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My Ability To Sense Minds Chapters 7-9

Chapter 7

He did work on his homework for an hour and cranked it out just before he heard his mom on the landing near his door.

--Come in. It’s unlocked--


--Where’s Dad?--

--In the garage. Working on that damned old clunker.--

He turned and got up from the desk. He walked to her and closed the door behind her. He leaned into her and kissed her softly.


Jake’s hand slid up and covered her breast. Her felt her breast. It was much larger than Cynthia’s. He ‘willed’ his mom to grab his cock. Her hand moved and was soon rubbing him. His thoughts and passion were pushing into his mom‘s mind. Hers were pushing into his.

--Mom, get my pants off--

--Jake I…--

--Do it. You want this.--

She used both hands as she undid his pants. She pushed them down and he stepped out of them. He undid her pants and pushed them down. She wiggled and they fell to the floor. He pulled her top up and off.

--Yes. This outfit always makes you looks sexy. I wanted to do this for a while now. Sexy nice--

His mom squirmed under his gaze, but was pleased that her son was enjoying the way her body looked. She worked out at the gym often enough. Her husband hardly ever noticed.

--I notice Mom. I like it--

--Jake oh Jake--

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. He reached her bra clasp and started fumbling with it.

Patty giggled and said “Let me, Romeo”.

The bra came free and there were her large tits for his viewing. He reached and started to slide his hands along them. Her boobs and nipples were so much bigger than Cynthia’s. His mind flashed Cynthia’s tiny titties.

--Give them time, young man. Give them time--

--Mom, you are so nice, so sexy.--

He leaned in and sucked her nipples into his mouth. He ‘read’ her mind and did what she wanted, how she wanted it. She was wet. He could sense her feeling her wetness. He pulled his underwear down and stepped out of them. He pulled his mom’s down and then they were naked together. Her bush was mostly gone, shaved to fit her workout outfit. He pulled her close and they hugged.

--Jake, this is so nice. So nice--

--You feel warm, Mom. Safe sexy--

His hand reached her pussy and started rubbing. She spread her legs and gave him the room he needed. His fingers slipped into her and he started stroking in and out. Her breathing was getting shorter and louder. He pushed into her mind and fanned her passions. He pushed her with his fingers, with his tongue on her nipples…with his mind. Soon she was shuddering and shuddering. He felt her juices making her pussy a huge sloppy wet mess. It was nice. It allowed more of his fingers to enter her. She was crying out in passion, but he was now kissing her and it muffled the noise. He slowly eased up and let her relax.

“Oh damn, Jake. That was just so good.”.

Jake flashed an image of his cock as Cynthia saw it when she sucked him.

--You want that? You want you own mommy to suck you?--


--Lay on the bed, Jake dear.--

Jake layed on the bed and his mom moved her body over his placing her pussy right over his mouth. She grabbed his hard cock and stroked it.

--Lick me. Then I will suck you. LICK ME!--

Jake’s mouth reached up and started lapping at her wet pussy. Her mouth descended on his hard cock. They both went into overdrive licking, sucking, biting. Hands were grabbing and squeezing. Hips were pumping up and down. Her passion was definitely feeding Jake. Patty started to really shudder hard. Her legs locked. Her mouth pushed farther down his cock, almost all the way. She came and came hard. Her orgasm triggered Jake’s and he started spewing his cum into his mother’s mouth. He ‘heard’ her say --tasty--. They stayed lock like that for abut a minute, until Patty had to pull her head back for air. Both of them gasped. Jake was holding his breath helping her suck him. He had felt his cock in her mouth like it was his mouth. Odd, but not bad.

They relaxed and Patty rolled off her son. She looked at his cock and smiled. Jake looked at her pussy and was comparing hers to Cynthia’s. He was having sex for the second time in one day. What a way to lose his virginity. First with Cynthia, now with his own mother.

His mom thought --Much better than when I lost mine.--

He got images of two boys roughly taking clothes off his mom, a young teenage girl. His mom to be.

“How old were you Mom?”.

“I was just 14 and very naive.”.

