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To my delight , Carole after having taken a few large sips of her newly refreshed wine stated up again . “ Back on the main street, I waited for John, trying to keep Sprite from being too aggressive with his snout under my skirt, yet not being so mean that I held him back from doing so. When John handed me my underwear, I realized that my panties were soaking wet , so wet that I was not going to put them back on. Since we were now standing back on the main city street, I thought it beast not to become involved in putting my bra back on either. I figured after all I did not have a long walk back home, and since it was really late afternoon no one would notice my state of undress. ”

“ I had not figured on John offering me a cup of tea at the local caf?I was however thirsty enough to accept and it was there that we settled ourselves for a good twenty minutes. Our conversation sort of centered around the photo session as John tried to explain just how he had come about getting this contract as he called it. He explained that the idea was to have some young girl or at least one who looked young enough to do exactly or almost, as I had done. The scenes were to look as though everything happened naturally. That there was no one present other than the girl and or course in this case as an added bonus the dog.”

“ The idea was that it was an experience at play, just a little bit at a time leading up to some devilish interaction between the girl and her pet, out there in the open, with no concern of being stopped or caught. Just free feeling fun was how John explained it. He went on to say that every thing had worked itself out just fine, however now he had to complete the secession. He told me that he was going to get hold of one of his older working girls, there was one he had in mind, who resembled me just enough that he thought with a bit of photographic trickery no one would be able to tell the difference. He said he thought she would be willing to complete the project and allow the necessary things to unfold so that the entire project could be finished. ”

“He let me know that he was very grateful for all that I did and allowed to happen, he knew he had been asking me to take big steps, and was more than pleased to have had me comply with his wishes. He respected my decision not to do more and abided by my wish to stop things where they had been stopped. While I was listening to all what he was talking about, my mind was mulling things over, absorbing, and digesting. Then suddenly I spoke up telling John that I knew someone who just might fit his need to complete the required tasks, one who had already experienced similar situations. A girl that he had already taken pictures of, one who I was sure he could appreciate, and perhaps could be controlled to do exactly what he asked. ”

“I told him I would make a call, and then call him back either by the end of the week end or early in the week”

“ John thanked me profusely for the opportunity I had allowed him that afternoon to enhance his photographical portfolio and bid me farewell, telling me he would wait to hear from me before he proceeded to finish his project. Walking back home , with my thoughts running a million miles an hour, I paid little attention to the fact that Sprite was constantly pushing his snout under my skirt, licking at my legs. I was certain after I had the time to think about , that we were quite the spectacle as we moved along the city sidewalks . When we arrived realizing that I was indeed in a super charged state, I quiet descended to the basement, avoiding the rest of the family who were preparing supper in the kitchen. Having verified that my presence had gone un noticed I slipped off my clothes once more , settled myself into our old couch and finally allowed Sprite to take me. ”

“ That evening after supper I put my plans in order, I did not want to ask Joyce outright if she would be interested in the deal.. I was sure not going to let you know what I had in mind, because I was sure you would be against any situation that would allow Joyce to be in close proximity of another male . I had not told you of the other weekend tryst, and did not think Joyce had either. I wanted Joyce to want this, yet did not quite know how to get her to contact me rather that me going after her. Finally I thought I had discovered the most discrete way of doing things however it would prolong letting John know whether it was a go or not. Dougie never knew it but it was you who provided the means as you had told me at supper that you were to visit Joyce on Sunday and you agreed to deliver a note to her from me.”

