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That day, Susie, my 14 year old daughter and I arrived home from the visit to my wife Susan's grave at about 10 a.m.
Our maid Emily, had prepared a lunch before leaving on her well earned two week vacation, and Susie and I ate an early lunch in the sun-drenched conservatory. After the food I felt like a JD and Coke and got a Dr Pepper for Susie at the same time. Handing Susie her favorite drink I said,
“ I'm going to put on my swim trunks and have a rest on my hammock. What do you want to do, Love?”
“ Daddy, I want us to have a soak in the spa pool like we used to when Mummy was with us, please.”
“ That actually sounds like a great idea. You go get your costume and bring some towels from the hall closet, and I'll take the cover off the pool.” Susie disappeared and I took the cover off the pool and checked that the water was at the preset temperature then moved a small table close to the pool and placed my glass, the bottle of Jack and the bottle of Coke on it. I turned to go and get my swim trunks when Susie walked back into the conservatory carrying the towels and totally, beautifully, gloriously naked.
“Hey, Sweetie. Where's your costume?” I inquired, a lot more casually than I felt. She was perfect. An absolutely perfect younger version of her mother. Just barely discernible breasts and none of the pubic hair that would soon show on her little love mound. The beginning of the curves that would grace her slender body was evident although her small still boyish buttocks proved that it would still be a while before full womanhood.
“ We never wore anything in the spa when Mum was here and I didn't think there was any need to change now.”
“ I know, sweetheart, but some people would think I was bad to be alone naked with a beautiful young lady who was also my daughter.”
“Well,” she smiled, “ I guess it's a good thing those some people' can't see us, isn't it?”


“ I can't disagree with that logic, girl. If you're not going to be disturbed by your dad being in the same state.”
“ Silly man,” she smiled, “ that is exactly what I want. Just like it always was before.”
Giving an mental shrug, I unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it on a chair and took off my shoes and socks, then undid my belt and the front of my trousers. My trousers followed my shirt onto the chair and I slipped out of my underpants. As I stepped up to enter the pool I looked at my daughter and noticed that her eyes were locked on my prick which was mildly tumescent but not fully erect. As I stepped into the water, her hand came up and took hold of my cock and gently stroked it. My response was an immediate and almost painful hardening. I groaned and gently removed her hand.
“ Darling. That is for grown up games and you're not that grown up yet, and you're my daughter and I'm not supposed to touch you.”
“ Daddy. It's beautiful, and I want to touch it, and you liked it because you made that funny noise when I did....and I don't care if you're supposed to or not. I'm not going to say anything and you're not going to, so who's going to know?”
Feeling that I could keep control of the situation, I let go of Susie’s hand and sat down in the spa pool beside her. I took her slim waist in the crook of my right arm and hugged her against me. Her hand returned to my hard cock and she continued her gentle stroking. My most base instincts were aroused and I reacted to her caresses by slowly thrusting into her hand when she stroked downward and withdrawing when she stroked upwards.
“Easy, Sweetheart.” I groaned, “ If you're determined to play this game, let's get out of this pool, get dried off and go somewhere where we can be comfortable?”
“ Ohh Goody,” Susie crooned, “ Let's go to your bedroom, and you can be my teacher, and show me how to make you really happy.”
We exited the spa pool, dried ourselves off, and scooping her into my arms I carried her to my bedroom and gently deposited her in the centre of my large bed.


Lying on my back beside her, I guided Susie to lie on top of me facing my feet with her legs on either side of me and her tiny virgin crevice above my mouth. Slowly I started to tease her with my tongue, running it between her labia and over her as yet maiden clitoris and she gasped as hitherto unknown feelings rushed through her body. She reacted without thought, pushing her genital area down against my invading tongue.
“ Ohhh Daddy, that feels incredible. More, please more and harder!”
I complied, attacking her sweet crevice with my tongue and when I sucked her clitoris and flicked it with my tongue at the same time, she cried out in pleasure. Her hand grabbed my still hard cock and stroked up and down feverishly, and then I felt the warmth and soft juiciness as she took the head in her mouth. I groaned. Too much, too soon. I pulled Susie off my cock and erupted, spurting my semen over her face, breasts, belly and eventually the last drops on her love mound as she sat on my stomach facing my feet. I reached for my towel and lovingly wiped my juices off her body as she lay down beside me. My cock was still hard and ready for more action, so spreading Susie's slim thighs, I knelt between them, and slid a pillow under her buttocks, then placing her legs as far apart as was comfortable I rubbed my cock head between her slippery pussey lips, gently teasing and titillating her.
“ Daddy,” Susie whispered, “ If, as you said, this is bad, why does it feel so good? I don't think it's bad at all. Are we going to go all the way?”
“ Sweetheart. It feels so good because we love each other, and yes, I think we're going to go all the way.”
“Ohh, Lovely.” she moaned, as she raised her hips and tried to impale herself on the rigid pole that was exciting her. I pushed until just the ruby plum head of my cock was inside her, but not yet against her hymen. The next time she raised her hips, I gave a short sharp jerk and her virginity was gone. Susie cried out sharply and a couple of tears started from her beautiful blue eyes. I leaned over her without penetrating further and kissed the tears away.
“ That was it, Susie, my sweetness. We'll just take it easy for a while and then really slowly stretch your little pussey open so we can both get some really lovely feelings. OK?”

