Two months had passed when Katie came home from work with the good news.
“I’m pregnant; they say about two months or so.”
Sarah cuddled her and told her she was very happy for her, she came over to me and kissed me.
“You did it Mark, I’m going to have your baby, now my life is complete, there is nothing more I could wish for.”
“What would you like boy or girl?”
“I don’t care, it’s yours and long as its fit and well then I really don’t care.”

She cuddled and kissed me again.

Another month passed and Katie’s belly had begun to swell a little.
She was already walking about like a proud mum, even though there was six months to go.
She began writing lists of things the baby would need, she hadn’t realised just how much she would need or the cost of everything.
Although some of the things were passed down from Carly.
Both Sarah and I agreed to help her with it, of course I would pay the lions share as I was the father.

She was sitting at the kitchen table one evening, while Sarah was preparing the meal.
“What’s that form you are filling in? To your employers?”
No, I did that yesterday asking about maternity leave, this one is for changing my name.”
“Changing your name, what surname?”
“Yes. I was going to discuss it over dinner”
“Changing it to what?”
“Bradley, same as yours and Marks.”
“Why do you want to do that?”
“So the baby has the same name as its father.”
“So what’s wrong with Chandler?”
“I don’t want my baby’s name the same as my fathers, I haven’t seen or heard from him in over twenty years, he doesn’t even know I exist so why should I keep Chandler? I should have done it years ago.”
“Have you asked Mark about the change?”
“No, not yet I was going to ask when we were all together.”
“Yes I can see why you want to do it, makes sense to me, I’m sure he will agree with me.”

They both came through to me.

“Do you mind if Katie changes her name to ours?”
“No, I think it would be a great idea, save the baby having problems later with having a different name, is that what you want to do Katie?”
“Yes, if you both don’t mind, I feel more a Bradley then a Chandler anyway; you have been more of a father to me in a lot of ways.”
“Well I don’t think your real father would have got you pregnant but I understand what you are saying.”
“Well, no I guess he wouldn’t, but Lauren and I look on you as our dad, and her name will change when she gets married, the baby and me would be the odd one out.”
“So what are you going to call the baby?” Sarah asked.
“I don’t know yet, not even sure of the sex, Mark and I will decide nearer the time.”

Two moths later Katie was getting quite a belly on her, she came into the lounge with an envelope.
“I am officially a Bradley, Katie Bradley, all I have to do now is notify every one of my change of name, and my baby will not be asked dumb questions when she is at school, as to why her name is different from the rest of us.”
“And why we are on the subject of names what are you going to call the baby? Have you decided, we don’t want to keep calling the baby an it.”
“I still don’t know the sex of it yet, I will in a few more months then I can decide, no,” looking at me, “we can decide.”

Katie was now seven months pregnant, she had a scan and it was going to be a girl.
Now we didn’t have to call it a baby or it, now it was a she.
But Katie still couldn’t decide on her name, she didn’t even have a short list, it seemed something she wanted to leave until she was born.

Eight months it was decided to go and get the baby’s pram and clothes.
The in-laws bought the pram/pushchair that Katie wanted, and Sarah and I bought clothes and every day things such as nappies, bottles.
Katie had decided she didn’t want to breast feed, for some reason she thought it would make her tits sag, and she wanted to get her figure back after the birth.

The baby was going into Katie’s bedroom for now, so she was on hand to get up in the night if she was needed, thus not disturbing any one else.
When the baby was older, Carly had agreed that the baby could go in with her, and be her baby, which made us smile.

But Sarah and I felt we needed an extra bedroom, so we had decided on a loft conversion, that we have done when the baby was two or three years old.
Carly could then go into the loft bedroom, leaving the baby in Carlys room.

So everything was set for the birth, just had to wait till baby was ready to appear, Katie still hadn’t a name for her.
Lauren told Katie on a visit home “Laurens a nice name Katie, why not call her after her auntie?”
“Because I remember Lauren was a scatty sister and I don’t want a scatty daughter too, it seems to go with the name.”
They both had a laugh, and Lauren did agree she had been a bit silly at times when she was younger.

Katie was only weeks away from the birth. And very rounded at the front, and she walking as she said she never would, like a duck waddling about.