“ Dougie all you delivered was a picture of a dog collar that I had altered so that the tag on the collar read Joyce . I was certain that you would have no idea what so ever as to what I was doing, but I knew for a fact Joyce would understand. Dougie I do not know if it showed in my manner but I was on pins and needles that whole week , jumping each time the telephone rang, hoping Joyce had made the decision. When the weekend came along, I figured that she had no more interest in what I was offering. I was more disappointed when I learned that you guys were going to a drive in movie in Alburg
So I decided that I would play a few games with Sprite ,taking off at the same time as you left, to walk to the park. ”

“You must realize of course John had planted this dirty little seed in my head, it had been a strenuous week waiting to see if it blossomed into some thing wonderful. I was more tense than I had ever been up until that point in time, frustrated thinking that I had had no word from Joyce at all, almost giving up the thought of pulling this off. I sat myself down on one of the swings after I had tied Sprite and propelled myself in to the air as high and as hard as I could in an attempt to have the breeze clear my thoughts. Unfortunately that did not help much, so I decided to play again on the monkey bars, figuring to hold myself upside down long enough to have my blood circulate in the opposite direction, perhaps overfilling my brain, and short circuiting my thoughts.”

“I guess I had not tied Sprite as securely as usual, for the first thing I knew he was standing up right in front of me ,on his hind legs, his fore paws desperately clawing at my blouse. Given my mood, I was not quite willing to stop him, yet I was not certain I wanted to embark on an adventure similar to the week before. I reached out to steady him so that he would not hurt me unintentionally, nor injure himself, I talked to him softly trying to calm his excitement a bit. I decided however to suck my tummy in slacking the pressure holding my blouse in my skirt to see what might happen.”

“ Sprite continued to move his fore paws up and down the side of my body, as he had calmed down a bit his movements were more precise and he was rewarded. The fact that I had sucked my tummy in provided the needed release , we both felt the blouse loosen enough to slip out of the waist of the skirt. Sprite must had realized that he was now getting somewhere and was able to push the material down to have it settle at the bottom of my bra, exposing a large area of bare skin. As I was wearing a some what tighter skirt this time around, it did not fall as my older plaid one did, to cover part of my waist and uncover my panties so I was not really that exposed. Sprite’s tonguing became very ticklish causing me to twist and turn almost to the point that I felt my knees begin to slip from the monkey bars. Had that happened I would no doubt dropped down and injured my neck, so once again I grabbed hold of poor Sprite, finally commanding him to back off and sit. ”

“Once Sprite had stopped licking, I was able to collect my thoughts. I managed to readjust my knees so that my hold on the bars was secure and firm. I again let myself hang down straightening my arms out above my head almost in reach of the sandy ground beneath me. Looking towards Sprite, I saw his quirky expression, his head tilted a bit, he was running his bright pink tongue around his mouth as thought he was licking the remnants of something very tasty. I was going to straighten myself , and slip off the bars, when I heard Sprite let out a distinct low whimper , almost a sound of disappointment.”

“ It was then that I decided that perhaps I might be able to enjoy myself even though I was still very much disappointed that I had not heard from Joyce. The last time I had really enjoyed Sprite licking my boobies while I had hung upside down so I swung myself up to grab hold of the bars and dropped down standing straight. Commanding Sprite to follow , I walked around the park inspecting the other pieces of equipment . As I tried to visualize what kind of position I could assume, on each of the different apparatus in the park, I continually played with the buttons of my blouse, undoing them one at a time. I thought the sitting benches might have potential, but I kept coming back to the monkey bars, they seemed to have much more appeal, even the slide did not seem to have the necessary exciting possibilities.”

“ I climbed back up on the bars, fixed my knees with my feet firmly in place and let my upper body drop back down towards the sandy ground. I reached out for Sprite grabbing hold of his forepaws and placed them on the material of my now very loose blouse. Immediately he understood, that he was now being allowed to pull at things so wasted no time in exposing much more of my torso bare. To help things along I reached back and unhooked my bra, providing Sprite with the opportunity of pushing every thing down over my out stretched arms and letting it fall to the ground. Sprite then went about the task of lapping at my tits, licking at the harden nipples, causing me to twist and turn as the sensations in my body built to a crescendo.”

