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With the rest of the day ahead of us , I suggested we head off to the new mall , all five of us had been there before, but we had been dragged along with our mothers. This time we could take our time walking around, sightseeing sort of , I was thinking however that we might be more the attraction however.

Decidedly we agreed that this would be fun and took off to the closest bus stop to catch a ride. Upon boarding I pushed everyone towards the back where there were seats set facing one another. I had Joyce move in towards the window telling her to roll up her skirt as I did not want her to be sitting on it. I took the seat facing the back of the bus but sitting opposite Joyce. Once the bus began rolling I told Joyce to undo the remaining buttons of her blouse , pull it open , and expose her boobs, then she was to spread her legs as wide as possible. I slipped off one sandal , moved my foot up between her legs and told her to stimulate herself with my big toe, but not to cum, if she had an orgasm on the bus there would be all hell to pay. I do not think the ride was more than twenty minutes, it was after all Sunday afternoon , not many of the bus stops had people waiting to take the bus so the driver did not have to stop. To my disappointment none of the passengers came back far enough to bother us, nor to embarrass Joyce to any extent. I kept watching Joyce’s facial expressions as I could feel her liquid dripping between my toes as she rubbed my big toe over her cunt. I wanted to make certain that she was kept on the edge but that she did not disobey me and get herself off.

Further stimulation on her part came to an abrupt halt as the bus arrived at the mall and I ushered all of us out the back door directing every one to the mall entrance. I yanked a bit on Joyce’s leash making her stop, I was not sure I wanted her walking into the mall with her blouse wide open so I took it and tied the shirt tails up and under her breasts leaving a large expanse of flesh exposed between the bottom of the blouse and the top of the skirt.

While I was playing at rearranging Joyce’s blouse, I told Susan and Jen that they would have to take their panties off and give them to Bev before we entered the mall. I wanted to include my other two submissive girls in with any events that our slut-slave would be subjected to while we were at the mall. Once everyone’s attire was in order I proceeded into the mall, leading Joyce by her collar. Now it was easy to see her embarrassment as she was paraded in this manner, taking our time window shopping and watching the other mall patrons looking at us. Some of the expressions were priceless, especially the little old ladies, however there were a few men who gawked at us like they were attending a girly show. I suppose in fact that was what we actually were, a girly show.

We had stopped near a magazine shop and were looking at the titles of all those teen and glamour publications when we were approached by a man perhaps in his later 30,s or even early 40’s, it was hard to tell, he looked younger than my father, but I was not able to say by how much. In any case he was , neatly dressed and clean in appearance. He politely excused himself for interrupting us, but wanted to know if we would be interested in doing him a favour. He explained that he had been watching us walking around the mall, teasing the people with our exhibition of sorts and wondered if we were game for a bit more or not.

I told him that we would hear him out, but would not consider embarking on anything that might not suit us, after all we were at the mall for a pleasant day of divertissement, we were not looking for sex if that was what he had in mind . Well he once again excused himself for implying anything that would offend us . He then continued on telling us that he had been admiring the lovely young lady who was wearing a collar and was being lead about on a leash. He was wondering if for twenty bucks, we might be willing to show him what she looked like under her blouse. He said he did not want to cause a scene, yet as he was now much closer to us, he knew she was with out a bra and it was very obvious to him that she was wearing nipple clamps. He said that she was a beautiful young lady and would certainly understand if we did not want to comply, but given the fact that she appeared to be on display, he was wondering how much this display could been seen. He said that he felt sure that the offer of twenty bucks would make the request sound serious enough that it might be considered.

Bev poked me with her elbow and rolled her eyes, which I understood to mean that we should consider the offer and act upon it . I hesitated a couple of minutes mulling over the possibilities and looking straight into Joyce’s blue eyes, which appeared to be expressing a bit of apprehension. I then blurted out, that if he gave me the twenty bucks upfront, he could come meet us in fifteen minutes over near the food court, where there were little alcoves, decorated with artificial plants, but then one could never really tell until you touched them , an out of the way spot, yet clearly close enough to everything if we were going to have any trouble.