I was working about 100 miles from home, when I received a phone call from Sarah.
“Hello babe, didn’t expect a call from you, everything ok?”
“No its not, I’ve got home and found Katie on the floor in a pool of blood, I phoned the ambulance and they took her to hospital, I’m there now, she is in theatre. I think you had better get home as quick as you can.”
“How is she, is she going to be ok?”
“At the moment it doesn’t look good, please hurry I want you here, mum is getting Carly from school, and taking her to her house.”

I rushed home as fast as I could, but the traffic at that time was horrendous.
It had taken almost two hours as I pulled into the hospital car park, and I ran to Sarah who was standing by the entrance.

“How is she?”
“The babies find, but Katie has lost a lot of blood and is in a coma.”
“What have the doctors said about it?”
“Not much, they said it could be a short period or even days or weeks. There is no way of telling.”
“Oh my God, where is she?”
“They have her in intensive care at the moment, one more thing Mark, they have said she has lost a lot of blood, and if she does survive she could be brain damaged when she comes out of it.”
“I want to see her, take me to her room.”

We arrived at the room, she was lying in the bed connected to monitors, and a nurse was stood beside her.
“Any change?” Sarah asked.
“Not yet I’m afraid its early days, we are giving her a transfusion, but it’s just a wait and see now.”
“Can we stay?” I asked.
“Yes I think that will be ok, Ill check with sister though.”
I sat on a chair beside Katie.

“Come on Katie wake up, you had a little girl; if you wake up we can go and see her.”
Of course there wasn’t any response; she just laid there her eyes closed.
“Ill get you a cup of coffee Mark.” Sarah told me and left the room.

I held Katie’s hand and kissed her cheek, “please wake up my angel, I love you so much, don’t you dare leave me.”

Sarah returned and handed me a coffee.
We sat with her for a couple of hours.

The doctor came in and confirmed what Sarah had told me, then checked her out.
“It will be a while before we know much at all Mr Bradley.”
“Will I be able to stay with her for the night?”
“I don’t see why not a lot of parents stay when their children are in comas; in fact we find it helps when they hear a familiar voice.”

I didn’t mention to him I wasn’t her father, I didn’t want to complicate things, and if he found out I may not have been able to stay at all.

“I don’t see much point in you stopping the night Mark to be honest.” Sarah told me.
“I want to stay; I wouldn’t sleep if I went home.”
“No, I don’t think I will either, but I have to go and get Carly, Ill bring her in to see Katie on the way back, Ill be about an hour.”

Sarah left me alone with Katie. I sat holding her hand and brushing her hair, and whispering how much I loved her.
All I could hear was the sounds of the monitors, noises from outside on the ward, and Katie gently breathing.

The hour soon passed and Sarah was back with Carly.
She climbed on my lap and looked firstly at Katie then at me.

“Will she be alright Daddy?”
“Yes she will be ok, she’s had her baby and is resting, its very tiring having a baby you know.”
“Why are those tubes coming out of her?”
“They help the doctors monitor Katie so they know she is alright.”
“How long will she be asleep?”
“We don’t know, we hope it’s not long, but she’s very tired and needs to rest. Carly do you mind if I stay with her for a while? Mummy will look after you, but I think I ought to be here when she wakes up again.”
“You will come home again though wont you when Katie is awake?”
“Course I will.”

“I don’t like seeing Katie like that.”
“None of us do Carly but she will be ok soon I’m sure.”
Tears were beginning to fill here little eyes, as she looked up at me, “Daddy she won’t die will she?”
I saw no point in lying to her “we don’t know yet my angel, she has lost a lot of blood, that’s why they have that tube in her arm, so they can put back what she has lost, but it takes a long time. But Katie is a strong girl I’m sure she will back with us soon.”
I handed her a tissue, and looked at Sarah, she was looking at Katie, also crying. I handed another to Sarah.

“Look, why don’t you take Carly along to see Katie’s baby?”
“Would you like that Carly?” asked Sarah, “shall we go and see Katie’s baby.”
“Yes please.” She seemed to brighten up at the mention of the baby.
She climbed off my lap, and looked up at me. “Please look after Katie Daddy, I love her very much, she plays with me and is my best friend.”
“I will look after her Carly I promise, and bring her home when she is well again; you come and see her tomorrow, now go with Mummy and see the baby.”
“What is her name?”
“She hasn’t got a name yet, Katie couldn’t decide on a name for her, she will give her a name when she is awake.”
I kissed them both and they left.

