Her body was sore and aching. It had been two days since he had beaten and whipped her body, and from what she could see, the marks were going away, or at least had faded significantly. Since then, she hadn't seen him. When she would wake up, there would be food and water left for her, but he hadn't come to her, to use her body at all. It made her sad, she wanted him to fuck her, to slap her while he used her mouth, her pussy and her ass to his own pleasure. The last time, he'd spent hours whipping her, with at least a dozen different items. He cum all over her face, filled her ass and her pussy with cum, and her tits and thighs were coated with his dried cum as well. When he was finally done using her, he removed all of her bonds and allowed her to lay on the small cot that was her bed. He'd left explicit instructions for her to not cum at all until he came back and gave her permission to. She hoped he would come back to her soon, she was aching for his touch.

She didn't realize that her wish would come true very soon. She didn't know, but he was watching her. There were several video cameras placed around the room, and he had enjoyed watching back the footage of their last session. He had watched her sleep, so he knew when to deliver her food and water. He'd stayed away from her on purpose. He wanted to give her a chance to heal for what would come later that night, and if she would have opened her eyes and looked at him, he knew that he wouldn't have been able to leave before fucking her roughly again. He was interested to see how she handled tonight. He knew she'd do as she was told, he'd taught her that lesson well. But, he wasn't sure how she would react to what he had planned for her this evening, and was curious to see her reactions.

He had things to do during the day to keep himself busy, but two hours before the event he had planned was scheduled to take place, he ascended the stairs into the basement to retrieve his slave. He threw open the door so it slammed against the cement wall. She visibly jumped, she was so startled. "Don't look at me, slave, keep your eyes down." He didn't want to touch her yet, he wanted to wait, but he needed her to get ready. "You fucking cunt, you look awful and you stink. Follow me upstairs so you can shower and make yourself presentable. The clothes you are to wear are on the bathroom counter, along with your make-up bag and hair products. I want you to look your best, so don't disappoint me, you dirty slut."

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him, although she only got to see him for a brief second before she diverted her eyes as he instructed her to do. She knew that she must look a wreck, it would take three or four shampoos to get the dried cum from her hair, plus she knew how bad she smelled, it had been at least a week since she showered, although she couldn't be sure. She had no sense of what day it was or what time it was. Her room had no windows, and no way of telling whether it was day or night. She jumped to her feet to follow him up the stairs. She had gotten used to being naked, but she thought it would feel good to put on some clothes. He opened the bathroom door for her, and then just walked away without giving her another glance, which made her sad, but when she saw herself in the mirror she was shocked. She looked worse than she had thought. There were still a bunch of welts across her back and her ass and even though the ones across her front had faded, they were still prominent enough to be noticeable. Her face was a mess. She'd been wearing makeup at some point, because it was smeared all over her face, streaks where tears had streamed down her face, mascara smeared all over her eyes from not just the tears, but from gagging on his cock as he fucked her mouth. The dark lipstick that she had been wearing was smeared all over the place, looking somewhat clown-like. And then there was the dried cum everywhere. She turned the water on and stepped in the shower. The water felt so good on her skin. She lathered up the soap and began washing her body clean. She didn't want to miss anywhere, she didn't want to do anything that might disappoint him. As she thought, it took several times to wash her hair clean. She applied conditioner to her hair as well, wanting it to be soft for him. When she got out of the shower and dried off, she looked at what he had left for her to wear. There was a tank top that was two sizes too small, and when she pulled it on, her breasts strained the fabric, nearly popping completely out of the top. The cotton skirt was also too small for her, and she tugged and tugged at it to try to get it to be long enough to cover her pussy and ass. He'd left a pair of stiletto heels for her, and when she was finished dressing, she began to take care of her appearance. The last time she had gotten ready for him, he expressed a desire for her to look as slutty and as trashy as she could, so she applied heavy makeup, complete with many coats of black mascara and deep purple lipstick. She brushed the tangles out of her hair as carefully as she could, and began to dry it.

He timed things well. The blow dryer was going so she didn't hear the doorbell ring. He let his guests in, and then went back to fetch her. "Enough," he commanded. "You've taken too long, slave. You need to go in the front room and greet your guests." He thoroughly enjoyed the look of shock that passed across her face. "Yes, you heard me right, you have guests, and you will obey them just as though it came from me. Nod if you understand."

She could feel her face flush red, but she nodded. She braced her shoulders and walked to the other room, to see what awaited her. There were three men seated there. She recognized the one man as being the man who was waiting for her at the airport. The other two were complete strangers, but they all seemed to chatting on a friendly basis with one another. They stopped when they saw her, slyly smiling at her as they eyed her up and down. One of them patted the couch next to where he was seated. "Come here, we've been told that you're going to provide us with one hell of a night, and I don't want to waste any time." She wanted to look at her master, to make sure that this was what he wanted, but before she had a chance to, he spoke to her, "You heard the man, slut. Go and fulfill every desire that they have. I'm just going to stand here and videotape this." Her heart sank. Not only was she going to have these strangers fuck her in every way that they wanted, but it be on tape, permanent evidence of it. She hurried over to the couch, lest she be punished, sitting between two of the men.

