When Life throws you a curve...
Solara: My Winged Angel

Chapter 1: CRASH!
My name is Jason Lee and I am the Commander and sole survivor of a crash landing of the space craft Pathfinder. We had been in orbit around the forth plant of the star Epsilon Eradani for almost a month when we were struck by another space craft that suddenly appeared from behind the second moon and we were unable to avoid the impact. My craft spiraled out of orbit and crashed on the largest of the three continents killing the other eleven crew members.
We had been surveying the planet for other life forms and for a possible landing site. Although we had found some bacterium and other single cell organisms, we found no higher level or sentient life forms. We were in the process of deciding on a landing site when we were surprised by this other craft suddenly appearing on the radar and crashing into us.
When I came to on the surface I managed to pull myself from the wreak, and although battered and bruised I was in pretty good shape. After a couple of days to gather some strength I managed to dig graves and bury my comrades. My tracking records showed that the other ship actually stayed in orbit for almost 4 days before crashing about 100 km from my location. The next day I put together a travel pack and set out for the other ship, I was curious and wanted to check out the ship for technology and crew.
After 4 days walking through a forest of trees about the size of Earth Redwoods I came upon the other ship. I was very cautious and looked it over from a distance for the rest of the day before deciding that there were no survivors. The next morning I approached the ship and discovered that the crew where a race of avians and started taking the bodies from the wreak. I took a break after about 3 hours and discovered that I had found 25 bodies and had only gone through about half the ship. I spent the rest of the day burying the bodies I had already found. The following morning as I was searching the ship I heard a noise from what appeared to be some kind of storeroom. As I got the hatch open I discovered that there was one of the avians trapped and obviously hurt by falling debris. I managed to dig the ‘person’ out from under all the mess and laid it on the sleeping pad I had set up for me.
As I looked over its body I noticed what appeared, to me, to be some human characteristics. It had arms and legs similar to me was approximately my size but weighed almost nothing and it had feathers and WINGS. Checking it over I found that it had the wing, arm and leg on the left side broken. I carefully examined the rest of its body and found that the facial structure was similar to mine except that the eyes were more to the side about where my temples were. The feathers were a beautiful silver-grey color, darker on the back, lighter on the front and with flecks of black, blue and gold, especially around the eyes. The mouth was more like a covered beak as it had lips but what amounted to a single tooth that went from one side of its mouth to the other. Nostrils were flat to the face with no nose. Hands had extended length in palms and fingers, 2 extra joints, and the feet were similar in that the toes were longer and had vestigial claws. This one also appeared to be female as it had what I believed to be breasts, 4 nipples with mounds (?); just below it’s over sized ribcage. But, with no external genitalia, or even knowing what it would look like, I had no way of knowing for sure.
I carefully tried, and it seemed successfully, to set the broken bones and hoped that it would survive so that I could find out more about it. I finished burying its shipmates, 35 of them, and settled in to try and nurse it back to health. I searched out and found water that my instruments said was safe for me to drink and I hoped would be safe for my patient. I also found what appeared to be fruit and nuts that tested safe. Over the next 10 days the avian tossed and turned but never became conscious. I kept its lips moist and tried to get it to eat some of the fruit, but with only limited success. The morning of the 12th day as I was checking it over I noticed that its eyelids were fluttering open and after about 20 minutes they opened and looked at me. It came wide awake and tried to jump away but with its bad arm, leg and wing it just screamed out in apparent pain and collapsed back on the pad.
I raised my empty hands to show it I had no weapons and meant it no harm, and then I tried to communicate to it that I had set its broken bones after pulling it from the wreak. It appeared to calm down somewhat and when I offered it water it gratefully took it and drank down all that was in the canteen. I helped it sit up and then went around and pointed out where I had buried its friends and when it realized what the mounds meant I noticed what I took to be tears in its eyes. It tried to ‘speak’ but all I heard was a sing-song melody that sounded nice but I had no way of understanding.
I spoke to it and then pointed to myself and said “Jason” it looked at me puzzled and I did it again, it then mimicked me and it came “Ason”.
Over the next 3 months, as it healed, and with the aid of a video encyclopedia from my ship, its vocabulary grew as did mine as I tried to mimic its sing-song language. It could now walk around but not as yet fly and together we stripped its ship for everything that could be of use to us. We managed to understand enough of each other’s language and I found out that indeed it was a SHE and its name was Solara.
As the area where Solara’s ship was, was better stocked with available food and water I made the 10 day round trip to my ship 4 more times to strip it of everything usable. As we settled in to a routine of trying to learn each other’s language and working at trying to assure our survival I noticed that we where spending a lot of time in close proximity. I also noticed that I was having thoughts about what kind of a future we might have as we were so different.
We had been stranded for about a year (Earth time) when one day I saw her bathing and got a really good look at what was under some of those feathers. She had breasts all right, 4 of them, about 34C and as she cleaned the rest of her body I noticed she had something between her legs that, as I got a raging hard-on, I prayed was a pussy or its equivalent. Later that evening she caught me jack-in’ off and asked me what I was doing. I just stammered with no real answer and got up and walked away.
The next morning she came to me and asked; “Is that your sex organ?” I blushed and said “Yes.” and then we started talking about each other’s sex practices. She said, “I too am having trouble as I’m young and have yet to mate for the first time”. “I am ready every 32 days but without a mate I will never have the chance to bear young”. I explained to her about how we did it on Earth, “We have 2 sexes and the female of my species has an opening, called a vagina, between her legs. The male, me, inserts his penis into the female and deposits the sperm necessary for fertilization”. I asked her how it worked on her home planet. She told me, “On Orlana (translation) it is similar except that the male has his sex organ hidden away in a body cavity like mine and when it is time to mate it extends from his body and would enter me to deposit his contribution to conception. Then 11 months (Orlanan time) after that I would give birth.”She also told me that when they mated it was for life,” (much the same as larger birds on Earth). I asked her about her anatomy and she said, “I have this opening between my legs that serves the purpose of urethra, anus and vagina.” She leaned back and spread her feathers to show me, I got a hard-on just looking at it. A cloaca, again, like some birds and mammals on Earth. I asked,”Do you have sex only for procreation, or do you have it for pleasure and shared intimacy as well?” She explained, “Although I am fertile only once a month, every 32 days (1 Orlanan month) 15 times a year (Orlanan year) I and my mate would share our bodies to strengthen our pair-bond and bring us closer emotionally on a regular basis.”
