She walked out of the door with him and into the cool night air. She had prepared for the night as he had instructed her to do. She had shaved her legs and pussy, given herself an enema, applied her makeup to look as trashy as possible and had worn the outfit that he had laid out for her. It was a white spaghetti strap dress that was a size too small for her. As she put it on, her 38DDs were popping out of the top, and she had to keep adjusting them so that her nipples didn't show. The bottom half of the dress just barely covered her pussy and her ass. She had put on five inch stilleto heels, and a spritz of perfume to finish getting ready.

As he opened her car door, he gave her that sexy, mischievious look and said, "Tonight, will be a night that you'll never forget." He pushed her against the car and kissed her deeply as he shoved his hand up her dress and began to finger her already wet pussy. She groaned deep in her throat and kissed him back, and went to put her arms around him but with the hand that wasn't inside of her, he grabbed her wrist and roughly twisted her arm around her back. At that same moment, he bit her tongue and stopped kissing her. His fingers inside of her pussy were moving faster and harder. He twisted her arm further around her back and leaned in to hiss into her ear, "You're going to get it tonight, slut."

With her free hand, she grabbed a hold of his shirt, trying to balance herself as she was approaching her orgasm and having his words sink into her head. He abruptly pulled his hand from her pussy, just seconds before she had the chance to cum. He wiped his soaking wet fingers across her breasts that were barely being contained, not just from the small dress, but from the cool air and from being so aroused, as well. He then stuck his fingers into her mouth for her to finish sucking them clean. He then reached behind himself and pulled a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket. He pulled the hand that was twisted behind her back and quickly snapped one of the cuffs on her wrist. He then took her other hand and placed the cold, steel cuff around her other wrist. He finished freeing her breasts from the constraints of the dress and bent forward to take one hard nipple into his mouth, sucking gently at first, but quickly increasing the suction. He pinched her other nipple and twisted it cruelly, making her scream out in pain. He stopped sucking and faced her, slapping her across the face. "Don't fucking make a sound, slut. Not unless I tell you to or give you permission to. If I hear another sound out of you, other than the sounds you make when you are in the throes of pleasure, you'll get another slap."

She closed her mouth and bit her lip, holding back the tears that were welling up in her eyes. He turned his attention back to her nipples. He reached into his other pocked and pulled out what she recognized to be nipple clamps. He put one on her left nipple, then on her right one. He tugged at the chain to make sure that they were on good and tight, which sent an electrical jolt to her pussy. He smiled at her and pressed the bulge of his hard cock against her hands that were bound in front of her. Wanting so bad to touch him, she blurted out, "Can I please stroke your diii....", her words were cut off when he slapped her face again. Glaring into her eyes, he hissed through his teeth, "I told you, bitch. You only get to make a sound when I give the word. Do you understand this time, or do I need to push you over the hood of this car and smack your ass until you learn?" As appealing as it was for her to have him spank her, she simply nodded, knowing that something was certainly in store for her tonight.

