Still let the difference play
My Ability To Sense Minds Chapters 10-12

Chapter 10

The next day, he walked close to Penny and tried to ‘read’ her. He felt something, then it faded. He wondered. He pushed harder to ’read’ her and she stopped walking. She looked around and finally stopped when she saw him. She walked up to him and looked him in the eye.


“What what?”.

“It was you wasn’t it?”..

“Me what?”, Jake was suddenly nervous. She was in his face, confrontational. She was looking.

“Yup. It was you. What ya want? Let’s sit over here. We got a couple of minutes before class.”.

They sat and Jake was quiet. Inside his mind he was just a blur. How could she know it was him ‘reading’ her? How?

“I’ve felt it before. And each time, you were nearby. I’m tired of not knowing what you are doing. So I am asking. What?”.

“I uh…”.

“OK. Let me tell you what I think I know. I get an itch in my brain. Not quite an itch. An odd feeling that you are looking in my brain. I…I try and block you. Today I am just too tired to fight. Go ahead and look. I won’t fight.”.

Jake looked at her and wondered… He reached into her mind and it was open. He saw her looking at him. His mouth was opened. He closed it. He felt her mind trying to stay relaxed. She opened her eyes wider and said “Wow. It feels odd. You are in here, with me. It’s real, it’s creepy, and it’s kind of intimate. I can see a few things from you mind. Oh shit!”.

Her mind went hard and he was kicked out. He rocked on the bench.


“I saw you…uh…having…well…sex. And that’s private. I’m sorry I looked.”.

“Uh no need to be sorry, I was the one in your mind. You just got some…side wash.”.

“You’ve already had sex. I’m envious. What I saw, felt was just a little, but there was something strong there. But then I guess sex is a strong thing.”.

“Makes the world go round, they say.”

--You are the first person to notice me when I…I call it ‘reading’. I’ve doing it for as long as I was aware. I have been getting better at it. I ‘read’ people casually and try not to be intrusive. I respect people’s privacy. I sometimes get ‘loud’ thoughts without my trying. I was thinking of the times I tried to ‘read’ you and I noticed that I always got next to nothing when I looked. It just hit me that was odd. So today, I was gonna--

“Yes. Yes I will go out with you.”.

“I didn’t ask. Yet.”.

“I saw it in your mind when…you were ‘reading’ to me.”.

--I call it ‘pushing’ when I talk at people‘s minds. I’ve been getting stronger these last few days. I’ve been getting more…uh…powers. I can do more. Or at least learning more.--

Jake pushed his view of Penny as he was looking at her. He tilted his head so his image of her tilted. She laughed and swept back her hair.

“Thanks. I need to see my hair is a mess. It’s windy today.”.

“It’s not a mess. It’s cute. You’re cute. But let me ask…”. He looked at her, smiled. “Will you go out with me on a date. A movie and burgers. And likely we will have Henry and Mary along too.”.

“Henry’s going with Mary? When did this happen? She’s been hot for him for most of this year. And as I said, yes I will go out with you.”.

“Well it hasn’t happened yet. I told him to ask her out. I suggested the double date thing. And how does everyone know Mary is hot for Henry? Well, besides me?”.

“My mom can drive us in the van. She’s been dying for me to date. She wants me dating so bad. Even more than I do, I think. Hell, I think she would cover the cost if I ask her. When?”.

“Uh let’s give Henry a chance. I may have to I kick his butt… Well how about next Friday after midterms? A kind of celebration. It’s time for class. Let’s go.”.

After school, Penny met with Jake and Henry and said “My mom is hopping up and down with glee.”. She looked at Henry “Have you asked her? Mary?”.

Henry jumped. He looked at Jake, started to get mad. Penny said “She will say yes, you idiot. Look, there she is. Go now. Or I’ll kick your fat ass. Go!”.

She pushed him towards Mary. Mary was looking and suddenly knew something was up. Jake ‘read’ her and saw her hopes, her fears. Jake ‘pushed’ calming thoughts. He was mentally petting her like a puppy. It was working, her mind was calming down. He looked at Henry’s mind and started trying to calm him down. The two met and looked at each other. Jake ‘pushed’ Henry with a boost of confidence.

