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When we arrived back at Susan’s house I decided that we might as well order in given the hour , it was too late to begin making some kind of supper In any case Susan’s mother had left us money to do just this . I told the girls that they had better all get into the shower and clean themselves properly. They would have to do it together and quickly as I had other things planned for the evening. Bev fixed some food and water for the dogs and we left them outside for the time being . I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include them in anything further. Once the girls had finished their shower they shouted down wanting to know what I was going to allow them to wear, well Susan did, I am sure Joyce knew beforehand that she was to remain naked. I told them they and I included Joyce in the they , could wear their towels for the time being and I would consider the matter of clothing after we had eaten.

At the sound of the door bell, announcing the arrival of the pizza, I handed each girl a portion of the money, telling them that they were to leave their towels on the sofa and go pay the delivery guy. Then as a second thought hoping that it would be the young stud who usually delivered the pizzas in our area, I told the girls that they should offer him a good tip, but not in monetary value. I let them know that they could use our slut-salve for this purpose, extracting a groan from Joyce. I grabbed Bev’s hand moving us over to the hall door so we could peek to see what transpired.

Bev and I stood there watching with delight, as Susan took the pizza placed it on the hall table and returned to rub her body up against the delivery fellow as Jen was already doing. He was not the big hunk I had been hoping for, but the guy was another who I knew as a regular delivery man and no doubt might recognize the girls either from before, or would most likely remember them the next time he made a delivery in this area. As Jen and Susan rubbed up against him I saw them push Joyce down on to her knees, then they reached for his pants, undid them letting them drop to the door stoop.

Joyce reached up, pulled his underpants right down to his ankles, freeing his large semi rigid manhood. Susan and Jen proceeded to undo his shirt buttons while Joyce took his manhood in her hands and began stoking it like an expert. I was thinking at that moment either my brother had been an excellent teacher or this was a natural habit Joyce had perhaps learned from her father. It was not but a few moments before the cock became rigid and Joyce took into her warm wet mouth. With the two girls playing havoc with the delivery guy’s nipples and Joyce sucking hard on his manhood things did not last very long. His loud cries told us that he was on the verge of loosing his load. Joyce appeared very determined to take it all down her throat, as she did not alter her aggressiveness. Finally Bev and I saw the guy grab hold of both Susan and Jen , from their squealing, he must have squeezed them firmly as he blew his load far into Joyce’s mouth uttering at the same time a series of profanities.

Joyce pulled his now spent dick from her mouth with an exaggerated performance, licked it clean of any tell tail signs as Jen re-buttoned the guys shirt. The three of them then pulled up his underwear, gingerly slipping his limp cock inside. They pulled up and attached his pants and sent him on his way. I guess we could say that devouring the pizza seemed almost anticlimax as we were all once again hyped up.

Once the kitchen was picked up, I told the girls that they could dress themselves in their skimpy baby doll pajamas. I offered Joyce to Beverly, as I figured that she had not really had the opportunity to get herself off. I reminded Bev however that what ever she decided she needed to attain satisfaction she could not draw blood, not leave marks on Joyce’s body that would be apparent enough that her parents would pose questions. It was also important to remember that none of us wanted to get in trouble with the authorities.

Bev gratefully accepted my offer, and then asked if I could take Joyce out on to the patio deck, tie her arms to the hooks on the wall and fix her feet spread firmly apart onto the deck itself. As I was busy attaching Joyce in the position Bev requested, it was evident that she was fearful of what Bev was going to do to her. I tried as best I could to calm her thoughts, but I knew Bev all too well. I knew my slave was going to be put through hell, so I figured I had better find a way to keep my mind from wandering or that is wondering what was going to be done to her.

Bev arrived back at Susan’s place dressed to kill. She had on studded black boots that were laced right up to her knees. The lower portion of her body was covered with skin tight black leather shorts, held up or accessorized with a wide belt from which a whip or at least it looked like a whip was dangling. Her midriff was bare, and there was some sort of jewel lodged in her belly button. She was wearing a busier that must have been two sizes too small, as her freckle covered bosom was bulging out from all sides. Topping her outfit off, Bev was wearing a black hat that looked similar to those worn by the German army officers, her red hair apparently stuff up inside. She look formidable I was sure glad I was not tied up naked waiting for her to please herself.

I was quick to remind Bev once again about the drawing of blood and the marking of Joyce’s body unnecessarily. She confirmed that she understood my concern , that I had made things quiet clear, then asked me how long I had managed to have Joyce hold off on any of her orgasms. I shuddered to think that my slut-slave was going to experience a life time of suffering in what remained of the Saturday we had begun with. I tapped Joyce on the bottom telling her to be a good girl and make me proud, and then quickly disappeared into the house.

I told Susan and Jen that for the rest of the night they were to pamper me to the best of their abilities, but first wanted them to run a hot bath so that I could soak my soul. As I waited for the girls to get my bath ready, I could not but help hear the little cries of distress filtering in from the patio deck, but I dared not look. It was a good hour perhaps two that I wasted lounging in the tub, with Susan and Jen doing their best to pamper my body, touching, stroking massaging every part of my body. It was now close to midnight as I rose from the tub , was dried and dressed in a big white fluffy towel .