The look of Joyce’s face when he handed me the twenty bucks and told us that he would see us in fifteen minutes was once more priceless. While she was no doubt thinking that she was going to be showing her body to a stranger here out in the open mall, I was thinking that it would be fun to line up a few more guys willing to part with twenty dollars to look at her naked tits. Since the guy had indeed trusted us with his hard earned twenty bucks, I wanted to make his experience remarkable, so I order the three girls to set their chairs side by side, to pull the hems of their dresses ( well in Joyce’s case her skirt) up on their legs so that it would almost be certain that their pussies were exposed, yet it would be difficult to tell unless you were sitting in a chair directly in front of them.

Let me tell you when the guy arrived at the chosen sport, he emitted a gasp of surprise, I do not think he realized just how involved we girls were into teasing. Once I was certain that he was the only one in our area that was to be involved in this expos?nd that I still had control of the situation, I motioned for the three girls to stand up. I told Joyce, our slut-slave to place her arms at her sides, then told Susan and Jen to unfasten her blouse and take it from her body. That said Joyce turned red as a beet, she most likely thought I was just going to have her open her blouse, keeping some of her dignity, but that was not my plan.

The startled look on the guys face, told me that I had made a good decision, his eyes opened much wider as he saw all this lovely young flesh come into view, her taught tits, topped with clamps pinched onto her elongated puffy nipples. His vision became fixed, locked on to Joyce’s tits, he did not look at us , he did not look at Joyce, he simply stared forthright at her two tits perhaps for two or three minutes at tops. He began to rub his hands together I was thinking like Uriah Heep, of Charles Dicken’s fame it was easy to tell he wanted more. He cleared his voice and nervously asked if he could touch, which at once had and effect on Joyce for we could see her body shudder slightly.

Before I could say a word, Bev spoke out telling him for another twenty we would allow him to unclamp her nipples and touch her breast for five uninterrupted minutes , looking at me for approval. I felt that acceptable, however before I verbalized my go ahead, I did a quick recon of the surrounding area to make sure we were not being played for fools. When he fished the twenty from his pocket and handed it to me, I told Joyce to raise her hands behind her head and stay like that until I told her otherwise. I then told Susan and Jen to raise Joyce’ skit above her hip bones, effective exposing her clean shaven pussy allowing our friendly male a free viewing.

I’ll bet he wished he had more than the forty dollars he had given us, because he certainly would have asked to spend a bit more time with us. His five minutes with Joyce’s soft mounds did wonders, once he had the clamps off the nipples they forged out in force turning a deep color of dark red as the blood flowed into them. It took but a few minutes before Joyce was moaning and groaning , at first soft little whimpers, but just as he expended his time allocation he pinched both nipples, bringing a sharp cry for inside her body, sharp enough that Susan and Jen immediately dropped her skirt back in place . As he thanked us for the wonderful moment in time, I allowed Joyce to lower her arms and had her blouse put back on covering her lousiness. It was easy to see she had left her mark on the guy, as there was a noticeable wet spot on the front of his pants.

He thanked us profusely, telling us that he was sorry he had not brought more cash, and was wondering if we might be willing to meet him somewhere at another time, perhaps at another location something more private. I told him we were more into public than private as that was where the most excitement was, but that we might be able to meet again if it were in the cards. Now that we had forty bucks, had passed a few excited minutes, I figured we should get some thing to eat. I of course knew where the location was with the high legged chairs and directed our lot that way.

It is nothing like having three little girls to control, to use to enhance your enjoyment, to excite you, to keep you on edge, and that Sunday was like no other day. I had the three of them sit facing the eating area, I told them that while Bev and I went to get some food, I wanted them to innocently open and close their legs, but not to spread them wide unless they saw my signal. Bev and I sought out the best location from which to watch for a few minutes before we decided what offering to bring back. There were several older men sitting a one table , deep in animated conversation it appeared , but it was so animated we were not sure.

We watched as one man caught a glimpse of the three girls with their long naked legs on display. The girls were playing their role quite well I must say . They looked very very busy talking and gesturing, involved in what topics they were discussing, while at the same time, one at a time opened and closed her legs. In consecutive order, each managed the same maneuver, they would glide their feet back and forth on the bottom rung of the high chair, effectively gyrating their long naked legs. The men , one after another, elbowed each other directing the other’s attention to the girls bare legs, on display under the counter. Now I do not know what the men were saying, or if they knew that the girls knew what they were doing with thier legs or not, but suddenly the animated talk at the men’s table ceased or at least dwindled to a low muffled almost buzzing like sound.