Jake pulled out and let them be. He looked at Penny. She was looking at him with her head tilted. “What were you doing?”.

--I was calming them down. They were both about to explode. Look I think he asked. Her head is bobbing up and down. Hang on, let me ‘look’.--

Jake looked at them and was able to tell he had asked and she had said yes.

Penny yelled “Next Friday. My mom will drive.”. She looked at me. “What? They needed to know the date. Now let’s leave them be. Let’s walk. “You’ve had sex. I saw that. I didn’t see with who. If we date, will I…”.

--Yes, I’ve had sex, but only just recently. I’m not experienced.--

“Whoa! I just got a blast of something that was wild and hot. I thought I saw Cynthia or was it your mom,…”.

“Uh I guess I gotta tell you all. Everything Yes it was Cynthia who…well we got each other’s first. And it was great. Cynthia was fantastic. And before you ask, we both know that me and her will not be a couple. She is hoping for Frank. And she may want to have sex with me again…cause of the mind thing. It’s is very powerful. Scary powerful. But that may or may not happen.”. Jake saw Penny frown. “I am being as honest as I can, so bear with me please. Here…”.

--I think I can open up more this way. I can let the whole truth be seen and not filtered by my words.--

Jake opened his mind and pulled Penny in. He guided her in ‘walking’ around his mind, his memories. He showed her images, decent images, of him and Cynthia, of his mom and him. He showed her how to look, how to not look, how to ‘read’ him. She was somehow a complete and separate person inside his head. He wasn’t in her mind, she was in his. Way different. Penny’s ability to block him was maybe an asset. She stepped out and looked at him.

“You love your mom -- a lot. Whoa that is some strong voo doo there. But I feel the warm love. Wow that is amazing. I felt you and Cynthia. I don’t feel jealous. Not like I would have expected. You don’t love her, well not like your mom. You do love her, though. I dipped lightly into your sex with them, kind of hard not to, and I see what you mean about that mind-to-mind sex thing. Wild.”.

Jake breathed and said “Thank you for not shooting me on the spot.”.

“I am going to be honest with you, as you were with me. Please come in and ‘read’ me.”.

Jake eased in and saw her mind wide open. Even more than before. She dropped every block. She guided him to where she wanted him to look. She was a virgin and had been scared of sex. Seeing his experiences went a long way in easing her worries. He saw her thoughts and images of him, now colored by today. She was not afraid of him. She didn’t think of him as a freak. If anything, she felt that she was a freak to be able to block him.

--Now look here, Jake.-- She led him to an image of her…naked…she was looking at herself naked in the bathroom. Her tits were bigger than Cynthia’s, smaller than his moms. Her bush was not shaved off or trimmed away, but it appeared trimmed short. --yes I keep it short. Good thing I’m blond. This is so odd. To be standing naked in front of you, while I’m dressed. Gotta get used to this.--

--I like looking at you naked. I like the thought of us getting used to each other, fair is fair…here--

Jake drew her in to see an image of him looking at him self in the mirror, naked. His cock was hanging limply and he wished he had an image with it big and hard to impress her.

--I will see it soon enough and from what I’ve seen with Cynthia and your mom and you, you ain’t shakin’ a little stick. Can we stop at your place and, well, make out a bit?--


They hurried to Jake’s house. They went up to his room and Penny then got a little tense.

Jake said “Here, let me give you a massage and ease your mind. Only as much as you want. I want us to work. Here, I will try to join us lightly. Hang on…

Jake worked to open his mind, just a bit. --How’s that? I can just sense you, but not ‘read’ you. How about you?--

--Wow. Yea. You’re there, but at the edge and I can feel into you, just a wisp. Cool--

Jake’s hand started rubbing her shoulders. Years of giving his mom shoulder and back rubs were definitely paying of. His fingers were well practiced. And his ‘reading’ had taught him what his mom liked. Now he was trying to rely on just her, not her mind. But who doesn’t just melt with a massage? And Penny was no different. She was all but purring.

“When does your mom or dad come home?”.

“Not for an hour or so?”.

“Can we get naked and not have sex? And get dressed before they get here?”.

Jake stood and pulled his shirt off. He reached for her blouse and started unbuttoning it.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Eager?”.