“One thing about a dog, is that they do not tire to quickly , they continue to keep doing what suits them for a long time. This is exactly what Sprite did , he must have continued lapping at me, for a good fifteen minutes. It was easy to see that he was indeed as excited as perhaps I was, as his cock extended from its furry sheaf at a good length . I reached out for his bright red tool, marbled by rigid deep bluish veins and held it before my mouth. I was not certain what I was going to do , I was not certain that I wanted to suck on it like I had had Joyce do, but I wanted something more, so I extended my tongue.
Tentatively I licked just at the tip of this pulsating member, in an attempt to determine its taste, its flavour if there was one.”

“ At contact, Sprite jumped, forcing his lower body in towards me, had I not been holding so firmly on to him, his jest would have sent his red pulsating cock between my lips and into my mouth. I would have been in a fix had that happened. It was not quite what I wanted at the time. I knew that I could not been mean to Sprite either, so holding him tightly, I pushed my tongue out as far as I could and ran it over his cock. I felt myself gushing my own fluid, even thought I was hanging upside down I could feel it leaking out between my pussy lips, running down over my sparse pussy hair and down in between the crease of my bottom. I began to stoke Sprite’s cock in earnest, with a determined rhythm, the more I stroked, the more excited I got handling this piece of live equipment. My whole body was tingling beyond what I had felt for a long time. Sprite himself was growling low deep sounds he was making as I continued to pull his pod.”

“ Suddenly I felt a large bulge push against my hands , only to realize that Spite’s knot had issued forth from his sheath, he was ready to shoot his spunk. Not wanting to get it all over my face I directed it away from me, not too soon as immediately, his cock throbbed and shot a shit lot of liquid straight out only to land in the virgin sand beneath us. I was relieved that I had not decided to take his cock into my mouth, I doubt even now that I would have been able to handle much of which flowed from it. . Sprite , once he was finished jerking , evacuating his spunk, dropped down on all fours and moseyed over to the grassy par of the park to lick himself clean. ”

“ As from me well I was trembling so much that I figured I had better right myself, before I fell flat onto the ground. I managed to get myself over to a bench where I splayed out limp and exhausted. I must have dozed off for a bit, waking suddenly feeling something attempting to slip between my legs, I startled poor Sprite as he moved from between my legs quickly, and settled himself back on the grass his paws over his muzzle. Feeling sorry for what I had done, I called him back , having him come up on the bench beside me where I proceed to hug him telling what a good dog he was. It did not take but a minute or so before he tried to get back at my tits, but as the time was getting a bit late I thought it best we took off for home.”

“ I was however not quite settled, things were still stirring inside my body, making me feel quite giddy, I felt that I could be more daring that evening as it was not bordering on night fall. There were less sounds coming off the main street, you could see the city street lights shining brightly through the trees of the park. I thought since it was Sunday , there would be far less people out and about, it might be possible for me to experience a further rush, may be I could walk home in my half dressed state. I would only have to cross a few city streets, I could walk most of the route through the back lanes, behind the houses, out of the illumination of the street lights. The more I thought about it, the more giddy I got, holding Sprite tightly, I began to talk out loud to him telling what I was thinking , what I thought I could do, what I thought we could do, how exciting it would be if we did it. I guess in retrospect I was trying to convince myself that I could do it.”

“ Taking hold of myself I picked up my discarded clothing and hid it under one of the thicker bushes lining the park. I clipped the leash back onto Sprite’s collar and edged us to the entrance of the park. Convinced that I would be able to make it across the street and into the fist set of lanes with out being intercepted, I quickly guided Sprite on our way. Once I got safely in to the semi darkness, I felt relieved, excited, determined and adventurous all at once, there would be not turning back. ”

“ I could feel the excitement oozing out of my, my nipples protruding stiffly from my heaving naked tits, giving off even more tingling feelings. As we stealthy strode thought the lanes, we caused other dogs to bark out at our passing, I kept hoping that no one would pay much attention, or come out to investigate things to find a half naked girl passing through. I guess we were about three quarters the way home , when suddenly we were propelled in to a flurry of bright lights”

“ Dougie you could not imagine the shock I felt at that moment, I was certain I had been caught, just like a deer in a car’s headlights. Dougie, I was just so surprised, that I wet myself, I peed right in my panties, soaking them through and through. I pissed so hard that a large wet spot formed at the front of my tight beige skirt . I did not move I froze in my stance, sucking in my breath waiting for all hell to break loose. There was however no commotion, no yelling, no screaming, nothing but the sound of my heart beating and the panting of Sprite . Suddenly the light dimmed off as quickly as then had come on, it was then that I realized these lights were controlled by that new what you might call it system of movement. As Sprite and I had moved through the lane we mush have past a large open spot causing us to get caught in the beam.”

