I was over at my friends house one day and we were out in the backyard, talking and throwing the ball, for his dog to chase. When the phone rang and he went inside to get it, I had no idea whatsoever, what was about to happen.

I threw the ball and it went back behind the garage and his shepard went after it but he didn't come back. I waited and waited and finally went to see what happened and when I went back there, he was just standing there and the ball was under him. It was like he was protecting it or whatever. What happened next, shocks me to this very day because it happened totally out of the blue or whatever.

I went over to him and bent down to get the ball but instead of picking up the ball, I found myself rubbing on his hairy sheath and feeling his little boner inside. I tried to stop doing it but I couldn't stop. Believe it or not.

It wasn't the first time, that I had felt a dogs boner but that had been years ago and I thought that that was over. But evidentally it wasn't ,as I was to find out later.

He didn't move, he just let me play with it. I don't know how long I played with it, remembering our boy dog, from so many years before. It was like it was just yesterday and nothing had changed. The only problem being that now I was a man and I was down on the ground playing with a dogs dick, coaxing it to come out.

All of a sudden it snapped into me, just what I was doing and that my friend was going to come back outside and that he would probably catch me and I didn't know how to explain it, so I stopped, before he caught me. I picked up the ball and went back around to the otherside of the garage, just as my friend came out the backdoor and almost wet my pants. After coming so close, to getting caught, by another person.

We were talking about my coming over and doing some work in his garage, while he would be at work everyday. I honestly don't know if the dog crossed my mind at that time but the first time I came over it sure did and I found myself coaxing him into coming into the garage with me, so none of his neighbor's would see what I was going to do with him.

I couldn't believe it, as he just stood there and let me get down beside him and start playing with his sheath again, like it was normal for him. Had someone else played with him before? I don't know but he sure liked me playing with him now and I went alittle further, I reached back and felt his hairy ball sac and they were huge. They were full so I knew that he hadn't squirted for along time. Maybe that's why he was so easy to play with. I don't know.

Playing with them caused his boner to slide out part way and I was shocked by the size of it, I had never seen one quite so big, on a dog. It was thick, as thick as my 3 fingers and it was 5 or 6 inches long and his " Knot " hadn't even started to show yet. And that meant that it was probably 7 or 8 inches long, not including the space his " Knot " took up on it and the inch or so behind it, making it almost 10 inches long and my little asshole started clinching, just thinking about it.

Could I get all of it up into me? Could I take it all, including his "Knot "? It had been sooo long, since out boy dog had gotten to me. But the feeling of it was right there in my little asshole and it was opening and closing slowly, telling me that it wanted to feel it again. I wanted it, I can't deny that but having my friend come home and catching me with his dogs dick up inside of me, was not something I wanted. Believe me.

I was even ashamed of wanting to feel it again, what would I feel like, if someone caught me? I'm a boy, how could I ever explain it? How could a girl explain it, for that matter?

I could remember back when I used to go outback unto our lumber yard and get down on my hands and knees again and let our boy dog fuck me and I was only 12 and 13 years old. He didn't care that I was a boy, that for some reason even unknown to me, I liked it and let him do me, every chance we got.

He didn't care, that there were little balls and a tiny dick hanging down under the little asshole that he was about to fuck. He didn't put me down for liking it or call me names and make me feel bad about it. He just did me, everytime I wanted him to, making me happy and making him happy too.

He didn't get to go out of the yard, so he didn't get to have sex with other dogs and he was 3 years old and I felt sorry for him, as well as me and I let him use me like I was a girl dog in heat. I know that that sounds nasty but he wasn't hurting me and I wasn't hurting him, so we did it, again and again and again, for almost 2 years.

Yes I licked him and yes I sucked him and if I were to really be honest, I even licked and sucked his warm ball sac and kissed and licked on his little asshole too. No, I didn't push my tongue up into it. And it only happened twice, if I remember right. He had fucked me so good and for so long, that I went over and was licking and kissing his boner, after he had done me and his little asshole and balls were right there, so I licked and kissed them too.

And that brings me back to the huge white german shepard, that I was down on my hands and knees with, in the garage at my friends house.

I'm embarrassed to tell what happened next because I was afraid that he might bite me, so I did what dogs do. I raised his tail , closed my eyes and started licking softly, on his little dark wrinkled asshole. Kissing and licking on it, trying to get him to like me.

And that's when I heard the car coming up to the garage and heard my friend calling to his dog and he ran out of the garage to meet him. I jumped up as fast as I could and pretended to be working as he walked it. His dog was standing there with ihm giving me the strangest look, like he was saying, " Your mine, it's just a matter of time " and he was right as he " Claimed Me" 2 weeks later. But that's another story and you may not want to hear it.
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