“Yes. I want to see for myself. I want to feel. To taste. To smell.”.

Jake got the shirt undone and off. He started to reach around back.

“Here in front.” She undid the bra and it sprang free.

“Oh nice.”.

She reached for his pants and he said “Let me get my shoes off. Found that one out the hard way.”.

She giggled and said “With who?”.

“Cynthia. Now here ya go.”.

Her hands made short work of his pants and she pulled them and his underwear down. Jake knelt in front of her. He assisted her in removing her shoes. Then he undid her pants and pulled them down. Now the two of them were naked. His cock was hard. Her pussy was wet. Jake set the gentle mode of mind sharing again and they hugged. They kissed. Jake wormed his tongue into her mouth. Penny was just as avidly rubbing his back, his butt. Her lips sucked on his neck softly. Her hands moved in front and tentatively grabbed his cock. She felt him enjoy the sensation and started to rub up and down. He was trying to enjoy the sexual feeling of the hand job and trying to hold the gentle mode. His control slipped and his pleasure swamped Penny. Her hand stopped. Her mind’s block went up and he pulled back and tried to control himself.

“Sorry. It’s just so damn good.”.

“I know…wow…that good. I can see what Cynthia and your mom enjoyed. Holy hell that was intense. Let’s try again. I will try to have my blocks up to help you. I’m not sure I can handle the full tilt yet. Wow. Ok”.

She reached for his cock and it had deflated some. She used both hands and added rubbing his balls. He started getting hard again. He opened his mind and tried the gentle sharing mode again. This time he put a better ‘lock’ on. His cock was pulsing in her hands and he was able to tell she liked the feel of his cock. He could tell that she wasn’t ready for him to touch any of her zones, yet. Soon. So for now, he would just ‘suffer’ the hand job.

She must have felt his thoughts and said “Yes soon. I want to play with this a bit more. I want to…well…“. She opened her mind and showed him an image of a girl sucking a cock…a porno of her Dad’s she watched on TV. “My dad has a collection. I uh…I watched one once. Not real enough. They were acting…fake. But it was sexy.”.

“Yes. Please suck me. Just don’t go too deep.”. He gave an image of Cynthia choking yesterday.

Penny laughed and said “That had to be your fault. You pig.”.

He was about to answer when she pushed her mouth on him. He made sure his ‘controls’ were locked, then just enjoyed. He was getting close. The intimacy of walking in each other’s minds of him showing about Cynthia and his mom had him excited and hard for a while.

“If you keep doing that, I will cum in your mouth. I would love it, but only if you want to. You can even pull off and leave me hanging…though it may kill me.”.

“It won’t. Mmmm But I won’t take the risk. Mmmm I will take you all the way. Mmmm I want to maybe wait to take your cum in my mouth, but I think…mmm mmmm MMMMM.”.

Jake was shaking. His knees were starting to buckle. His balls tightened up. “Damn. So close. So good. Oh fuckin A So so good. Aaaahhhhhhh!”.

Jake erupted and Penny pulled her head off and kept stroking him. His cum was spurting out and making a mess of her hands. Some was dripping down onto her tits. Jake was just happy. Penny looked at him. His eyes were shut. His mouth was hanging open. She turned him and had him sit on his bed. His cock was starting to lie against his legs. She brought her messy hands up to her face and looked at it. She brought it to her lips. She pushed one finger into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around. Jake was getting his wind back and watching her.

She smiled and said “Not bad. Salty. A bit fishy. Strange texture.”. She licked the rest off her hands. Her tongue rolled around. “Not bad. Next time, if you can not slam into my throat, then I will take it. You behaved nicely. Poor Cynthia. You cad.”.

He looked at her and smiled. He got a big leer on his face. Then trying to emulate the wicked witch in the Wizard of OZ, he said “Your turn, my little pretty. And that pretty little pussy of yours too.”.

He spun on the bed and took her with him. She was soon lying down and he was kissing her. He nuzzled her neck. He was moving his hand to her breasts. When he touched them, she let loose her blocks and he got a strong blast of her need, of her passion. He pulled back.

She looked up and said “Oh shit, sorry. Try again. Oh please try again. Come here, kiss me, feel me. Please”.

