When I was in the 7th grade, another boy named Jimmy, was teaching me how to pick up girls, at the saturday kiddie movies. We would move all around the theater, trying to find 2 girls, that would let us sit with them and feel them up. Sometimes we would find 2 and sometimes we wouldn't and it was during one of the we hadn't found 2, that it happened. We had ended up in the dark balcony, while moving around and were sitting there watching the movie, waiting for more girls to come in, when all at once, Jimmy let out a little moan and I looked over at him. He had his little dick out and was playing with it, since he had a boner. I was shocked or scared, I don't know which, to think that he would have it out, right there in the movie. I tried to just watch the movie but I couldn't help peeking at it, since it was bigger than mine. His was about 4 inches long and mine was only about 2 1/2 to 3 inches long. So I was amazed, at how big it was, since we were both in the 7th grade. Finally , I guess he just got tired of playing with it and he put it away and we went down and started looking for girls again. About 3 or 4 weeks later it happened again, only this time, when he saw that I wasn't scared of it, he reached over and pulled my hand over onto it and held it there. I was scared shitless or whatever, as he held it there and I couldn't move. I don't know how long he held my hand down on it, before letting my hand go and putting it away. Once again, we just went back down and picked up 2 girls, like nothing had happened. It happened again, only this time he had me moving it up and down [ jacking it ] right there in the movie. I was so young or naive, that I didn't even know about jacking off yet. I didn't want to lose him as my friend [ my only friend ] so I did what he wanted me to, not knowing that he wanted more, much more, as he was to get me to do, the next time. I had a huge fear, that he would tell all of the other boys at school, what he was getting me to do to him [ play with him ] up in the dark balcony, at the movies and every monday it was like I was holding my breath, fearing that they had found out but they never did or at least I don't think that they did. The next time he had me up there playing with it, he stopped me all of a sudden, took ahold of it and held it, as he looked right at me and whispered, " Kiss it ". I couldn't believe what he had just said and he said it again, " Kiss it " as he held it there. I wanted to get up and run but I couldn't. No, I didn't want to kiss another boys dick but as I looked at him, I saw in his eyes, that if I didn't do it, that he wouldn't be my friend anymore. He just sat there holding it, waiting. I remember looking all around, to make sure no one was watching, as I bent down over it and Whimpered, " Don't pee " and kissed it on the end, the end with the little hole in it, the little peehole. I could taste the faint pee that it had left on my mouth, as I raised up and he just put it away again and got up, like nothing had happened, to go look for girls again. I was numb or in shock or whatever because another boy, had just gotten me to kiss his boner but he was acting, like nothing had happened. When we finally found 2 girls, that would let us sit with them and feel them up, I was wondering if mine could taste his pee on my mouth, while we were kissing. Now I was really afraid to go to school monday morning but I had to go anyway. Everytime I saw him talking to another boy, any other boy, I worried that he was telling him and I worried about it for the next 3 days. He didn't waste any time after that. The next time he had me up there, he held it and whispered, " I'll buy you a buttered popcorn, if you'll let me put it in your mouth "! To this very day, I don't know why I did it. Yes, I was poor and all of that and yes, I wanted a buttered popcorn but to let a boy put his dick in my mouth, just to get it, has never made sense to me but i did it. I don't know why. From that time on everything changed. When it had first started, we would look for girls and if we couldn't find any, then he would take me up into the dark balcony and get me to play with it. But now that he had me kissing it and letting him put it in my mouth, he would head straight up into the balcony, get me to kiss and suck on it and then he would take me down, so we could pick up girls. Being a boy and having another boy getting you to suck on him, does something to your mind, believe me. Especially the first time he squirts his 3 or 4 drops of " Boy cum " into your mouth and holds you down on it, trying to get you to " Eat it ". But you can't and you get up and run down into the boys bathroom and keep wiping your mouth and spitting, trying to make it go away but it never does. And you never feel like a complete boy again, not even when