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Bev and I paid our bill then stepped aside to allow Joyce to figure something out. I must give credit to her however, she was quick She began telling the old man that he might remember last year that he had helped her out when he had made change for the car wash for her. She then went on to explain that she had left the house, thinking that we were just going for a walk, so had not brought any money, but as she was thirsty she really wanted to be allowed to take the pop she had picked out. As she was telling the old man all this she had untied her blouse, allowing it to fall open, exposing most of her lovely firm young breasts to him along with the nipple clamps, that were firmly fixed in place.

I am not sure if the old man had more smarts that I gave him, or if he really did not remember what had transpired last year, but he started to tell Joyce that he was not too certain that he recalled helping her a year ago. Joyce let out a little sigh, as started to retell the story of her coming in for change for the car wash last summer, at the same time she slipped the blouse off her shoulders letting it slide down, shaking her arms so it slid onto the floor leaving her bare to the waist , allowing the old man a good look at her tits, her nipple clamps and the shinny jewelled piece hanging between her lovely firm young tits. We saw the old man make a face then questioned Joyce once again, asking her if she was certain it had been him that had helped her out.

Joyce looked at me, looking I guess for some help, or perhaps a way out, but I just stood there, not making a move, nor a gesture, not saying a word. She turned back to the man, looking straight at him then reached for the button on her skirt , undoing it , letting it drop down on top of the blouse which was laying at her feet. Joyce was now completely naked, well except for the wide black belt, the jewellery and her nipple clamps, standing before the candy counter in the well lighted store. She once again began her story telling the man about her needing change for the car wash and how he had been a gentleman, and had helped her even though it was against the store’s policy. The old man brightened his facial expression then and said that yes he thought that maybe he did remember a young lady coming in on his shift, but he was not all that sure it was her.

He continued on however , saying that he remembered or thought he remembered some sort of beauty mark or some thing like that. He went on to say that if he was correct the young lady who had been in distress had either deliberately or inadvertently put it on display that evening , that he did remember. Well I bet we could have pushed Joyce over with a feather right then, she almost went rigid on us, I think she may have stopped breathing for a moment. Joyce does indeed have a birth mark, in fact it is a lovely birth mark, it is located however just inside her left thigh just below her pussy lips. The only way you get to see this is if she is spread wide. Last time she was in this store, she had told me that she had bent backwards and spread her ass cheeks for this gentleman, that would certainly have provided him the opportunity to see her birthmark.

The old man’s memory was sharp I gave him that, and then I knew he was playing Joyce for all she was worth he was not senile for sure. Joyce’s face turned red once again fully aware that she was going to have to ante up and show the guy her birth mark if she was going to get a chance of getting her can of pop. She turned her back to him giving me a dirty look, then she bent forward , reached her hands back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her two lovely holes to the man behind the counter, exactly like she had done last time. Well almost, this time there were two strings hanging down , those attached to the sets of ping-pong balls. We heard the gentleman exclaim that yes indeed it appeared that she was the same young lady who had been there last summer, however this time the situation was a bit different.

While Joyce remained bent over providing him with an extended viewing of her intimate girly parts, he continued to say that last time there had been an equal exchange, she had given him a five dollar bill in return for five dollars in quarters. This time she was asking him to give her something of monetary value with no equal exchange, and that would unbalance his cash records. He wanted to know that now that she had identified herself, if she was willing to trade something that could be considered of monetary value that would not alter the balance in the cash records. Joyce appeared dumbfounded with the wording of his statement and stood up to face him telling him she did not quite understand. He once again began, this time telling her that in order to giver her the can of pop, he had to put the cost of the can into his cash register so that it would balance, and he would not be accused of taking money from the till.

Joyce started out telling him that the reason she had gotten naked in front of him was as she explained because she had no money, and thought that he might help her out. He countered telling her that he thought she was simply trying to show him that she was the same girl from last year who need help again. Then he cleared his throat and told her that he was willing to give her the money for the pop from his personal pocket, if she would provide him a service. This was exacting what I was waiting to hear, this was the moment of choice for Joyce, who had told me last year that she had gotten so horny showing her body to this guy she had been ready to fuck him right there in the store.

