My wife Shyamala and I had been married for four years. Sex was not great. My libido was low, my premature ejaculation and my minuscule manhood meant Shyamala was often left without an orgasm. Ours was a typical lond distance marriage. I worked in Africa and she lived in Mumbai. I sent my entire dollar denominated salary to Shyamala in India and never asked how she spent it. During one of my visits home, I went to Kerala for two weeks but came home a week earlier than planned. Shyamala was not aware of my coming home early. She went to the Koh-I-Noor bar and brought home a well endowed African and had sex in our house. I sneaked out onto the balcony and saw everything. After sex, they went out, on her return, she found me in the house...and lied that she was with her friend Kuntal
This is the narrative of how I caught my wife cheating. Shyamala and I had been married for four years and as far as I knew I was the only man whom she had been with. Or so she told me!! Before I get too far I will describe her. She is 5'5” with an athletic build, burgundy hair, and perfect tits, not too big not too small just perfect, weighing in at 65 kgs. She looked after herself well on the dollars I sent her every month. She went to the beauty parlour every week and had a treatment of skin bleach, manicure and pedicure.
Her hair had started graying at age 50, so she dyed it burgundy every week. Our relationship was a long distance one, I worked in Africa and visited home in Mumbai once every three months when I got three weeks leave. My holiday was mainly spent resting and getting a good diet, in preparation for the next tour of duty in Africa.
It happened about a month ago when I was on my holiday in India. I decided to go alone to Guruvayoor in Kerala, where we have a flat. The plan was to spend two weeks there. After one week, I got tired of the incessant rain in Kerala so I decided to head home to Mumbai. I decided to call Shyamala to see what she was doing and hopefully surprise her that night by coming home early.
I called her up as I was about to board the Kingfisher Airways flight at Cochin airport and she told me she was heading to the local bar in Goregaon for a few drinks with one of her friend Kuntal. I told her that I was still going to be another week in Kerala and she should have a good time. She often visited the Koh-I-Noor bar in Goregaon which was frequented by African guys on business in Mumbai. Apparently she basked in the attention the Black guys showed her and apparently went home and masturbated regularly afterwards. This was what Kuntal told her sister Raseshwari. I did not pay attention; I was too busy with work.
If she enjoyed herself, let her do, she admitted to her friend Girly that I was boring in bed. The few times we fucked, I always ejaculated prematurely and I found my small cock did not do justice to her.
She always became angry and had to use her finger to get an orgasm. We portrayed a public image of being the perfect couple, despite the lack of decent sex. Friends and colleagues could not tell.
I eventually got home at about 10 at night expecting to see Shyamala at home already but when I walked ion the lights were still off and no one was around.
I put my bag in the spare room and decided to sit on the couch and wait. When I woke up it was after one and still no sign of Shyamala so I finally decided to go to bed. I got up and turned out all the lights and went on to our balcony outside for a smoke. I did not normally smoke, but seeing her packet of Marlboro cigarette on the dining table propelled me to light one.
I was only out there a short time when I heard the door opening and turned around to see Shyamala , clearly drunk coming through the door. I was about to yell out to her when I saw a Black man came in behind her. I hid behind a wall where I could see almost into the whole house and watched.
As soon as the front door closed Shyamala and the Black guy were all over each other. I could not believe that my beautiful, innocent wife would do this. The Black guy was about 6 feet tall, completely shaven head and was running his hands all over Shyamala. While they were kissing, Shyamala started to unbutton his shirt revealing his muscular body. Shyamala took a step back and took of her top and her pants, now only standing there in her lingerie. Shyamala took a step forward and started to undo the Black guy’s belt and finally took off his pants leaving him there in only his boxers. Even from where I was hiding I could see a noticeable bulge in his boxers. He reached around and took off Shyamala’s bra and started to like her nipples. I could hear Shyamala moan as his hands roamed over her tits and his tongue flicked her nipples. Slowly Shyamala sank down to her knees and removed his boxers. I heard her gasp "Holy shit!!!!"
"Have you never seen a cock that big before baby?" I heard the Black guy say.
Shyamala was speechless, and so was I. His cock must have been 11 or 12 inches long and about 4 inches thick. It dwarfed my minuscule 3 incher.
I was in a trance as I watched Shyamala slowly stroke his cock, licking around its massive head. I heard him moan as Shyamala took him in her mouth eagerly, trying to take as much as she could.
"God I love this Big black cock" I heard her say
I stood outside stunned, watching my wife sucking this monster cock, listening to him moan with his hands on the back of her head guiding her.
"Slow down baby, I want to fuck you nice and hard before you make me come"
Shyamala stood up and lead him into our bedroom. He grabbed her from behind and pulled her into him, kissing her neck and grabbing her tits. Shyamala moaned again as he slipped of her panties.
They both moved to the bed where the Black guy lay on his back while Shyamala took him in her mouth again. Soon he was rock hard. He pulled Shyamala over and lay her on her back with her legs over his shoulders. He slowly pushed his massive cock into Shyamala. I listened to her moan loudly as he slowly began to fuck her.
"Fuck that cock feels so good" Shyamala purred.
The Black guy was pumping in and out of her making her moan with every thrust. Shyamala was thrashing around wildly, obviously enjoying the best fuck of her life. After a while the Black guy pulled out.
"Get on all fours baby; I’m going to fuck you real hard." The Black man told Shyamala.
Shyamala obediently complied, rolling over on her knees and pushing her pussy up in the air to be fucked. I watched as the Black guy grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her. Shyamala let out a yelp as he continued to fuck her hard, his balls slapping against her with each powerful stroke
"Do you like that baby" I hear him ask
"Fuck it feels so good" was Shyamala’s reply. “A real man at long last!!!”
Shyamala had her head in the pillow to muffle her screams but the Black guy grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so her screams of ecstasy could be heard. The noise of the fucking filling the entire room.
I could hear his breathing getting shallower and I knew he was going to come. So did Shyamala as she turned around and sucked his cock again. I hear the Black guy grunt as a massive load spurted onto Shyamala’s face. I watched as she happily knelt there and took a massive load on her face, letting it drip into her mouth before she swallowed.
The Black guy then said, “What a strange world, I’ve given you two orgasms, and you never asked my name?” Embarrassed, Shyamala asked.
“Sweeeeet Lover Boy, what is your name then?” He replied, “I’m Coulibali from Mali, here on business to buy computers for my company back home.”
She replied, “Hi Coulibali, I’m Shyamala.” He said that he had known her name. His friend Kasunkagari had briefed him. He went on, “Kasunkagari also said that you do enjoy being fucked up the ass.” To which Shyamala replied, “He is right, I find ass fucking to be therapeutic.” Coulibali then asked, “How about it then, are you ready to be probed deeeeep in that sweet ass???” Shyamala replied, “Ready as ever, my hormones are in overdrive!”
Without delay, Coulibali plunged his massive cock into Shyamala’s waiting ass. All she could say was, “Please be gentle for the first two minutes, until my muscles relax.” He complied.
Shyamala squirmed and said, “Sweeeeeet, Black man is sweeeeet!!”
He said, “I’m about to shoot my cum into your Indian ass, take it, take it!!” With that his body jerked and Shyamala’s responded with a similar tremor. I knew that they had both reached their orgasms.