He leaned in and again kissed her deep. His hands reached her breasts and he started rubbing them. She was moaning. She was arching her back trying to get more of her tits into his fingers. He rubbed the sides, then he rubbed her nipples. He pinched them and a small blast of passion came through, but she clamped down and he continued. He moved his head down to join his fingers and while sucking one breast, he fondled the other. His free hand slowly started to slide down her belly.

“Oh damn. You’re teasing me. It’s so damn nice. Oh damn.”.

He pulled up, sucking her nipple hard into his mouth until it popped free. He looked at her, then at his lower hand. He watched as it slid through her bush. He stroked his hand just at the surface of her pubic hair. He then pressed down and his fingers reached the junction of her legs. Her hips were hunching up and down.

“Oh damn. Oh damn. Oh damn.”.

His hand cupped her whole crotch and just pressed into her. He almost used his grip to lift her and hold her pussy up. He moved his middle finger and eased it into her lips.

“Oh damn damn damn so good.”.

He moved his head down and partially turned so he was almost there. She grabbed his head and pushed.

“Please don’t tease me. Please. So close.”.

He leaned in and started licking her. She went off and started orgasming right then. Jake pushed in, forcing her legs farther apart. He got his tongue in and waggled it into her lips. She was crying out, moaning. Her blocks fell down, but Jake held his in place. He pulled her legs out more. He got twisted into a better position and was licking up and down her slit. He sucked in her clit. He bit her clit. He sucked her lips into his mouth and bit them. She was crying loudly, wailing, her body was shaking and jerking. He could feel her peak. He held his locks in place, but he was peeking to see just how much she want to take, how much she could take. His tongue and lips sucked her clit in and pulled it up and away from her body. She screamed and jerked into a full fetal position. Jake pulled back and let her shudder through it. He stroked her hair, he rubbed her back. He soothed her legs. She slowly got her breath back and looked up at him.

“Oh damn. Wow. I never… Oh damn I never… And you say mind-to-mind is more powerful than that. Damn”.

Jake laughed and said “I’m not sure. The first times were full mind-to-mind with sex. This was awesome to watch. I don’t know if I rank them the same, or if not, which one was better. Nice. Nice pretty lady, you need a wet wash cloth. Look at the time. Mom and dad will be here soon.”.


She tried to get up but fell back. Jake went to the bathroom and got a washcloth, wet it, and came and gently washed Penny. He wiped her and let her cool down. He went and got a towel and came back and dried her. Her breathing was back to normal. Jake gathered up her clothes and helped her get dressed. She kissed him and said “If you want to walk me home, you got to get dressed, lover.”.

She let her blocks loose and said “Here let me show you how happy I am.”.

Jake entered her mind and felt overwhelmed by her joy. They got him dressed and as they were stepping out the front door, his mom drove up.

Jake took Penny over to his mom and said “Mom, this is Penny Drummer. Penny, this is my mom.”.

Penny leaned in and gave his mom a hug, which surprised her. “You have a wonderful young man here. He is so wonderful.”.

His mom looked at him and he ‘pushed’ --We only had oral sex. I was nice. We ‘blocked’ the power of the mind-to-mind. That was awesome. I think she’s fantastic. Not that you aren’t fantastic. So is Cynthia. But Penny. Wow!-- He slid a few of his memories over to his mom’s mind.

His mom held her face straight, but smiled, then looked at Penny and said “Yes he is wonderful.”.

The walk to Penny’s house was nice. They talked both mentally and out loud.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 11

The next day at school, Jake was calm and was able to stay focused in class. He actually tried real hard not to ‘read’ anyone. It held until Mrs. Smint blasted him with her horny mind. She was looking at him. Her face was the usual calm, flat expression. Jake looked into her mind and saw she was perving on him. She was married and way older than even his mom. His first thought was ‘Ew’, then he looked at her and she looked away. He kept looking and saw that she was not bad looking, for an older gal. He then thought that she being married was a moot point. If he could fuck his mom, then any married woman was fair game. But, he really wanted to have just Cynthia and Penny and his mom. Three women are more than enough.

