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It was past five by the time we arrived back, the dogs began barking excitedly as we came through the gate, I do not know if they realized that the three girls were practically naked, or if they were just pleased we were back. I immediately ordered Joyce to go quiet them suggesting that she might want to have her pussy cleaned from her earlier business. The rest of us went into the house to pick up so that Susan would not get any flack from her parents when they came back. Just by luck Susan checked the answering machine, to find a message left by her parents asking her to ask me if I could stay longer as they did not think they would be home until about noon hour on Monday. This I must say was good news to me, so I called home to tell my mother that I would not be home until Monday. My mind was wandering however wondering if Joyce would be able to extend her time with us, when I noticed that it was very very quiet out back.

Upon investigation I saw that Joyce had indeed managed to get the dogs occupied . She was on her hands and knees, with both dogs pushing and shoving trying to lick her clean. She had spread her legs wide providing them with every opportunity to do so with out any inconvenience. You could see that she was humping her body back into their muzzles, and she was doing so without seemingly any coercion from a third party ( meaning me). I wanted to watch and see if she took things further, as I knew she was good and ready , it would not take much to let the dogs have their way with her , however I went out immediately to stop such an event from happening, as I had other plans.

Telling her to come in and go shower, I reminded her once again that she had better not mistakenly release her orgasm. I gave her the nipple clams and told her that in addition to her belt and beads these were to be added as part of her clothing, the only option she had was wearing sandals or not. While she was busy in the shower Bev who had gotten food and water for the dogs had taken Susan and Jen out back with her, so I had not much to do but watch them. Bev had the girls standing side by side facing the house, their dresses had been bunched up around their waist, exposing their tits as well as their cunts.

I heard Bev speak, but could not hear what was said, however immediately the girls began mauling each at their own breasts. Bev stood between them her back to me but I could clearly see that she had her hands working the girls cunts simultaneously. I am not sure how long I stood there looking, but I know it began to get to me, I opened several buttons on my own blouse and slipped my fingers into my bra stroking my nipples. I watched as Bev pulled her hands from the girls and held her fingers pointing downward, then it looked like she shook her fingers before retuning them to the two sweet cunts. She did this several times, before I managed to manoeuvre my position by the window to see that the dog’s food bowls had been placed between each girls legs, Bev was letting their juices drip on to the dog food. This was some thing I never would have thought to do, so I filed the idea away for later .

Both Susan and Jen began to gyrating with more animation leading me to believe that they were getting close to climaxing when Bev apparently commanded them to stop, for they immediately dropped their arms to their sides. Bev then bent and took the bowls of dog food out of my line of vision, reappearing with in seconds, with the two dogs in tow. I then saw Susan and Jen get down on their hands and knees, their arses facing pretty well in my direction, as my heart beat increased I stayed fixed in my position in anticipation of what was going to happen. Bev let the dogs advance, seemingly in control of things, until their muzzles were certainly touching the girls exposed sex, then she pulled them back a bit, I noticed that she was having difficulty with this. Advancing them a second time she allowed them more freedom and they appeared to attach themselves to the girl’s behinds. Knowing how well these two animals carried out the function of licking and lapping at young cunts, I stood there trying to imagine what the girls were feeling at that moment. As for myself I knew I was dripping fluid into my pants, as I was watching from a distance.

Suddenly there was a great commotion in the back yard , the girls were screaming, yelling at Bev to stop as she had arranged to let both dogs mount the girls, something they had refused to let happen since the beginning of our weekend. Neither girl felt that they were ready to have a dog fuck them , I had respected that request and thought Bev had understood also, but I was now looking at the scene unfolding and wondered what had happened. Seconds later both girls had collapsed flat on to the ground, effectively preventing the dogs from having their way with them. Bev pulled both dogs back a ways, then once again said something to the girls, it was really a shame that the window I was watching from did not open, I would really had like to hear what was being said. The next thing I knew the girls had recanted somewhat an were reaching under the dog’s bellies for their cocks. Again in amazement I watched as Bev had both girls sucking the dogs off , letting them shoot their spunk all over their bodies . It was indeed a great show and had gotten my juices running in quantity.

I sensed movement behind me and turned to see my own slut-slave, standing quietly, all spick and span, dressed in her belt, and beads, with her nipple clamps smartly fixed in place. I instructed her to come to me immediately , to undress me and bring me to a climax. This then was how Bev and the girls found us as they returned from the back yard. I was laying back , spread wide on the sofa, naked as a jay bird. My slut-slave kneeling down on the floor, her head of beautiful blond hair spread across my thighs as she bobbed ,sucking and licking at my own sweet pussy. I was long gone, as Joyce had used her tongue to first create circles of moisture all over the front of my body. Once she had carefully stripped me of my clothes, she lowered my body on to the sofa, then began placing warm wet kisses from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet Taking her time sucking my toes, twirling her sensual warm tongue in and around each toe, as she stokeed my ankles and calves. Joyce then ran her tongue up each leg as she massaged her fingers in to my young flesh, seeking out the individual muscles and working them to tenderness.