More images came of them pushing and shoving trying to get at her before the other.

--They never kissed me.--

She started sobbing and Jake quickly turned around and hugged his mom. He kissed her cheek, her forehead, and her lips. The tears soon stopped.

“Thank you. It takes the edge off that memory.”.

“You never told anyone about that.”.

“Just my older brother. Back then if a girl had sex, willing or unwilling, she was a tramp, spoiled goods. My parents would have thrown me out. I was just glad they didn’t tear my clothes as they stripped me. The rape took only a few minutes and they ran away. Jim must have ‘talked’ with them because they never told anyone that I know of and they never came near me again. They actually looked scared if they saw me.”.

“That must have been some talk.”.

They giggled. Jake had been stroking her hair while she let out the old memories. He was looking into her eyes and from time to time looking at her body. It was an amazing body. Firm, smooth, soft, powerful, yet an aura of gentle warmth flowed from her.

--Young man. My eyes are up here.--


“Hell, I’m naked in your bed. You had better be looking at more than my eyes.

Jake pushed what he saw and felt into her mind. He fed all the love and warmth he could. He couldn’t hold back the passion, the raw sexual need he had for her too.

--Oh wow--

“You think I look all that? That makes me into some kind of she-goddess.”

“Yup. That and more.”.

His hand was now sliding up and down her body, from her face, her shoulders, her soft, large breasts. He rubbed her belly. It was not flat like Cynthia’s, but firm, muscles were just beneath the surface. He rubbed through her little bit pubic hair and it felt coarse yet soft. He stroked her wet pussy and enjoyed how his finger just wanted to slip into her.

“Oh Jake. That is nice. But we need to get me dressed and out of here. If your dad finds out…”.

Jake cast his mind to see if he could sense his dad…there…

His dad was focused on getting a bolt to line up and start into a bracket. It started to thread. --bout time. Now for that starter. Now that I got the parts, I can rebuild it.--

“Mom, we got time.” --lay back and spread ‘em--

Patty lifted her arms about her head and grabbed Jake’s headboard. She spread her legs and Jake rolled on top and positioned himself at his mother’s pussy. She looked down and saw her young son naked, poised to enter her. He was there, touching his cock to her wet lips. She felt herself open up for him. They both look into each other’s eyes. Jake pushed. He felt her warm pussy sliding onto him. He felt his cock as she felt it sliding into her. Their minds became one as Jake pushed and pulled, as Patty hunched up and down, as they kissed, and as they consumed the other in love. He ever so slowly gained speed and power. He took his time. He had cum so often today that his only need was to bring his mom to the peak and beyond. Patty had also had more orgasms today than in the last month or two. She was in no hurry to cum. They just wanted to keep the passion, the warmth, the joy going.

Jake felt her pussy clamp around him. --ooof--Like that? How’s this?--

--oooohhh god damn so tight I feel it rolling up and down Oh keep that up I’m gonna cum, Mom--

--Cum in me, my sweet loving son. Cum in your mother’s warm pussy. Fill me with it. Cum in me.--

--Mom! Aaaaaa eeeeee oooo fuck FUCK FUCK!!---

Jake was spasming into his mom. Patty was spasming around her son. Their lips were locked in a deep kiss. Patty felt her legs tighten around her son. Jake’s arms wrapped around her and pulled her body even tighter into his. He humped and pumped cum. She humped back at her son and felt her own wetness joining his. His cock was flooded with wetness, both his and hers. It made slurping squishy noises. Their bodies reached their peak and they collapsed into each other. All muscles went relaxed.

--Jake oh Jake. Sweet Jake. Damn! That was…wow…the best--

--Thank you, Mom. That was…--

“Don’t say it or think it. Let Cynthia be your best, instead of me.”.

“But, I don’t think so. Cynthia and I had a great time. And wow, it was great. But with you, there was love. A deep, long love. I am gonna be very hard pressed to ever top that kind of love.”.

“Well then reserve the top place for a girlfriend downstream and then for your wife.”.

--You are my girlfriend. You big soft tittied goddess, you amazon of sex…--

--STOP!-- His mom thought. Then she said “You are so bad. I knew you would got over the top, but damn we both went over the top.”.