Again I was alone with Katie, the tubes coming from her, the monitor’s lights moving.
At least while they were silent, she was alive.
I had to wonder myself if she would return to us, or was I just putting on a brave face for the others, or even fooling myself.

I held her hand as I looked at her closed eyes, wishing and hoping that I would see her blue eyes sparkle once more.

The door opened and in came two nurses.
“We have to see to Katie, Mr Bradley, could you wait outside please?”
I got up and walked to the door, looking round I saw they were moving the covers from her.
I waited outside.
One nurse came out.
“Any change?” I asked.
“None I’m afraid, it doesn’t look good at the moment, maybe tomorrow. Why don’t you go and get a coffee from the canteen?”
“I shall soon.”
The other nurse left and I returned to Katie.

The nurses must have washed her, and combed her hair; she looked more like Katie then now.
I sat for a couple of hours, holding her hand.
I must have fallen asleep with my head on her leg, but I was suddenly awoken by the sound of Katie’s voice, she was whispering to me “don’t worry Mark every thing will be fine, I’m not going to leave you.”

I looked immediately at Katie thinking she must have woken up, but she still lay motionless, her eyes closed.
I had been dreaming, but it seemed so real.
I looked at the screens above her bed, there wasn’t any change, I had been dreaming.

The morning sun was just beginning to shine through the window, when a nurse came in.
“I’ve brought you a coffee Mr Bradley.”
“Call me Mark please.”
“Ok Mark, if you want to clean up, there’s a shower down the hall.”
“Yes I could do with a wash, thanks.”

I had the shower, and while I was walking back down her room, I was wondering what I would do all day with Katie.
I then passed the shop and saw the newspaper, which was an idea I would read Katie the news paper, then when she awoke she would be up to date with the world’s news.
When I got back to her room Sarah was there.
“Any change Mark?”
“Why don’t you come home and wait for news.”
“I need to be here.”
“What about your work?”
“Ill ring them and take a week’s holiday, Ill explain what’s happened.”
“I have to get to work now, will you be ok?”
“Yes, Ill keep Katie company. I have bought the paper to read to her, and I don’t want her to wake up and no one here she knows.”

Four days I sat beside her bed, reading her the news papers I had bought, even her favourite magazine, but still there wasn’t any change in her condition.

In the evening when we were alone and it was quiet, I would reminisce to her about our past life together.

Of how when she first time she saw me she was showing her legs off to me, saying “all the boys think I have nice legs, do you?”

The way she sat on the sun bed showing me her knickers.

The Sharika dance she did for me, when she was thirteen, when her mum was next door with Lauren, and the way I showed her my feeling for her when I tried to touch her as she lay on the sofa.

I would drift off to sleep, with my head on her bed, and each night I would hear her voice.
I thought it was real, I told Sarah often how Katie had spoken to me, and reassured me she would be ok.

Each time Sarah told me I had dreamt it.

I had to admit it was only wishful thinking, but it seemed so real.

The doctors hadn’t given me any encouragement, that there hadn’t been any improvement.
And apart from the nurses moving her daily, she lay motionless.

Sarah came in morning and night, but Carly didn’t come back.
Sarah had told me Carly didn’t like looking at Katie like that, and would wait at home for her to come back.

The seventh night, Sarah was sitting with me for a while; Sarah’s parents had picked Carly up from school.
“Lauren said she will come down tomorrow to see her, not that Katie will know.”
“She will know, I think she knows what’s going on, and whose here.”
“I don’t think she does Mark, just your mind playing games with you, she hasn’t spoken to you, you just dream it.”
“But it seems so real, I’m convinced she speaks to me, she will be ok, she has told me so.”
“You believe that Mark if it makes it better for you but I think we have lost her.”
“Don’t you dare say that, she’s fighting, and it takes time to repair her body, she needs us with her. That’s why I won’t leave her.”
“I want to believe that as much as you Mark, but I heard the doctors talking, they don’t hold out much hope; you have to face the truth Mark. Apart from her breathing there isn’t much left of her, we have lost her Mark, it breaks my heart to say it, but my eldest daughter has left me.”