your older. The first time he squirted into my mouth, I was shocked and thought that he was peeing.. I jerked up off of it, spit on the floor, inbetween the seats and ran down into the boys bathroom and tried to make it go away but it never did. When I was finally able to come out of the bathroom, Jimmy was gone and I was glad. I couldn't even look at him, when I saw him at school monday, I was that embarrassed, about what had happened. The very next weekend, he tried to get me to suck on it again, up in the dark balcony and I yelled "No", and said, " You peed in my mouth the last time " and he gave me the strangest look. He knew that he had squirted his " Boy cum " into my mouth and not pee but I didn't. All he had to do, was to say that he was sorry and that would have probably made it alright but he didn't. Instead he said, " I won't pee in your mouth again, I promise ". Why that made it alright, I'll never know but it did. Because the next thing I knew, I was looking all around, to make sure that nobody could see, what he was getting me to do to him, as I bent down and started sucking on it, right there in the dark balcony. I don't know how long I had been sucking on it, when he got real quiet and held still, pushing down on the back of my head, with both of his hands, moaned and started squirting, holding me down on it, not letting me go. I couldn't believe that he had lied to me, as his 3 or 4 drops of " Boy cum " once again ended up on my tongue. Once again I thought that it was pee and tried to get away from him but couldn't until he finally let me go. I don't even know if I spit it on the floor this time, all I know is that I ran to the bathroom and once again, tried to make it go away but it didn't. He was gone again, when I finally came out of the bathroom and I was glad. I don't remember exactly what went through my mind, all of the next week. But I do know that somehow my mind had given in to it and if that's what he wanted to do [ squirt his 3 or 4 drops of pee into my mouth ] I'd let him. I still didn't understand that it was " Boy cum " and not pee and by the time I found out what it was, it was to late because he had already gotten me to " Go all the way , with it " without me even knowing it. I'm still in the 7th grade when a boy named Bubbie enters the picture. He bought me a package of cup cakes after school and took me across the street, to his house, to give them to me. Only instead of taking me into his house, he took me around back and into his daddy's tool shed. I followed him in, like a puppy and watched as he put the package of cup cakes on a shelf and told me to kneeldown in front of him. He looked shocked, when I just did it. I watched as he undid his levis and pulled his little dick out and let it just hang there, 3 or 4 inches from my face. Not saying a word, just standing there. Finally he mumbled, " You have to kiss my dick " and waited to see if I would do it. [ Had Jimmy told him }? I'm embarrassed to admit, that by now, having kissed and sucked on Jimmy's so much, it had created an " Urge " to taste it, just from smelling the faint pee that was always on the end of them. I think that he was more scared than I was, as I reached out and took ahold of it, slipping my open mouth, over the little head on the end of it. Sucking on it gently, as it slid in. I don't know how long I had been sucking on it, when he pushed me away from it and screamed at me, " What are you doing "? I felt so embarrassed because I thought that I had been doing, what he wanted me to and now he was screaming at me about it. I wanted to get up and run but I couldn't. I don't know why. That's when he looked down and saw that he had a little boner and got the strangest look on his face, like he didn't know what to do with it. Even though it was only about 3 or 3 1/2 inches long, it was still a boner and it wanted some attention. He started moving his feet slowly towards me, until he had it in front of my mouth again and watched me take ahold of it again and start to suck on it, until he squirted. As soon as he squirted, I pulled away from it, jumped up and grabbed the package of cup cakes and ran all the way home. I don't know if I "Ate" his 3 or 4 drops of " Boy cum " while I was running or not. All I know is that by the time I got home, it was gone from my mouth and I had the weirdest feeling, that another boy, had just gotten me to " Eat " him. All the way through the 7th and 8th grades, Jimmy was getting to me in the dark balcony, at the saturday movies [ he never did, buy me the buttered popcorn ] and Bubbie was getting to me after school, by buying me cup cakes, a coke or whatever. And then the older whiteman [50-55] got to me, while standing at the urinals but that's another story, isn't it?
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