“ Not wanting to have the light shine upon us again, I slowly got down on my hands and knees. I knew we had to move, we could not stay there so figured if I was a low as Sprite perhaps the beam would not catch me. Once I started to crawl along the lane , I could feel the intense wetness of my panties, I could feel the liquid that had run down my legs, in between my toes and on to my sandals. It was a very uncomfortable sensation let me tell you. It was then that Sprite started sniffing almost aggressively at my back side . I was having a hard time controlling him and crawling at the same time, but I needed to get past that particular lot if I wanted to avoid the lights. Once I had crawled a bit I figured that I was save enough to stand once again and tried to do so. Imagine my surprise when I found myself stuck to something in the alley way, I moved around trying to twist my skirt from what every was holding it when I heard the material ripping quite loudly then felt myself released from what every was holding me.”

“ Dougie , how I managed to stand up with falling back down on my ass I do not know , but once I was up I reached down to try and feel where my skirt had ripped only to find that all I had covering my body was my soaking wet panties, my ripped skirt had remained caught on what it was that had been holding me. I could not see very clearly, but Sprite, being a dog was able to see the predicament I was in. He wasted no time at all grabbing on to my wet panties with his teeth , pulling at them so hard ,that he managed to rip them partly from my behind . I was now fairly well naked, standing there in the lane way not quite home by a long shot. Taking stock of the situation, I figured that since I was being a daredevil, I might as well complete the task in good order, so I slipped my panties down and off, and left pulling an almost unwilling Sprite along with me .”

“ Dougie every part in my body was now in a hyper state of excitement , I could feel my juices churning inside, pushing my sensations to even higher peaks. As I got to the end of the last lane , it donned on me that the lane to our house that would have allowed me to slip in the back unnoticed, had been blocked off, it was no longer accessible. At that moment I panicked, I was not that far from home, I could almost see the front porch light , yet the only way to get there was to travel down the fairly well lighted city street.
I felt my heart jump to my throat, how was I going to work this out. Leaning up against the last house, I went through the motions I would have to make to get home safe and unmolested. I would have to sort of creep along the bushes and fences trying my best to stay out of the illumination of the city lights until at least I was directly across from our house. It would be then that I would be most exposed, I would have to cross the street to get to our backyard. ”

“ Dougie , lady luck must have been at my side that night, well almost. I managed to get to Mrs. Hanover’s place, when her front porch lit up and she came out with a bunch of people. Had I not evacuated my bladder before hand , I would have done so then, I just managed to slip to the side of her bushes in time. I crouched down on my hand and knees once again, trying to avoid being seen. This time however as I was completely uncovered, Sprite , was able to stick his snout right up between my legs. Not waiting for my signal, he began licking, pushing his tongue as far up between my legs as possible. His rough tongue was sweeping at my pussy lips, causing them to swell, causing them to part just enough so that he was able to reap the benefits that were more than ready to drip out and flow continuously. ”

“ Carefully I grabbed hold of his muzzle, trying to quietly sooth him, in the hope that he would not start barking or growling at me and attracting attention I did not want. Finally Mrs. Hanover’s guests left walking down the street in the opposite direction to my greatest relief. Had they been any longer I would no doubt have let Sprite mount me , slip his long reddish blue vein cock between my swollen wet pussy lips , and fuck me until he was satisfied. As it was , I knew I needed his cock up my cunt, I needed to feel it tickling my cervix until I could not longer take anymore . I knew I needed a good orgasm. Once the light of Mrs. Hanover’s porch went black I stood, pulled at Sprite’s leash and dashed across the street making a b-line to the safety of my own backyard. When I rounded the corner, I saw that the kitchen light was on, so I edged my way along the cedar hedge until I came up beside the old dog house. From that advantage point I could see my mother at the kitchen sink, not only that but I could see the television lit up in the front room, figuring that was where my father might be even if I could not see him.”

