As related to me by my sister
Just last week I was visiting with my sister and some how got to telling her that I had come across the old journal entry she had made following her little weekend tryst with my old girlfriend Joyce. I indicated that i had thought the story worth posting on the internet and explained how I had gone about it . I told her about the number of readers who had looked a it , voted for it and made comments about it. As we talked Carole did not appear to be angry with my sharing her experience with Joyce, infact she began to reminisce a bit, smiling with the little devil smirk of hers . Carole quietly sipping on her tea, however also seemed to be squirming a bit in her seat. ` Dougie, she began in a firm but soft voice, I am not sure that you got all the journal entries that I had written regarding your girlfriend, I do remember giving you one regarding our first encounter, but I do not think you got any others. You know just after I got married we had that big flood.
Most of my school stuff got washed out, this included my journals , photos and other memorabilia, I was unable to salvage any of it unfortunately.

Now however that you have brought the subject up, and since it does not look like it is going to be a very nice week end, I could attempt to relate as best as I can remember what I might have written in those journal in as far as it concerns Joyce ” Carole continued.

It was late Saturday afternoon, the weather had turned a bit, rain was now pouring down eliminating any possibilities that any outdoor activity would be possible. Carole’s husband had taken off for work, and I had not made any constructive plans in any case.
I told Carole that if she was willing to talk, I would certainly listen to what every she wanted to relate. “ Put some more wood on the fire and I’ll , get us some wine and something to nibble on, ” Carole said, leaving the room with Buster her faithful four legged companion following right behind.

By the time I had the fire flickering just so perfectly , sending out it’s radiant heat to engulf the area in which we were seated, Carole had returned with a tray of deliousice looking tid-bits, a large bottle of wine and two glasses. Settling herself comfortable in the large sofa chair she motioned for me to pour the wine and hand her a glass. After she had taken a sip she seducively ran her tounge all around the exteror of her lips and began `Now I am not sure where the Journal story that you got finished, do you remember or has it been too long since you can recall.

“Well Carole ” I said, “ the details that you wrote, left a deep impression on me, and I will not deny that I have read and re read the story several times over, so I am sure that if I tell you that the revelation ended with you climbing into bed with Susan after you had dropped Joyce off at home, it would be there that what you gave me concluded..

“Oh Yes ” she said ,” I remember now, I had hoped that Joyce would have been able to have stayed with us for a longer period, but I was disappointed with her having been called home . I do not think however hat I wrote any thing about what Susan and I went through afterwards, but then this would not be of much interest to you would it ! ”

“ Carole, any little stories involving you and the games you played with our cousin Susan, or for that matter anyone you played with would be most interesting to hear, but first I would like to hear more about you and Joyce. Perhaps another time you might want to tell me more after all we are not that old that we are going to die tomorrow are we !! ”.

“O K , then, yes I guess you would be more interested in Joyce, then the others so I will try and relate as best I can remember what occurred that summer. You of course realize that I was a bit upset with you for not asking me to participate in your own little trysts
and on several occasions I spied on you and Joyce when you were fooling around in the basement. Let me tell you Dougie, there were several times that I had to fight the urge to burst in on both of you, especially after peeking at you while you undressed Joyce then got busy with your head between her spread legs. More than once I had cum in my panties while I knelt between the front bushes and that little basement window that provided a wonderful full view of the couch on which you had Joyce stretched and spread naked.”

I sort of gulped rather than swallowed my mouth full of wine when Carole came out with this statement , I never thought that Joyce and I might have been spied upon at our house. I knew for a fact that one or both of her brothers had sneaked a peek at us while we were fooling around at her place. When were in her basement, I was very careful not to have her completely naked, so that while the boys would certainly have seen that we were playing some serious sex games, they were not afforded a more than a glimpse of parts of their sister’s naked body at any one time.

Carole caught reaction immediately “ Ah so you didn’t know you were being watched , I always wondered if I had been careful enough not to have been noticed. I mean we both knew that putting Joyce on display heightened the sexual charge, so I did not know if you might have been putting on a show knowing that I was peeking in on you. ”

“Carole,” I said, “ had I known that you were watching, I would certainly have provided you with a good show, but I had no idea. I mean I knew when her brothers were peeking, because they were not too careful about not being seen so I acted accordingly. I did not want her parents getting wind of what I was doing to their daughter nor did I want her brothers holding anything over us , or being able to put Joyce in an awkward position.
You on the other hand, well I it was too bad I did not know we will never know what might have transpired.” I then leaned forward , reached for a tidbit off the tray blew Carole a big kiss and settled back in to my comfy chair.

