A little something different
My Ability To Sense Minds Chapters 4-6

Chapter 4

“Oh god, Cynthia. That was over the top. It was…”.

“Yeah. I know. I felt you in me…in my mind. I sensed you in my mind. I could ‘hear’ you. I could ‘hear’ you ‘hearing’ me. I felt how you felt. What was that?”.

--Cynthia. Can you hear me?--


--If you can hear this..say…say Houdini.--


“It works!”.


--Cynthia, close your eyes. Hear me in your head. Talk to me from your mind.--

--Jake…? Houdini,--

--Yes. YES. Houdini.--

Jake’s excitement that he could talk to Cynthia in their minds, along with her hands constant working, was causing his cock to grow back up again. Cynthia felt it growing. Her fingers diddled with it more intently. She stood up and turned around to face him. She sat back down, and as she did, she grabbed his hardening cock and placed it back into her soggy wet pussy.

Jake said “yessss oh sweet yesss”.

Cynthia paused and said “Why Houdini?”.

Jake laughed and said “It was the first odd thing that came to my mind. It was so far off base that if you heard it, then it was working. Plus I saw the old movie with Tony Curtis a couple of days ago.”.

“Ok, Houdini. Escape this…ung”.

Cynthia started moving up and down on the ever harder cock. She just stared deep into Jake’s face. She was seeing herself in his mind. He was seeing himself in her mind. Her body was moving, but was it her or Jake doing it. He was pushing his hips up into her and he felt his cock stretching her pussy. He felt the way she felt as he pushed. She felt how he felt her wet pussy sliding on his cock. This was slower than before. This was more mental. The skin to skin sensations were wildly careening inside their minds. They slowed down their thrusting and Jake pushed as deep as he could up into her. She tightened her pussy as hard as she could. They were tightly embraced, kissing, joined. Jake exploded again into her. She exploded onto to him. They had am orgasm together. Deep swirling joy ran through them. They peaked and peaked and just kept peaking. Jake’s joy swept Cynthia along. Her elation swept him along. They were shuddering and shuddering, over and over. Finally his hips gave out and he slumped back onto the couch. Cynthia slipped off of him as he fell back onto the couch cushions. She stood up and sat along side him. They looked into each other’s eyes and relaxed.

She said “We need to get dressed and go home. Damn. But yes.”.

The two got their clothes straightened out and on.

“I think I’m gonna make a mess in my undies. I’m gonna have to rinse them out so my mom doesn’t notice.”.

Jake suddenly freaked out. He had cum in her pussy with out a condom on. --Did I get her PREGNANT?!--

“No, silly sweet boy.”. She kissed him. “My mom got me on the pill almost a year ago”.

--Safe!-- He pulled back, got small hints of oddness about the doctor visit, and said “That must’ve been an interesting visit to the doc”.

Images of her mom fussing, the doctor sneering and leering, the nurse tch-tching entered Jake’s mind. He could ‘remember’ how cold the examination bench was as the doctor examined her. He felt the doctor’s hands thrusting into her and squirming around. He felt the doctor’s finger slip into her ass. He saw the doctor leering into her as he pushing his fingers in and out. He felt her remembering feeling good and dirty at the same time.

Cynthia‘s mind said --Oh. I see. You saw that?--


They kissed again and Cynthia said “Thank you.”. She turned and ran home.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 5

Jake got home and walked into the house. He was hungry and dinner smelled closed to ready. Great timing.

His mom, Patty, looked at him and said “Just where have you been, young man?”.

Jake flashed today’s events in his mind. The sex with Cynthia. Her pussy. Her mouth. Her tiny titties. The taste. The smell. The feel. He smiled. He looked at his mom and was about to say the usual teen ‘nothing’ when he saw and heard her gasp. Her hand shot up to her chest and clutch tightly, pressing her boobs.



“I uh…”.

“What Mom?”.

Oh gees. Did he just blast into his mom’s mind.

“Jake. I just had… I just… How to…”.

“What Mom? Tell me.”. --Tell me what you saw. Tell me the truth.--

“Huh? What?”.


“I uh…I saw a naked young girl. I saw you…I saw her uh…”.

--Tell me Mom. Go ahead.--

“I saw you fucking her. Was it real? What… I…”.

“Mom. I got to tell you something. It may be a bit weird, but here goes.”.

--Hi! I can get into people’s minds and I can project into theirs. Don’t speak. Think.--

--uh Jake?--

--Yes Mom. I hear you. To prove it, say Houdini out loud and I will answer Tony Curtis.--


“Tony Curtis.”

“Oh god…”.

--It’s ok Mom. Honest.--

She all but fell down onto the nearby chair.

“That means you had s…sex with a…”.

--Cynthia Darnell is her name. It was good.-- He flashed more images to his mom.

Jake said aloud “I’m not sure if we are in love or anything like that. But it was good. She needed it big time and I did too.”.

Jake sensed his mom thinking ‘pregnant’.

--She’s on the pill.-- He replayed in his mind her talking about the pill and the doctor’s visit.

“Oh my. Was that…”.

