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My Ability To Sense Minds Chapters 1-3

Chapter 1

Jake was young when he noticed that he could not only see, hear, and the other normal senses, but he could sense people’s feelings -- if they were strong enough. He matched this sense with what people said was reading body English. It wasn’t until he got around 8 or 9 that he figured out that what he was doing was different than ‘reading bodies’. It was reading minds…or kind of. He also figured out that he did not hear of any one else who could do this outside of Sci-Fi movies. And when he told his best friend, Henry, that he could, Henry laughed at him and thought him weird. He told no one else after that and played it down when Henry ever brought it up. Soon, Henry forgot Jake’s admission.

He couldn’t get words all the time, but he got the meanings beyond words. It gave him an advantage in class -- he could anticipate the teacher getting ready to chastise someone and he would make sure it wasn’t him. Sometimes, he could get an answer to a question. And in most sports -- he could tell which way or when the opponent was going or aiming. When they spoke of his uncanny ability, he would tell people he had fast reactions. He could actually tell if people weren’t telling the truth. Their mind would have both versions at the same time and one would be ‘cleaner’ than the other…the truth. As time went on, he got better and better with this sense.

What he often felt from people were strong feelings. Sexual feelings cane through strongly. He would watch women and men look at each other and ‘grunt’ mentally. They would often try real hard to keep their faces bland while they were screaming inside their heads. Teenage boys and girls were real easy to read. There was nothing smooth about their sex thoughts. Older people often had smoother, warmer sex thoughts. Some were the same as teenagers. His mom and dad were somewhere in between. They often had warm, sexy thoughts, but sometimes, they were harsh, hot, and nearly violent in their internal passion.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 2

One spring day at school when Jake was 13, and going through the start of puberty, he used his extra sense to his advantage. Cynthia Darnell was not cute, but far from ugly. She was just plain, maybe handsome. She had always intrigued Jake. She was smart, witty, and somewhat exotic in her plainness. But she seemed to be a constant state of sexual need. She would look at boys when they weren’t looking and go nuts inside her head. She looked at him often and he could sense her raping him in her mind. It made him smile. Jake was also horny as all hell.

When by their lockers, he thought up a simple plan to initiate a conversation and maybe more. He walked by her and bumped her arm and shoulder, causing her books to drop.

“Sorry, Cynthia. Let me help you.“.

He bent and assisted her in gathering her books and papers. He reached for one book near her far leg and it caused his arm to rub her little breast. He felt her almost faint from the sensation. She froze and her whole mind was focused on her breast. He drew the book up slowly and kept his arm rubbing her breast the whole way. When the back of his hand ran across her breast, he paused.

He looked her in the eye and whispered to her “You like that. You wish I was squeezing it.”.

She unfroze and sputtered “No…uh…just what…”.

“Shhhh. I know. It’s alright. I understand. Meet me after school behind Max’s Furniture. Later.”.

He handed her the book, stood up, and walked away. He was reveling in his victory. He was still reading her even as he walked away. That was a first. Normally he had to be looking at them. What else could he ‘do’ with this extra sense? He rounded the corner and went to his next class. The day could not end fast enough.

After school, he rushed to the meeting place on the edge of town, in the run down ‘business district‘. There was an old couch out back, under a large awning left from when the furniture store closed. He hoped she would be there, but she was not. He sat down and wondered if he misread her. No. He ‘knew’ she would be there. He waited for 20 minutes and he almost left, but he saw her round the corner. He reached out with his mind and ’read’ her going through all sorts of emotions. She was scared, eager, kind of angry, yet overall, she was horny. She was one huge bundle of sexual tension.

He really wished she would hurry and come to him. He had an idea. Maybe he could ‘push‘ his thoughts along with ‘reading‘ thoughts. Hmmm.

--Hurry up. Come to me quickly.--

As he pushed that thought, she picked up her pace and walked in a hurry to him. Cool. But it could be coincidence.

He looked at her and said “Hey. I like that you made it.”.

“I…uh…”. She faltered and stopped talking.

Jake was getting impatient. He thought if she would just pull her top up so he could see her titties… --Put your book bag down. Pull up your top.-- He mentally pushed his thoughts again.

She looked at him and tilted her head. She put down her book bag and then started to reach for her shirt. Jake felt her mind react to her action and she stopped herself.

Jake said “Why did ya stop? I want to see them. Continue.” He pushed --Do it. Pull it up. It will be great. You want to do it.--

She sort of flinched, then her hands grabbed her shirt and lifted it up and off. He held out his hand for the shirt and she handed it to him. He placed it on the couch.

“Nice. Thank you. You look pretty and sexy.”.

He felt her ‘smile’ inside when he complimented her. She relaxed.

“Come closer and turn around so I can get that bra off.”.

She again had some internal conflicts. Scared…of him…of getting caught.