I did not what things to unravel but I certainly did not want Joyce getting fucked by this old man right then, if she wanted to fuck him some other time what would be fine with me, but not that night I did not want her getting off until I had finished with her. So before any more was said, requested or offered , I interjected, that unfortunately there were two holes in this young body that were already occupied, but as the gentleman knew, most young ladies are blessed with three openings, and this young lady’s third opening was one of a kind if he got my drift. His face lit up as he realized that we were not going to cause him any problems, more so that we were willing to take the situation to the next level one with a handsome benefit for him.

He graciously accepted the offer I was suggesting, and told Joyce that if she was willing to confirm this, he would immediately place the 39 cent price of the can of pop on the counter. We all heard Joyce try and clear her voice, but as she answered in the affirmative, her voice came out squeaky and cracked, so much so , that I interjected another comment. I told my slut-slave to reply to the gentleman in a clear manner addressing him as Sir, letting him know exactly what she would do for him in exchange. The old man looked a bit shocked as Joyce got herself in order, and in a strong calm voice, told him that it would please her if he allowed her to suck his cock until he came in her mouth, if he was willing to pay for her purchase.

He had not quite lost his understanding of the situation, for he told her to come around the counter, as it would be difficult for him to leave that position. Joyce did not hesitate, she moved to where he was standing and lowered herself to her knees. Unfortunately we could not see because of the height of the counter, but we knew things were proceeding when we heard the sound of his belt buckle being loosened and his zipper being moved. The man began commenting about how nice her fingers felt, how soft and gentle they were, followed by a couple of cruder comments which indicated that Joyce’s wonderful tongue had made contact with a part of his body, most likely his cock. A few minutes later we saw Joyce’s hands appeared above the level of the counter, as she reached to pull the man’s pants down, pulling his underwear as well, effectively barring his ass .

Just as he let out a loud low moan, a car of people pulled in to the location. We heard him spit out the word “Shit “ then he appeared to shuffle in towards the back of the counter. I did not know if Joyce was being crushed against the counter , if she had been slipped between his legs, or if she had moved to the side but however she was positioned she remained out of sight. Bev and I moved away from the counter, picking up the discarded clothing as we continued to look at the old man’s facial expressions We could see that he was turning a light pinkish color as he served the four people who had arrived. You could see his mouth making funny contractions, like a person wanted to verbally express themselves but were holding back for some reason. Of course we knew the reason, Joyce had not stopped sucking his dick, even though there was the possibility of being noticed by a customer.

The first words out of his mouth as last customer left was “holly Christ, that was just wonderful “ then he continued on telling Joyce that he had never ever had an experience like that , she was better than the best he said. As Joyce raised herself she rubbed her naked body along his, providing him with a further thrill, then she kissed him on the cheek thanking him for his load of hot cum. I handed her the blouse and skirt telling her that she had done me proud, to dress, not to forget her hard earned can of pop and follow us out.

Back on the street heading for her place , I knew that she would be more than ready to handle my last order, I could tell she was flushed from giving head and was probably more in need of release than I thought. I however continued to have Bev hold the dog in such a way that he could get his nose up in between her legs. We had spent a bit more time at the 7-eleven than I had calculated, but that meant Joyce would be running much closer to the deadline time her parents had set than I had foreseen, mind you this as far as I was concerned was a much better deal.

As we neared the small forest that was located on the side of the street almost opposite her place I decided it was time to start the last episode of the weekend’s activities so I led the group into the cover of the few trees that made up the so called forest. Really all it was , was a vacant lot, that was to small to hold a house, so things had been left to grow. There was a bike path , or a walking path , well worn I must say that cut though the middle, making a short cut to the local train station. Last time I had heard about this place was when I first got involved with Joyce and her submissive desires. We had talked about tying her naked to a tree, exposed towards the track in the event that the local commuter train passengers possibly including her father home, would have had a good view of her young body. Now that the opportunity to see the small clump of trees and bushes, that idea may have worked in any case it was now late Sunday night and there were no passengers trains scheduled.

Surveying the area. I noticed that there were some nice strong branches poking out from the trees, closer to the sidewalk. The street light from the corner pole was bright enough to illuminate that particular area fairly well providing a good spot for me to continue. I told Joyce that I had noticed on several occasions during the weekend that she had not always complied with my orders, had shown signs of hesitation and at time looked like she was thinking about refusing to carry them out. Now not much of this was true, but I wanted to get things started, and that is exactly what happened. Joyce began to pout, and attempted by speaking out of turn to let me know that she had tried very very hard to do every thing I had requested and with out any thought of refusal or hesitation. I cut her short and told her that by doing what she was doing right then just went to prove me right, and a punishment was indeed required.

