A boys games turned bad
When i was younger i always like to expose myself in public. Never right out in the middle where everyone could see me i didn't wanna go to jail i just wanted the thought that someone could see me.

I would do most of my stuff late at night or like really early in the morning when there was no one around to see me but there is always the chance. thats what really get me going. If i did ever do anything in the day time i would hide behind the bushes and drop my pants . I have had some close call in the past but that just makes it that much more real.

I was wanted to do something a little more daring , something with a little more risk . All day i walked around thinking of something that i could do to expose myself and to have it a little harder to pull my pants up or even to run and hind. I wanna tie my hands up, that would make it a little more difficult but i could still run and hide somewhere . So then i thought i could tie my hands to something. how could i tie my hands up so that it would be hard to get out of them but when i was done i could still get out.

The time has come for me to go out and see if i can find a way to do what i was planing i snuck out to the garage and got some rope all dad had was some thicker rope . I think that will work better anyway. It will not tighten as much and i could still untie it.

I headed out it was about 2 in the morning so there was no one around. I got out to the highway and there are trees that line the highway, so this is was where I'm going to try this . I will tie one hand to each tree and then i will be forced to stand in the middle of the trees with no cover and no way to run . I will leave just enough slack in the ropes to reach the pocket knife that i will clip on my pants as i will not let my pants fall all the way down then if someone did drive down the highway they would have to look close to see that i had my cock hanging out for all to see.

I got the ropes cut to the right length and tied the ends to the trees and made slip knots on the other end for my hands to go in then all i would have to do is put my hands in and pull on the rope and it will tighten up and my hand could not come back out with out cutting the rope . I pulled my pants down about half a foot below my cock and did them back up there so i could hold them there so i could reach my pocket knife i got the too ropes and put my hands in them and pulled them tight from that moment on i new there was no going back now i stood there for like 30 mins and started to think that this was not that much fun because there was never gong to be anyone coming around that would see me so i was just about to reach for my pocket knife to cut the ropes when this cold wet thing came up and licked my ass and i jumped up with surprise . When i turned around , it was just a dog.

but what i noticed next did kinda scare me. When the dog licked my asshole and i jumped and closed my legs just enough that my pants fell to the ground . they had my pocket knife on them. Now i didn't know how i was going to get out of these ropes before morning and everyone in town sees me tied to this tree. Then there was this dam dog that was still trying to lick my asshole. i just kept trying to kick him to scare him off but nothing was working .

Then i thought i would try and bend down and try to get the knife from my pants so i got bending over and lifting a leg to make my pants come up my leg a bit but it was not working . Then i seen headlights from a car coming down the highway i was fucked i had no way to get out of these ropes before that car got here so i got down on my knees with my arms still stretched out to the side but at least my dick would be hidden from view . The car drove pasted and just kelped on going as if they didn't even see me . I had the biggest hard on ever knowing how close i came to getting caught .

Just as i was about to get up the dog that i had forgot about jumped up on my back . When he jumped up on my back i fell forward .So there i was on my knees rocking back and forth on my arms as they are being pulled backwards . They are the only think holding my upper torso and the dog from falling to the ground . Then i feel it . The dogs dick he is trying to fuck me . I try and pull myself up but the way my arms are i have no strength to pull my body up let alone mine and the dogs. I was stuck . All i could do was move my ass around so the dog could not hit my asshole. But it only took a minute and the dog found what he was looking for and drove his dick home.

As soon and his dick went in i let out a big scream . The pain was so bad i thought i was going to pass out right then . The dog was fucking me like a mile a minute sinking his dick deeper and deeper on every trust. Then i felt it the knot i was doing everything i could to make it so he could not get that thing in me but nothing was on my side even the way i was hung there was working with the dog . Ever time he trust into me i would swing forward and then he would pull out and when i came back down towards him he would trust forward again and then he pushed that knot in to me .