He looked away, but kept his mind in hers, watching. She looked at James and Jake felt her going through a mental scenario with James. She moved her head to look at Jake and again Jake ‘saw’ another mental sex play. No three women are plenty. Walk away, dude. Walk away.

At lunch, he ran into Cynthia. She looked happy.

“He said yes. I asked him out on a date and he said yes. I’m going on a date with Frank. Wish me luck.”.

“No luck needed. You’re one fine lady. He is the lucky one.”.

“How’d it go with Penny?”.

Jake pushed into Cynthia and let ‘edited’ images flow into her mind. She saw them licking each other and also felt the way they had limited each other’s mind.

She looked at him and said “You are getting better at that. She can kind of match your mind with her blocking. Cool. You’re not all powerful.”.

Jake pushed a tiny memory of them fucking behind the furniture store. She gasped, closed her eyes, and reveled in the memory.

“Damn you. That was…well hot, nice…and damn you. We gotta get together again. But sometime after you and Penny and me and Frank. I think you are gonna be like a drug. A very addictive drug.”.

Just then Penny walked up. She looked at Cynthia, almost frowned, but instead smiled. She walked right up and gave Cynthia a quick hug.

“Hey, girl. You trying to snag my man back already?”. She then laughed to take the edge off .

“No. Quite the opposite. I got a date with Frank. I just told him. I’ll snag him later, with your approval. Likely, much later.”.

Penny laughed and said “This stud is gonna have a harem to play with. I will be the lonely one in the back. Oh alas and sigh.”.

The two gals looked at him and they both stared at him with an evil expression. Jake wanted so bad to hop into their minds and look.

Penny said “Cynthia. I want you to know that I saw…in Jake’s mind…the two of you. It’s private, but…”.

Cynthia said “I guess with Jake, no one’s secrets are safe. His mom, me, you…”.

Jake said “Hey go easy on me. I’m new at some of this. Don’t expect me to get it all right the first time or two. I’m just a normal guy.”.

Penny said “A normal guy with mental powers.”.

The three of them sat and ate lunch. The two girls let Jake off the hook…but by their looks, it was only a temporary reprieve.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 12

Jake kept practicing his control. He could ‘read’ people from far distances only if he had ‘read’ them before. He figured it must some kind of url thing. Once in, he had the address. He got better at being subtle when he ‘pushed’ into people. He ‘pushed’ into Mrs. Smint and found that he could stop her from most of her perving. He ‘read’ how her husband was miserable at sex and rarely wanted it. He could not understand that at all. No wonder she was constantly horny.

The Friday date came and Henry and Mary and Penny and him, driven by Penny’s mom, went out to dinner at Harry’s Dinner. Penny’s mom tried to give them money, but Henry and him fended that off gently. They walked from there to the theater and Jake tried to watch the movie but just could not stay out of Penny’s mind. Penny was just as bad. Seems she was getting some ‘pushing’ ability too. Henry and Mary sat a couple of rows away, so each couple had their privacy.



--I want to go all the way tonight. How can we?--

Jake sat back and tried to figure it out. –When the movie is over, call your mom and say my mom is picking us up. She will drop off Henry and Mary, then we can hit my house.--

--Uh…what about your parents?--

--Mom will be ok with it. Dad will likely be in bed asleep. Let me look…yup he is already thinking about hitting the bed. Let me talk to my mom.--

Jake switched out of Penny and ‘tapped his mom’s mind.

--What? Jake?--

--Yes. Can you come and pick us up after the movie? Then me and Penny can…well…--

--…have sex. Just say it, stud. Yes. Your dad is about dead. I will suggest he take a sleeping pill and as tired as he is, he will take it. What time? You will owe me, you little bugger.--

--The movie will be out around 9:30. See ya then.--

Jake switched back to Penny. He smiled. –Call your mom.—

Penny went to the lobby and made the call. She came back with a grin on her face.

--My mom asked if I wanted time to fool around with you. I think she is hoping we will have sex. I think she is trying to relive her high school days through me.—

After the movie and after Henry and Mary were dropped off, Jake got and Penny got in the back seat. Jake started kissing Penny and petting her breasts over her clothes. He heard a giggle from his mom, thought of stopping, but then shrugged his shoulders. What the hell. Penny heard it too.