We descended to the family room where we had set up sleeping bags, pillows and that kind of stuff for our comfort. I could not however avoid taking a moment to check on my slut-slave. Looking out the patio doors, I could see her hanging, her arms tight to the hooks, her legs apparently collapsed, yet her knees not touching any thing to support her body. Bev had fixed some kind of contraption to her face, I did not think it was a mask, but then perhaps it was a gag of some sort I thought. Bev was still cracking her whip, I could see Joyce’s body jump when the tip of the whip made contact. I was relieved that even in the bright lights of the patio deck I could not see any blood, but the reddish striping on Joyce’s body was very evident. I was concerned that there would be marks that were going to be very obvious, and might need some explaining for sure.

When Bev saw me looking, she changed position, then brought her whip back around in a high motion letting it swing back catching the tip of Joyce’s right nipple. As the connection was made I heard Joyce emit a horrible, awful muted sound which sent shivers down my spine. I figured that I had better not watch any longer, I did not really what to know what was being done to her. I had Susan and Jen to play with, telling them that I needed to forget, but I dozed off before they could bring me to orgasm, all my event planning had taken its toll.

The bright sun shining through the windows in the family room brought me to life that Sunday morning, relaxed and refreshed. At first I was not quite sure where I was , but as I moved I realised that I was covered by two naked bodies. Susan and Jen had certainly tired themselves out last night. I rubbed my eyes to clear the sandman’s residue, as I my searched for something to cover my body with. When I had managed to wrap myself in the bath towel, I looked around for evidence that Bev and Joyce had joined the rest of us for a good night’s sleep. Not seeing them curled up in a sleeping bag, I started out to the patio deck to see if Joyce had been left hanging, but only saw the two dogs sitting quietly, no doubt waiting for more treats.

Turning back to the family room, I noticed movement in the dining area, looking to see Bev sitting at the head of the table, with Joyce seemingly lay out prone on the table itself. My first thought was to move towards them to make sure that Joyce had not been too dearly whipped after I had left Bev to her devious freedom. Once I got up beside Bev, I could see that she had indeed taken liberties with our slut-slave. The dining room table had been pulled open with Joyce’s arms and legs fastened to the table legs. Her mid section was lying directly over the open part between the table wings. She had something sticking out her rear end; upon closer inspection I found it to be a carrot, and a fairly fat one at that, the length undeterminable.

Bev told me that our slut-slave had been a real good player, taking almost everything she was able to apply with out drawing blood, and taking it for most of the night. Bev said she had a surprise for us this morning and that we should watch closely. With that said she told me to grab hold of the carrot and to pull it out quickly on her mark. Bev then set her two feet up on the table, and for the first time I noticed that she was not wearing her boots, for that matter as she positioned her body in front of Joyce’s face, I could not help but notice her pants were gone also, I could see a whole mess of fiery red pussy hair between her legs.

Bev grabbed Joyce by the hair of her head and fixed the latter’s mouth to her cunt. She then raised her arm still holding the whip and flicked. As the sound of the tip hit Joyce’s behind, Bev yelled at me to pull and I extracted a very long carrot from Joyce’s arse hole. Immediately Joyce let loose with a torrent of juice, her cherry blossom scented love juice. It poured from her down into a mixing bowl that Bev no doubt had set purposely on the floor below. The sound of this liquid hitting the ceramic bowl was stupendous, after all it was being sprayed out from some two and a half or three feet above.

Bev also allowed herself to become vocal as she seemingly came herself as a result of Joyce’s mouth being fixed to her hairy pussy. The three of us stood there and watched in awe as this transpired, it was certainly a great way to start the day. Our slut-slave, Joyce, bucking her body against the top of the dining room table, her head held firmly between Bev’s legs. Bev looking like she had struck gold, her head laid back, her beautiful red hair shining in the morning sun’s rays was grasping for her breath. Bev came back to reality, telling us all how good that climax had been, then went on to inform us that the slut-slave had provided her with three massive climaxes during the night’s activities, but that this one had surpassed them all.

Bev then asked me if I could have Susan and Jen clean the bitch up as she had been rubbed down with a soothing cream that had taken much of the sting from her body and had reduced some of the welts that the whipping had left. It would be much better if she were carefully washed, so that Bev could apply another coating, to lessen any serious damage to her body. Bev said she was going to take a quick shower, and then we could all have breakfast, suggesting that I retrieve the bowl of Joyce’s fluids from under the table and keep it safe.

Sunday at home I always like to busy myself with the breakfast, so even though we were at Susan’s I figured it would not hurt to do the same. I first closed the dining room table, so that I could put the place settings, they while every one was getting washed I set out what ever I found that looked good enough to have as a breakfast meal. Once every one arrived back, Jen and Susan in their baby dolls, Bev in a neat girly dress, and my slut-slave in her shining naked body we were set to enjoy our meal. Bev announced however that she thought it would be a good idea to toast the weekend as it had been very eventful to that point.