When she was seated in the car, he pulled the visor down so she could fix her makeup as best as she could while being handcuffed. He gave her permission to tell him what to hand her from her purse, so she could look as fresh as she did when they left the house. Once she was back in place, he put the visor up, started the car and began driving. He didn't speak the entire ride. Occasionally, he would reach over to tug on the chain, keeping her nipples hard and erect. After about twenty minutes, he pulled the car over to the side of the road. It was dark and she had been so turned on at the thought of what was going to happen to her, that she wasn't sure where they were. He got out and came over to her door. He roughly pulled her from the car and unlocked one of her handcuffs. He quickly flipped her around away from him and pulled both of her arms behind her, putting the cuff back on, this time with her arms behind her back. He half led her, half dragged her to the front of the car. He pulled up her dress, exposing her ass and pussy to the cool night air. He pulled the clamps off her nipples and the blood rushed into them, sending her mind into frenzied pleasure. She was still wet and he wasted no time in spinning her around and pushing her face down onto the hood of the car. She wondered why she was going to get spanked, she knew that she had been silent, but then she realized what was happening when she heard the sound of his zipper as he freed his cock from his pants. With one thrust, he shoved his cock into her pussy, burying the length of it into her. She cried out, but it was in pure pleasure, and so there were no consequences. He pulled his cock out and shoved it back in completely. He did this several times before starting into a steady rhythm of fucking her. He grabbed a hold of her long brown hair and wrapped it around his fist, pulling her head back as he continued to push his cock into her. She was again getting ready to cum, but he felt her start to tighten around him and he quickly pulled his dick out of her pussy, again stealing her orgasm from her. He pulled her upright by her hair and let her stand there, practically naked as he zipped himself back up. He left her dress pushed up over her exposed ass and pussy as he guided her back to her car door. He re-attached the nipple clamps, and she had to bite her lips closed to stop from letting out the cry that erupted in her body from how tender and aroused the nipples had gotten from being released. He adjusted the handcuffs so that her hands were in front of her body again and pushed her back into the car. When he got in the car, he leaned over, smiled at her and kissed her passionately. She was melting with desire and she voraciously kissed him back. His hand went between her legs, lightly rubbing her clit, just enough to keep her at the brink of orgasm, but not enough to let her go over the edge. He moved to her ear and neck, sliding his lips and tongue against her smooth skin, which was now beginning to tingle with goose bumps that had nothing to do with the cool air. When he pulled back, he instructed her to fix her makeup again, and after she was done, he slipped a blindfold over her eyes, before starting the car again and driving away.

She felt so self conscious. She wasn't sure where they were, but she could sense a bit of light coming through the blindfold, combined with the sounds of traffic, so she knew that they were in the city. She wondered what people thought as they drove by, with her tits on view for anyone who passed by. On top of that, every time that they stopped, she could hear him taking pictures of her, sometimes pushing her legs apart to take pictures of her pussy, or pulling hard on the chain to practically rip her nipples off. He laughed at her occasionally, he knew that she was embarrassed. He finally came to a stop and this time when he pulled her from the car, she was so dizzy that she nearly fell over. He roughly pulled her to her feet and putting a hand on her back pushed her ahead of him. She started tentatively walking, shuffling her feet as she struggled through the haze of passion to put one foot in front of the other. He guided her, telling her which direction to walk. She didn't know where they were at all, but when he asked her to step up, she knew that she was on grass, her heels immediately sunk into the ground. He gave her a moment to steady herself and told here that she didn't have to go much further. About ten yards later he told her she could stop. He undid the cuffs and released her arms. He slid her dress all the way off so she stood there in nothing but her heels and the clamps and chain that were punishing her poor nipples.

He leaned down to her ear and whispered, "OK, bitch, now it's time. I want you to yell at the top of your lungs that you are a nasty slut who needs a good ass-fucking. Keep your hands at your sides and don't touch the blindfold. Now scream your fucking ass off, you filthy cunt."

She hesitated with shame, but his hand slapped her ass hard, and that was enough for her to swallow her pride and yelled, "I'm a nasty slut and I need a good ass-fucking."
"Louder, bitch."
"I'm a nasty slut and I need a good ass-fucking!" She was grateful for the blindfold right now, she was mortified, and didn't know if there was anyone to hear her shouting about what a slut she was.
He slapped her ass again, "LOUDER, you dirty whore!"
"I'M A NASTY SLUT AND I NEED A GOOD ASS-FUCKING!!!" She must have said it loud enough that time because he was pushing her to her knees. "On your hands and knees like the bitch you are." She obliged, wiggling her ass at him in the process, knowing that she was now going to have his wonderful hard cock inside of her ass. He pushed his cock inside of her pussy a couple of times to get it wet and then pushed the head of his cock against her asshole. She could hear the click of the camera as he started to push his cock inside of her ass. He slowly slid it in, inch by inch, letting her asshole relax as he kept sliding his cock into her until his balls were against her ass. He didn't go slow from there. He must have dropped the camera because he grabbed her hips with both hands and started to pound his cock in and out of her ass. Her tits were slamming back and forth, almost hitting her in the face as he fucked her asshole with such force. She was going to cum, and he wasn't going to stop it this time. The waves started crashing over her, and she must have been making a pretty loud ruckus, but lost in the haze, she didn't hear the cheers, whistles and shouts until after her first orgasm subsided. She realized that people must be watching her. The shame was so great she started to cry, but his hand was quick to reach around her and rub her clit hard, pushing her into another shaking climax.