Raising my half filled goblet, I told Carole that I was ready to listen, if she wanted to begin.

“ Not much happened with Susan the next day, she seemed a bit preoccupied or perhaps a bit put out that I had taken so much liberty, exposing her when I had such a willing play thing as Joyce to do my bidding. If I remember it was perhaps the third week in to the summer holiday that things began to develop . I was in the village doing god only knows what , when John came up took hold of my elbow and got my full attention. I would guess we began with pleasant small talk , I do not think we jumped into the subject of what had occurred in the park, or what John had on his mind immediately”.

“John was a nice guy, always pleasant , polite, and clean. In as far as being a good photographer I would imagine that he stood on his own amongst even some of the professionals, I doubt many knew of his little obsession with the darker side of things. As always he had his camera equipment with him, never failing to put it to use even as we talked. Of course he was very polite about it, he would first tell me how pretty I was looking, how the light affected my features, then he would apologize saying he could not help himself but wanted my permission to snap a few of me.”

“Any time I met with John, I always replied to his pleasantries that he could take my photo any time, any where any way it pleased him. I was never disappointed with his final prints , I shone in no matter what milieu he took them. It is most unfortunate that the flood ruined some of the best photos of me that were ever taken. It was terrible that the accident took John’s life when he was just in his prime, a good man was lost for ever.”

“ To continue however, we could not sit chit chatting too long as back then I guess it was Sprite my Springer spaniel who was tied out side the shop waiting for my return. John followed me , clicking away as I bent to pet Sprite and retrieve his leash . At first I thought John was behind me taking snap shots of my round ass as it pushed up against my skirt when I bent, but once I straightened myself I fond that he had been standing in front of me.”

“Now Dougie, before you get ahead of yourself, I must tell you that I was fully dressed. It was summer of course, but I was clothed, I had a bra on even if it was a skimpy one, and my sleeveless blouse was buttoned and tucked into my skirt. Bent like I had been however had certainly allowed the blouse to open a bit further in front , and I was sure then that John had taken advantage of this and had been snapping photos of things through the opening I had provided ”

“ I played it cool, not letting John think that I had any idea of what he was clicking at took Sprite’s leash and began walking no place in particular. John allowed me to get ahead of him a bit and continued his photo taking . Every once in a while he would call out telling me to turn my head, to flip my hair or pretend to wave or point at something. Then suddenly he was walking right beside me , so I figured that we were finished and that he would be leaving. ”

“ I was surprised. pleasantly I must say, that John then suggested that if I had nothing other planned for the day would I consider helping him with a photo s?ce that he had been asked to shoot when he had located the right subject. He then quickly added that he knew that I was the right subject , it had just been the matter of finding me and asking me if I would be willing to help him out . He had been looking for me for at least a week. John did not have my coordinates, I did not think it wise incase he called or heaven forbid turned up at the house when mother was there.”

“ Having nothing to do in particular I told John that I was all his , his to command until he had all the frames that he required , at that time not really thinking about my choice of words. John took my arm , directing my traject down the main street and into one of the city parks that had been equipped with several pieces of gymnastic apparatus. This was one of the older parks , one that had been developed before the new amusement stuff came on to the market. The younger children did not frequent this park very much as there was much more interesting things at the new park located beside the dog park.”

“ Once we arrived , John had me posing in stances that made me think of pictures I had seen in the Seventeen magazines. He had me leaning up against trees, bending backwards, and holding on to the various park equipment. I was bending petting the dog, pretending I was playing fetch with the dog, posing in typical girlish positions. John then asked if I would consider doing a few more provocative shots. He asked me to raise my skirt to just below the level of my pussy , to pull my blouse free , unbutton and tie the ends together. I suppose it was a good thing I knew John and had been photographed but him before , otherwise I doubt he would have gotten his shots, in fact he most probably would not even have asked had he not known me.”

“ John wanted some exciting , action shots he called them, and in complying with his instructions I knew full well that many of the positions I was subjected to, exposed a whole lot of my firm young body. John had me up the ladder of the slide, bending my bottom out as far as I could, he had me on the monkey bars hanging first by my hands
Then requesting I do a couple of upside down poses, my skirt falling down , exposing my underpants while he happily clicked away.”

“ Things were rolling along fairly well, we had not been interrupted by any one, so it was only John who saw me in these awkward positions, not that I really minded, it was almost like having him take those sexy pictures that he had taken his shop a while back, only this was now outdoors. With some hesitation, John asked me if I would mind taking my bra off, adding that I could simply pull if off under my blouse as that would provide a very different photographic opportunity. John then had me pose in several positions that would certainly show the fact that I was sans bra, even though my body was still covered.”

