Hello Gentle readers, no this is not another installment of the plane crash. This is instead another series that I may or may not post the rest of. Depends entirely on you all, its a little bit away from what I normally write but I found it interesting to write so hopefully you will find it interesting to read. Let me know what you think. Comment, PM email I don't care, Vote that's always a good indication. I'll give it a week on the board before I think about posting a second part and depending on your response. Maybe more.

Ahh the bus ride home from school, another day finished and the weekend is here. I was so glad to see the end of school. At least for another two days, I kept getting this nagging feeling that someone was watching me. I looked it was this girl Belinda and her sister Megan they were in the back of the bus, they would steal a glance and duck down and giggle. I wondered what all that was about but I really didn’t care, I was happy to be almost home and I could sit down and relax to a nice game on my DS. Megan Belinda and Lacey were the only three people on the bus when it pulled to a stop at the last stop on the route. We climbed off the bus and Megan said, “see you later Keith”

“Uh yea” I said walking towards my house I got home a few minutes later and set down my books and stuff in my room “Mom what’s for dinner?”

“Oh Keith I’m glad you’re here” she said bustling into my room. “I was worried I’d have to leave a note”

“What? What’s going on?”

“Your father and I are leaving for a few weeks a little vacation for us, and we asked Ms. Sanders you know Belinda’s mother to take you in while we are gone. Keith don’t look at me that way it’s been ten years since your father and I have had a chance to get away and we are taking it”


“No butt’s mister you get your stuff packed and head over there with your sister.”

“Yes mam” I said now that I knew my fate. A few minutes later with Tina in tow, Tina Is my younger sister she’s twelve to my fourteen. We walked down the street with our bags in hand and went up the walk to Megan’s house. It was really an old house trailer that had been refinished about 4 times since the 1960’s when it was first put up here. I knocked on the door

Ms Sanders opened the door she was about 5’2 and kind of plump, with large balloon like breasts that sat above her slight belly she had a big ass and always smiled when I would come by on my bike or whatever. “Keith excellent you’re here, comes in come in” Just put your bags down here in the hall I’ll have Megan and Belinda take them to your room. She led me by the hand to the kitchen, call your mom and tell her you’re here. I called the house first and got the answering machine then I called mom’s cell, and got though. “boy you guys didn’t waste any time did you?”

“No our flight leaves in two hours” we have to get to the airport and get through security and all that.”

“Wow well okay Ms. Sanders said I should call and tell you everything is okay.”

“Tina come with me you’ll be sleeping in Trisha’s room and Keith you’ll be in Belinda’s room Belinda will be sleeping with her sister, so get settled in” I walked into a small room that was painted a violent color of purple. There was a queen size bed crammed into the room as well as a chest of drawers and a nightstand. The sheets were pink with a pink comforter. I found my bag and opened it there was a note inside that I hadn’t packed, probably from Belinda she was kind of cute and all but she was also kind of round and chubby much like her mom maybe a little more so.

“Oh really get in your room right now young lady and take your sister with you. A few minutes later Ms. Sanders was at his door, “I’m going to the grocery would you come with me please?”

“Sure” I said and followed her out to her minivan. She pulled out of the drive way after apparently giving instructions to the girls that she would be right back. After about a mile before we hit town proper she pulled off on a side road and put the van in park.

“Keith?” she began “my little slut daughter says she wants to be your sex slave”.

I sat there and blinked not knowing how to respond.

“What do you think about that?”

“I, I don’t know”

“What if I told you that I want you to treat her like a slut sex slave?”


“Have you ever fucked a girl before?”


“That’s okay, for the next two weeks you are going to be the man of the house”

“What does that mean?” I ask somewhat dumbfounds and at a complete loss for words.

“That means that the girls, and me have to do whatever you say anything and everything, but if one of us breaks the rules or does something you don’t like then you have to be able to punish us.”


She opened the car door and beckoned me to come out as well. I opened my door and climbed out. We met in front of the car, my heart felt like it was about to explode at the same time I was a nervous wreck I had no idea what was expected of me. “What would you like to do?”