Tears were filling my eyes as I looked down at Katie.

“I will never believe that Sarah, she wont leave us, she promised me she would never leave me and she wont, and I promised her many years ago I would never leave her, that’s why I have to stay, I cant let her down when she needs me most and go home. Just give up on her.”

“Well I have to go; I have a daughter who needs me at home.”
She kissed me, and I was alone with Katie once more.

At 9pm the nurses came back to wash Katie, I had to leave.

Through the half opened door I heard one say “I do hope she pulls through, he will be devastated if she doesn’t.”
“I know I have never seen such devotion in a father as I have with him. When they are together you can almost feel the love passing between them its uncanny. Its almost like static electricity, he’s convinced she speaks to him as well when he’s asleep I do hope she wakes up I don’t think he will be able to cope if she dies, he certainly loves her.”
“Had she been on life support the doctors would have been talking about turning it off by now.”
“Yes, lucky she is breathing on her own.”

Lauren came and visited Katie, but she didn’t stay more then an hour, like Carly she couldn’t bear to see Katie like that.

Lauren said jokingly that she had never seen Katie so quiet, I smiled at her comment.

But Lauren said immediately after “I wish I could hear her telling me what a scatty sister I am, why did this have to happen to her Mark? Thousands of women have babies every day, why did Katie have to end up like this.”

I couldn’t answer her; I held her close as she cried on my shoulder.

“I will cancel the wedding plans Mark, until we know what will happen to Katie.”
“No, you go ahead with them, your wedding is over two months away, and Katie has promised you she will be maid of honour, and she won’t break her promise.”

Lauren left soon after, and once again I was alone with Katie.

The ninth day, I was again talking about our past life together.

Telling Katie, how she was right, when she was thirteen, I had got very jealous of the men looking at her topless on the beach in Lanzarote, and the way the men would comment about her wearing Lauren shorts that were much to tight.

Sarah walked in

“Hello Mark, how is she?”
“Nothing new love.”
“Think you are wasting your time being here, you must be bored sitting here all day with her.”
“Its boring but I’m not leaving her, don’t start that again.”
“I wasn’t going to.”

Just then a nurse walked in.
“Glad I caught you both, the doctors have said the baby can go home tomorrow evening, have you got a name for her yet?”
“No, not until Katie wakes up.”
“Mark if we take the baby home you have to promise you will come home with her, not stay here tomorrow night, you can come back in the morning, but Carly wants to see you, come home and show her the baby, please.”
“Ok Sarah but first thing I shall be back here ok.”
“It will be nice to have you home, Ill tell Carly you will be home tomorrow then.”
“That’s it Mark,” agreed the nurse “it wont hurt either of you to have a few hours away from here, Ill make sure she’s ready to go home tomorrow.”

Shortly after they both left and I was alone with my love again, to talk about the old days and the way she led me on.

I hadn’t realised when I moved in and saw her for the first time, flashing her panties at me on the sun bed that six months later I would have been in love with her.

And twelve months later, I would be making love to her, and risking going to prison.
Or be prepared to spend the rest of my life with a thirteen year old girl, who would eventually have my baby.
Who was now in a coma, almost at deaths door, but still contrary to what others believed, she would pull through and we could continue our lives together.

Sitting beside her I stroked her hair, “Katie sweetheart the baby can come home with us tomorrow, I will take her home and show Carly your beautiful girl, and stay at home tomorrow night, but I will be back in the morning and stay with you. You will have to wake up and tell me her name I don’t know what you want to call her.”

I fell asleep again holding her hand, again I dreamed, I heard Katie speaking to me as she did most nights.
“Our baby’s name is Samantha, Mark, I hope you like the name I have chosen. I want you to take her home and stay there tomorrow with Carly and mum, you have been here so long with me. Im so glad you have kept your promise, but I will be ok tomorrow night, I want you to come back in the morning though.”

I awoke again and looked at her, still no sign that she had spoken, just another dream, but even a dream meant I could hear her voice once more.
All the time I could hear her I was sure she would be back with me.