The more we talked the hornier I got and if my senses weren’t lying to me I could see that she too was getting the itch. As she stood up I got up and put my arms around her and pulled her body close. I could smell her and somehow I knew that she was just as horny as I was and as I kissed her she moaned softly and pressed her body to mine. “Solara, I don’t know if we can mate but if you are willing to try then maybe we can at least share our bodies and relieve each other of some of our sexual tension.” She answered, “We can try as I am at the time to conceive and feel a great desire to mate. And I’m in such need that I feel I will lose my mind.” I pull her close and kiss her, the feeling not to unlike an Earth woman. Then I picked her up and carried her to my sleeping mat. I laid her down and very gently and started caressing her breasts and ‘vagina’. Soon she was moaning and babbling in her native language and then she moved her hand down and placed it at my groin. I moaned loudly at this contact with my cock and I said, “I want you, I want to love you and be your mate.”
As I touched her again, she lifted up to me and forced my fingers in to her opening. She was wet and asked me, “Please come to me and mate with me”. She turned over and raised her “ass” and spread her legs and feathers to display herself. I then knelt between her legs and placed the head of my cock into her. As I entered her I felt muscles within her move to direct my cock into a very tight channel within her body. I suddenly felt something give way and I was fully seated in her body. She moaned loudly and as I moved in and out she moved to meet me and soon she was crying out, calling for something that I didn’t understand, suddenly she went still and my cock felt her heat. I came so hard that I thought that I would flood her all the way to her throat. We collapsed in a heap with me slipping from within her and lay together holding each other and, at least in my case, thanking all that is holy that that had worked. And hoping we would do it again.
We started having sex on a regular basis after that afternoon and the more time I spent with her the more I realized that I was falling in love with her. About 3 months later, after dinner, one evening she says to me, “Jason I believe that our genetics are closer than we may have at first thought. I’m sure that we have mated as I feel the life growing inside Me.” I looked at her in stunned disbelief and asked, “Are you sure?” She takes my hand and puts it against her belly and says, “I’m positive as I feel my ‘pouch’ swelling inside me.” I took her in my arms and held her tight and say,”Solara, I love you so much, and now we will not be as lonely as we will have our children to share our life here with.” I asked and she said, “I will give birth in about 10 months (local adjusted time) and there will either 2 or 4 as my species always has even numbered multiples. And unlike the birds on your planet I will give birth to live young.”
Over the next few months we continued to have sex and her belly slowly got bigger and bigger. One day she came to me and says, “It is time.” and as I held her and helped her she gave birth to 2 small babies that fortunately were more like their mother than me. They had their mother’s feathers and facial structure. They had her wings as well as her single opening. She informed me that both were female and that they would be approximately her size in 3 years. Her breasts were swollen and the infants nursed from them as well as I did when we had sex. When the children were just a year old she informed me that she was again with child and things got really fun after that.
About every 2 years for the next 10 years she gave birth to 2 babies and one time there were 4. We have continued to live very simple lives and raise our children.
We are celebrating our 12th anniversary and I am telling Solara that “I am so blessed, I have someone to love that loves me, we have 12 children, with 2 more on the way. My life is almost perfect; my only wish would be that I could fly!”
“Darling that sounds like the Electrostatic Discharge from one of my planets ships. It happens when the Gravito-Metric Drive enters atmosphere.” ”Darling I think some of my people may have found us”.

Chapter 2: RESCUE?

We return to our main camp and after explaining to our children what is happening; we await the arrival of the Orlanan ship.
Our children are excited to see other people and are running around trying to find out where the others will land.
“Darling, Do you hear that?” she asks. “That is the noise from the atmospheric engines on one of our shuttles.” “It sounds like they are going to land in that large clearing toward sundown from us.”
We gather up our brood and walk toward the clearing that is about a mile from our camp in the direction of sundown. As we approach we can hear the whine of the engines lessening and then it is suddenly silent. We clear the tree line and there in the clearing is a sight-for-sore-eyes; an extra-atmospheric shuttle of a design I’ve never seen but, Solara informs me; “Jason it is a type 5 cargo shuttle.” “There are usually four of them on a cruiser or up to 8 on a Galactic Explorer class ship.”
The side of the ship opens and 5 Orlanans step out and gently glide to the ground on their wings. I clasp my hands over my head and step forward saying, “Welcome to you travelers from Orlana, welcome to our small planet.” “My name is Commander Jason Lee and this is my wife/mate Solara a native of your planet.” “Oh, and these are our children.” They look at me total disbelief as Solara steps forward and greets them with; “Welcome my brothers to our planet and home, ‘May fair winds aid your glide to Heaven and above.” Solara told me, once before, that this is a favored greeting among her peoples.
With Solara translating we get that they have been searching for her ship but because of some records errors weren’t sure which of three courses they took getting to this system.
The leader is Captain Doniloro Natining. “Capt. I am glad to see you, but I am wondering why so many resources would be spent trying to track down a single ship with 36 crew.” “That is easy to explain, Cmdr. Solara, here, and her brother, are members of a very influential family and they put forth a reward for the crew and vessel that found them or information about their demise.” “Please join us at our humble home and please bring your crew-mates.” Solara speaks up. “Thank you, we would be honored. Shut it down and all out.” He tells the crew. He asks, “Is there anything that we can provide you, anything that you miss?” Solara asks, “Do you have any Talear? It has been so long since I had any, and I would like to share with my mate this delicacy.” “Darling, Talear is a drink that is extracted from the fruit of the Dolo tree on my home world. It is hard work and very expensive to purchase, but it tastes So Good!” “Yes we have some,” He turns to another crewmen and tells ‘him’ “Bring a bottle of Talear and join us at their home.” “Come children, this way if you please Capt., Solara could you get things ready for our guests” “I’ll get some more fruit for dinner.”