“ I found myself hanging upside down once again on the monkey bars, when John asked
me to loosen the knot of my blouse, but not to undo it completely. This task completed, John wanted me to swing my body, while I was upside down, reaching up to grab the bars, then releasing myself. It did not take but a few movements before my blouse came completely undone, baring my naked chest for his photos. Suddenly John called out telling my to reach for the sand below me, causing me to stretch my arms straight out over my head, which of course allowed my sleeveless blouse to slip right off and down to the ground. ”

“ Finally John said he had sufficient photos of that kind and told me I could drop down , to a standing position. He did not suggest that I put my blouse back on so I left it where it had fallen and waited. John was changing things with his camera, either film or lenses I did not know, but when he finished he asked me if I would be willing to take things further. I was in a quandary, I was certainly enjoying myself out in the open park like this , exposed to this man and his camera. I was not however too certain that I wanted to agree to much more. I mean I did not think I would have minded being completely naked there in the park, but I was not sure . So I asked him to tell me exactly what he wanted and I would think about it before I committed to any more”.

“ Last time I had been naked before John , it was for photos I wanted to do and to have for myself, mind you I gave him permission to do what every he wanted with copies, but it was me who was in control of exactly what was being photographed. I had not posed with my legs so wide that the camera lens could have slipped up my virgin hole, I was not ready for that, I was into coy photos, not hardcore photos.” - 2736

“John began slowly telling me that he had been requested to get photos of girls in outdoor settings, slowly being stripped or taking their own clothes off oblivious of the camera.
Any outdoor setting was acceptable, but a children’s park , a public pool, a mini golf or the such was preferred. If the outdoor photos included any additional articles, stage settings or even animals it would be most welcomed. ”

“ Hearing this, I berated John just a little, realizing now why he had found me on a day I was with my Springer spaniel Sprite. I immediately told John that photos with Sprite would have to be controlled by me and me alone. I explained that while I would not mind playing with Sprite in my undressed condition, adding that I would accept to go as far as taking off my skirt but it would end there. John hummed and hawed just a little, trying to show his disappointment, yet at the same time trying hard to hide that fact that he was delighted that I was willing to take things that far.”

“ I walked over to Sprite , bending to untie his leash, at the same time almost forcing my tits into his face. Now Sprite had been trained by me , he followed instructions very well and was well behaved as any canine companion would be. Sprite had also been trained to meet some of my special requirements, so I had to be careful of how I approached him. I certainly did not want Sprite to think that he would be able to have his way with me, I did not want him pulling at the little clothing I was wearing and putting me in a position I did not want to be.”

“ I took his head firmly in my hand and directed his hanging tongue to my dropping tits, allowing him to lick at them. I heard the camera clicking away, thinking that John was getting a good deal at the same time feeling a slight buildup of my own excitement.
I broke contact, lowering myself to the grass, hugging Sprite tightly while not quite stopping him from licking at my naked chest. Sprite was moving excitedly , his paws getting all caught up in my skirt. I did not want him pulling the material apart, so I commanded him in a stern voice to stand back and sit.”

“ I managed then to undo and slip my skirt off , leaving me just in my skimpy white panties much to the delight of John I must say, as he let out a loud low whistle of appreciation. He then suggested that I move back to the monkey bars, where he asked me to jump up and grab hold, bringing my feet off the ground about six inches or so. John then asked if I would mind letting things move along a bit further. He wanted me to get Sprite to get his paws up around my waist, either standing on his hind legs in front of me or behind me. ”

“ John explained the idea of letting Sprite paw at me in such a way that he might just be able to guide my panties downward , exposing my most delicate parts in the process.
John told me that he would not push his luck and would not request anything else of me
unless I made an offer to take things further that afternoon. He said that he knew he was pushing, but so far all the pictures he had taken were going to turn out fabulous, and if what he saw in his mind for these last shots, if they came off , they would be extraordinary.”

“As I hung there on the bars exposed in my half naked state, still experiencing the tingling that Sprite had provide when he had been licking my tits, I guess my mind was not focusing on the propriety of things. I told John that I would allow this but no more. I was wondering just how I was going to control things, I knew if Sprite forced me too hard , making me fall, there would be no way to stop him from trying to mount me no matter if I fell backwards or forwards. Finally I called Sprite to me, I directed him in front of me , hoping in that position I would have better control and could react faster if I saw that things were getting out of control.”

