched the white puddle, I lost it and started to lap at it slowly, like a dog laps at water.

The shame that i felt, everytime that my tongue went back into the little puddle, was unreal. But the need to taste it took over. All because of what had happened to me, so many years ago.

As soon as my tongue started lapping at it, she started moaning and grinding her pretty hips again. Whimpering like it was him still doing it and not me.

I thought of Jimmy and Bubbie, all the way back in the 7th and 8th grades and how they had gotten me to "Eat" their's, just because I was little and they could get me to.

I thought about the black sailor's, on the ship that I was on, when I was in the Navy. And how they had turned me into their " Sea Pussy " to be used by all the black sailor's on board, everytime we went out to sea again.

I didn't hate any of them, for getting me to do it, I hated me for liking it because I wasn't supposed to, I was a boy and boys weren't supposed to like sucking on it or feeling it up inside of them., Especially if the one they were sucking on, or is fucking them is black and most of them were.

All at once she grabbed ahold of my head, with both of her little hands and ground her sweet pussy against my mouth and my tongue, as she released her sweet juices, wetting me, making me moan.

I had the strangest feeling inside, as I came up off of the bed and saw that the little puddle was gone and I left and went home. Laying across my bed, thinking that that was the way that it was supposed to be and it was, at least for that moment in time for me.

Needless to say, that my ex and I got back together and everyday after that at noontime, she fed me my special lunch.
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