Following dinner we sent the children to their beds and prepared to tell Capt. Natining the story of our survival here. I listened in as Solara told him of their journey here from Orlana. At the point of her waking up to see me, following the collision in orbit; we bid him and crew “Good night” to pick up the story the next day.
The next morning, with an assist from two of the crew and a small rope, I took the Capt. To the sight of my ships impact. He surveyed the ship and the area around it and then we returned to our home.
“Capt. My name is Jason Lee and the ship you saw is the Pathfinder and I am her Commander and sole survivor. We had spent 3 years in Hyber-sleep on the trip out here; we call this system Epsilon Eradani. We were in the process of mapping a landing site when our radar alarm went off and by the time we got it sorted out the Orlanan ship had impacted ours and we fell out of orbit. I thought that we might burn-up on entry but I managed to gain partial control and the impact threw me out through the ruptured hull. I awoke lying in a large bush, that impact absorption saved my life. After I awoke, I took care of my crew-mates and then searched out this ship in which I found Solara, its only survivor. The rest of the story you know.” The Capt. asked me, “Where is your home system?” I explained to him that it was an eight planet system with multiple satellites and a class G-2 star. “If you have star charts I could show you by using this system as central.” After about 3 hours straining over charts in the shuttle I finally got the references right and found ‘Sol’. The Capt. informed me that they had not as yet sent vessels into those systems, but that there was an expedition slated to go that way in about 5 years (Orlanan time).
“Capt.” “Yes Capt.” “What are your plans for Solara, Myself our children?” “I know that Solara’s family wants her home if alive. We never expected to find you, or her alive for that matter.” “You and your family will depend on Solara and her family on Orlana.” “Thank you, Sir.”
“Solara, do you have any idea what is going to happen to you and me when we go to Orlana?” “What is your family going to say?” “What is your planet going to say?” “Compared to Orlanans I am most definitely not the best looking guy on the block.” She cackles (her laugh). “I have no idea Darling, my people have only met one other race in space and they are similar to us in makeup and appearance.” “My family will accept you as my mate because that is my choice, my planet on the other hand? I don’t know.” “My Dear, your area of space has only your two races, but the area in which I come from has over 200 races’ in over 300 star systems. I am thinking that you and I would be good ambassadors and maybe we could live out our lives here on E.E. We could make this planet a weigh-station between our two worlds. Know this, I love you, with all my heart and what you and I have is special and I will fight if I have to for what we have.” “That I know, my dearest mate, and I don’t intend to have that taken away from me or the girls.”
“Capt. Lee.” “Yes.” “What is your and Solara’s decision on leaving?” “We have decided that we will go with you to Orlana. We can leave in about two months after Solara gives birth to the young she carries within her.” “That would be fine Sir; could I bring down other crewmates to enjoy this lovely place?” “Absolutely Capt. bring them down, let them enjoy this open space.”
The next weeks pass quickly and it is soon time to load up and leave. “I’m going to miss this place,” Solara quips. “I too am going to miss this but we will be back, I know we will.” “Capt.” Yes Capt.” “It is time; we need to go.”
Aboard the cruiser things were in ‘high gear’ as the crew prepped for the voyage home. As I lay down and prepared for sleep I looked at my mate next to me and said, “I love you and I’ll see you in two years.” Solara just smiled and mouthed “I love you too,” as she closed her eyes. And as my eyes slowly closed I looked upon ‘My Angel.’

Chapter 3: ORLANA

We awoke from Hyber-sleep about 10 days out from Orlana and as we got closer I marveled at the home world of my love. The atmosphere was greener in tint than Earth and Solara explained that this was due to higher oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. We explained to our children that this was the world that their mother was born on and that there would be more ‘people’ like the ship’s crew for them to see.
Orlana: star spectral G3; Mean orbit 1.20AU; Mean Dia. 10200 miles; gravity .93; Year-15 mos.; Month-34 days; atmosphere-25% Oxygen - .1% Carbon Dioxide – 70% Nitrogen – trace elements include elevated methane but not lethal to Humans. All measurements based Earth normal.
We landed at the capital city, Nirtone, and were lead to the port offices and quarantine. After a quick check we were taken to a hospital for complete physicals and a complete work up of ‘ME’. I was a complete mystery to the Orlanans and they had no clue as to who or even what I was.
With Solara’s translation work I managed to tell my story to the local authorities and the doctors. For the next 14 days they examined me with everything they had, some of which looked slightly familiar and some that were so strange that they could have come from a sci-fi movie. They DNA tested Solara, me and the children and when they came back with the results we were more than shocked.
It seems that the doctors found that both races shared more than 98% of DNA. The only major differences were those that gave the Orlanans their wings, feathers and eye location. My differences were as listed plus external genitalia versus cloaca. All the children tested healthy and with mothers dominant DNA they would have her characteristics. They also found that most of our offspring would be female and only with special intervention would we be able to have males. Over the next few days we managed to be able to spend some private time together just us and the ‘girls’.
One day about a month after landing we were allowed to go outside and I finally got to see the planet of my darling’s birth. It was magnificent, much like Earth in the tropics. Not jungle but green everywhere. That is when we ran into trouble, I can’t fly, and there were no ground level entrances to any buildings anywhere. Except the port and hospital. All of the homes were built in trees and it took over a month, with help, to construct a flyer to assist me in getting around. Thank you Capt. Natining.
The day after getting my flyer Solara took me to her parent’s home and I can honestly I have never received a welcome like this one. Her father took me by the hand and showed me around their house and introduced me as his ‘SON’. It wasn’t until later that evening that I understood what that meant. After dinner that night all the ‘men’ got together and with Solara translating I got the whole story.
Solara’s brother that was killed in the crash was the only male, his brother having been killed in an accident when 3 years old, in my Father-in-law’s family that was of breeding age and with him gone there was “NO MALE HEIR”. We talked for hours and it finally came down to two options and in both it would be up to Solara to decide. Solara and I could have a medical intervention to insure male offspring or I could be mated to her brother’s ‘wife’ so as to possibly produce male heirs. As I was thinking I remembered some of what I was taught as a child in Sunday school about oldest son’s wives with no male heir and the duties of the younger brother/brother-in-law.