“I think we both had some damn fine sex.”.

“How is your dad doing?”.

Jake cast his mind. The skills were getting sharper and easier. His dad was still cleaning the housing, getting it prepped for painting.

“It looks like we got some more time.”.

“Well, I need to get cleaned up and dressed. I have a bunch of burnt pot and pans to deal with.”.

“I’ll help.”. Thoughts of him and his mom in the shower flooded out and his mom laughed.

--You are bad. Now behave.--

--We both gotta get cleaned up so…--

“Ok, you’re bad. But let’s be quick. No playing.”.

Jake pushed an image of his cock sliding in and out of her.

--Stop that or...--

“Or what? You already want me back in you, making love with you.”.

“True true.”.

They made short work in the shower with only a little giggling and groping. The dishes got cleaned and put away. Jake was back in his room booting up so he could catch up on emails when his dad came back into the house and hit the shower to get the grease off. The very same shower that he and his mom had just been in. Jake smiled as he remembered his mom’s wet soapy body.

Jake spotted an email from Cynthia.

‘Jake. Today was beyond great. Mom knows. I swear she knew the minute I stepped into the house. She grabbed my arm and took me to the kitchen and asked me if I had just had sex, if I was ok, was it good… Wow my mom wanted to know if the sex was good. Oh shit yes it was good. We had to whisper as dad was just a room away watching the news. I tried to tell her how mind blowing it was with you without telling her the mind-to-mind thing. I tried, but I knew I couldn’t explain enough. She smiled and said I was lucky. She took me upstairs and told me to douche myself. She said she had to inspect me to make sure I wasn’t bleeding bad. I wasn’t. She hugged me and congratulated me. She told me to tell ‘whoever it was’ that he had better be a gentleman and not spread talk around. I told her that wasn’t going to be a problem, that you were beyond great. It was great and I would love to do it again with you -- anytime. Oh would I. But if you don’t mind, I would love to try and get Frank. I think with today I feel stronger. I enjoyed the sex with you so much -- SO MUCH. But I want more. With you, there was hot sex and mind sharing. Ooh yes. But, I want love too. See ya in class. Cyn
p.s. You left finger prints on my ass. Mom spotted them and laughed and swatted my ass. She told me to be careful getting dressed in PE for a few days.’.

Wow. Jake kind of felt like he just got dumped. But she said she wanted sex again with him. Oh well, he knew it wasn’t love. Just passionate sex.

He crawled into bed and pushed into his Mom’s mind --night sleep tight, Mom--

--Stop that. Go to sleep you little bugger--

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 8

The next day at school during lunch, Jake passed Cynthia and pushed into her mind --Hi sweet thang.--

--I was wondering if you noticed me.--

Jake sat down on a bench and opened a book to hide the mental conversation. Cynthia stopped and sat on the lawn and also opened a book.

--I really enjoyed yesterday, Jake. Really really really!--

--Ya, me too. It was a beyond great day-- Jake thought of his mom.

--JAKE! Your mom!?--

Jake looked up and saw Cynthia looking at him. At least she was smiling.

--Tell me. Tell me.--

Jake slumped his shoulders and let the images flow. He relived the mental sex, the oral sex, the straight sex. He wasn’t pushing his thoughts, so much as allowing Cynthia in to flow through them. He saw her smiling and fidgeting, her book had fallen and closed by her legs. Jake was hard and about to cum. He slowly, gently squeezed Cynthia out and looked at her and smiled.

--Hmm that close. It must have been good. I felt our time was fantastic, but what you and your mom did. I felt love. Oh wow. It makes my heart cry. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for yesterday.--

She got up, gathered her stuff and hurried off.

--Cynthia wait!-- She stopped and turned.