“ It was not the time to try and sneak into the basement, after all I would have had to pass by the kitchen and I doubt my mother would have appreciated her naked teenaged daughter strolling in with her pet dog, and disappearing down the stairs. There was not many choices left , I needed a cock and I need it then. I settled as best I could on my hands and knees in the shadow of the dog house. I unattached Sprite and gave him the command he perhaps had been waiting for. I placed my chin down on my forearms, wiggling my wet sex in the air. I then watched my mother finish what ever she was doing in the kitchen, while I allowed Sprite to finally slip his long hot cock into my waiting cunt. Sprite wasted no time , humping me in a frenzy, pushing his cock into me as far as he could. How long it was before I felt the knot at the entrance of my cunt , forcing my little hole to open , to accept this large bulge I do not know , but I do know that I came as soon as I felt the stream of his hot spunk spread out in my innards. I had to bit into my arm in order to stifle my cries. I must have backed out, because I do not remember Sprite pulling his knot from my poor battered hole. Usually even though it had shrunk in size, I could always feel it being pulled from me , sucked out of me, when ever Sprite felt he could dismount.”

“ Reorienting myself as best I could, I saw that while the kitchen light had been turned off the back porch light had been put on . I froze in my position trying to figure out if a naked shiny white girl’s body could been seen in this new light. Carefully I eased myself crawling back ward, my ass still high up in the air, the rest of my body pressed on my forearms, hoping that my movement would not be noticed. I could see that the television was still going , my father or both parents watching the late show with Johnny Carson. I would have to wait things out before I could head inside with out being intercepted and questioned. ”

“ Suddenly it began to rain putting me in a fine situation, I could hardly run up in to the house dressed in only my birthday suit, if I stayed where I was I was going to get drenched, not that I did not need to be washed in this warm summer rain. Thinking on my feet , well more like on my knees, I grabbed hold of Sprite , slipped us both into the old dog house and cuddled up to him to keep warm. Dougie I don’t think I have to tell you but waking up in the morning with someone licking at your ass, has to be the greatest thing on earth or at least that is what I found out Monday morning. Wondering what the hell was going on, I cleared my head, thinking I was in a wet dream. Once I got my eyes focused however I realized that I was still in the old dog house, naked as the day I had been born. I looked behind me to see Sprite happily licking at my ass, trying to push his long rough tongue up my back chute.”

“ I had no idea at all as to the time, it looked early enough, it had stopped raining , there were sun beams streaming through the trees into the back yard. When I began to move , to stick my head out the door, I unfortunately raised my body, allowing Sprite full access to the goodies between my legs. Animal instinct is really something, he immediately took this movement as permission to forge ahead and that is just what he did . Scooping his tongue along my entire crack provided me with a wonderful feeling, so I just let things go. Even though the dog house was not very high inside, Sprite managed to mount me once again sending his lovely tapered cock into my wonderful warm wet teenaged cunt plummeting me with all he had.”

“ Sprite got me moaning and groaning quickly, it was just exquisite to have this long hard rod up inside so early in the morning, pounding back and forth with such swiftness. I was beside myself, I had spammed so many times I lost tract, then I felt Sprite’s cock surge as he released his hot spunk far inside in side my tunnel, and shoved his furry underside up tightly against my ass, forcing his knot firmly in my cunt. You know Dougie, a woman’s body is conceived to allow a baby to slip out her vagina, her cunt expands to handle the size, so I guess the problem only occurs when the largeness is being forced in from outside . No matter how well prepared I was to receive Sprite’s knot after his continually pounding of my cunt for close to ten or fifteen minutes, when he forced his knot in I was beside myself, I had to stuff my fingers into my mouth to stop for screaming out.”