Solara and I talked for days before I came up with a possible solution. In a way we would do both except that I would not have relations with her sister-in-law. Father gets in touch with the Doctors and I explain to them my idea and they look at me dumb-founded. One of the doctors says “Why didn’t we think of this it’s brilliant and very easily done”. I tell them, “It is done quite often on my planet for couples that are incapable of conception in the normal manner”. So 14 days later when both Solara and Trelor were at their fertility peak the Doctors did an in-vitro on Trelor and did a gender screen on Solara. The next month they are both checked and found to be ‘pregnant’, and when Father heard the news you should have heard him. He screamed at the top of his lungs “YES!” and then orders everyone to get everything together for a party.
WOW! What a party. I meet Orlanans from every family all the way up to the District Lord. Their political setup is a bit odd but the District Lord is roughly the equivalent of a state Governor.
The following day I was called to the port to meet with the Space Authority Vice-Chairman to discuss the upcoming trip to my part of the galaxy. Solara and I spoke with the Vice-Chairman at length about the trip and what it might mean to both civilizations. We decided that the trip would start when the young that Solara was carrying were approx. 2 months old and that we would also take with us our 2 youngest daughters. Solara and I agreed that the rest of our family would stay here with her parents and other relatives.
The next months went by so fast, soon it was time for our latest to be born and as they came into the world Father was almost as ecstatic as I was to see that indeed they were males and even more so when 2 days later Trelor delivered 2 males of her own. It was following Trelor’s delivery that father told me that females were birthed 10 to 1 over males in normal circumstances. Now I had just provided them with a way to have more male children. He told me that under Orlanan law as the idea was mine that every time the technique was used I would be paid a royalty, I was going to be very rich. Very rich indeed.
Finally the big day came. We said good-bye to our older children and family, then boarded Sylawn and Tylawn the girls, and Dytor and Lytor the boys, and prepared for Hyber-sleep and the 4 year trip to Earth. As we layed down in prep for sleep and I looked at Solara and said, “I love you”. She whispers back, “I love you, too”. And as sleep claims me and my eyes slowly close I looked upon ‘My Angel’.

Chapter 4: EARTH, and HOME?

We were awakened just beyond the orbit of Pluto on a challenge from the Solar Patrol, ‘Sol’ system police; the com system alerted the Capt. and Com Officer. They got me and Solara up so that I might speak to the patrol ship’s Capt. In the Com room I hear English, for the first time in almost 21 years I hear good old Earth English. “To unidentified space craft this is Earth patrol vessel ‘Adam Jones’ please respond.” “To unidentified space craft this is Earth patrol vessel ‘Adam Jones’ please respond.” “Adam Jones, Adam Jones, this is Orlanan cruiser 9024 and at present we are throttling back to normal system cruise speed and await your coming alongside.” “This is ‘Adam Jones’ Capt. Paul Smith to whom am I speaking?” “Capt. Smith this is Cmdr. Jason Lee of the ‘Pathfinder’.” “Say WHAT?” “You heard me Capt. I am Cmdr. Jason Lee of the Earth exploration vessel ‘Pathfinder’. I am its sole survivor after a crash on the planet Epsilon Eradani 4. This vessel is the Orlanan space cruiser 9024, 4 years out from home planet bound for Earth with myself and family aboard.” “Did you say ‘family’ aboard Cmdr.?” “It’s a long story Capt. and I’d be glad to tell it to you, but would you notify Space Command via secure channel of our arrival and intentions.” “Yes Sir: Cmdr. Message is being coded as we speak and will be sent soonest.” “Thank you, Capt. we await your arrival in approx 34 minutes. I look forward to meeting you in person.”
“9024, 9024; this is ‘Adam Jones’ calling?” “’Adam Jones’ this is ‘9024’, Go ahead.” “This is ‘Adam Jones’, that thing is huge, just how big is that thing?” “9024 just over 10 kilometers in length and about ½ KM in dia.” “We have you visual now ‘Adam Jones’ come parallel to open and lighted bay for docking.” “Roger that 9024, we are maneuvering now.”
I stood on the observation deck and watched as ‘Adam Jones’ moved into the shuttle bay and moored. The outer doors closed and within 2 hours the bay was safe to enter. I stepped from the Ob-deck and approached the ‘Adam Jones’ personnel hatch. As the hatch opened I saw a man in a Lt. Cmdr’s uniform step down from the hatch and as he raised his hand to shake mine said, “Cmdr. Lee I am Capt. Smith it is good to see you again Sir.” “We’ve met?” “Yes Sir, at the academy the week before the Pathfinder left on its mission.” “Well then Capt. I present to you the Capt. of this vessel, Capt Sordane; and these Capt. are my wife Solara and the 4 youngest of our children.” The look on his face when he saw the Orlanans was one of shock, fear and awe all rolled into one, it was priceless. “I am at your disposal Sir; Madam. And I am requested to escort you and this ship to lunar orbit.” “Well then, it’s best we get moving, Capt. Sordane if you would Sir, The third planet has a large natural satellite and there is a base on it.” “Very well Cmdr.; Bridge this is the Capt. Make space normal speed to the satellite of the third planet.” “Satellite of the third planet, Aye Sir, Bridge out.” With Capt. Smith in tow I lead the way to a lounge were Solara and I tell Capt. Jones as well as Capt. Sordane the story of how we came to be stranded on EE4 and how we became the family we are now. Capt. Smith spoke up, “That Sir is one of the best tales of survival I have ever heard and I applaud you and your wife for making the best of your lives and providing such a love story for others to marvel at.” Capt. Sordane piped in with, “I agree Sir, I had heard bits and pieces but now to have heard the whole story, I just feel that it was meant for you two to be together.” “Thank you Sirs, Capt. Sordane how long till we get to our destination?” “About 10 hours at our present speed.” “Thank you Capt., now if you will excuse us it has been a long day and we must attend to our children and our selves. In about 10 hours then.” “Good night then Cmdr., Ms. Lee in about 10 hours then.” Both Capt.’s speak up.