--We…uh…I do have a love for you. It is different than for my mom. And I hope you have a love of a kind for me. I know I always will for you. But after yesterday, there are no secrets between us. We are not going to be a permanent couple. Hell, you want Frank. And I wish you the best with that. You got nothing to worry about. He will fall before your passion and beauty like a leaf before a storm.--

--Whoa! Reading a few too many romance novels.-- Cynthia sat on the bench near her. --You just said I’m beautiful. That’s a crock.--

--No. It’s not. You for sure ain’t fashion model pretty, but it was me who initiated yesterday. Remember. You have a deeper beauty that pours out and…well…you look witchy sexy and beautiful. So shut up and accept that. It‘s not romance novels. I just play with words sometimes.--

Jake tried to tweak her nose mentally. He saw her giggle.

--What ever that was, it tickled. Thank you again. Now I got to study for science, I missed my normal homework time for SOME reason yesterday. Later.--

--Later…um Saturday…?-- Jake flashed an image of them joined.

--What? Hmmm It depends… I’ll let you know. By the way this mind-to-mind thing is beyond fun.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 9

Jake made it through the day without ‘pushing’ or ‘reading’ any more. He agreed with his mom, he needed control. His ability was getting better with each effort. He almost seemed to know that he ‘could’ do something before he tried.

After the last class, while Jake was waiting for his friend Henry, he cast about for his mom’s mind. He found her and tried to enter and not be noticed. He found her at work. She was talking with a coworker about a project. He saw her watch a guy’s butt as he walked by. His mom was perving at work. Cool.

Henry said “Hey dude, where were you yesterday after school? Detention?”.


“Hey have you seen Cynthia Darnell today? She looks different. Hot.”.

Jake stopped and said to Henry “She looks hot to you now? You always said she was a walking 2x4 with hair.”.

“Well a guys got a right to change his mind. Especially if the girl changes. And she is different. She looks taller. Hell, her boobs looked bigger today.”.

“Naw, she was just wearing a tighter blouse than she normally does.”.

“Oh wow, dude. You’ve been perving after her huh?”.

“Hell I don’t have to be perving on her. I can tell you what is normal for a lot of folks. Ain’t that big of a town. Like Mary, she’s never in pants. Always a long skirt. Not sure if she has legs, except in PE.”.

“Ya, but they are kinda skinny legs, so no wonder she hides them. Now her tits. Those puppies came in early and with a gusto.”.

“You ass.”.

“No her tits! So about Cynthia…you think maybe she would want to go out with me?”.

“Cynthia? Naw. She wouldn’t date outside her species. Now you might make a play for skinny legged Mary and get somewhere.”.

Jake had read Mary’s mind and knew she had the hots for Henry. Jake never understood why some people liked other people. Henry wasn’t much to look at. Plain was the best description. He was gonna gain weight like his folks if he wasn’t careful, and he wasn’t gonna be careful.

“Mary? You think? The prom is coming up and I was…well…I want to go.”.

Jake quipped “I’m not your type.”.

“I’m not asking you. Asshole. She’s not bad looking and her legs aren’t that skinny.”.

Jake ‘read’ Henry’s mind and saw him playing images of Mary through his mind vrs Cynthia. Jake gave a gentle ‘push’ to pump up Henry’s memory of Mary’s tits. Henry was a dolt around big boobs.

He looked sternly at Henry. “Mary. You gotta ask Mary. Why not ask her out for a date before the prom. Get the waters wet so to speak. Maybe I can find a girl who would maybe want to go with me and we could double date at the movies and dinner.”.

“You? Who would want to go with you? Maybe like all the girls in school and a few of the teachers. Just ask and they will drool over themselves saying yes. Don’t know why you haven’t snagged a few already.”.

Jake started to think about who he would want as a girl friend. Prior to yesterday, he thought Cynthia might be his first girlfriend. But after having mind-to-mind and sex with her, he knew that road wasn’t the right one. Who…? Who could he trust to not blab about his freaky mind-power? Jake played all the ‘reads’ he had done and tried to spot which girls fancied him, and which of those he would want to date.

Penny. Penny Drummer. She was a third cousin about seven times removed. Well a lot of folks in this town were related somehow. Small town. He never got much from her when her ‘read’ her. Maybe.

Jake said “Well, I got to get on my homework, as do you, lazy butt. Later.”.

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