“ Once we were fixed, attached so to speak there was nothing to do but relax and wait, I bathed in the sensation of having my cunt full of hot doggie spunk, feeling Sprite’s cock wiggling around as it began to shrink in size. My mind kept rehearsing the events of the day before, of how I had gotten into the situation I found myself. I began wondering, hoping that Joyce would respond and accept the proposition I was going to offer. My mind just kept going round and round, keeping me in a state of constant excitement, so much so that I was not even trying to figure a way back into the house and up to my room.”

“ Finally Sprite pulled out, causing just enough pain to break my train of thought and cause me to realize that I needed to pee as badly as him. Once the connection was broken Sprite took off outside , where I watched him circle around several times before he lifted his leg and emptied his bladder. I on the other hand did not quite know what to do , I did not think I could make into the house, keep my wits together and get to the bathroom. I decided then and there that I needed to empty my balder. I eased myself out of the dog’s house , crouched low to keep all possible cover in the morning’s sunlight and moved around back. I squatted right there and let loose with a torrent of hot morning piss, mixed with a good lot of doggie spunk. There was nothing to wipe with so I sat on the grass and pulled my body forward a few feet hoping that I had cleared as much as I could.”

“ I continued crouching low, as I made my way along the cedar bushes to the back of the house where I could hug the wall , not to be in the line of sight from a window. When I got the to porch door I was very very anxious, but true to form , it was unlocked. You know Dougie we lived in good times back then, you never had to worry about break ins, you could leave your house unlocked if you were not going far, you never had to lock your bike, you could leave your toys out, heck you could even walk from the village back home stark naked and not be bothered. That morning luck was running with me , there was a terry towel or gown in the basket of clothes mother had brought in. I do not remember if it was yours or mine, but it fit and covered me just in time, as father just walked into the kitchen as I pulled it closed. ”

“ I was able to pretend that I had gone out early to see why Sprite was making so much noise and he bought it, telling me that it was a good thing I looked after my pets as I did , I was a good and responsible girl. Having cleared myself of all suspicion that I was just coming in from a night of frolicking with the beast, I went straight up and got into the shower to clean off all my stench. I hit the sack afterwards, being woken by mother who came up about 11 o’clock asking if I was going to spend all day in bed. I did not really want to get up I was tired from all the fucking and wanted just to flak out for a bit longer, but mother insisted that I come and eat. For the next few days I made certain that I wore as many clothes as I could given the hot weather. I worried about Sprite shoving his nose between my legs when some else would be near by. I was concerned that if I wore less, I make take another chance and let Sprite have his way with me once again.”

The wine we were drinking was causing me no pain for sure, I was enjoying the bouquet as I listened to Carol spin her yarn, while I watched her running her hands all over her undone shirt. I t was quite evident that she was playing with her breast, which I knew to be freely accessible un the material of her shirt. She paused her tale telling once more reaching out pushing her empty glass towards, me gesturing for a refill. As I stood to get hold of the bottle, I figured that I had better add a bit more wood to our now glowing fire. Upon completion of this task I refilled our goblets, realizing that we had very little left in the bottle, I began to mention the fact to Carol. However as I looked to address her, I saw that she had slipped a hand down into her pants and was abstractly busy rubbing her own feminine treasure spot. Aghast , I guess you could say , I could not get the words out of my mouth that I wanted so I simply offered up her goblet . Perhaps not quite realizing what it looked like, not caring, or perhaps letting the wine get the best of her, Carol simply pulled her hand from within her pants and thanked me for the refill.

I eased myself back into my chair , adjusting my now hardening cock into a more comfortable position and slowly sipped my wine, waiting to see if the evening story telling had come to an end. For quite a few minutes there was silence, except for the sounds of our breathing and the crackling of the new logs I had laid in the fireplace.
I did not know if Carol had fallen asleep or what, I dared not break the mood of things, yet I wanted to know if it was time to get to bed.

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