As I look out the view port at Lunar Base 1 to starboard and Earth to port I get that old feeling of a sailor coming home. When you finally see the buildings and homes of your home port you get that feeling your travels are over and it is time to settle down and stay put. Solara is with me and stares at Earth just mumbling to herself about how beautiful it is; the children are getting excited and you can see their wings flutter as the anticipation builds. Capt. Sordane approaches and informs me, “We’ll be setting down on the outer pad of the base and will be provided shuttles to the base itself.” “Thank you Capt. we will meet you at the lift bay.” As Solara, the children and I exit the lift in the pad transfer bay all the base personnel turned and stared at Her and the kids. As we moved to the underground shuttle more Orlanans stepped off the lift and all work came to a grinding halt as all the Earthers stopped and stared. I chuckled under my breath to look at my fellow humans, knowing just how they felt coming face-to-face with ‘Angels.’ We get aboard the shuttle and transit to base operations. Upon arrival the base Cmdr. greets me and does a DNA scan just to be sure I am who I say I am. “Cmdr. Lee I am Cmdr. Fooglesburg commanding officer of Lunar 1. Welcome home and welcome to Earth to your family.” “Thank you Cmdr. Let me introduce my wife, Solara; my 4 youngest children Sylawn and Tylawn, my daughters and Dytor and Lytor, my sons. And let me introduce Capt. Sordane of the Orlanan cruiser 9024.” “Welcome Capt. Welcome all. If you would follow me I will show you to your quarters. And if you would Cmdr., Capt. please join me in Central Command when you have settled in.” We were shown to the VIP suites and guards were placed to keep out the curious. I got Solara and the kids settled in showed them how to operate the view screen and then told Solara, “I’ll be back in a little while, there is going to be some de-briefing from earth-side and they are going to want to talk to the Capt. It’s a good thing he learned English, via hypno-induction, on the trip out.”
De-briefing was a pain-in-the-ass. Question after question after question; it was a good thing I had thought to bring the logs from the Pathfinder. As I viewed the logs with the base Cmdr. I realized just how close I came to buying the big one. The tattle-tales on the logs show just how much damage the Pathfinder sustained in the impact with the Orlanan cruiser. Even if we had been able to stay in orbit we would not have survived as the engine core was ruptured and ejected by the computer; no power no life. After about 5 hours we took a break and when I came out to the main office there was Solara sitting there talking to the base Cmdr. “Darling,” she said, “The Cmdr. here has been telling me about stories from Earth’s history and I think that we have discovered a connection between a missing Orlanan ship and a story from about 3000 years ago on Earth.” “An early survey ship went missing without a trace with a crew of 20 onboard. They were mapping FTL tunnels (Faster Than Light) and was assumed to have encountered an event horizon and was pulled in. But, it appears that they may have landed on Earth in the area of Central America as some of the native pictograms are similar to early Orlanan space suits.” “You have got to be kidding!” “Cmdr. some of your wife’s history is absolutely amazing and I would like very much if she could provide me with some printed copies of Orlana’s history, I am sure I would find it interesting reading and I believe that other races we have encountered have similar stories.” Solar answered; “Cmdr. I would be happy to have the 9024’s Capt. download copies from the ship’s memory.” “Cmdr. Sir, is there anything more you need me for?” “No, Cmdr. you may go. I am sure that you will be contacted if there are any more questions. Thank you Ms. Lee for an interesting afternoon. Good day to you both.”
The days go by with answering questions and learning about all the new things that happened while I was gone. There is also the discussion about what to do about EE4 and the proposal put forth by the Orlanan’s, and myself, to make it the way-point between the two systems. One day just before dinner Solara comes to me with a bit of a predicament. “Darling, Julna came to me today with the question of; What is she to do now that she finds herself caring about an Earth man named Tony Divencenzo” “Who is Tony Divencenzo?” “He works in the medical labs here and they have been spending a lot of time together. They are coming by after dinner to talk to us about what they are to do now.” About an hour after dinner the door bell pinged and when I answered there stood before me a good looking young human and an Orlanan female that looked a lot like Capt. Sordane in coloration. “Come in, Come in, Have a seat. Is there anything I can get you?” “No thank you Cmdr. we’re fine. We just finished our dinner.” “Solara, our guests are here.” “Hello Julna, Tony; Welcome.” As Tony and Julna tell us about how they feel about each other and the things they have in common, I look at Solara and take her hand in mine as I can see in her expression she is remembering all the things from when we found out how much we cared for each other.
“Cmdr. I am going to ask you bluntly; What would you do?” “Well, Tony, I would ask Julna to marry me.” Tony looks at me puzzled and then I see comprehension on his face. He turns to Julna and asks, “Julna, my love, will you marry me, will you be my mate?” “Yes my darling I will.” “I suggest that you two go see Cmdr. Fooglesburg in the morning and tell him how you feel and what your intentions are. And I suggest you speak to Capt. Sordane as well as Julna is a member of his crew. If you need our help please call on us.”
It has been almost a month since that evening with Tony and Julna; and today we are Best Man and Matron of Honor at their wedding. Cmdr. Fooglesburg presided and Capt. Sordane gave away the bride. Solara looked as if she was going to cry even though Orlanan’s don’t and that night she was so passionate with me I know that that was the night we made the boys.
