Jenny sat back in her desk. She was so bored She gotten detention for passing notes in class. Good thing Miss Karla didn’t read that last note she probably would have died. The note said something about want to suck Mr Johnson's cock.. And what would she know about that, the way she dressed she probably was some 38 year old virgin. Mr Johnson was the hottest teacher in school and when girls saw him coming they always seem to drop something, making sure that he sees their thongs or the cleavage in the front of their blouse. There was a rumor going around that some girl had sent him half naked pictures of herself. Suddenly the door opened and Mr Johnson walked in looking around the room he announced that detention would be talking place in his class today cause Mr Karla had to leave early. The bell rang and Jenny made her way towards Mr Johnson Class. when she got there she saw that she was the only girl, so she walked towards the back of the class and sat at one of the tables facing the front of the class toward the teachers desk, just to make sure she had a clear view of Mr Hottie. Mr Johnson walked in and looked around to see how many had arrived then he sat down at his desk. And began to take names to make sure they all arrived. When he was done said something about since they were going to be here for a while they might as well get some homework done.
Jenny pulled out her homework and stared at her books. She was flipping through her schoolbook when a piece of folded paper caught her attention. She unfold the paper and read what it said a shocked look appeared on her face. In Miss Karla’s handwriting the note said Been there done that! Maybe you can try tonight…miss K. Jenny folded the note quickly and dropped it in her bag before anyone saw it. But the damage was done suddenly all Jenny want was to have Mr Johnson cock. She suddenly realized how horny she was. She leaned back in her chair and looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one was. They were all paying attention to their work and Mr Johnson was reading something. She shifted in her chair and slowly undid the top of her skirt button. Spreading her legs she touched her pantie covered pussy. Excitement ran though her veins at the thought of masturbating in class and get caught by the one teacher she wanted.

James aka Mr Johnson in school. Was just finishing up the lesson before the bell rang to let school out for the day. When there was a knock on the class door. The door opened and in pop Miss Karla she motioned for him to come out into the hall. Miss Karla was dressed like an proper school madam but James knew better ,as he found out for the first time about three weeks ago. Entering the hall away and finding empty he pulled Karla towards him for a kiss. Karla was a freak in the bedroom she just couldn’t seem to get enough when it came to sex. Even now when he was kissing her she was rubbing herself up against him and make he real hard. His hand brush against her blouse and found her tits standing at attention. Hearing a noise they suddenly jump apart and fixed their clothes. Karla pulled a tissue out of her pocket and handed it to him with a laugh , “You better wipe my lipstick off your face before someone sees it, with all these horny cunts in this school there bound to be a riot break out. I see it’s your turn to stay for detention tonight. That’s good cause I think I found the girl you’ve been looking for. she’ll be the one in detention. She ripe for the picking and she makes my pussy wet just looking at her in her short skirt. Not to mention the mouth she has on her and the note I caught her passing in class said something about wanting to suck your cock.” James let out a little laugh, as he wiped the rest of the lipstick off his face “Leave it to you to be the freaky one.” he turned back to his classroom and called over his shoulder “See you after detention, Miss Karla.”

The bell rang just as he was headed to his desk. James turned to his class and reminded them when projects were due and dismissed the class. Then he remembered about detention. James told the kids in his class that had detention that he was the teacher in charge and to stay put well he went and collected the rest. He went to Miss Karla’s homeroom first knowing that she had to leave early for an appointment. When he walked in the class was pretty much empty excepted for the few that had detention. He told them that detention was in his class and left to get the rest. When he returned to his classroom he sat at his desk and begin to take their names to make sure none skipped then told them that they might as well get some homework done. James couldn’t get what Karla said to him out of his head, and out of the corner of his eye he watched the girl who’s name he now knew from the list Annie.
Little innocent Annie. He had noticed her before but with all the attention the girls in this school gave him. He had to be very careful not to do something the could get him in deep trouble. Giving his head a mental shake, he opened his teacher’s manual and began to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson. He was just getting into the lesson, when something caught his eye. James glanced up to see what it was. At first glance nothing seem out of the ordinary. Every one seemed to be doing their homework. Then he saw it.
Annie was slumped down in her chair eyes closed, legs spread, panties pushed aside and her little fingers playing with her pussy. James had a hard time not moaning out loud at the sight before him. His cock was so hard he thought it would burst. He couldn’t take his eyes away.

Annie was too caught up in the sensation of what she was doing to realize that she had an audience. Putting her head down on the desk and biting her lips trying hard not to make a sound, she brought herself to the edge. Taking a deep breathe and lifting her head off the desk to brace herself. Only to find Mr. Johnson’s gorgeous green eyes staring back at her. She couldn’t stop herself if she tried, she just braced her self with one arm, opened her legs as wide as she could, and gave Mr Johnson a better view as she brought herself over the edge.
Suddenly Mr. Johnson stood up, and announced that detention was ending early tonight. Annie couldn’t move, not that she wanted to. She was still riding the sexual high of her orgasm. She watched as the other students left in a hurry, as if scared Mr. Johnson was going to change his mind. As the last student left the class. Mr Johnson walked over and shut the door. Slowly he turned around not really know what to do next. His heart was pounding in his heart, he knew that once this started he could never look back. James knew she was only 16 and if caught well… Annie suddenly started undoing her blouse that him lose his train of thought completely. She stood up and began walking toward him with a wicked grin on her face. When she was about a foot away she paused and said glancing at his pants “Well you definitely liked what you saw, aren’t you going to lock the door so we can continue.” She tossed her top on the nearby desk. knelt in front of him in her school kilt and red lacy bra and began undoing his pants. Taking out his cock she slowly licked the tip before putting as much as she could in her mouth without choking. She kept taking him in and out, only stopping to lick his balls or to look up at him with those beautiful brown eyes.
James had been squeezing the door knob so hard trying not to make a sound. But it was becoming to much. “ Ohhh yeah, Keep going baby just like that. Don’t stop, Please don’t stop!” He suddenly grabbed the back of her head and told her to stand up. Leading her over to his desk, he pushed all the books to one side then sat her on it. She laid back spreading her legs to give him a full view of her bare pussy. And began touching herself like before. “You like to watch don’t you. You pervert. I bet your just dying to tasted my pussy, aren’t you.” James watched her for a few minutes, while stroking himself. Then he grabbed her by the legs and pulled her towards him and he buried his face in her pussy. He licked her slit up and down, then gently sucked on her clit as he buried a finger inside of her. Annie buried her fingers in his hair crying out, as she moved her hips up and down spreading more and more of her pussy juices all over he’s face. Her moans got louder and louder as he brought her over to the edge. Before he could stop himself James buried his cock up to the hilt of her wet yet very tight pussy. James continued to pound her over and over only stopping once in awhile to run his cock up against her wet clit, driving Annie into a complete frenzy. Then he came spraying his cum all over her pussy and rubbing it in with his cock. He liked the idea of Annie walking around with a cum covered pussy.
After a few minutes Annie stood up with a big smile and began to dress. “Wow that was the best detention ever! “ Annie laughed out loud. “We should do this again sometime.” Then she walked out.
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