--Jake. We need to behave. Your mom.—

“Hey Mom? Do you mind if we make out back here?”.

“No. Just keep your clothes on so you can be decent when we get to the house. Jake? Is your dad asleep?”.

Jake checked on his dad. A first time ‘reading’ someone while they were sleeping. It was odd. His dad was almost not there.

“Yup. Must be out cold. I can hardly ‘read’ him.”. He looked at Penny. “Now where were we? Ah yes.”.

His hands got busy again and slid under her dress. He started kissing her. He opened up his mind and let Penny in. Penny gave in and opened her mind. His finders were under her undies and slipping up and down her pussy lips and her clit. The passion in their minds was building and building. Jake was getting close to exploding. Penny was close too.

“Hey kids! Slow down. I gotta drive and we are almost there. Wow.”.

They eased back. Jake ‘read’ his mom. She had been getting side wash from their make out session and was breathing heavy. Her pussy was wet. –Sorry mom. Didn’t know you were getting that.--.

They pulled in and Jake’s mom said “I’ll wait out here and cool off. Don’t be too long. Sorry. Gotta get you home before your mom gets worried.”.

“Oh no problem. When I called my mom, she guessed that I wanted time to fool around. But we will be quick so you don’t have to wait up all night. Thank you. Jake come on.”.

They scurried into the house and went to Jake’s room. Their clothes hit the floor as they each took off their own clothes. Faster that way. They hit the bed in a 69 and started licking and sucking. Their minds went wide open again…well nearly. Jake put ‘locks’ on to contain their passion from washing out. It was easy. Each thing he did was easier.

--Jake. Please now. I want your cock in me. Take me. Now.—

Jake pulled his head up from her pussy. His face was wet with his slobber and her juices. He moved around and got between her legs. He rubbed his hard cock along her slit and she sighed. He felt her anticipation and soothed her mind. He slipped in. He felt her pussy along his cock as he went in. He felt her flinch as he pressed against her hymen. He looked into eyes. His mind went deep into her and he pulled her mind deep into his. He pushed through. He moved the sharp pain off to the side in her mind and expanded the pleasure she was feeling. She shuddered as sighed.

--That was wonderfully nice. Thank you, Jake. Now let’s fuck our brains out.—

Jake grinned and started pushing into and out of her. He was close and so was she. Their minds were amplifying everything. Her breasts rubbing along his chest. Her nipples hard and tender. His cock throbbing. They felt him pulsing deep in her. It seemed like forever. It seemed just like only seconds. They couldn’t tell. They humped and fucked. Hot sweaty bodies joined. Minds entwined. Penny started shuddering and they knew she was going over. They kept him pumping into and out of her as she skyrocketed up and away. Her body went tight and her pelvis lifted them both off the bed. Just as she was about to pass out, her body relaxed. Jake pumped into and pressed hard and deep as he could. His cock expanded and them pulsed and pulsed his cum into her. He shuddered and shuddered.

Finally they both were spent and laying there panting. Jake wanted to go to sleep, but Penny nudged his mind. –Sorry big boy. I gotta get home. So we gotta get cleaned up.—

Jake said “I love you. Oh god I do.”.

“I know. I love you too. Oh wow!”.

They dragged their bodies up from the bed and to his bathroom. The washcloth did it job. Wetness to clean them and the sudden coldness woke them up. They giggled as they clean each other and they played with each other’s body. They got dressed and walked out to the car. They opened the back doors and got in. Jake’s mom looked back at them and everyone smiled at each other. Jake suddenly got an image of his mom masturbating in the car while they were inside. His eyes got big, but then he burst out laughing. He opened his mind to Penny and shared. He knew his mom wouldn’t mind. Penny smiled and then joined in the laughter. They all shared the love and passion they had just had.

“Penny. I gotta borrow your stud after I drop you off. Hope you don’t mind.”.

“Naw. Use him. Abuse him. But make the dirty little satyr do all the work. And don’t let him off as easy. I only got a quickie. Work him. Don’t let him cheat with that mental mind trick of his. Oh it is good, but make him work it the hard way.”.

“Hey! Don’t I get a say in this?”.

They both said “No.” simultaneously.


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