A couple of weeks after the wedding Solara comes to me and announces that she is pregnant again but that something is wrong; it doesn’t feel right and she is afraid of what the Doctor might find. “Please go with me to the Doctor, Darling?” “I don’t want to be there alone when he tells me the bad news.” “Let’s go dear; it can’t be anything we can’t handle together.” We go to the medical deck and tell the receptionist that we need to see the Doctor as my thinks she is pregnant but thinks something is wrong as it doesn’t ‘feel’ right. We wait for nearly an hour before the Doc comes out and calls us into an exam room, and then they draw blood and urine for tests and set up for an ultrasound to look in her ‘pouch’. When the labs come back the tech and the Doc run the ultrasound and they are discussing the results in low tones so I can’t hear what they are saying. After a few minutes they come over and start explaining the trouble. Cmdr., Ms. Lee; we have discovered the reason that your pregnancy doesn’t ‘feel’ right. You are carrying 4 eggs, but that is not all, these eggs are all male sized. As you know male eggs are larger and therefore the fact that there are 4 in your ‘pouch’ gives you that not-right feeling.” “That is not possible Doctor; males are never born in 4s only in 2s.” “That is what all the double-checking was about. The records from the 9024 gave me that info and I ran the test 3 times to be sure.” “The records on the 9024 show that this happened a number of times before, but has not happened in over 600 years.” “Doc, let me get this straight; you’re telling me that Solara is pregnant with 4 but that they are male and this is some very rare phenomenon?” “That is it in a nut shell.” “I must tell you that this is not the first time I’ve seen this. This morning that young Orlanan Julna was in here and she too is pregnant with 4 males and was just as surprised as you.” “The ships medical officer and I are studying this and hopefully we can find out why this has happened at this time and he is hoping that it can be duplicated.”
As the weeks go by Solara is in the med center every two weeks and then every week for the last month as she is huge. She was big when she gave birth to Dyla, Jyla, Myla and Tyla; but this is nuts. She can hardly walk and the Doc has recommended she spend the next 5 weeks in the med center on bed rest. She is not alone though as Julna is in the same room and they are becoming close friends.
I spend each evening with my angel as daily I deal with Space Command on the EE4 proposal from Orlana. The Orlanans have proposed that EE4 be not only a way-station but that it remain neutral and with the exception of space craft have no planet based defensive systems. Space Command has proposed that orbital defenses be placed and they are down to what those systems will entail. We have been going at it for weeks and the last hurdle is how the orbital stations will be crewed when one of the Orlanan junior officers speaks up with what just might be the best answer yet. His idea is to have 8 stations, 4 commanded by Space Command and 4 commanded by Orlana and all the crews be mixed from both worlds. The Space Command board (via vid-link) is looking dumb-founded and saying to each other “Why didn’t I think of that,” when I get a call from med center that Solara has gone into labor. I excuse myself telling all what is happening and that my vote is for this latest proposal.
When I get to the med center I find that Solara is in hard labor and that one of the babies is almost out. I barely get my gown on when I hold my son in my arms. As we are on Earth base Solara, who would normally name the children, has allowed me to choose the names of this special set of boys. The first is Thomas, after my father; the second is James, after my grandfather; the third is Peter, after my uncle; and the forth is Paul after my Exec. Officer on Pathfinder. As I look at my sons lying in their basinets I hold the 4 children brought with us and think back to when the only love I had in my life was the ship I commanded. Oh how things have changed since I first found ‘My Angel.’ As I’m reminiscing Tony comes walking up and points out his 4 boys in the other basinets. We celebrate this memorable occasion and as I go to Solara’s bedside I tell her of the idea put forth by the Orlanan officer. She is instantly in accordance and tells me to go back to the conference and tell Capt. Sordane that she is sure her father will support this in the national assembly. I kiss her and then my children and return to the conference room to find them still at it. They acknowledge my return and discussions are placed on hold while I tell of the birth of mine and Tony’s sons. Before they start talking again I take Capt. Sordane aside and tell him what Solara said. He says “Thank you,” and returns to the table. As things get going again Capt. Sordane steps up and starts talking about Solara and her father.
“Sirs, please might I have the floor? I have some information that might be of interest to all here. All of you know that Cmdr. Lee is married to an Orlanan named Solara. This ‘woman’ is the daughter of one of our most beloved assemblymen. Torlon took on the National Assembly to get them to adopt a proposal to go against tradition in the assignment of work roles in our society. In our society work roles were assigned as per a person’s status and lineage, much the same as you’re India once had. About 100 of your years ago Torlon had a young male working for him that had an idea to make a machine work more efficiently but because of his ‘place’ he was ignored. Torlon liked the young male and after listening to the idea proposed it himself, in which case it was accepted and credit was given to Torlon. When he challenged those in charge to give credit to Sardit he was ordered to remember his place. So being the generous and kind person he was he took the matter to the National Assembly and after almost three years the assembly adopted a law stating that the higher-archy or status traditions were outlawed. That no matter a person’s ‘place’ all were equal and were to be treated as such. It took a long time but we are getting there. So, please, when I say that this shared command proposal would be accepted on Orlana if Torlon supported it, I could almost guarantee it. Thank you.” I had no idea my father-in-law was so famous, but when I think back to meeting him I now know why I was accepted so readily. The meeting broke-up for the day and we agreed to meet in 2 days to further discuss Lt. Bortin’s proposal.
I spent the 2 days with my family; my 2 girls and now 6 boys. I marvel at my angel as we have 20 children and I love her so much that I find it hard to believe that I had any kind of life before we met. I see my children and think of the ones on Orlana and know that there must be a guiding force in the universe because I feel so blessed by these miracles. Just before dinner on the second day I get a call from Cmdr. Fooglesburg asking me to bring Solara to the meeting in the morning, she agreed and I got an idea of what might happen at that meeting.