The voices were closer now, and she could understand them. They were male, of course, but there must have been a dozen or so, all cheering and yelling. "Fuck that slut!" "Pound her ass hard!" "Give that cunt the ass reaming she deserves!" "Filthy bitch, does she want an ass fucking from anyone else?" "Man, look at that dirty slut! She loves it!""What a nasty slut, taking it in the ass like that!"

With that, he pulled her blindfold off, the humiliation washing over her as she saw that they were at a park located next to the military base and a bunch of men in fatigues had come over to see who was yelling about needing to be fucked. She was positioned under a street lamp, lighting up what was happening to her to anyone who wanted to see. Her only bit of relief was in realizing that a fifteen foot high fence with barbed wire at the top separated her from the men who were watching her take it in the ass like some common whore, and cumming hard, despite that fact. She hung her head down, but he was quick to grab her by the hair and pull her head up so she had to face all of the men leering at her. "Keep your eyes open, my dear." He whispered to her. She did, somehow knowing that he would be able to tell if she didn't. She watched the men who were cursing at her, some of them were rubbing at the hard bulges in their pants, others had taken to actually pulling their cocks out to stroke as they got off on what was happening to her.

It was only a few minutes, but it seemed like an eternity that his cock fucked her ass mercilessly. Her tits continued to be violently shaken with each of his pounding thrusts. He stopped suddenly and she felt his hard cock withdraw from her ass. He pulled her hair harder, pulling her to an upright kneeling position. He waited a moment, and she heard several of the men on the other side of the fence egging things on. "OH YEAH! Ass to mouth, make that slut lick it clean!" He smiled and put the head of his cock by her lips. She obediently opened her mouth to take it. His cock slid past her lips and she started sucking it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip of it. She loved giving him head and she had no qualms about sucking her own ass juices off of his cock. She loved being able to slowly worship his cock with her mouth, but he wasn't going to give her that opportunity today. He twisted his hands in her hair again and started shoving his cock down her throat. She started to gag, but he kept on going, not wasting any time in using her mouth like he had just used her ass. She was trying to suck it, but he was going too fast for her to do anything other than try to accomodate the length of his cock as it plunged down her throat. Drool was coming out of her mouth and she was making a gagging sound as he kept going, pushing deeper until his balls were slapping against her chin, and her nose was crushed against his pubic bone. He held it there for a few seconds, as the crowd cheered him on with their taunts and whistles and derrogatory remarks directed at her.

Then he pulled from her mouth, let go of her completely as she collapsed to the ground. "Get up!" He ordered. She regained her balance and brought herself back up to her knees, now facing all of the onlookers. "All the way up." She carefully found her footing and stood, shaking from both embarrassment and from crazed pleasure. He stood beside her and reached over to remove the clamps that had nearly cut off the circulation to her nipples. Once again the blood rushed to the tips, making them hyper sensitive. He leaned forward and took one of the nipples into his mouth gently and she nearly fainted from the pleasure. Her head feel back as she moaned loudly, which drew cheers from the other side of the fence. He starting slapping her other tit with his hand and she almost lost her balance again. He stopped and held onto her until the dizziness subsided. By now, almost all of the guys watching had their cocks out, jacking off with one hand as they took pictures of her with their cell phones. Others had a hand down their pants to rub their cocks that way. All were clearly turned on by what they saw.