In the morning Sarah didn’t come in, she was preparing the cot for the baby.
I read the morning paper to Katie as usual.

Late afternoon Sarah came in to see Katie.
She had brought a carry cot with her.
“She never moves does she, if she would only move an eye lid it would be some encouragement.”
She sat with me for an hour, telling me every thing was prepared for baby.

The nurse came in and had the baby in her arms, and placed her in the carry cot.
Sarah said, “I wish it were Katie taking her home, we still don’t know what to call her.”
“Samantha, that’s her name Sarah, Samantha.”
“Where did that come from, you sure Katie will like Samantha?”
“She should, she told me her name last night.”
“I’m not going there again Mark we have discussed it many times.”
The nurse remarked, “I think Samantha is a nice name.”

I kissed Katie good night, and told I would be back in the morning, and reluctantly left with Samantha and Sarah.

Carly was very excited when we got Samantha home, and she loved the name as well.

Sarah and I went to bed, leaving Samantha in Katie’s room with the door open in case she needed us.
I finally managed to sleep after couple hours laying, thinking of Katie, wishing I was with her.

I was awoken with a start at 3 am, sitting bolt upright in bed.
This disturbed Sarah.
“What’s up Mark?”
“I have to go to the hospital, she needs me.”
“You promised you would stay here tonight, its just worry and your imagination.”

Pulling on my trousers I told her “no I have to go, sorry but it’s something I have to do.”
“Ok you go then, but you can’t spend the rest of your life there, I’m beginning to wish that either she would wake up or.” She paused, “die, at least we could get on with our lives.”
“I don’t know how you can say that about your daughter, after all she has been through, and you want her dead.”
“I didn’t say that, but at the moment we are in limbo, going nowhere.”

I got up and kissed her goodnight and made my way back to Katie.
I still couldn’t believe Sarah could say such a thing.

When I arrived outside the room Katie was in, the nurse looked up at me, “What are you doing back here, I thought you were having a night at home.”
“I was, but I got woke up, and felt I had to come back, is it ok if I go in?”
“Course it is, I checked a few minutes ago she is still sleeping.”

I sat by her bed, looked up at the monitors they were the same.
I don’t know why I came back, just a feeling inside said I had to be here, but nothing had changed.

I held her hand and looked at her, she was lying peaceful, I rested my head on the bed, looking up at her face.

I had been there for a while, when the sun started to rise casing a light into the room, I could see her more clearly now.

I looked at the window again, and watched as the shadows danced across the room.

Feeling very alone, even though Katie was here with me.

I also began to feel that Sarah may be right; we may never have Katie back with us.
Was I just wasting my time?
But then I had my promise to Katie to consider, “I would never leave her,” that’s what I promised, but it was looking as if she would leave me.

The nurse came in and quietly placed a coffee on the bedside table, “I expect you could use one of these.”
“Thanks.” I told her, she left, and again it was quiet.

I leaned back, watching the sun streaming through the window now, coffee in one hand, holding Katie’s hand with the other.

While I was looking outside I could feel the grip that Katie had on my hand begin to tighten, I looked at her, then my hand.
Her fingers were tightening around my hand, her finger nails were now digging into the back of my hand, and it was becoming quite painful.

I looked at her face, but there was no sign of life.

By now I couldn’t stand the pain, two of her finger nails had drawn blood.
I leaned down to her face and whispered in her ear, “You are hurting me Katie.”

To my surprise her grip began to loosen, I looked at her, she had responded to my voice.

I just stared at her, but she lay motionless still, but I felt a little encouraged that she had heard me, or so I thought.

Again my attention was drawn else where, but the grip tightened again but not so much this time.
I looked at her again, her eyelids flickered, and I sat not daring to move, just watching her eyes.
After a few minutes they opened, I almost stopped breathing, god is she waking up? That’s all I could think.
I wanted to say something but was frightened in case they would shut again, I just watched her.

As I watched her eyes opened fully, still not daring to speak I brushed the hair from her face with my fingers.
I was willing her to wake up.

Her eyes were staring at the ceiling now, she looked one way then the other, as if wondering where she was.

She glanced at the monitors and her eyes closed once more.

I was wondering should I get the nurse, but if she closed her eyes again she would think I had imagined it, yet something else that hadn’t happened, in fact I was wondering, had I imagined it.