--Come here. Turn around.--

She stepped closer and turned. Jake ran his hands up her back and softly rubbed her. He ‘read’ her and felt what she liked. He used his ‘reading’ to ease her mind. She wasn’t sure she wanted her bra off, so he just rubbed her back. When he rubbed her shoulders, he felt her soften both with her muscles and her mind. --This feels good to you. Tell me. Tell me it feels good. Tell me to take off your bra.--

Cynthia opened her dry mouth and all she could out was a croak. She was boiling over. Jake was making her feel so good. He was gentle, calm. She kept thinking she heard him in her head. Naw, not possible. There! She ‘heard’ him again. She did want this. She moistened her lips, swallowed, and tried again.

“That fells nice. I want…I want you to take my bra off and keep rubbing me. Please.”.


Jake moved his hands to the clasp and undid it. It was simple when he was looking at it. He doubted he could do it without looking. The back strap popped free. He moved his hands back up to her shoulders and rubbed her. His fingers dug softly in and squeezed. He moved his hands outward and the shoulder straps slipped off. Her hands were holding her bra in place.

--Turn around. Hand me your bra. Show me your titties.--

He felt her mind scream in anticipation. She turned and he kept his hands on her shoulders, rubbing, but close to her neck. She faced him. She pulled the bra from her chest and handed it to him.

“Oh nice. Nice titties. Thank you.”. --You want me to rub them. Ask me. Tell me.--

Cynthia was standing in front of Jake, outdoors, naked from the waist up. And she was more anxious that he wouldn‘t like her, wouldn‘t have sex with her. She wanted him naked. She wanted the rest of her clothes off. She just wanted.

“Please rub them. They are…I want you…oh please. Just rub them.”.

Her mind was almost crying with her need. His hands moved down slowly. He drifted them across her neck, down the middle with both hands, between her tits, barely touching. Teasing. Delaying what they both wanted. She gasped as he passed them by. He spread his hand out on her belly. He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer until she was standing between his spread legs. Her tits were inches from his face. He squeezed her sides, then moved his hands up and inch. He squeezed and rubbed. He moved his hands up another inch. He was close. She was panting, watching him. Her arms were spread from her side allowing him just the room he needed.

He felt her mentally scream --Hurry up!-- He looked up at her face and moved his hands onto the bottom of her tiny tits. Her face was frozen, watching him. Her mouth was open, her tongue was just peeking out, her eyes were wide open. He moved his fingers from side to side.

He felt her mind --Rub them. Rub them! RUB THEM!--.

He moved his hands up and cupped her whole breast. He felt her firm nipple pushing into his palm. She sighed and tilted her head back. His fingers started to play with her tits. He would squeeze the whole tiny it, then he would tweak the hard nipple. She just stood there and would sigh or moan. He moved his hands to her back and she looked down at him. He felt her frustration and her need. He felt her confusion. He leaned his head in and sucked the tiny tit into his mouth.

--yesssss-- Her mind was almost solid pleasure. He sucked harder. --Yessss-- He even bit the nipple and flicked his tongue over the hard tip. --YESSSSSS--

He pulled back and pushed her back so they had spacing between them.

--Take off your pants. I wanted to see and feel your pussy.--

Her hands moved to her pants, then stopped. Her mind focused on what she was doing and she got scared again. She was outdoors. Anyone could come around and see.

Jake sensed her dilemma and he pushed the thought again --Take off your pants. It will be nice to be naked here, with me.--.

She moved her hands to her button and undid it. Then she unzipped and pushed her pants down, but she only got so far, as his hands were in her way, rubbing her waist and tits. His hands slid down her waist and grabbed her underwear and pulled down. He got to where her pants were and continued to push down. The garments bunched at her knees and got stuck. But Jake didn’t notice. He was staring at her pussy. There wasn’t much hair. Nowhere near as much as some of the photos he found on the internet. But it looked fresh, clean, sweet. And he smelled her. It was like throwing gas on a fire He went into overdrive. His hands slipped up and grabbed her hips. He pulled her close again as he leaned his head down. He was able to get close, but not as close as he wanted.

“Damn. I can’t get my face in there. Oh please. Get on the couch. Let me…”.

Cynthia was moving even as he started talking. She had to do a tiny rabbit hop with her pants at her ankles, but she sat on the couch. They both giggled at her little hopping. She started to push her pants off. They got stuck on her shoes. Jake helped her take off her shoes and her pants. She was naked. She spread her legs wider and he moved his face in between them. He just went straight in and kissed her pussy.

“Oh God Damn. Yes. Lick me. Oh damn it, please, lick me!”.

Jake complied. He thought it was his idea. Her words were nowhere near his world. Only her pussy, her smell, her taste, her mind was He was feeling her pleasure, her need. He answered with what she wanted. His tongue dipped into her lips, then onto her clit. Her hips were dancing up and down. Her legs were spread as far as she could, her tendons strained to go even further apart. She wanted his whole head in her. --more MORE MOOORRRREE--

Jake pushed his fingers into her pussy and he sucked her clit into his mouth. He started pumping his hand, fucking her with his fingers. He sucked hard and she bucked up into his face. He bit her clit softly and she cried out “Yes! Oh god damn”. He kept his teeth on her clit and used his tongue to lick at her nubbin. He sucked even harder and she started shuddering. His fingers moved and curled up inside her. He hit her hidden spot. She went of like a bomb. His mind was flailed with her orgasm. Her passion was so great flowing into his mind that he came in his pants.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 3

Jake felt her mind go limp and her body also. He sat back on his heels. He looked at her wet, red pussy. He watched her breathing. His wet cock was still hard. He stood up in front of her.