As we walk into the conference room I see that all the parties are present and the Space Command board was on the vid. “Good morning Cmdr., Ms. Lee; can we get started? Cmdr. have you discussed any of these proceedings with Ms. Lee?” “Sir’s the only part of this that I have discussed with my wife is a general overview of Lt. Bortin’s motion.” “Ms. Lee, Capt. Sordane gave us a quick history of how much your Father is revered by the people of your world. What I would ask you is; Do you believe your Father would support this treaty in your National Assembly?” “Sir’s I only know what my husband has told me about this proposal, but if I understand you correctly; ‘The planet you know as EE4 would be neutral and self governed, that the planet would have no planet based weapons only defensive armament on 8 orbital stations manned by mixed crews and commanded by both Earth and Orlanan Commanders, do I have it right?” “Yes Ms. Lee you have it exactly right.” “Then Sir’s I can tell you without contradiction that my Father would support this with all His might but would possibly bend a few wings to get it passed.” “Excuse us Ms. Lee, but ‘bend a few wings’?” “Sir’s if I might that is an Orlanan saying very similar to our ‘twist a few arms’ in its intent.” “Thank you Cmdr. Lee I thought it sounded something like that.” “Ms. Lee, do we have your assurances that you will support this to your Father and assist in its passage?” “Sir’s that is exactly what I am saying and I believe that you will find I stand with my Husband in this. But there is also this, My Husband and I have discussed the possibility of our Family returning to EE4 to live out the rest of our lives and I would feel comfortable living under such a system.” “Cmdr. is this true?” “Yes sir’s it is true we have discussed it and I was hoping that we would discuss it further, but it looks as though my wife has made up our minds for us.” Everyone chuckles and then it is handed to us. “Cmdr. Fooglesburg, how soon can 2 ships be readied to make the trip to Orlana?” “I can have 2 ships ready in 13 months Sir.” “Capt. Sordane, can you have the 9024 ready in that time?” “Absolutely Sir’s.” “Then let’s go people, let’s get it done.” Cmdr.s I expect regular progress reports. Command out.” “Ok people you heard the man. Let’s get moving.” Capt., Cmdr., Ms. Lee if you would stay for a moment. I would like to put you 2 in charge and Ms. Lee I would like you to see to it that the families of the crews are apprised of these developments and that any who wish to go have that opportunity. Thank you, Good day.”
Things got crazy on Lunar base as things geared up for three major launches. The Orlanan cruiser 9024 and the Earth cruisers Constellation and Enterprise would launch in 13 months on a major diplomatic mission. Some rework on the 9024’s engines will allow the ship to increase its maximum overall speed from .87 L to .96 L. it would allow the 9024 to make the journey home in 3yrs. 1 mo. cutting 11mos. off the trip. The Connie and the ‘E’ make the 9024 look like a toy as they are about 3 times its size. We have discovered that there are more than just Tony and Julna in the population of Lunar Base, there are 11 couples that are the same as us and there are 2 couples that are Orlanan males and Earth females. All have put in requests to be on this mission and all have placed requests to marry with their respective commands.
Things are getting hectic here. We had a 13 couple wedding 2 mos. ago and all couples were warned NO PREGNANCIES as this mission cannot be delayed.
Two months to go and things are still looking good for the set launch date. There was a small problem with the re-fit on the 9024s engines but with the brain storm of their Chief Engineer it was resolved and the 9024 is back on schedule.
Two weeks to go and all the work is complete, on all three ships. We are checking and re-checking all the work and data so that everything will be set and correct.
Launch day. Solara and I get the children aboard and placed in cryo for the trip. Then we go to the Observation deck to watch as the ships lift-off and set coarse for Orlana. Solara and I are on the Constellation with our children and after saying our welcomes to the Capt. and crew we check on the children and then go to our cryo chamber to sleep till our arrival at Orlana. And as I closed my eyes I looked upon my Angel.

Chapter 5: BACK to ORLANA

Ten days out from Orlana and Solara and I are awakened so that we can contact the 9024 and Orlanan space control. Solara got on the radio to Capt. Sordane on the 9024 then talked to her father. We were going to have to get ship-to-ground transport as the Connie and the ‘E’ were too big to ground; they will have to remain in orbit and I hopped that I might get my father-in-law up here to see them. When we got planet side my in-laws and children were there to greet us; it was strange to see our 6 oldest daughters with their husbands, 4 with children and 2 expecting. The rest all healthy and glad to see their parents and siblings. Solara was a bit out-of -sorts at finding out she was a Grandmother but Father was thrilled at being a Great-Grandfather; He was also shocked speechless when we told him of the boys’ quadruple birth. He went on-and-on about how this hasn’t happened in 686 years; that’s when we told him about Tony and Julna and their quadruple male birth. He immediately got on the ‘phone’ and was informed by the med center that it was true there had been two sets of quad boys born on Luna Base; those of his daughter and those of Mr. and Mrs. Divencenzo.
Two days after landing Father, myself, Solara, Capt. Sordane, Lt. Bortin, Adm. Sandecker (from Space Command) and the Elder Lords sat down to discuss the status of EE4. Everyone introduced themselves and then Father stood and presented Lt. Bortin’s idea to the Lords. After about an hour Lord Chultan stood and asked Lt. Bortin to explain his idea. The Lt. stood and said, “My Lords and guests I was privileged to sit with my Captain at the discussions concerning the planet 8751-A (discovering ship and order found) known to Earth as Epsilon Eradani 4. After listening to the discussions for more than two weeks I was suddenly struck by the thought that if we mixed the crews and commands that that would be the best way to insure the planets neutrality in the area of space between our two spheres of influence. That this set-up would allow for a secure place for each of our citizens and traders to contact the others and carry out business and visitation. I trust that my Lords will make a decision equitable to all concerned. Thank you.” “Thank you Lt. If you will allow us some time to talk amongst ourselves we will cal you when we have questions or a consensus.”
