This is a Fictional story that i have made. it has a 13 yo boy and a late teen girl in it so if thats not ur thing dont read also id like to add that this is porn not a fucking English class however i have tried my best to improve my writing
Fucking my not so little brother!

I arrived home from collage to a usual Friday night, mum cooking, dad blabbering on about work and my 13 year old brother nick shouting at his new computer game. Home sweet home i thought running up the stairs to my room.

......I herd mum call for us to come down for dinner followed by nick morning one last time at his game i gave a little laugh then finished off my sentence of English essay and strolled down stairs.

When i arrived mum and dad looked concerned about something, knowing something was up I decided to ask them if anything was the matter and sure enough there was.

It turned out that my gran had fallen ill and my parents had to go and stay for the weekend so they asked whether I would be ok to look after nick, I said sure as i had loads of course work to do and I knew that nick was not wanting to have an alternative baby sitter to his 17 year old sister whom would let him on his games for the entire weekend as long as he did not disturb her.

I awoke at 9 am to a loud exploding sound followed by a cheer from nick. Basted! i thought so i proceeded to his room with a pillow and a erge to kill! i burst open his door and whack i got him in the back of the head with my pillow! i went for another swing but he ducked and grabbed his own pillow we wrestled each other for a while and some were in All the commotion nicks pants fell down and it was to late i had seen his cock......we stood staring at each other then i at his cock, nick started to blush then suddenly as if waking up he pushed me out of the room and hid his cock.

I was so ashamed of myself how would i face nick again. but i was strangely aroused by the situation as i hadn’t seen nicks cock since we were little kids and he was so big now! he was 13 and his cock must have been about 5 inches and he wasn’t even hard! i felt unsure with my feelings i new they were wrong so i decided to wait until lunch then speak to him about it because if we didn’t it would make the situation worse.

I decided to cook a stir fry as it was nicks favourite meal, i called up to nick not knowing whether he would come down for lunch, surprisingly he came if a little shy.

We sat eating in silence for a while until i couldn’t bare the tension so i began " um nick " he grunted " im sorry about what happened this morning and i think that we should just put this behind us 'ok?" he started crying witch was a big shock to me as he, even as a baby, didn’t cry much so i got up and walked around the table to comfort him.
he started sobbing words that i could not understand so i told him to speak up a little and that it didn’t matter that i sore him.

i waited until he had calmed himself down then asked him again, in muffled sobs i herd him " im so embarrassed , my cock is probably the smallest thing you have ever seen and .... and......." i rubbed his back to comfort him " ...and now you’re going to tell all your collage 'girl friends' how small i am and ... and its going to spread around all the schools that i have a small cock and......and" he broke down into sobs again.

I didn’t know what to do? brother with possibly the biggest unerect cock iv seen was crying to me that he has a small penis! I decided to tell him the truth about my feelings ....."um nick" 'sob' " i think you should know that i think quite the opposite, in fact, you have one of the biggest unerrect cocks iv seen" 'sniff' "you think so?" "Yes and im ashamed to say it but im also kind of turned on from seeing your cock" "really?" "look i know its wrong but i would like to see it hard to " ..........there was a long silence... "well!?"
i could see nick cheering up now but i could also see he was confused by my sudden admittance that i was turned on by him, he thought for a wile then in a shy and nervous tone He said " if i let you see me hard can i see your tits? as i have never seen some up close" without hesitation i said yes.

We practically ran upstairs! We then clambered into nicks room and both sat on the bed, there was a awkward silence, nether of us doing anything i decided to make the first move " um nick as i have seen your cock ill show you my tits first to be fair 'ok?" he just nodded with his eyes fixed on my chest, i took of my shirt so that i was just in a bra i could seen nicks eyes bulging along with his genes!

I decided to give nick some education so asked him to undo my bra, i teased him by holding onto the cups then slowly striping Them away!

He sat there for a while just staring at my tits i decided to give him a surprise so i started to take of my skirt as i did this i muttered " why don’t you unleash that beast of yours and start nursing it!

He not taking his eyes of my legs and tits got nude, i then walked slowly toward him and asked him to take of my pants...he looked into my eyes as if to say are you sure? I just nodded he then looked longingly at the place where my slit was and slowly as if teasing himself took my panty’s off me!

As he did this i sore his cock twitch and jerk, i asked him why he was not wanking and what he said next nearly killed me " im not sure how to do it" at this i knelt between his legs and said " lay down and close your eyes!"

He lay down and i looked at him " trust me ! " i said , he nodded and closed his eyes.....i slowly with one hand i wrapped my fingers around his huge now 9' shaft! he gave a loud grone, i started slowly stroking him! Meanwhile with my left hand i started to massage his big balls........i was there for about 10 minutes before he said "im gona pee" of coarse i new that he was gona cum for the first time in his life "you’re not gona pee just relax and accepted what i do!" he nodded and lay back i then put my mouth over his cock! he moaned and squirmed so i squeezed his balls harder he then shot wad after wad of his never before seen cum into my mouth! He looked at me and i slid out my tong with his cum on it then i swallowed it!
He then just collapsed on the bed!

We lay there for a while just starring at each other i smiled at him and he gave a cheery grin back, me being turned on by making him cum was dripping wet so i decided to teach my not so little brother how to handle some pussy!