Susan piped up that there was some ginger ale in the pantry we could use, so Bev told us to hold tight she would be right back, at the same time asking me where I had placed the bowl that had captured Joyce’s fluids. Moments later Bev appeared with a tray holding large glasses of orange juice. Each in turn was handed a glass except for our slut-slave, her large glass contained a whitish coloured liquid. Bev raised her glass telling us that we were to chug-a-lug, and raised the toast to the girls. I watched poor Joyce make one of her facial expressions showing a bit more disgust than pleasure as she chug–a-lugged what we found out once she drained her glass contained the liquid she had expended from her body earlier that morning.

Bev told us that what had landed in the bowl was almost a full 8 ounces of love juice, so she mixed a bit of ginger ale with it to try and make it a bit more fluid. I realized then that Joyce had expended a lot more of her womanly body fluids than that as when I picked the bowl, there was a large towel underneath that had been soaked with her dripping. Bev continued to tell us that our slut-slave had come but once and that was when we watched that morning. She said she really did not know how many times she had brought Joyce to the edge during the evening events, but she had kept her from coming, in fact she was very pleased with the way Joyce hand handled herself, she had never had any one last that long and Bev then confirmed that she had been whipping young girls for quite a number of years.

Hearing that confirmed my opinion of Bev, noting that it was a good thing I had her as a friend and not an enemy. We then continued with our breakfast, I allowed Joyce to be more of the group rather than treating her like a slave for the duration of the meal. Then I announced that I thought it would be a good idea if we all went to the local church for Sunday services, bringing about several moans and groans from Susan and Jen . We were not really a church going group, nor were our families for that matter. Well all perhaps except Bev’s family they were of the Roman Catholic faith and attended church services from what I knew almost every Sunday.

I told Susan and Jen that I expected them to wear one of those thin material sun dresses that Susan had in her wardrobe, I would allow them to wear panties, but they had to be the smallest ones they could find, they were not to wear a bra. For my slut slave I managed to find in Susan’s wardrobe a sheer blouse, with a decorative dentelle material placed where her nipples would settle. To accompany this top Susan had a lovely little skirt that was a bit small, but fit so well, sitting just below Joyce’s hip bones pulling tightly across her ass. My slut-slave was dressed decadently, just right for a righteous church sermon.

We walked to the church , enjoying the warmth of the sun’s ray beaming down upon us. Five beautiful young ladies all dolled up in their striking summer wear,
strolling along the city streets oblivious to any of the odd looking glances that were being directed out way. There were only a few stragglers outside the church, it appeared hey were left over smokers, trying hard to get a last puff before the service began. Moving up the stairs to the church, I directed Joyce towards the side of the building, out of the direct view of the parish members, but not quite out of sight. I had her unbutton her blouse and then I pulled it wide open, exposing her lovely young breasts to the bright sunlight. Telling her to play with her nipples to get them hard , long and stiff , I waited until I was satisfied then once again placed the nipple clamps , that Bev had taken off, back on and tightened them securely. I then re-buttoned her blouse delighted with the fact that her nipple clamps made quite an impression under the material.

Needless to say we made a hit at the service, arriving as the doors closed I selected a row of seating not too far back, yet not quite in the middle, and off a bit to the side. I did not want the minister or priest or what ever he called himself to have us in his direct line of vision. The men-folk broke out in large smiles as we came into view, their women folk scorning, providing us with real nasty looks. I knew there was stream of sun beaming down in the church but I was unable to really look and see how it effected the clothing the girls were wearing. It was certain that if they got caught in the sun beam in the right position it would be evident to every one looking that they wore few undergarments.

It was really enjoyable watching the church goers trying to get a good look at all of us as we stood to sing, and sat to pray or stood to pray and sat to listen to the sermon. Joyce was flushed pink for most of the hour that we were there, but when it came time for the guys to pass with the collection plate, I managed to change her flushed pink to a deep red.

Once it was announced that there was to be a collect, I had Joyce sit with her legs spread her little skirt pulled up so far that if you took your time looking, you would surely think you could see the edges of her bare puffy pussy lips. Then I undid two more buttons on her blouse, opening it enough that the nipple clamps on her tits were showing blatantly exposed. When the gentleman passed with the plate, he had to reach in to have Bev drop in her contribution, in doing so he leaned across Joyce, at the same time recognizing her. I found it hilarious as he made a concentrated effort to say hello in the most proper manner he could, while trying to take a glance down at what she was blatantly showing.

The poor guy stumbled as he manoeuvred out from our aisle, almost dropping his offering plate on the floor, that was for me the highlight of the sermon. Once the services ended I wasted no time having the girls exit into the sun, directing them to a spot off to the side of the church which would place the sun directly behind them. I tried hard to get them standing just right so that all their beauty would be on display, then I held Bev tightly and watched the reaction of the others exiting from the church. Man I thought, are men ever gross, all these proper church going members of our community trying their hardest to get a good look at five young high school girls standing in the sun. I bet that many of them would suffer their wife’s wrath latter on in the day.
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