But no they were open again, wider this time, her head moved away from me, looking at the room.
Her head turned again and she was looking at me, just staring into my eyes.
I smiled down at her, those blue eyes I loved so much staring back at me.
I saw a slight smile come to her face.

I couldn’t stop myself I began to feel tears filling my eyes, Katie was waking up.
She watched as my tears rolled down my cheeks.

Her hand moved to my face, and cupped my cheek, her thumb gently brushing the tears away.

I leaned down and whispered “Hello my angel”

She smiled again, still brushing my tears away, I couldn’t think of anything to say only, “I love you so much, please stay with me this time, and don’t sleep again.”

She moved her lips but there was no sound.

I leaned down and kissed her, her eyes still watching me.
I held her as I snuggled into her neck.

“I had better get the nurse; she will want to tell the doctors.”

I saw a slight nod from her, and once again I kissed her and told her. “I wish I could show you how much I love you Katie, I feel quite helpless.”
I saw her lips move, and moved closer to listen; she spoke this time, very quietly, almost in a whisper “You have.”
That’s all she said.

“I’ve got to get the nurse, I will have to wait outside, but I will be back very soon, I have to phone your mum, please don’t sleep, stay with us now.”
She nodded.

I got up and left the room.

I walked to the nurse’s desk, she saw my tears. “Oh god no Mark, she hasn’t gone as she?”
I shook my head, “she’s awake, she’s woken up, and spoke to me.”
“Are you sure?”
She got up and run in the room, seeing her eyes were open she immediately paged the duty doctor, and he was there in moments.
“Sorry Mark you will have to wait outside.”
“I knew I would; take care of her wont you.”

I sat down and rang Sarah.
“Sarah” she must have heard the change in my voice and fearing the worse asked. “What’s happened Mark? Don’t tell me she as gone.”
“No, she is awake and smiling at me, you have to come.”
“Oh my god that’s wonderful. Ill get Carly and we will be there as soon as we can, that’s wonderful news Mark.”

I sat down to chat to the nurse while the doctor was in with Katie.
“You know it’s all your doing being so patient all that time, I hope she realises what a good dad she’s got.”

“I’ve got a confession to make.”
“What’s that Mark?”
“I’m not her dad.”
“Aren’t you? You have the same name as Katie we assumed you were, what relationship are you to her then?”
“Not sure really, boyfriend, lover, don’t know what you would call it.”
“And Sarah knows?”
“So whose baby is it?”
“Yours, and Sarah knows all this and is happy with it, she is her mother I assume.”
“Yes, she’s her mother, it’s a long story, but I came to lodge with them many years ago. I fell in love with Sarah, and then just by accident Katie fell for me and I fell for Katie. There was agro to start with, but Sarah came to accept it. We married and she knew I was sleeping with Katie, encouraged it you might say.”

“Well you can knock me down with a feather, had the doctor known he would probably not let you in with her as he did, not being blood related, but then if he didn’t allow that, would Katie be here now, we shall never know.”

So let me see and get this right, you and Sarah are parents to Carly?”
Your Katie’s baby father? And Carly is your daughter? So Katie and Carly are sisters, is that right?”
“Spot on.”
“That makes Sarah the baby’s grandmother, so what relation is Carly to the baby?
“I don’t have a clue, never thought about it.”
“And Lauren?”
“She’s just Lauren, Katie and Carly`s sister.”
“She’s not having a baby by you too is she?” She laughed
“No she’s got Tony, although in the early days we slept together.”
“God this is all to complicated for me, think I had better be quiet and say nothing to the doctors about your confession.”

By now Sarah had arrived, but no Carly.
“How is she can I see her?”
“The doctors in with her at the moment as soon as he’s has done, you can both go in.”
“Where’s Carly?” I asked.
“She was frightened she may still be all wired up and didn’t want to come with me, my mums with her. If she is ok later I bring her from school to see her.”

A few minutes later the doctor walked out smiling.
“Well done dad” I looked at the nurse, she smiled back at me. “Your patience worked she’s remarkably well considering, but we need to carry out some more tests later.
“But we can see her now?” Sarah asked.
“Yes, by all means. Have a few words with her, she mentioned she wanted a bath, the nurses can do that, and later we will just check her out again, but I cant see any thing wrong with her to be honest, although she needs rest.”