One of them shoved his hand up her skirt and rubbed her pussy, while the other one grabbed the top of her shirt and ripped it, freeing her breasts, and he lowered his head to start sucking one of them as his fingers pulled and pinched the other one. Her nipples were still sore and tender, and she just about jumped out of her chair when he began twisting and biting her nipples. The man with his hand up her skirt roughly pushed her legs apart and shoved one, then two then three fingers inside of her wet slit. She glanced at him, and he was looking at her like she was a piece of meat, which technically, she was. He grabbed a hold of her hand, and placed it on the hard bulge at his crotch. "Suck it, slut." He pulled her by the arm and threw her onto the floor. He quickly took of his clothes and stood in front of her pushing his hard cock into her face. She opened her mouth, and he immediately shoved his cock past her lips, grabbing fistfuls of her hair so he could fuck her face.

The other two men had gotten undressed as well, and she felt the man from the airport move behind her, while the other man had pulled out a long length of cord, which he used to bind her tits. She looked up and she saw her master videotaping what was happening. He appeared to ignore the look, he spoke to the man who was wrapping the cord around her breasts, "Tighter, Mark. She can take it. Tie them up tight and hard." Mark (she now knew his name) laughed a rather nasty, crude laugh and wrapped the cord tightly around her breasts, crossing the cord across her chest, behind her back, and kept wrapping until he had just enough left to tie a knot in. The pain that was shooting into her breasts was beyond belief. She would have cried out in pain if the other guy hadn't had her mouth full of his cock. The man from the airport was pushing her legs apart so he could push his cock inside of her pussy. He roughly rammed inside of her, his hot breath against her shoulder.

The man in front of her pulled his cock out of her mouth, and slapped her across the face. "You're not a very good cocksucker, you filthy bitch. Get on your fucking hands and knees." She did as she was told, and in the process, the man from the airport's cock slid out of her pussy. He reacted by slapping her ass several times. He and the one named Mark knelt on either side of her, alternating slapping her ass as the guy in front of her knelt down and shoved his cock inside of her mouth again. Her master had moved to the back, filming her ass as the two men took turns spanking her.

After they got bored with slapping her ass, they each pulled her ass cheeks apart and spit onto her asshole. One of them had pushed his thumb inside of her, loosening her up for the cock that would be following soon. She heard her master's voice again, "Jake, let me zoom in before you start fucking her ass, I want to get a close up of her stretching to fit your cock inside of her ass." Jake must have been the name of the man from the airport, and as he positioned his cock at her rectum, the other man pulled his cock out of her mouth, all of them watching Jake's hard cock push up inside of her anus. He pushed slowly, until his cock was fully inside of her ass. "You've got a tight ass, slut." He pulled out slightly before ramming hard into her ass.

Mark suggested to them that they move her so that all of them could get some of this fuck toy's holes. Jake moved to lay on the floor, pulling her by her hips so that his cock stayed firmly in her ass. He held her arms behind her back so that her tits pushed out, the cords making them bright red. Her master moved to the front of her, slowly moving the camera up and down her body, recording what his friends were doing to her. Mark spread her legs apart, and pulled her pussy lips open, showing her most intimate part to the camera. He grabbed a hold of her clit and pulled on it hard, pinching it between his fingers. She couldn't help it, she cried out in pain. That was a mistake because all three men punished her for making a sound. She couldn't tell who was doing what, but one of the was slapping her tits, one of them was pulling her hair and slapping her face, and the other was slapping her thighs and pussy. She bit her lip to keep from crying out any further, but she couldn't stop the tears from falling down her face. They all laughed, jeered and taunted her, continuing their punishments.

The man who's name she didn't know, knelt between her legs and pushed his hard cock inside of her pussy, which was (to her dismay) soaking wet. Mark grabbed her by the hair and turned her head so that he could shove his dick into her mouth. Just like that, all of her holes were being used at the same time. Her master moved all around them, recording video footage of her acting like a whore. The men fucked her roughly, ramming into her hard and fast. The one inside of her pussy quickly pulled out and shot his cum all over her tightly bound tits, before moving away and sitting on the couch. He suggested to her master that he could record things so that her master could get in on the action. Jake and Mark agreed that it was a good idea, and as her master undressed they moved her to a standing position.

When her master approached her, she could see that he had something in his hand. When he was in front of her, she could tell that it was a permanent black marker. He wrote SLUT in big letters across her chest. He then wrote, "FUCK MY CUNT" on her stomach with an arrow pointed down to her pussy. He tossed the marker to Mark, who wrote something across the small of her back. She imagined that it was something about fucking her ass, but she couldn't see. Her master now stood in front of her, looking down at her. He frowned and berated her, "Slave, I'm disappointed in how little you've pleasured our guests. When you are fucked this time, I expect you to cum hard, and scream loudly. These men came to see what a fucking slut you are, do not disappoint them, or me, any further." She nodded, tears falling down her face, not just from the pain, but from the sad, sinking feeling of knowing that she had disappointed him. "Now, kneel and soak my cock with your saliva. I'm going to fuck your ass, and I'm not going to be gentle about it, so lube it up with your saliva, because that's all the lube you're going to get." The other men laughed, and she sank to her knees, working up as much saliva as she could before taking his cock into her mouth. He was much larger than the other men, and she took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, and there were still a couple of inches that she couldn't fit. She relaxed her throat as much as possible, trying to slide his entire length into her throat.