When her mind floated back to earth, she turned to him, waiting for his next instruction. "I want you to bend your knees slightly and start peeing. Do not close your eyes, do not bow your head and do not say a word." She wasn't sure that she could do as he asked, urinating in front of this crowd, but she knew to do as he said. She tried, but fear kept her from doing it. He slapped her ass hard, over and over again, steadying her with one arm as his hand slapped her ass to the cheers of the soldiers. "Are you going to do it now?" he asked. She nodded, squatted slightly and released a stream of urine. He put his hand underneath her, catching some in his hand. He brought it up to her lips and told her to drink it. She did and the soldiers erupted again. "Oh man, this bitch is nasty!" "Piss-drinking slut!" "Bring her over here, let her drink our piss!"

He ignored the shouts and rubbed his cock with the warm, yellow fluid, stroking it as she finished releasing her bladder. He told her to lay down on the wet grass which was still warm from her pee. She did and he spread her legs wide open and pushed them up so that her legs were on either side of her head. He told her to hold them like that as started slapping her thighs, stomach, tits, and exposed pussy. The pain was awful but she did her best to keep the screams inside as he kept smacking her and slapping her, until his hands got sore from it. Her skin was burning as she kept a tight grasp on her legs. Tears were falling from her eyes, and she was sobbing quietly, her sounds drowned out by the sound of her flesh being slapped until it was red and burning.

He stopped to look down at her. He smiled, and she was so relieved to see that he was proud of her. He decided to reward her with a good old fashioned fuck. He pushed his cock into her pussy and started ramming her on, squeezing a hold of her tits with all of his might, using them to prop himself up as his cock moved like a jackhammer inside of her. She started cumming and as the waves started to cause her body to shake, he said, "Now scream again. Tell these guys what a slut sounds like when she gets fucked like this."

Words started coming from her mouth, but she had no idea what she was saying, the pleasure was so great. "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, OH YESl I'M CUMMING!!! I'm such a fucking slut! SUCH A FUCKING, NASTY SLUT!! I fucking love your cock in my pussy! I want it! Fuck me harder, fuck my sloppy wet cunt, FUCK ME, FUCK MY CUNT, I'M SUCH A SLUT, TREAT ME LIKE A FUCKING WHORE...MAKE ME CUM.... OH... yeah... make me cum...cum..cum... cum.... I'm a slut...cum...slut...cum slut... slut... love to cum..." Her voice trailed off as her orgasms kept coming one on top of the other.

He was pummeling her pussy hard, ramming his cock over and over again into her wet hole. She was so caught up in her own orgasm, that it took a slap to her face to bring her back to earth. He slapped her again, telling her to get on her knees. She let go of her legs and he gave her his hand so she could pull himself up to her knees. He grabbed her by the hair again, tipping her head back as he slid his cock all over her face smearing her makeup with all of her the pussy juices that were dripping from his cock. She had cum a lot and cum hard because his cock was drenched in her fluids, which were now all over her face. She knew he was getting ready to cum, she could feel the pulse of his cock as he got ready to unload his balls and she opened her mouth eagerly to swallow his cum. He denied her wishes again, beating off on her face, covering it in his hot jizz. Then he pushed his cock into her mouth, to suck him clean. When she had finished cleaning him off to his satisfaction, he put his cock away and zipped up his pants. The men wanted more, they were still shouting at her, calling her every name that they could think of, laughing and pointing at her, taking her picture, and jacking off.

"Crawl over to the fence. Kneel, but spread your legs, and sit back on your feet so they can see your soaking wet cunt. Let them cum on you and piss on you. Rub your tits and clit, finger your cunt and tell them how much you love it and what a slut you are. Keep your head up and your eyes open. I want you to be rubbing yourself good enough to be cumming while the men who are going to fight for our country cover you in piss and cum.