Father invited Adm. Sandecker to his home for dinner and to partake of his hospitality. Adm. Sandecker, his aid, Solara, myself and our children all converged on Fathers house and had a great evening. Solara and I got caught-up with our kids and Adm. Sandecker got the chance to talk with Father, later telling me he was very impressed by his knowledge and comportment. Everyone just kind of sat around for 5 days before Father got a call from the Lords to bring us all together for a meeting. As we entered the assembly hall the Lords Council were all in their seats and I felt just a bit overwhelmed. We entered and took the offered seats and after all of us arrived Lord Chultan stood up. The hall was immediately quiet and He spoke. (Interpreted) “Lords and Visitors, we have before us a future altering decision that may provide a new avenue of prosperity and goodwill for all our peoples. You all know of the rescue of one of our prominent daughters from the wreckage of the cruiser 8751 by the Earth man who became her mate and the father of her children. Ex-Lord, Torlan, her father has brought from his son-in-laws people a proposal for the mutual sharing of the planet known to us as 8751-A. We, the council have thought long on the proposal and ask Lt. Bortin to step forward.” “My Lords?” “Lt. we have found that the Earthers name there planets rather than number then as we do. In the decision we have come to we have to agree with them, Lt. the planet known as 8751-A will be known from this day forward as BORTINAN. To the Earth men present we agree to the proposal and Adm. Sandecker if you would step forward we have for you our signed copies of the treaty. Capt Sordane step forward.” “My Lords?” “For your part in this great endeavor you are hereby promoted to the rank of Fleet Commander.” “Thank you my Lords.” “Torlan, we know that you would refuse any reward put to you by this council, so we have decided to reward your daughter instead.” “Solara Lee, step forward.” “My Lords?” “We would put to you that you, and your husband be the first governors of the planet given that Earth concurs.” “I adamantly concur.” said Adm. Sandecker. “Do you accept Cmdr. Lee?” I look at Solara and the light in her eyes and the smile on her lips tells me that this is something she wishes. That and the fact that I have always wanted to go back to retire there, I say; “Lords and Adm. Sandecker I graciously accept the honor bestowed on me by this council and with my wife I will do my best to govern wisely.” “I look at Solara and mouth, “We get to go home.” The council calls for other business as we exit the hall and I grab Solara and squeeze her tight whispering to her “I love you.” She wraps her wings around me and tells me that she loves me too, it is so wonderful that feeling of closeness within the confines of her wings.
Over the next few months we get everything together for our move to EE4 (Bortinan) and the start of our colony there. Both the Constellation and the Enterprise will aid in the transport of supplies and personal to Bortinan from Orlana, then the Connie will proceed to Earth to return Adm. Sandecker to Space Command and then return to Bortinan with the colony contingent from Earth. All of our children and their families have agreed to go as has Father and Mother. All the mixed couples have also agreed to colonize although both Orlanan male/Earth female couples will have to wait until the women deliver.
Today we launch for Bortinan, Solara, myself and our entire family are aboard the Enterprise. The 9024 will be accompanying us and it too will stay there to work with Enterprise as our space defense system. Cmdr. Sordane has his family aboard and will be our military liaison as will Cmdr. John P. Jones from Constellation with his Orlanan wife. As I lay down to sleep I look at my love, my wife, my Angel.

Chapter: 6 BORTINAN, (EE4), HOME!

It is so good to see EE4 again; the place where my whole life changed.
The 9024 settles into orbit and the comms come to life with all the data and talk between the three ships. 9024 will provide orbit to landing transfer for major supplies and equipment and shuttles will handle personnel. The main settlement will be at the clearing where 9024 first touched down and found us. We have on board 1000 per-fab shelters and warehouses.
We start clearing woodlands and setting up buildings; drilling wells for water and setting up our waste disposal plant. As we get homes and facilities up more and more people come down from Enterprise and Constellation. Our little village is growing into a small city and it is surprising how well everyone is getting along. Solara has found 9 of her friends from school with their spouses and children and there are 22 couples from Constellation’s crew that have requested to stay. The first major contingent from Earth won’t be here for about 5 years and hopefully we will have things well in-hand when they arrive.
We have exhumed the bodies of the Pathfinder crew and the 8751 crew. They were re-buried with all honors in an area that we agreed to set aside as a grave yard. Solara told the children about her brother as they laid his body to rest and I could almost swear she cried.
Our town is growing and nearly complete in its first stage but it has been a hard year. One of the “E”’s shuttle pilots made a mistake in setting some materials down in a small clearing and an Orlanan and an Earther were both killed. Their wives were adamant about justice and wanted the pilot ‘imprisoned’; but after an examination of the lift wire it was found to be faulty and he was reduced in grade, fined for carelessness and held aboard the “E” for 90 days doing port-and-starboard watches. It has also been hard on Solara and I as we have not had a lot of time for each other. Tonight is the party to celebrate our first year here so I think I’ll do something special for her.
I knew from previous tries Solara can’t lay on her back to have sex as it puts too much strain on her wing root joints. But I remember that feeling on Orlana when she wrapped her wings around me so tightly and how I thought how it would feel if we were making love when it happened. I devised a special pillow that would support her off her wing roots and allow us to make love in the missionary position. I wanted just once to look in her eyes as I made love to her.
We had a great time at the party and everyone was really happy with the way the colony was coming along. As we left the party I said to Solara; “I have a surprise for you and I hope you like what it is going to allow us to do.” When we got home we said good night to our children and then went to our room to settle in for the night. When Solara saw the pad on the bed she looked puzzled and asked me what it was for and I told her; “It’s easier if I show you. Here lie down on your back right here.” As she lay down her wing root joints fit perfectly in the hollows that I designed into it. “You see my darling when you lay down on this pad we can make love while looking at each other, and see the expression on each other’s face.” “This is wonderful darling; do you think we could try it out right now?” And with that we got busy.
I started petting her on all the spots she liked. I stroked her entry with my fingers and she moaned and lifted up into my touch. I licked and sucked her nipples, and felt them harden to thumb sized nubs. Oh; I did love her nipples. As I stroked her nub she was soon in the throes of an orgasm and lube was running down my fingers. I got between her legs and she lifted her ass up to meet me; I pushed my cock into her and felt her steering muscles guide me into her tunnel and this time I bottomed out before I was all in. She put her legs around me and held me tight as I stroked my cock in and out of her. She was moaning and groaning and saying; “Darling; this feels incredible, I am so full and I feel you deeper than you have ever been. I am going to cum again and it is so good.” “I’m getting close too, Darling.” I could feel my cum boiling up in my balls and knew it wouldn’t be long. I could feel her tunnel tightening up as she cried out; “I’m cumming!” She held me tight with her legs and pulled me into her and I felt myself slip deeper into her as my cock went through her “cervix”. I started cumming and as I shot into her she screamed she was cumming again. She wrapped her legs, arms and wings around me and shuddered threw her orgasm. I felt so loved as I lay in her embrace and slowly slipped from within her. As I slid into sleep I gazed upon; My Darling, My Mate, My Love, My Angel

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