She avoided my aching pussy, slowly trailing her fingernails up over my stomach and on to the mounds of my heaving breasts. Moulding her hands onto my shoulders, she massaged out all of my frustration , while she flicked her tongue onto my hardened nipples sending shivers through out my body. Joyce engulfed me with her French kissing, sending her long vibrant tongue deep into my wanton mouth, almost connecting with my tonsils. Her compassionate kissing of my face and forehead did little to prepare me for her onslaught of my tingling pussy. Once she was satisfied that I was indeed on the right track, she slipped a finger into me, causing me to cry out for more. I wanted to come , I wanted to com hard, I wanted her to suck me dry and I let her know in no uncertain terms.

When Bev and the girls arrived on the scene I had been to the edge a number of times, each time Joyce brought me further and then let me hang, before staring me out all over again, I was pulling at her head trying to suck it right up my cunt, to suck her into me, when finally with grand finesse she slipped a finger in to my ass hole and let me ride over the hill in a burst of flame, shooting my build up love juices past her tongue, it to her mouth and down her throat, in such quantity that it gushed out all over the sofa it self. When I opened my eyes the three of them, were standing there staring at me as though they had never seen such an expression of delight. I was too weak , too spent , to move, I just looked at them and smiled a silly smile, a smile of great satisfaction .

Joyce left me in my stupor , to go get a wash cloth and towel to clean me up. While she took care to refresh all of me, paying special attention to my now some what sore , reddened pussy, the others were busy fixing some to eat, knowing that we all needed a little nourishment. I had Joyce call home, as I wanted to know if she might be able to stay until Monday, I was sure hoping that this would come to be so I could continue the fun and games, to her detriment. Unfortunately she was told that she had to be home that evening, her parents were going out and would be back by eleven-thirty and they wanted her in the house before that . I was a bit disappointed that I would not have access to her submissiveness for another day but figured that I could stretch out my day until at least 11: 15 that evening.

Bev had not allowed the girls to rearrange their clothing, so all but Bev were fairly naked while we ate quietly. There was not much talking as we were all in our own little space, absorbing the highlights of the day’s event I would imagine. I know I was forming plans for the big finish that evening, I wanted to take Joyce through more hell, before I had to release her from our agreement, I was thinking also how much I was going to let my brother know. I wondered if he would enjoy putting Joyce though her paces, or he would be too kind to humiliate her , or other wise embarrass her. I did not think he would like to share her with a bunch of guys, but I wondered any way. By now she might be ready for a good gang bang, but as I was not into satisfying males more than I could help it I had no intention of travelling down that particular path.

Again we cleaned up the dining area and the kitchen , it seemed that was all we women did , clean up after meals,. We accepted the fact that Jen had to go and that we were loosing a good player, a good submissive, one who was willing to play along with out any inhibitions ( well except for not letting a dog fuck her). I thought perhaps she needed one last treat before she went home so I order our slut slave to make love to her, to give her a loving that she would remember. The three of us settled in to watch as Joyce went about stripping her bare, then giving her a tongue bath, licking all that sticky dried doggie guck from her body. Joyce massaged her feet like she had done mine , playing particular attention to Jen’s big toe, extracting little moans of delight from Jen’s inner soul. Once again Joyce went about rubbing, touching moulding each and every part of Jen’s body with out coming near those specific sexual areas of hers. We could see Jen manipulating her body ever which way trying as hard as she could to get Joyce to touch, to pinch to mould to kiss, those delicate parts, to get her to orgasm. Joyce however had learned very well and managed to keep things moving to keep them fluid, to have her hands, her arms her body , her tongue make contact every where on Jen’s body except where she wanted.

We watched as Joyce our slut slave, quickly and expertly, grabbed Jen’s legs under her knees, lifting her legs, bringing her bottom off the surface, and spreading her baby cunt wide open. Joyce then began very delicately to stroke Jen’s sex, which was leaking substantial quantities of love juices. A few minutes of this and Jen was bucking her bottom hard, trying to force Joyce to increase the pressure of her fingers. Joyce reacted by bending forward a bit more , pushing Jen’s knees up towards her head. She then removed her fingers and reached for her tits rubbing the liquid all over the nipples much to Jen’s amazement.