I moved her on to the side walk into what light there was, telling her to give me her blouse and skirt quickly. Now I could imagine what was going thought her mind then, it must have been harrowing. She was standing in the light of a city street lamp, on the street where she lived, almost opposite her own home and was getting naked. When she handed me her clothes, I grabbed her arms and pulled her over to the tree I had chosen. I used the material of the garments to bind her writs to the tree branches so that she was a bit off balance, her back side facing out into the street. You could almost hear her grinding her teeth, knowing that any one who might see her would recognize her for sure. I told Bev that it was now her turn, I wanted her to place twenty good strokes on to Joyce’s ass with that lovely whip she had brought. I wanted it turned bright red if possible, with out leaving any marks however. The very first connection caught Joyce by surprise and she yelped . I told her that if she wanted to yell, then she should make lots of noise, noise enough to disturb the neighbours so that they might come out to investigate.

That said, Joyce continued to take the beating from Bev in relatively silence, her body jerking each time the tip of the whip made contact. Once the twenty, ten on each ass cheek, had been laid , I asked Bev if there was sufficient light to allow her to target Joyce’s two nipples with out catching her tits in error. Bev assured me that she was quite apt with her skill. So I told her I wanted her to tap once and once only. As she readied her self to crack her whip at its target , I grabbed hold of one of the strings hanging between Joyce’s legs. I told her no matter what she had better not orgasm before she had my permission, and then I signalled Bev.

As the tip of the whip connected with the tip of Joyce’s nipple , her body jerked up straight, no doubt in awful painful manner. As her body straightened itself, My grip on the string, pulled at the set of ping-pong balls in her arse, pulling them quickly from the wet warmth of her innards, causing her to flex her body backwards immediately. The groan she made was sexual music to my ears, it was just the loveliest of sounds. I was watching my time, I wanted every thing to fall in place, timing was the utmost right now, so I signalled Bev to wait before she targeted the remaining nipple. I knew that Joyce realized there was going to be at least one more session with the whip , given the fact that she still had the set of ping-pong balls up her cunt. I was wonder just how she was going to manage not to cum when I pulled on those, she was certainly ready to trigger a release of love juices by now with all I had put her through this evening.

As I said timing was every thing, I needed a maximum of twenty minutes to pull off the next stage of things. When my watch clicked down to the limit, I signalled Bev to finish off the nipple, and once again the scenario was repeated. Joyce surprised me, she had really put on a concentrated effort, for when the set of ping-pong balls came out of her cunt, she managed to hold back and only a little of her wonderful love juices leaked from her pussy lips. She had held back her orgasm. I cut her down holding her in my arms , allowing her to get her body back in operation, then I pulled on her leash making her cross over the street and into her own back yard yet not releasing her from her agreement.

The driveway at her place was located along the side of the house, there was no garage, but there was a small hedge located at the front end of the drive, separating it from the stone patio area. There was no direct light over shadowing this area, but since the neighbour to the side had some kind of outside light on it was sufficient to allow us to be seen. I pulled Joyce over and made sure that we were about the in center if you were of the driveway. Then I had Bev bring the dog over and sat him at her side. I told her that I thought the two of them made a good couple, they really looked right for one another, however I felt that she was a bit over dressed. I commanded her to remove her string of beads, as well as her new black belt and for the first time as an added measure of humiliation her sandals . I wanted her naked pure and simple, she would be more in attune with her environment if she felt completely bare , she would be able to curl her toes into mother earth if she wanted.

I waited a few minutes, trusting that I was increasing her anxiety, taking in all her beauty. This would most likely be the last time I had the opportunity to view her like this, completely and utterly exposed au natural. I told Bev to pick up the items so that we would not lose them, then I advanced toward my beautiful slut. I planted a wet sloppy kiss on her mouth, rubbing my body up against her nakedness, trying as hard as I could to absorb as much of her body vibes as possible , I really did not want our time together to end.