--Undo my pants. Take my cock out.--

Cynthia opened her eyes. She looked right at his crotch. She sat up and reached. Her fingers made quick work of the buttons. She pushed his pants down. His wet undies came into her sight, then his hard cock. She reached for the top of his undies and pulled them out and down. His cock came into view. It was all wet on the top. Together they fumbled and got him out of his clothes.

--Kiss it. Suck it.--

She looked at it and moved her hands up to it. She pulled him closer and opened her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and touched the wet tip. She pulled her tongue in and closed her mouth. She moved the little blob around until it was dispersed in her mouth. Jake felt her examination and waited until she concluded that it wasn’t bad.

--Kiss it. Suck it. Lick it.--

She smiled and leaned back forward and kissed his wet cock. She licked the wet slime from the head and then from the side. Soon it was hard to tell if the wetness was his cum or her slobber. She used her other hand to hold his balls and she then opened her mouth and took him in. She gently closed her mouth on him and looked up.

--Suck it. Bob your head. Use your tongue.--

She started giving her first blow job, and with his mental thoughts pushed into her mind, she was doing a great job. He was glad he had cum in his pants before she started this. He knew he would have blown his wad so fast otherwise. He heard her panting and gasping as she bobbed up and down. He was panting. She rubbed his balls with one hand, held the base of his cock with the other, and pressed her mouth up and down the length of his cock. He was getting close.

--Swallow my cum. Suck it in. Take it all.--

She pushed her head forward and took him deeper. She gagged and pulled up. She pulled off and coughed. Her hand resumed stroking him. His cum and her slobber made it slick and easy to slide.

“Sorry, Jake. I…uh…this is my first time…”.

“Shh, Cynthia. You’re doing fine. I was just hoping you could take it all.”.

“How about in me…?”.

“In you…?”.

Jake felt her mind scream --IN ME! In my pussy.--. She looked at her naked pussy, then back to Jake.

Jake smiled and said “Oh damn yes. Uh. Stand up and bend over. Use the couch to support yourself.”.

Cynthia got up from the couch and turned to face it. She put her hands on the back of the couch and looked back at Jake. He approached her and using one hand on his cock, the other on the back of her butt near her waist, he aimed his cock at her wet pussy. He touched her ass with the head. They both gasped. He pushed it lower and squatted down to get a better alignment. He was there. Her felt her mind saying ‘YES’. It was also saying ‘NO’. The yes was going to win out.

--You want this. You want my cock in you. Ask me to push into you.--

“Oh Jake. Please push your cock into me. Push it in. Now. Oh damn, don’t wait.”.

Jake smiled and pushed forward slowly. Her felt her wince as he entered her and he stopped. He read her mind --He’s too big. Too good. Deeper. Hold still.--. Her mind was wildly slamming all around, but one thing was solid…she was horny and wanting his cock, far more than she was afraid of his cock. He pushed forward another inch and paused. He was at her hymen. He could feel it holding him out. Her hips started flexing and she pushed back at him. He slipped in another inch and popped through. He felt her sharp pain and it hurt him. He held his hips still and he started rubbing her back, her waist, her hips, her ass. He could feel her vaginal muscles flexing. It felt so damn good. He felt her mind say --More. Damn. More.--. He pushed again. He was almost all the way in. He felt bigger and harder than he ever had. Cynthia’s mind was in glorious song. She was having sex. It felt good. Oh it hurt. But it felt good.

Jake gave one last push and shove and he pressed himself into her as deep as he could. He was in heaven. He was sensing her sexual joy. His joy just mingled with it and he almost came. He held off, knowing she wanted real sex, not just penetration. He pulled back. His cock head came out and just rested in her lips. Her wet pussy lips. He pushed into her all the way in one smooth stroke. Both their minds screamed in joy. He pulled out, then he pushed in. He started to make a rhythm out of it. Soon he was posting into her as hard and fast as he could. Their minds both wanted more and more and more…

He felt his balls get tight. He felt her pussy get tight. His cock got even bigger somehow, thicker. He was about to cum. She was about to cum. Their minds, their bodies. Sweat. Sex. Slippery. He pulled her by her hips hard onto him and he held himself deep in her and erupted. He felt her feel him. She shuddered and came with him. Her mind was flooded with his mind. His mind felt like hers. They had a large orgasm in a one two-person mind-body. Jake hunched and hunched into her barely pulling back an inch before hunching forward, depositing his cum deep into her. Oh god over and over. He was running out of stream. She was weak. Her arms were shaking. Her legs were about to collapse. Jake helped turn her and him so they could sit down on the couch. She was in his lap. He had slipped out from her in the move, but he was still having small spasms and more cum was dribbling out onto his and her legs.

His hands wrapped around her and stroke her chest, her legs, and her shoulders. She sat there and used her hands to rub his leg, she could just reach his soft, wet cock. She diddled it and played in the slimy mess. She was slowly getting her breath back, as was Jake.

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