Once Jen’s nipples were pencil like hard, our slut slave changed position once again, while she managed to keep Jen’s legs up and spread open, she reached out with both hands and began to pinch and pull her nipples, causing Jen to let go of a series of little whimpers. Joyce then bent her head and fixed her mouth on to Jen’s raw sex no doubt, from the squeal that we heard, sending her tongue into Jen’s cunt as far as she could. Jennifer was now heaving, humping, rocking, riding the storm, she was bouncing herself all over as Joyce kept doing what she was doing. This must have gone on for some twenty minutes or more if I must say so. Our slut-slave would bring Jen to the ready then she would back off, dropping Jen’s emotions down the chute, thoroughly antagonizing her, playing with her to the fullets.

Jennifer was just about screaming, calling for Joyce to fuck her, to eat her, to frig her, to get her off , to let her orgasm, spilling this out in a continuous spiel. Again our slut slave adjusted her position, removing one hand from Jen’s tits, we watched as she slipped it down of to Jennifer’s now very puffy red cunt, and forced three fingers right up her chute, causing Jen to cry out in no uncertain terms. After several see-saw like movements on Joyce’s part she pulled her fingers out and immediately pushed at least one of them up Jennifer’s back hole while at the same time clamping her mouth back onto Jen’s cunt. Well that did it , Jennifer rode over the hill, the shrieking sound she made reminded me of the stories of the sounds the Scottish highland armies made when they charged at their enemy, bagpipes and all. Her jerking almost loosened Joyce from between her legs, but her firm grip allowed her to remain, allowing her the opportunity to continue to lick at Jennifer’s sex, as her body flexed to it conclusion.

I was sure , but it looked like Jennifer had lost it all, had blacked out, her body was certainly rippling in aftermath, her eyes were closed , her head was not moving and her arms were laid out limp. Joyce finally stoped licking her cunt, let her legs fall limp to the sides, and rubbed her own body up and over Jennifer’s. Once her mouth was positioned over Jen’s she applied pressure to her lips, apparently forcing Jen’s mouth open, . I was not sure ,and I have never asked, but I do believe our slut-slave dripped what every quantity of Jennifer’s love juice she had lapped up into Jen’s own mouth.
Joyce rolled off Jennifer, leaving her splayed out limp of the floor, providing use with a most wonderful sight. A young hot body almost glowing in the aftermath, her liquids leaking out from a reddened pulsating cunt, her body rippling, her breasts proudly supporting elongated nipples . A used body, a pleasured body, a decently exposed body this was what was laying before us.

By the time Jennifer came back to the real world and gained her senses, it was close to 9:30, she was now running behind she had been expected home by this hour, so we helped her get dressed, get all her things together, then sent her off packing with one of her dogs, Bev telling her that she would bring the other back in the morning. It was also time to begin our trip to Joyce’s, to accompany her home so that I could release her from her agreement. Susan feigned tiredness, so we allowed her to go to bed early, I told her that I would join her later in bed. I asked Bev if she would mind wearing her leather outfit and whispered that I would like her fully complimented, if she knew what I meant..

I told Joyce, my slut-slave, that she would be allowed to once again wear the blouse and small skirt that she had had on earlier, assuming that she would be relived that I was not making her walk home entirely stark naked. In addition to her beads and belt, she was to wear the nipple clamps and as an added accessory I told her to once again insert the sets of ping-pong balls. I wanted her primed for action as there was yet a finale to our evening to be had. We were indeed quite the trio walking down the street down through town, on out trek back to Joyce’s place. Bev dressed like the lesbian bitch she was, holding on to a large dog who was pulling at his leash trying to poke his head up Joyce’s arse so he could lick at her private parts. Joyce like the slut she was dressed in the skimpiest of outfits, her tits half hanging out her blouse, her shaven cunt just barely covered , her ass hanging out the bottom of her skirt, being led on a leash with a dog’s muzzle continually lapping at her arse . Then myself a fairly innocent looking young lady dressed demurely in shorts and blouse, leading a half naked girl on a leash. .

As we edged around the gas station near the car wash, I noticed that it was manned by the same older gentleman who had been there last time I had Joyce under my spell. Remember what she had told me when she had come back out of the store, made me realize it was time to explore things further so I directed the group towards the building. I felt a little pull on the leash, realizing Joyce had hesitated a little when she saw where I was headed, so I gave things a sharp jerk and told her that a punishment would be necessary for her act. Bev tied the dog outside and we all went in, just the look on the old man’s face as we entered told me that this was going to be fun. I suggested that we each pick one thing that we would purchase, nothing to large, nothing to costly and go pay for it. Immediately Joyce turned red as a beet, she had figured it out, she had no money, she was , well I could almost she her mind working she was going to pay for it alright and this she knew.

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I didn't read your story because I figured if you couldn't even write the title correctly, the story must really suck.

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VVHPDe Last a few years has been to Ibiza, so met a person there whose style of presentation is very similar to yours. But, unfortunately, that person is too far from the Internet!...

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