The attention of the six or seven men ( I cannot remember how many there were) became entirely focused on the girls legs, mind you the men were trying to be very demure about it. One or two at a time would stare, but try not to look like they were staring, then return their attention to the center of their table, while another one or two would take their time looking. Bev and I noticed there were other sets of men in the same area, but it appeared that only this table was looking, we figured they were in the right line of sight to get the best of the show. When we got the food order settled, we had to wait a few minutes until it was prepared, it was precisely then that I signaled the girls and in unison, they spread their legs providing a wonderful direct sight right up to the crease in their thighs.

There was an audible gasping sound that arose for the men’s table, then just as quickly a series of coughing in their attempt to cover up their antics. It was unbelievable, all these elderly men ( may be that is why they are called dirty old men) being taken in by a display of young pussy. Yet the girls had not spread their legs wide enough to show the men that yes indeed there were no panties covering any of the details, every thing pure and naked. When we arrived back with the trays of food , I set them down, then told Bev to concentrate her view on that particular table of men. I told the girls to put their hands on their knees and to spread themselves as wide as possible with out falling off the chair.

It was more enjoyable than I had thought, the poor men all in turn trying to look, trying to see all that they could as the girls spread themselves exposing their young pussies, as Bev and I stared at them, like two old mother hens ( well perhaps like their own wives who knew !!). Then the girls were told to close the shop so we could all enjoy the food offering we had bought. I kept surveying the men at that particular table watching them trying their best to behave, yet trying not to miss a chance to grab another free look. As Joyce was finishing the last of the extra large soda I had brought just for her, I told her to spread her legs once again, then told her to sensually lick a finger . Once she had her finger good and wet I told her to rub her pussy very slowly, and to make sure she directed her eyes to the center of the table of the men.

No sooner than she had touched herself, or perhaps it was a minute later, we saw two of the older gentlemen get up from the table and head quickly towards the men’s washroom. I laughed as I thought what may have caused them to move before I had Joyce stop what she was doing. Of course I had no intention of letting her bring herself to orgasm, but the men did not know that , nor did Joyce for that matter, for once I told to halt, she emitted a whimper . Having gotten to know her fairly well, I knew that this particular sounding whimper indicated that she had been very very close to the edge. It was a good thing that I had called a halt to her little show right then, as I wanted her ready and willing to do anything I desired in order to let her obtain her orgasmic release.

As we had all finished eating, we decided to continue our tour of the mall, now that we had some extra money we might be able to buy something. There was a little accessories shop that had a good sale going so we went in to see if any thing would catch our attention. There were racks and racks of belts and beads that provided me with some wonderful ideas, so I picked out a few. I tried several belts on Susan and Jen before I chose two that would suit my purposes . I had them try them on, to find that they fit very well with their outfits. Bev however commented that while the belts added a bit of flare there was still something missing . Thinking for a moment she selected several sets of beads and draped them on both girls. While this helped a bit, it was not quite enough, then a evil thought came to me. I reached for the material of Susan’s sundress, pulling it up above the new belt, effectively raising the hem of her dress by about two inches, leaving it barely covering the bottom of her pussy. It was certain that the bottom cheeks of her bum were going to on constant display no matter how she moved.

Then I reached for the two straps of her dress telling her to pull her arms completely free of them. Once her arms were free, I took the straps and tucked them down under her arm and beneath the top of her dress, baring the whole of her shoulders. As the material of the dress was a bit loose she would indeed have to be very careful how she moved, if she did not want her tits falling out and being on display exposed for all to see. Bev taking my lead did exactly the same with Jen, now we had two lovely girls that were going to draw a lot of attention, perhaps more so than our slut-slave. Having dressed the girls, I turned my attention to some accessories for our slut-slave.

I found a black leather ( more likely synthetic ) belt that was a good width, when Joyce tried it on it looked real good, but I did not permit her to wear it immediately. I played around with the various beads on sale , choosing several that I thought would compliment the outfit that Joyce would be wearing later that day and we left to continue our window shopping. We had to walk slowly as both Susan and Jen were having difficulty keeping a decent cover on them as their top kept slipping over their tits, they had to keep adjusting things so that we would not cause a real scene in the mall.

Realizing that it was getting closer to closing time, and thinking that while I would really like to have a full bus load of people accompanying us back home, I wanted to have some room on the bus for a bit more fun, so I suggested that we take our leave of the mall. We heard a good lot of whispering while we stood waiting for the bus, most of our fellow passengers were older ladies, one of them even going so far to speak a bit louder saying that we should have spent some money on clothes. The few gentlemen standing in the group were very very careful where they looked as they were accompanied by their wives, so they could not really gawk at us.