“Seems funny saying that after two weeks asleep” Sarah commented
“Yes it does but its taken a lot out of her, we will keep her in a few days to be sure, well you go in and Ill speak to you later. Nurse let them have a few minutes then get her to the bathroom, she wants to look good, says she looks a mess, and a bit smelly, and very hungry.”
“Ok doctor.”
“Smelly and hungry.” I thought, “That’s just how she was when I found her in the woods, after she had run away at the age of thirteen.”

Sarah walked in first; straight up to Katie and hugged her and kissed her.
“I’m so glad you have woken up. I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t. How are you feeling my baby?”
“A bit tired but I will be ok now, it’s all over. Where is Samantha? I want to see my Samantha, didn’t you bring her?”

“Samantha? Are you happy with that name Mark gave her?

”Mark didn’t call her Samantha I told him I wanted her called Samantha.”
Sarah looked at me, “it’s true she did tell me”
“We aren’t going into Katie talking to you again, Ill take your word for it.”

“Samantha is with her great Nan, while I came to see you, I will bring her back later when I bring Carly, oh and Lauren is on her way should be here this afternoon, she’s thrilled you are on the mend as we all are.”
“I couldn’t have done it with out Mark being here. I bet you were annoyed, but I needed him more for that short time. I do hope you understand.”
“I do understand but it put us under a bit of strain. And I had some bad thoughts. But as long as you are back to being the Katie we love it was worth it.”

“Well tonight he can go home and stay with you all, I won’t need him tonight, but I still want him mum, you can’t have him to yourself you know.” And smiled.

Once again those blue eyes were sparkling, not so bright, but as the doctor had said she needs to rest.
Then my Katie’s eyes will sparkle and shine again.

“Sorry. I have to throw you out, we have to clean her up, she’s making the ward smell.”
Both nurses laughed.

Sarah bent to kiss Katie, “we will all see you later my baby, thank you for coming back to us.”
“I couldn’t have done it with out Mark.”
One of the nurses looked at the other and said “Mark? Why not Dad?”
The other responded with “it’s a long and complicated story, Ill tell you later.”
And smiled at me.
I leaned over Katie and kissed her full on the lips, no tubes in the way now.

She kissed me back it felt good having Katie kiss me once more.

We broke apart and she stroked my cheek with her hand, “I’m so lucky to have found you Mark, I love you more then you will ever know, and you have proved you love me, and you didn’t break your promise and leave me.”
“And you didn’t break your promise and leave me either, now you get cleaned up, you smelly thing and we will be back this afternoon.”

I kissed her again and we left the nurses to attend to her.

As I drove hope I could hardly believe she was with us again, that feeling I had last night, telling me to go back to Katie, was it Katie again speaking to me, and she wanted me to be with her, or had I once again dreamt it.

It didn’t matter, I didn’t say anything to Sarah she would never have believed me.

But even to this day, I still believe that Katie was contacting me through the power of her mind.

Next and final part soon..

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2013-01-23 21:46:04
The ******* a baby does is by reflex, but breintfeedasg is something a baby needs to learn to do. Breastfeeding is harder for a baby to do than bottlefeeding because they have to work to latch on, and there is not an instant milk flow.Premature babies are not as good breastfeeders as fullterm babies. You are fortunate that at your son is able to nurse as well as he is doing. I have seen many premies not get the hang of it at all. It will take a little longer to help your son learn to breastfeed, because he is a premie, but it can be done. Also, every baby is different. Even some full term babies have trouble learning to breastfeed.If you really want him to breastfeed, I would not recomend using a bottle, because he will get to where he prefers it over ****** feeding and not take the ****** at all. Keep working with the lactation consultant, and keep working on positioning with him and it will get better. Have either the lactation consultant or doctor check his weight, and as long as he

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This piece was a lifejacket that saved me from drownnig.

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I got to I'm uber glad she didnt die, I think my heart would of stopped for a sec. If she did

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2011-07-17 20:49:54
I got to I'm uber glad she didnt die, I think my heart would of stopped for a sec. If she did

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That was amazing!!!!!!!!

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