I slowly took his hand and placed it on my slit he started to rub me as if it was natural i gave a loud moan i was dripping i urged him to go faster and i showed him were my clit was!
He was a natural pussy rubber! So i decided to test his oral skills!
I after another wiled moan i stopped him, he gave me a look as if to say what did i do wrong? I just gently pushed his head down to my pussy and he new what i wanted as he immediately started to lap up my pussy jusees, it was just to much i could feel myself getting closer to Cumming! I let one last loud moan escape my mouth and came! Then collapsed on the bed!

We lay holding each other for a wile i then realised i still had an English essay to Finnish so i started to get up and went to put my panties on, then i was stopped by nick "don’t put them back on there’s no point" i gave him a questioning look " well look at it this way mum and dad are out and we are not expecting any one" i looked at him again " well i was just thinking that we have seen each other nude and it would be easier to 'get to each other' if we were nude in the first place" he went on "that’s if you want to do any thing again?" "of coarse i do nick its just i have to get this essay done but i think your nudist idea is fun so whack some pants on and close all the curtains!" he started to move toward the door and put on his pants! As he walked out the bedroom i called "And make sure to take those pants off again" i herd him give a laugh.

As i was writing my essay i could barely get nicks cock out of my head! so much so i didn't think i would be able to complete it! But i decided that it would be better to complete it now and have nick to 'play with' for the rest of the weekend than have it dragging on at me and have to stop everything with nick.

I was on the last sentence of the essay and was starving as it was now 6pm i had just started to profe read my essey when i felt nicks hand on my tummy "hi big sis i hope im not disturbing you but im hungry for pussy!" he started to rub my slit i groaned but i was hungry for food "um nick" "yeh' " "i like what your doing but im starving all iv had since lunch was your cum!" " yeh but i bet that’s enough to feed you for at least a week!" he replied wittingly. I chuckled and gave him a peck on the cheek "c’mon kido lets get some tee " i said dragging him down the stairs.

As i cooked nick ceped on trying to rub my clit and grab my tits which was good fun but it did slow things down a bit and i was starving but eventually i had wiped up something even if it was the most unhygienic meal i had! Still it tasted grate!

As we ate nick rubbed my slit under the table and i rubbed his cock! This was the most fun game of footsy i had played!
We finished are food slower than usual for obvious reasons but when we finished i was not full so asked nick what was for dissert "well i cant cook but i think my cock in your pussy should fill you up!" i new nick was joking around but i was still a virgin and i thought that well why not lose it to my virgin brother! " yeh ok nick i have a condom still from my last boyfriend but as you no it didn’t go as expected"

I wanted a camera to take a picture of nicks face! He could not believe what he had just hired!
So We, slowly, not saying anything to each other walked upstairs into my room.

I lay on my bed and spread my legs, nick already hard clambered on top of me.
i reached over to my bed side table and took out the condom i undid it and put it snugly on nicks cock!

This was it! this was the day i would lose my virginity.
I positioned a nevus nicks cock into position "take it slow im still a virgin" "don’t worry sis im as nervous as you are" and at that he lowered his hips and i felt the tip of his cock slide into me.
As his cock got deeper i gasped at how big he was! It was so tight a fit i could feel everything i gave a moan followed by a sharp cry as nick tore through my hymen "what’s up?" "oh god!' um nothing just you have broken my hymen witch happens when you have sex for the first time" "are you ok?!" "yes im fine but just take it slow for a bit" "sure" he slowly pushed forward again and stopped when all 9' of his cock were in me, he then slowly started to move his hips back and forth and we both moaned.

Nick had a steady rhythm going now and i was loving it i could feel all his cock in my tight pussy and i was getting close to Cumming.

"im gona cum i think" said nick " well just hold on im not far off" so nick with grate effort strained until i said" ok nick lets cum now together 5,4,3,2,1!!!! " we both came relay hard with my pussy draining nicks cum into the condom. We both collapsed nick still in me.

We finely got off each other after about an houer, nick removed the condom from his cock and i cleaned up my bed sheets from the juses. "Um nick" "yeh" "is there any fetishes that your into? Because iv always been interested in that kind of thing."
"ummm yeh but i don’t know where they’re ok with you" " of course they are" "ok then" he said and with that he explained tht in porn he liked it when the girl was in charge and controlled when the boy could touch there cock with a chastity device! He also said that he had been interested in getting his balls slapped about by the dominant girl!
I thought about this for a while and then asked him how dominant he said that he wanted a firm hand but not a mistress just a sister that controlled his cock and gave his balls a firm but not hard slap to let him no whose boss.

"ok then nick lets order a chastity cage for your cock but your cock will be mine forever" " ok what do you mean forever" i went on " neither of us will be allowed a partner from now on so we will be like boyfriend and girlfriend, understand?" " yes ok im fine with that but what will we do when mum and dad come home and airport detectors and things like that?" "well getting past mum and dad will be easy well just wait until they have gone to sleep" he then said " yeh and the metal detectors at airports" i gave him a wink "come with me" i took him to the computer and we ordered him a cage that was metal proof we also ordered me a chastity device so that we could switch roles as i too was interested in this fetish then I told him that for any doctor’s appointments i would take it off for him.

By this time we were both feeling tired but i got a phone call just before i was about to get in to bed with nick.
"who was that" said nick " it was mum and there having to stay another week"

We both looked at each other and smiled and then we kissed each other goodnight.

I am currently working on the follow on story to this “controlling nicks cock” so check that out if you liked this story (when its available)

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