One of the others were undoing the cords around her breasts, as soon as they were free, the blood rushed into them, causing her to feel faint. Her master held her steady as the sensations subsided. He moved behind her and instructed her to spread her ass cheeks for him. She complied, and before she knew what had hit her, he forcefully rammed his cock into her ass in one big thrust. She felt like she had been ripped in half, and she let go of her ass, slumping to the ground. Jake was in front of her, and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her face up to his cock that had just been in her ass. "Suck it, you fucking cunt." She opened her lips and he pushed his cock into her mouth. Her master was pummeling her ass, she felt that her bowels were going to burst. They moved her around, so once again, all of her holes were filled with cock. It wasn't very long after she started sucking Jake's cock that he pulled from her mouth and shot his hot cum all over her face and hair. He sat back and watched for a few minutes before he would be ready to take a turn at the slut again. Shortly thereafter, she started shaking as she felt her orgasm approached. She started moaning, her moans quickly turning into screams as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body. She may have been saying words, she couldn't tell, the pleasure was so incredible as climax after climax jolted through her body. Someone was slapping her tits, but she couldn't focus who it was. Her master's cock fucked her ass while another cock was thrusting in her soaking wet cunt. She had someone's cock in her hand, stroking it, but she wasn't even sure which guy was which anymore.

Except for her master. It was his cock that brought her pleasure, his touch that thrilled her and brought her such intense pleasure. She would do anything to please him, and right now, he wanted her to fuck his friends, so she threw herself into the experience completely, her body thrashing around in pleasure, moaning about what a whore she was, how she loved being a fuck toy, loved all of her holes being used. Her master pulled his cock out of her ass, and moved to present it to her mouth. She licked her lips and opened wide for him to use her mouth for his pleasure. One of the others had taken over fucking her ass. She didn't know who, she didn't care who, her attention was devoted to the man she served, sucking his cock. She dared to look up at him, and his eyes glowed with smoky lust.

As she stared adoringly up at him, he pulled his cock out of her mouth, stroking it as his cum shot all over her waiting face. Her lipstick was smeared all over her face, as well as her mascara, and she was going to look worse before the night was over. Even though he had used a permanent marker, the words were starting to smear because of the sweat and cum that was coating her skin. He took a few steps back and let the other guys at her again while he regained his strength to go at her again. His friends appeared to be really enjoying themselves as they used his slave's body. For her part, he was pleased at how much enthusiasm she was putting into things. He was sure he would be inviting other people, both men and women, to come over and use her body. Before too long, his cock was rock hard again, and he opted to use her cunt as his fuck hole of choice at the moment. He fucked her hard, wrapping his hands around her neck, choking her as he rammed his cock like a piston inside of her.

She lost count of how many times they used her body. They alternated using her ass, her pussy and her mouth for their pleasure, slapping her body constantly as they fucked her. For hours they continued to fuck her raw, her body covered in red welts from their hands slapping her. Her face and hair were covered in cum, as were her tits, ass and pussy. Someone kept the camera going, making sure to get close ups of the cum splattering all over her body, and of her pussy, ass and mouth stretching to take all of the cock meat that was being given to her. When she didn't have a cock being shoved down her throat, she was shrieking in pleasure, cumming over and over again.

Her master had decided that they had used his slave enough for the night. He motioned for each of them to cum for the final time. He zoomed in with the camera as his slave opened her mouth as the three men jerked off into her open mouth, and she swallowed all of it. There was one scene left for her to perform tonight before he sent her back to the basement. "Jake," he said to his friend, "Grab her by the hair and drag her out back." Jake nodded and grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her across the floor before she could get her feet underneath her. He dragged her body outside the back door, where the floodlights lit up the whole yard. He practically threw her onto the grass as the others watched and laughed.

She struggled to get up to her knees. Her body was sore and aching and her scalp felt like he'd ripped the hair out of her head. Her master had set up the video camera on a tripod a couple of feet in front of her. "Face the camera, you fucking slut, and clasp your hands behind your back," the voice came from one of the men, she didn't know which one. She did as she was told, swaying, her balance off from the massive fucking she'd just had.

The men circled around her, and she knew what was coming before the first stream of hot piss had hit her in the face. One stream quickly became four as she was hit from all sides. They all seemed to be aiming for her mouth, and she couldn't swallow it as fast as it was coming at her. They covered her with pee, emptying their bladders over her as they had emptied their balls on her. When they were finished, they each took a turn having her suck them clean. Her master then gave her permission to go into the bathroom and clean up. She thanked him and hurried into the bathroom to wash herself. When she looked in the mirror, she was shocked at what a mess she was. She got into the shower, sore, but loving every moment of pleasure that her master had given her. She knew that there would be many more adventures on the horizon for them, and she looked forward to it more than she could express.

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