“Yes, that was my memory of her memory. Odd as all get out, huh? I’m just learning what I can do with this. Today was the first day I ‘pushed’ thoughts. I have always been able to ‘read’ people. But usually it was feeling, emotions, words sometimes, and yes urges. Today I got images, memories, as well as more words, complete sentences. I‘m getting better at it.”.

His mom had a nearly frightened thought of sex with her husband.

--Yes. I knew what you two were doing. Dad has explicit thoughts. You do too. I never ‘easedropped’ on you while you guys were doing it. No no.--

“Thank you.”.

“Dinner smells good, is it ready?”.


She ran from the room to the kitchen. Loud noises came along with a few ‘damns’.

She came out and said “Burnt. We’re eating out. Go tell your dad. He is out in the garage. Burgers?”.

--No let’s go upscale. Johnie’s Steak House. And wear something sexy. Dad likes it. So do I.--

“Jake! Shh. Go get your dad. You little bugger. Behave.”.

Jake ‘read’ her. He saw thoughts of his dad naked, his Mom looking at her legs as he pounded in and out. Jake eased into her mind and inflamed the memories. He could feel his mom’s passion as his dad exploded into her, as he finished before her. He felt her frustration. Obviously Dad came before she did. --Oops--.

--Jake?--sorry Mom--STOP THAT--

“Sorry. But I…”. He plunged ahead and gently pushed into her mind with how good it was with Cynthia, how they felt each other peak, and how they both came together. His mom was panting as she ‘remembered’ his memories. She was shuddering. Jake was shuddering. He was cumming in his pants -- again. He felt his mom’s panties were very wet.

“Oh damn. That good? Damn! My thirteen year old son just gave me the best sex ever and never touched me. Oh what the fuck am I gonna do?”.

“Mom, I love you. I did that to show you it could be better. I want you to feel it as good as we did.”.

“Jake. We have got to set some lines that WILL NOT get crossed. We have got…”.

Jake pushed again. This time Cynthia’s memory of how it felt to have him licking her pussy, Cynthia’s thoughts of Jake licking her pussy. Patty was feeling Jake lick Cynthia, she felt how Cynthia felt. It felt like it was her pussy. She was shuddering again and again. Jake kept it up. Kept pushing. Kept feeding her passion. Finally she clamped her hand over her mouth and cried out. Her other hand was at her crotch. It was pressing tightly into herself. Her pants were now visibly soaked. Jake was smiling. He just gave his mom one huge orgasm, so soon after the first one he gave her. His joy pushed to her and she smiled weakly.

“As I was saying…oh fuck it. Go get your dad. I gotta take a shower before we go out. You gotta change too, ya nasty little bugger.”. She said this, laughed, and pointed at his wet pants. “Probably change before you go get your dad.”.

She laughed and went upstairs. She turned and said “Can you behave when we go out?”.

“Yes, Mom. Promise.”.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 6

Dinner was good. Jake had prime rib and veggies and fries. Loved it. His dad was happy with his T-Bone steak, veggies, tater, and beer. His mom was just a bit abstracted. He cheated a bit on his promise and ‘read’ some of the people around him. He even pushed into a fuddy duddy looking lady and flashed Cythia’s tits. He giggled as she ‘saw’ his memories. His mom looked at him cross. Oops. Gotta behave. He settled down.

As they walked to the car while dad paid the check, his mom said “What did you do in there?”.


--Bull shit--

--Sorry, I played just a little and peeked into a couple of folks.--

--You gotta get control or else you’re gonna cause serious trouble.-- Jake’s mom looked at him. --and what else?---

--Ok. I pushed an image of Cynthia’s naked tits into that fuddy-duddy old lady. She was looking at us and was thinking bad thoughts about you cause of your outfit. She thinks it‘s slutty.--

He replayed Cynthia’s tits and the ladies reaction.

Patty laughed. “Oh you are a bad young man. I would punish you, but after tonight, I am not sure what I want to do with you. There’s your dad. Behave, please.”.

Jake flashed the image of his mom cumming, hand on her mouth, the other on her crotch. “Yes mom. I will. Will you?”.

He scampered out of reach as she tried to swat him and missed.

“Now I know how you always can duck in time…little bugger.”.

His dad walked up and said “I saw you two. Now behave. We’re in public.”.

The ride home was short and quiet as they all had very full bellies.

In the house, Jake said he had to get upstairs and work on his homework.

Patty looked at her son’s retreating back and thought ‘I am gonna wind up fucking my own son. I just know’.

Jake stopped and turned. He looked at her. --Only if you want to.--


--You thought it. Not me. Come up and ‘help’ me with my homework.--

--No Jake.--

He flashed an image of his cock as seen by Cynthia as she was about to suck it.

“Mom, after a bit, can you come up and help me with my homework?”.

Patty tried to divert his obvious plan and said “How about your dad?”.

“No it’s math. You’re better at that than him.”.

His dad spoke up “The kids got you there. I suck at math.”.

Patty thought ‘and that’s not all you suck at’, then she looked at Jake. He ‘heard’ her. Damn it. Jake smiled and walked up to his room.

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hot,sexy,funny,telepathy(mindcontrol)-just the way i like ir.
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It's a good story. Fun and hot

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awesom, funny, sexy. although i wsnt particularily fond of the word "undies" for jake's undergarments; maybe boxers or breifs or something more masculin

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