Susie nodded her acceptance. I could feel the clasping warmth surrounding my cock head and a slipperiness probably brought on by the flow of blood from her ruptured hymen. Using her blood as a lubricant, I pushed slowly against the tightness of her vagina and she drew in her breath. I stopped and pulled back a little bit, then pushed in again a little bit further, repeating the process until I was fully sheathed. Here I stopped for a few seconds. Her vaginal walls were gripping my cock like a velvet vise, pulsing and hot, and I kept still and let the most incredible slow motion ejaculation overcome me. I could not resist small jerks as my fully enclosed cock poured an unending flow of juice into my daughter's tight little cunt.
“ Daddy, something's happening...Ohhh it feels so o good.”
My daughter had started to climax and she rapidly jerked herself up and down on my still pulsing cock and she cried out in rapture. For a few seconds Susie went rigid, and the collapsed back on the pillow and I slowly pulled my soft cock out of her and lay beside her. She came into my arms and we both fell into a deep satisfied sleep. Several hours later when I woke up, Susie was still in my arms, but in her sleep she had turned so that her back was to me and her little buttocks were curved into the shape of my body. My penis, re-energised by the siesta, was hard and throbbing between her slim thighs and ever ready to return to her soft interior. I positioned myself so that I was aimed at her newly opened centre and allowed my rigid pole to touch her vaginal lips. Susie did not wake up as I gently rubbed back and forth, coating the head of my cock with her juices. When the head was appropriately slippery I pushed slowly into her cunt, using short thrusts, each one slightly deeper than the one before, until I was fully embedded. My right hand cupped her little love mound and my finger gently rubbed her excitable little clitoris in time with my thrusts.
“ Ohh Daddy,” Susie moaned, “ I was dreaming about what we did, and I wake up to the most intense feelings and you're right in there . . .ohh please, Harder, Harder and deeper !!” She started pushing her hips back against my advancing cock and cried out in ecstasy as an orgasm wracked her body.


Not allowing her a chance to rest I commenced a hard deep pounding of her tight little pussey and she was pushed into climax after climax, each more earth shaking than the previous.
“ Daddy, Please. I can't take any more. Give me your juice. Fill me up, NOW.” she screamed as I slammed into her and my own orgasm blasted through me and another large dose of semen burst from my cock into her pulsing sheath. Still intensely excited and hard, I withdrew my cock, coated with her juices and my semen and rolled Susie on to her back. I grabbed a pillow, lifted her hips and slid the pillow under her, and, getting between her legs, thrust again into her juicy slit. Riding her high so that my cock excited her clitoris I kept up a hard, long series of thrusts. Still at a high level of excitement from her last climax, Susie began a keening wail as I ruthlessly pushed her to the edge of sanity. Her vagina was clamped tight on my rod and I couldn't stop another mind bending orgasm. My cock pulsed and pumped the absolutely final contents of my balls into her. I fell to one side and collapsed, utterly exhausted, and Susie lay as if she had fainted. We both fell asleep.

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2012-10-20 00:34:59
And this is the arrogant cunt who has a go at other writers about their paragraphs!

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2012-01-16 01:05:31
hot story and would like to see a new chapter where they find out she is pregnant with her dads baby


2011-04-30 23:35:13
Hey Ghost. I haven't had the opportunity to read all your stories yet, but will soon. Your writing style is definitely different from mine, but cool. Try putting two empty lines between your paragraphs and then the format on this site will give you paragraphs.


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Sorry about the numbers folks. They were actually Page numbers and I didn't realise how stupid they would look. Not there in my other submissions. Thank you for your comments and suggestions

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This so=called writer can't put together a simple story, stupid at that, with proper grammer, maybe it's a child playing on a porn site, in fact, I know it is, look at their other crap writing, isn't it obvious?

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