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My Ability To Sense Minds Chapter 13

Chapter 13

After Penny was dropped off, Jake got in the front of the car. He was tired. He looked at his mom and she was tired from her masturbation session. But he could ‘read’ her need. He had a need for her too. Oh yes. This boy was gonna get a work out.

Patty pulled the car off main road and onto a dirt road into the trees. She stopped the car and turned the lights off. The darkness was almost complete. The moon peeked through a bit. Patty said “Back seat, naked, stud.”.

Jake smiled and remembering Penny’s instructions, he made sure to ‘lock’ down his mind.

They both got out, took off their clothes tossing them into the front seat, and then got in the back seat. Patty, his mom, pulled Jake in close to her body and they kissed. Jake laid back and pulled his mom on top of him. She reached for his cock as aimed it at her pussy and slid on him. She sighed. Jake moaned. She moved her hips up and down, slowly. She eased him in and out. The dome light seemed bright, but it allowed them to see each other’s eyes. Love. Pure love. Love of a mother for her son, for a son for his mother, for lovers for each other.

After quite a few minutes, Patty slowed down. She pulled off of her son’s hard cock. She sighed and Jake whimpered. “Now outside, stud. Your turn. And make me scream.”.

She got out and leaned over the back fender. Jake got out and walked around. The moon and the dome light showed him his mother. She gleamed with sweat and sex. Jake got up behind her and aimed his cock back into her.

“Oh yes. Damn that is one real fine cock, ya little bugger. Real fine.”.

“A little bugger. One day I may do ya back there and earn that nickname.”.

“OK. But not tonight. Do me. Stuff me. Cram that cock into and out of my hot wet pussy. Make me your bitch. Fuck me!”.

This mood swing was something that caught Jake off guard. He ‘read’ into his mom’s mind and found the old rape like an glaring open wound. He felt that she need to be dominated by someone she loved and trusted. So, she wanted him to make her his bitch. Jake did just that. He grabbed her hips and went to town. He slammed into her. She lost her grip on the car and her upper body fell onto the trunk. Jake followed her and kept pumping. He slammed into her hard and deep. He was using her.

“Harder, stud. Take me. Fucking fuck me. Like I said make me your bitch.”. Jake paused. He looked at his mom. She turned her head and looked at him. “Do me hard. Don’t go easy. Rape me like my first time. I need that tonight.”.

Jake started slamming into and out of her. He opened his mind and eased into his mom’s mind. He found the memories of that early rape. He felt them slapping her. So he slapped her ass. She gasped. He slapped her again. His cock was hard and was driving deep into his mom’s wet pussy. He used the pain of the rape to work his mom. Only slight touches moved her mind to that time. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. He heard his mother’s rapists calling her bitch.

“Hey bitch! If I wanted that ass of yours tonight, I will take it. Any questions?”. He slammed hard into her and slapped her again.

“No. Oh please.”. She whimpered.

He felt her strong need to be raped again, to relive that terrible moment, to feel under the complete control of someone else. He pulled his cock out of her pussy. She whimpered “Please”.

He place the head of his cock at her ass. It was wet from her pussy. He pulled her hair and said to her “Ask me to fuck your ass. Ask me, bitch.”. Echos. “Be a good little bitch and ask me.”.


He slapped her ass two times hard. He knew he was leaving marks. He had to be. She yelped.

“Ask me or I will stop.”.

“Oh please. No. Don’t stop. Please. Please fuck my ass. Oh god. Please don’t stop.”.

“You don’t get to tell me to stop or not. Just ask me to fuck your ass. Only that bitch. Ask.”.

“Fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass.”.

Jake slammed in. Patty screamed in pain. Jake pulled out and slammed in again. Again she screamed. He held his hard cock deep in his mother’s ass.

“Please fuck my ass. Fuck me. Fuck my ass.”. She cried. “I…I’m your bitch.”.

Jake felt the echo in her mind from long past. The same words spoken so long ago. Jake pulled out and slammed back in. He slammed her ass. Oh god her ass was tight. Jake was reveling in her ass. He was reveling in being so in charge. He felt all powerful over his mother and yet still loved her. That love eased from him into his mom as he raped her ass. She was crying and shuddering. Jake was close.

“Oh damn. Tight ass.”. He slapped her ass in time with his thrusts. Over and over. He pulled all the way out then slammed in hard. He wondered if he was denting the car with her, but kept slamming her anyways.

“Oh fucking god yes. Oh oh oh! Fucking yes!”.

Jake erupted in his mother’s ass. He pumped his cum deep in her bowels. He slapped her ass a couple more times. Her pulled her hair and leaned into her ear. “You’re my bitch. Your ass is mine. Your pussy is mine. You’re mine.”.

He felt her shudder as she cried. “Yes. I’m your bitch. I’m yours. My ass. My pussy. Whatever. Whenever.”.

Jake felt her mental release. He slid his hand around her throat and humped more cum into her.

“I love you, bitch. I love you, Patty. I love you, mom.”.

He moved his hands down and pulled her back upright. He fondled her tits, cold from the car. He pinched the nipples hard. She squeaked. His cock was deflating in her ass. She felt it too and wanted it to stay in, but it slid out.

“Mom. Kneel down and lick me clean. Do it, my bitch. My love.”.

She turned and knelt. She looked up at Jake and smiled. “Thank you, ya big bugger. I love you.”.

She sucked his cock into her mouth and her tongue went to work cleaning him. Jake rolled his head back and enjoyed the post-ass-fuck blow job. After a few minutes, Jake pulled him mom up. They hugged. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his. He kissed her. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, tasting his cum, her pussy, and her ass.

He pulled back. “Mom. That was…wow! I never ever felt that. That was potent. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”.

“You did. Oh shush. I never knew myself that I needed that. I needed it to close the pain. Your love closed it. The power you took, the pain you caused was what I needed. You had control of me. You used me hard. And along with your love you did it. I love you. Oh I am gonna be in pain for a while. That was a first for me. Never had a cock up my ass before. We may explore that again, later, more gently.”.

She looked at her son in the dim light. “I love you, son.”.

“I love you, Mom.”.

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Please make more of this series

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so...does he end up with his mom or what?


2013-08-25 00:58:00
Nicely done mate! I read all of the chapters in this series in one go, and really enjoyed it. I'm a bit upset you left it hanging at the end, then I thought about it and I think you actually ended it just right.

Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

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