It felt like somebody just shoved a golf ball up my ass but then with the next trust i would be pushed forward again and he would pull back and with me going away from me and him pulling back it would rip the knot back out and then shove it back in again . It did it 5 times before it got shoved back in and then didn't come back out by then it felt like a lost all control of my ass mussales it was like i was having a baseball pushed in and out of my ass . After he tied with me he continued to fuck me for another 10 mins before i could feel him cumming deep in my ass. After he stopped cumming he turned on me so we were ass to ass and he was trying to walk away i tried my best to move with him but i could only move like a foot and then i fell back and when that happened the dog held his ground and the knot was pulled hard against my asshole tell it was ripped out . I heard the dog yep and then pain an i backed out.

When i came to it felt like my arms had been pulled from there sockets from hanging limp on them for so long. I'm not sure how long the dog fucked me for but what i do know is its been 1 and ½ hours from when i first tied my self up . I seen that the dog was still laying over by the other trees . Then i heard another sounds .i turned to see that it was and to my surprise it was a horse from the rodeo grounds on the other side of the highway it must have got out and heard all the noise over here and came to see what was going on ,then i seen its dick hanging out and the horse came right to me and tried to mount me his front legs went up and over my head and they landed on the ground good thing my ropes were long enough or my arms would have been ripped off I'm sure of it .

My head and back were pulled tight against the horses belly but i was able to lower my but still so the horse's dick was only hitting my back . Then i felt the dog under my belly and he was trying to get under me to get to my dick . In doing so he was lifting my ass up a little bit but no way near what the horse needed to get to my ass . All i could do was think what the fuck is going on and then the dog took a bit at my dick and it scared me and i jumped up to get away from the dog and just as i lifted my ass the horse trust forward and with the help of the cum still leaking out of my ass from the dog . The horses dick bounced off my ass check and right into my ass . His first trust went like 6 “ up my ass the pain made my eyes go black for a second. If only i was thinking clear for that one second i could have dropped my ass back down when the horse pulled back but then the horse stepped forward and more or less locked this dick in my ass because even if he pull right back the end of his dick would still be in my ass . The horse just kept trusting more and more of his massage cock in to my ass I could feel things straining and tearing and being pushed upward the pain was so bad i was starting to blackout with every thrust the horse gave. it was knocking the wind out of me . The only thing that kept me coming to, was my arms because it felt like they were going to ripped out of there sockets . It felt like the cock was fucking right in to my stomach .then the horse took another step forward and thrust again I could feel and hear things ripping and popping loose inside Then there was the indescribable feeling of the horses remaining foot and a half of cock hammering repeatedly into me i new that it had ripped though something and is now just fucking my insides thats when i passed out for good .

Then i did come to i was in a hospital bed hooked up to all kinds of iv's and stuff i could see my family there they were talking to the cops . It was a month before i got off oxygen and was able to talk to anyone . I asked then was happened and they told me . That i was found by a car driving down the highway you had been tied to a tree and had been fucked by a horse . The horse had ripped thought your bowels so you had major internal bleeding they said you are lucky to be alive . Do you remember anything about who did this to you or anything about them. The cops are going to be asking you to see if hey can get some clues to who did this to you.

All i can think is i will have to go along with what they are saying because if they ever found out the truth it would be the end of my life as i know it. .

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2014-04-13 23:50:28
Hey guy this story is funny but unbelievable i mean hes first raped from a dog and then the dog helps a horse to rape him? You should take more time for your story and give it more sense
I'm sorry that my english isn't perfect i'm from germany so excuse me but you should rewrite this story with some more text, read it by yourself and decide if you like the result

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2013-01-03 23:48:34
good story keep writing

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2012-03-20 22:14:37
This is one damn funny story.

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2011-03-04 03:06:36
good story line ... keep writing you do have talent

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2010-11-29 16:23:19
Dude, learn to proofrread, and how to give a real build up. As it it, this is just about unreadable because of all the spelling screwups. Spell check doesn't catch everything, you know.

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