“ It was kind of funny watching Sprite sitting there , his tongue hanging from his mouth his salvia drooling in quantity and his cocked head looking up at my nakedness, looking up at my heaving tits, those that he had just stopped licking. It took several attempts to fix Sprite in the desired position and it was only with John’s help that we finally managed to set his paws correctly. In this position Sprite by stretching his neck was able once again to set his tongue to work on my tits, causing all kinds of sensations to run through my body.”

“The excitement was getting to poor Sprite also for John announced that his little red penis was extended quite visibly from its fur covered sheaf. Sprite was pushing into my body, trying his best to hump, he was causing us to swing back and forth, well I was swinging he was moving backward and forward on his hind legs. John’s desired effects were beginning to gel . I could feel Sprite’s fore legs rubbing up and down my hips, rubbing at my skin and on the material of my panties. I could not tell if he was making any head way, but I knew that John was focused, he was clicking away, mumbling words that sounded like - that’s great , Oh Yes, wonderful, oh just a bit more etc..”

“ I was slowly loosing control, Sprite’s tongue was doing such a good job on my tits, that things were becoming un glued. I could feel my panties getting wetter and wetter as little explosions rattled through my innards. I knew I had to try and concentrate on holding on to the bar other wise I would be in big trouble. Suddenly I felt John behind me, he was whispering in my ear that the poor dog was having a devil of a time getting it right. He was going to lend him a hand , with that said I felt my panties being pulled away from my back side and slipped over the curve of my bottom. ”

“ John resumed his photo taking position allowing poor Sprite to realize now that he was able to move my panties with his paws. Being the smart little dog that he was, he wasted no time in guiding them down my legs, allowing his muzzle to side down from my tits past my belly button and over my now exposed sex, where he no doubt got a good scent of my arousal level. Once his feet hit the ground the panties slipped off my toes onto the ground, leaving his head at an almost even level with my dripping cunt.”

“ Try as I could, I could not stop him from lapping at my cunt, even though I forced myself to hold tightly on to the bar and close my legs, my body betrayed me. Suddenly I heard myself crying out that I was cuming, that I was cuming, I let my legs go loose and open, allowing Sprite to get to the center of things where his quick lapping tongue was met with a released gushing of my holy love juices. It just sprayed out of me covering poor Sprite, and dribbling down on to the sand below the monkey bars. It was a very good thing that I had managed to hold myself up , for had I dropped to the ground John would have gotten some very very explicit bestiality photos for sure. There would have been no way that I could have , or perhaps would have stopped Sprite from mounting me and fucking the living day lights out of me.”

“ Coming out of a bit of a daze, all I could heard was John rating and raving about what he had been able to capture on film, just how awesome it had been, how bloody exciting, how wonderful, magnificent and so on . I carefully dropped my body the six or so inches to the sand trying as best I could to stabilize myself, what with Sprite still trying to lick the remnants of liquid from my legs and moved over to grab a supporting pole .”

“ I told John that he had gotten much more than I had planned to provide him with and that he was a very lucky man indeed not only to have seen what had transpired but had been allowed to capture it on film. I told him that was enough for that afternoon, as I felt I needed to do some recharging, I had exhausted myself from all the sexual excitement.”

“ I eased Sprite back on to his leash separating him from my private parts, then told John that if he wanted to take some pictures of the closing of this happening, I would oblige him by getting dressed very slowly leaving myself exposed as best as I could. I gathered up my socks and shoes and sat down on the grass cross legged. I took my time putting the socks and shoes on, making certain that my sex was open and on display for the camera. I picked up my skirt and slipped it back in place, then went back over to the monkey bars to get my blouse and undergarments. ”

“ Before I began to slip my bra on John spoke up again, he asked if I would play out one last scene for his camera, explaining that he would like me to hang my bra and panties on one of the bushes near the walk way . I was then to cover my body with my blouse , take Sprite’s leash and walk away out towards the entrance , leaving him to focus his photos on the hung underwear while the pretty young girl moved off, allowing the pet dog to push his nose up under her skirt. He said once I had gotten out of range, he would be able to conclude his photo secession and would bring my underwear to me.”

With these last word, Carol drained the last of the wine from her goblet and held it out to me indicating that she wanted a refill. When I turned to hand her back the refilled glass, I noticed that she had undone several of the buttons of her shirt. I was surprised somewhat that I could not see anything that appeared to be a brassiere . I had not given it a thought that my fair sister would have been going around without a bra after all we both were now of a more mature age. I did not fail however to stare at the bare flesh that was showing , with out doubt hoping to see more. As a proper brother, however realizing that the days of our playing together has long since passed, I quickly resumed my sitting position, anxiously asking if there was more to her story.

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