It was time for all her sensations to rise to their peak, so as I continued my hold on her I used one hand to loosen the nipple clamps and pulled them off , allowing them to fill with her hot young blood, enlarging them to greater proportions, allowing them to gain full sensibility to tingle back to life. As I backed away I drew my fingers through her puffy pussy lips for the last time, bringing a taste of her sweet nectar to my mouth , I suckled my fingers slowly savouring her cherry blossom flavour.

Only then did I speak , in a calm, strong commanding voice. I told Joyce that I knew she needed to cum, she needed a good orgasm before she entered her house and ended the agreement.. Then I told her that her last command of this weekend’s agreement was to make love to the pooch. I did not want her to have him fuck her silly, I wanted her to take him, to make him hers, I wanted to watch her satisfy her deepest animal desires right there in her own back yard. I told her that she was to complete this task just like she had done with the first dog Saturday in the park.

Joyce wasted no time at all, she got down on all fours and sought out the dog’s cock, first taking it in her hand, getting it to extend out from it’s protective furry sheath, then she took it into her mouth, like this was the most natural thing to do. To keep the dog from becoming the aggressor she stroked his body, his back, his head, behind his ears, talking very calmly and quietly to him. Once she was ready, she eased him on to his back, scratching his tummy, while she kept up her attention on his now very menacing cock. She did jump a bit when he sprayed her with his precum, letting her know he was indeed ready for more intimate contact. With that done, she placed herself over his belly, bringing her rump up in the air and aimed his dick at her pussy hole.

Bev and I watched in amazement as Joyce eased her body back on to this long pulsating cock, taking inch by inch into her womanly opening. When her pussy lips made contact with the bulge at the bottom of his cock Joyce stopped pushing, and began to ride the 8 or 9 inches she had placed inside her cunt. The dog was whimpering, his head was laying sideways, his tongue hanging out his mouth. Joyce for her part was making all kinds of little grunts and groans. She bent her head down and began kissing the side of the dog’s face, finally he turned his head straight and sent his own tongue into Joyce ‘s mouth, licking at every thing in its path. Joyce began humping at a quickened pace, her vocalization became louder, her body gyrating as she tried to satisfy her needs. Suddenly she pushed back forcefully, allowing the dog’s knot, which had enlarged somewhat to enter her carnal passage, causing her to cry out loud enough that I wondered if we were going to have company.

My timing was right on , in fact almost exactly right, perhaps it could not have been better within minutes of Joyce’s deadline, she had brought herself to orgasm,. Between her screaming and the dog’s yelping it was difficult to determine who had done what to or with who. Joyce had finally been able to get her rocks off , she was quite a sight, laying there collapsed on a dog, her legs spread wide, exposing a large reddish purple veins object stuffed up her cunt . I pulled Bev back towards the shadows a bit, telling her the best may yet be coming as we watched and waited, waited of course for the dog’s knot to subside. I wanted to see how much liquid would flow form that sweet young cunt.

Then indeed it happened, light from a car flooded the driveway, as it turned in to Joyce’s place, her parents had arrived home. How much they saw through the bushes I never found out, I do know that from where Bev and I were standing the whole backyard lit up.( mind you they did not come to investigate so perhaps they saw nothing, or did not attach any importance to any thing they thought they had seen). Joyce froze where she was trying to keep the dog still, to keep him from barking, to keep them from being found out. I am sure she did not want her parents to find her like that, naked, laying on top of a dog with his pecker stuck in her womanly hole. Once the car lights turned off, Joyce pulled herself from the dog and his knot , her facial expression told me that that disengagement hurt for sure she then made the dog crawl on his belly as she herself slithered over to where we were. She handed Bev the dog’s leash, gave me the finger and ran to try and get though the back door and into the house before her parents entered. As she ran, she had one hand on her cunt trying desperately to lessen the amount of liquid dripping from her insides, a mixture of her love juices and all that doggie cum.

Greatly satisfied with my weekend’s event, I had Bev hang the black belt, the beads , the nipple clamps and Joyce’s sandals on the bird feeder that was standing in the back yard. For my part I tied the two sets of ping-pong balls to the clothes line hoping that her mother would discovery them and ask questions. I began to wonder what kind of explanation Joyce might offer if she were asked about all these things hanging in the back yard.

As I walked home with Bev, holding her hand telling her what a wonderful couple we had made, telling her perhaps we might be able to do this again, as the summer had just begun. Arriving back at Susan’s I crawled in beside her naked sleeping body and went fast to a very dreamy sleep.

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