“I… I’d like to feel your tits”

“Then do it feel them they are your tits” I reached out my hands trembling and lightly touched her breasts with both hands. “Act like they are yours don’t be afraid squeeze them” I did as I was told and squeezed and mauled the woman’s breasts through her blouse.

“Show me your tits” I blurted out not really knowing where this was coming from.

She unbuttoned her blouse and then reached around and unfastened her bra her tremendous tits bounced as they were freed from their confinement. I pulled and pinched at her nipples and watched her as she licked her lips as she moaned softly. “So if I asked you”

“You’re the man Keith, you don’t ask you tell your slave bitches what to do”

“Bitch!” I said “Suck my cock”

“Mmmm..” She moaned, “I thought you would never ask” she got on her knees in front of me and pulled open my jeans she fished in my boxers and pulled out my cock which was needless to say throbbing like it was ready to burst. “Very nice she said bringing it to her lips she kissed the tip lightly. I watched as her lips enveloped my cock it was like being in a warm wet thunderstorm, that is to say her lips and tongue sent bolts of lighting through my body as I watched her head move up and down on my cock. I reached down and grabbed her hair more out of curiosity to see how far I could take this situation. I moved cautiously at first pulling lightly on her hair then harder when she moaned around my cock. It took only seven or eight strokes before I pulled her head hard onto my cock as I unloaded into her mouth. As my toes uncurled I released her head. “Good job Keith now I have one more task for you.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to spank me”


“If my daughters misbehave I want to make sure you know how to do it right, now spank me be as rough as you want”

“Okay” I said I grabbed her by the hair and spun her around pushing her face against the hood of the minivan, which was still a little warm. “You have been a very bad girl haven’t you” I said getting into the character

“Yes daddy I have been a naughty girl”

“Take your pants down” I said she struggled with the button of her pants; I grabbed her nipple and pulled hard on it causing her to squeak, “I don’t have all day bitch get your pants off”

“Yes daddy” she said letting her pants pool around her ankles

“Panties too”

“Yes daddy” she gasped as I tugged her nipple.

As her panties cleared the curve of her ass I let go of her nipple and slapped her ass, “Yes” she gasped I hit her harder leaving a red handprint on her ass. She whimpered and I spanked her again and again alternating on her big round ass cheeks. I kept going and the more I did it the harder my cock got and the more Ms. Sanders whimpered and cried. My hand was sore and stinging when I stopped “now fuck me” she whimpered

“You want me to fuck you?” I rubbed my hand against her hairy pussy.

“Yes daddy I want you to fuck me” I pulled the hair between my fingers hard and I came away with a handful of dark brown hair. She screamed “please daddy fuck me?” she was crying now I rubbed the slips of her slit inexpertly “Please fuck me” she moaned as I let my thumb slide up and down the length of the lips of her slit. Her legs were trembling. I moved behind her and shoved my cock against her slit, splitting her lips but missing the mark and bouncing off her clit she reached back to position it properly “Please I need your cock in me” I slipped my cock into the warm slippery vice of her pussy. I pulled her hair back with one hand and squeezed her tit with the other as her hips rocked back and forth on my cock. I leaned over and whispered in her ear “Make me cum bitch, make me cum in that slutty cunt of yours” I pulled her hair back with a jerk as she bounced her hips on my cock. It was wonderful and well quite an experience the more I pinched and squeezed her nipples and pulled her hair the harder she fucked against me, I finally grabbed her hips as my cock unloaded a second time inside her. She moaned and trembled as she held on to the hood of the car. Until she was steady, she then turned to me and dropped to her knees again and licked and sucked my cock clean of all the cum and girl goo. She started to get dressed I stopped her. “You can put your pants and shirt on when we get to the store and only when we get there. I want you to drive the rest of the way in just your tennis shoes.

“I…” she started I smacked her ass. She picked up her clothes and got into the vehicle. I got in the passenger seat and we drove to the store. As we drove down the rural roads she got redder and redder with embarrassment. When we finally stopped in the parking lot of the grocery store she was trembling. I handed her, her blouse and pants. “No underwear?” she asked timidly

“Not for you ever again?”

“Yes Daddy”


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