I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
Three months later, I saw the shepard again only this time he got me to go " All The Way " with him, right there on the dirty garage floor.

I had been waiting for the call from my buddy, to come over and work in his garage again and finally it came. And once again I thought of his boner and how it had hung down, almost to the floor, the last time I saw him.

I couldn't believe how excited I was getting, I was even getting a little boner, as I thought about it. Would he let me, would he let me touch "IT' again? Would he remember what I'd done to him [ licked on his little flowered asshole ] just to get him to like me? It's strange but I didn't worry about what he thought of me, for doing that, until I was all the way home and laying across my bed.

I had licked and kissed and even french kissed, some of my ex-girls friends back there. And I had kissed and licked on some of the black sailor's on the ship I was on, when I was in the Navy. No, I didn't run around kissing and licking on people's asshole's. They got me to do it because a buddy of mine had seen an old [55-65] blackman, getting me to suck his dick, in the backseat of a car, as they drove thru Inglewood, taking us back to Hawthorne after an alnight party. Yes , we were drunk and yes they had raped us, both of us, at the party, only an hour earlier. 2 of them old [ 55- 65 ] blackmen, had gotten him drunk and fucked him in the bedroom, while 2 other old [ 55-65 ] blackmen, had held me down on the dirty bathroom floor and fucked me too. The only problem with the whole thing was that I had liked it, really liked it and now I was paying the price for it, as they drove us home. In just one night, 3 old blackmen , had changed some of my sexual desires forever.

I waited until my buddy had gone to work, before going over to work in his garage because I knew that I wasn't just going over to do work for him, I was going over and try to get his huge shepard, to mount me.

My heart was beating so fast, as he followed me into the garage and I closed the door.

I looked at his hairy sheath, knowing what was up inside of it and let out a little moan and he looked at me. Did he know, what I was thinking? Or did he even care? I slowly reached down under his belly and felt it, trying not to scare him, trying not to make him mad. I worked my hand up to the little opening and felt his wet boner sticking out about an inch. Dogs actually do have something like a bone inside, not like a man. So feeling his little boner, didn't tell me that he liked what I was doing, so I got down behind him again and slowly raised his tail. Looking at it, blowing on it, watching as it squeezed closed and opened back up again, only now it was open even more, like a small flower

I can't even describe the [ URGE ] to kiss and lick on it, that was going through me Looking at it, being drawn to it and not being able to turn back, as I stuck my tongue out and started licking on it, trying to get him to like me.

He was just standing there letting me lick it. If I said that it wasn't turning me on, in some strange kind of way, I'd be lying because it was. The thought of it's wasn't but doing it was. I guess that it was because it was degrading to me, a dog geting me to lick on his little asshole, just so he would fuck me, like an old whiteman had made me do, so many years ago.

I don't know how long he let me lick on it, before he moved away from me and stood there showing it " His shiny boner " as it was sticking out of its hairy sheath. He knew I wanted it and it was like he was teasing me with it, just by showing it to me.

The [ URGE " the urge to suck on it was driving me wild as I crawled over beside him and stuck my head under his belly. I didn't care, what he thought of me, as I slid my tongue out and touched the wet tip of it. Watching the clear liquid squirt out of the end of it, knowing that it was his sweet precum, sticking my tongue in it and letting him squirt it. Even though it only squirted twice, I felt violated in some strange way, as I opened my mouth and slipped it over the pointed tip on it, sucking on it gently, making him start to hump. Did he know, that it was a boy's mouth, that he was humping? Did he even care, as his hard little boner slid back and forth along my tongue, getting bigger and bigger, the longer he humped at me. I knew that if I sucked on it for too long, that it would get to big for him to get it up into me, especially back where his " Knot " or swollen bulb was, back towards the base of it.

He gave me the meanest look, when I stopped sucking on it and stood-up and pulled my pants and underwear down, before getting back down on my hands and knees with him, offering him my little butt. Needing to feel him up inside of me, so bad.

He didn't need to be helped, as soon as he saw my little bare ass, sticking out
of my levis, he jumped up and tried to mount me, right there on the dirty garage floor.

I could feel the pointed tip of it poking at me again and again and again, searching for my little asshole, not caring that there was a little boner [ yes I had a boner by then ] and a little pair of balls hanging down below it.

All at once he found it [ my little asshole ] and jabbed his boner up into it, holding me on it, with his front paws dug into my hips, not letting me get away, as he worked it back and forth in me. I could feel it swelling, his cock and his " Knot " and I couldn't get away from him and I started getting scared. Scared that my friend would come home and see him with his big ' Knot " up inside of me, holding him up inside of me, until he squirted.

I tried to crawl away from him but he came with me and I started crying because I knew he had " Knotted " me this time and I was his, until he was through with me.

As soon as he knew that he had me " Knotted " , he slowed down. Even though he was humping me slower, his boner was still moving back and forth in me, to fast for me to really enjoy it. But he didn't care, all he was thinking about was squirting me and eventually he would, really would, as his big ' Knot " held him up inside of me, just like it would have held it up inside of a Bitch Dog, " A Bitch Dog In Heat ".

All at once he let out a little yelp and I could feel his warm cum starting to squirt out of the end of his pointed doggie dick, as he pushed it all the way up into me, filling my little asshole and warm rectum, with his white doggie cum. Squirting again and again, as he pulled me back on it and made my little 4 inch boner squirt, as he humped me harder and harder, faster and faster, not letting me get away and I didn't.

I don't remember him stepping over me, all I know is that one minute he was fucking me and squirting me and the next minute I could feel his big ' Knot " pulling back against the inside of my little asshole, instead of trying to push up into it and he was dragging me backwards across the garage floor. He was trying to get over to his wall, where he usually layed down. The only problem being, he still had his cock stuck up inside of me and he couldn't get away.

The fear of my friend coming home was unreal and the next thing I knew, I had pulled my legs and feet under me and was trying to stand-up and pull his big dick out of me but I couldn't. My little asshole was locked around the base of it, where it's once again smaller.

I can't even describe the scream that came out of me, when I was finally able to stand-up and pull his still swollen " Knot " back out through my little stretched asshole. Sending it into spasm and throbbing, like it never had as strong as that, ever before.

As soon as he was out of me, he went over and layed down, by his wall and started licking on it and that's when I heard it and wanted to run.

My friend's car had just pulled up and I was jerking my pants and underwear up, as he got out of the car and went into the house. Probably to pee or whatever.

I sat down and pretended to be working as he came into the garage laughing and asking how it was going but then he got real quiet. I turned around to answer him but saw that he was looking over at his dog and I almost fainted. The dogs cock was still swollen and hanging out of its hairy sheath and he was licking [ me ] off of it, while my buddy stood there watching him.

I could feel my face getting all hot and I've never been so ashamed of myself, as I was in that moment in time. " He knew , he knew that his dog had mounted me " and I had to get out of there, as fast as I could. I told him that I wasn't feeling well and left to go home. He didn't say a word to me as I left and I was glad, really glad.

He never called me to work in his garage again, so the shepard and I never got back together. But even with that happening, I knew that it wouldn't be the last time, that I took the " Knot " and it wasn't.
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