I stayed outside all night until I hear them fucking again in the early morning. Finally they both left. I went inside to the bedroom and could smell the sex.
When Shyamala got back I told her I had only just gotten home. I asked her about her night out with Kuntal
"Oh it was pretty boring; I just came home and got some sleep." Was her reply. To which I replied, “I’m happy my faithful wife, no wonder the neighbours are jealous of our loving relationship!”
She went quiet and thought for a while, then answered, “Really????” I handed her the packet of Marlboro cigarette and a box of matches and she lit a cigarette and had a smoke.

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2014-04-05 21:53:57
Such putative-marriages will continue in India for the next 100 years in order to preserve family honour.

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2013-05-09 18:16:42
I am34yr old and my wife is 25 yr old. She is very energetic n hot lady all the time she is ready for sex.we married two year back n it was a arrange marrige. After some time of marrige we started all type of sex n like to read these stories. I am havng two to three time erection in a week but she tries every night. And for her satisfaction I arranged a black guy n he was so amazng in sex wit her frst time I seen her tired after sex n it was a grt experience

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2013-04-27 12:44:22
SOME LIBERAL HUSBAND??? I wonder what his plans are, must be something sinister???

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2012-11-10 16:35:46
I'm Indian from the Tamil community living here in Balham, in London. My wife Kanyakumarie is from the same Tamilian community. Our marriage was an arranged one in which my parents networked with friends to find me a wife. As a result of such imposed marriage, out compatibility factor is low. This is not helped either by the size of my small cock. Throughout our 14 year marriage,, I do not think Kanyakumarie has enjoyed sex with me once. During and after sex, the frustration on her face, and her general outlook in the home is evident of the sexual void in our marriage. Luckily, we live near to the borough of Brighton, with a large Black population. So, in order to keep our marriage intact, once a month, I drive to Brixton and bring home a Black schoolboy to have sex with Kanyakumarie. None of our friends are aware of this, as we appear as the text book example of how well an arranged marriage works. We are going to Chennai to spend Christmas and New Year this year with a Black student.

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Yes with such a massive populasaan of Indian men working in the Arabian Gulf States, the wifves at home seek Niggars for sweet sex.

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