We were lucky to be able to get seats similar to those on the first bus. This time however before Joyce sat, I told her to strip , to hand me both her skirt and blouse, then to sit with her legs spread like before. I had Bev sit beside her , I let Susan and Jen take seats on the other side of the bus telling them to lower the tops of their dresses so that the material was held in place just by their nipples. I was hoping that if the bus bounced around like it did on the trip to the mall, they would find themselves exposed in a most delightful way.

I told Bev she was free to play with our slut-slave any way she wanted, but that I was going to stick my big toe back in her clean shaven cunt and frig her all the way back. Bev wasted no time in attaching her hands then her mouth onto Joyce’s tits licking and flicking at her nipples. By the time we had arrived at our stop, Joyce had once more brought herself to the edge using my big toe, this time however I knew that she was more than ready as you could hear the sucking or sloshing sound my toe make as she pushed it back and forth into her willing cunt.

As the bus came to its halt, I pulled my slopping wet toe from Joyce’s hot cunt, allowing it to make a sharp popping noise, drawing with it a thin stream like thread of Joyce’s inner liquid. I glance over at the girls and noticed that one of Susan’s tits had indeed popped loose from her dress , I was very pleased to see that she had chosen to leave it exposed proud and free. I let Bev take the lead, having my still naked slut-slave follow, then I ushered the two girls between them and myself. I wanted to be last off the bus because I wanted to see the reaction of any of the passengers who might be looking our way. I was disappointed a little because the only one who seemed to be paying any attention to us was the driver himself, he had turned himself in his seat to be able to watch us exit the back of the bus, so I gave him a big smile and waved as I passed though the bus door, hoping that we had made his day.

Standing there on the street leading back to Susan’s house, we had at least two blocks to walk, so I handed Joyce her new belt and a set of beads telling her to get dressed. The beads were perfect, there was a large colored piece that fell down at the front end and sat just below the curve of her nude breasts. With the sun still shining, the object reflected the sun’s light in such a way that it drew your attention to the center of her bare chest, providing us and anyone else with a beautiful sight. The wide black belt set perfectly on top of her hip bones accentuating the bronze of her sun bathed skin. It surprised everyone to see that there were lengths of chain hanging from the belt itself that terminated at the level of her unprotected mound. At the end of these chains I had managed to attach a ball like ornament that I hoped would bang or at least rub against her sex as she walked.

This in addition to her sandals was all the outfit I was going to allow her to wear as we walked back to Susan’s place on what was so far a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Bev suggested that we make it a threesome group for our own pleasure and began adjusting both Susan and Jen’s dresses. Bev hiked the bottom of the dress up so that their pussy hairs were in clear evidence, yet not their complete sex, then she rearranged the top part of the dresses, leaving Susan with one breast completely exposed, and exposing one of Jen’s breast so it complimented that of Susan’s and off we set for home.

Half way perhaps more or less, Joyce asked for permission to speak, the large quantity I had had her drink at the mall was doing it’s job, she needed to pee. Looking around quickly, I figured that I would have some more fun, so I told her that she had my permission, but I did not offer anything else. I could only see a couple of men standing near their garage, it looked like they were working on a car, I was sure they had seen us walking their way, but had not yet really seen us if you know what I mean. Once Joyce had permission to go about her business, I watched as she went though the motions of searching for a more secluded spot in which to piss. I was sure that I saw her heave her shoulders as one would when they found that they had no choice, sort of in a defeatist motion, then she stepped off the side walk into the street and squatted over the nearest sewer opening.

We watched as did the two men as Joyce let go of a torrent of piss, releasing the pressure on her bladder, directing it down into the city drainage system. It came out with such force that it sprayed all over her hanging balls, until she reached down to her pussy lips and used her fingers to direct the flow. How long it took Joyce to empty her bladder I cannot remember, but once she finished and stood I noticed that the two men had moved part way down the driveway no doubt trying to get a better look. Just as we passed their location I told Joyce that she had better suck any remaining piss from her fingers before it dried. I slowed my walking pace, extending the time it took for us five girls to pass through their scope of vision trusting that they were indeed getting a good show. The low long whistle they provided us was music to my easy , but I am sure a devastating reminder to the girls of what they had on display.

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