She got down on her hands and knees, but hesitated to go over to the fence. She knew the men couldn't touch her, but she was nervous about going over there. Her hesitation was met with three hard slaps to her ass, which propelled her into motion. She slowly crawled towards the men who were anxiously awaiting her. Again, she swallowed her pride, straightened her shoulders and lifted her head as she approached the men. She even smiled as she looked at them through the cum that was already on her face. She got as close to the fence as she could before assuming the position she was told. She took a deep breath and slid one of her hands between her legs and grasped a hold of her left breast with her other hand, kneading her sore red tit as she put a couple of fingers inside of her pussy, rubbing her clit with the palm of her hand. She knew that she needed to start talking so she blurted out, "Oh yes, I'm a dirty slut all right! I love taking it in the ass, I love my cunt being used, I love being slapped and spanked... oh yeah...I'm such a nasty bitch... I love being fucked, I love being pissed on... I want you guys to cover me in your cum... drench me in your hot piss... OH YEAH... I'm cumming.... I love this....uuuuunnnnngggghhhh..."

She really couldn't talk anymore, because she was cumming good and hard. She had leaned back and was bucking against her hand, squeezing her tit and reeling in all of it. Some of the men had already cum before she had gotten there, so they were aiming streams of urine at her face, tits and cunt. Other men were trying to nudge each other way to make sure they got to shoot their cum through the fence and onto her waiting, wanton body. They sprayed her tits, her face and her cunt with their cum and piss. She closed her eyes, but only because she was lost in exstacy, moaning and rubbing herself... moving her hands to rub the cum and piss into her skin, swallowing everything that landed in her mouth. It took a couple of minutes, but all of the men finished off with her, leaving her looking a far cry from how she started the night out. One by one the men left, muttering things about her, that she was a slut, a nasty, piss drinking whore, a slutty, vile bitch. The names didn't bother her, she had heard them all before and she actually liked hearing those words when she was in the throes of passion. She heard him call her back to him.

"It's time to go now, you fucking slut. Crawl back here." She did as she was told and crawled back into the lighted spot where her dress was laying next to the puddle of grass, mud and piss that she had just been fucked in, while a dozen men watched, laughed, cheered and got off to. He was there, in the shadows waiting. He was taking pictures of the dismal state that she was in and told her to pick up her dress. She shook as she picked up the dress, wanting to slide it on over her sore, wet body. He took it from her and threw it in a nearby trash can. He guided her back to the car, and he took a towel from the trunk. She had hoped that she could clean herself off, but he just sat it on the front seat and instructed her to get in the car. He told her to lean her seat back slightly, that she was to keep grabbing and rubbing her tits and fingering her pussy on the ride home so that any car passing could see what a slut she was, drenched in piss and cum and still playing with herself. He told her to keep her eyes open and to lick her lips at anyone who looked at her. They drove through the city, passing too many cars to count. Women would look at her with disgust, quickly speeding away. Some men gave her the same look, some would slow down to gawk at her, others would pull out cell phones and take pictures of her, others would just point and laugh at her humiliation.

He laughed at her from time to time, reaching over to pinch one of her sore, aching nipples, twisting it just to make her body jolt. He loved watching her like this, it made his cock hard again and he was tempted to pull over and fuck her again, but he wanted to wait until they got home, so he could go slow, rubbing lotion onto her reddened skin, kissing every inch of her that he had previously slapped and hold her heated body tightly against his own. However, he did have to do something about the smell.

The car came to a sudden stop. She looked at him and he ordered her to get out of the car. "You smell like a toilet, slut. I'm not driving any further with you with you stinking up my car." She was terrified that he was going to leave her naked and alone on the side of the road. But, when she got out of the car, she saw that he had pulled up alongside a truck stop and that there was a hose nearby. He got the hose ready, told her to hold her hands at her sides and he started spraying her with the ice cold water. She screamed with the shock of it, and he laughed, spraying her full force in the face, so that she was choking and gagging. Her screams had alerted some nearby truck drivers who were enjoying the show of the naked woman being hosed down. He sprayed her over and over again with the hose, and she was shivering so hard that she thought she'd die. Just before she thought she would faint, he stopped, got another towel from the trunk and rubbed her dry. His hands were rough against her already sore skin, rubbing it raw. He rubbed her pussy, jamming three thick fingers into it, not to cause her any pleasure, but to remind her what a little slut she was. He dried her ass, inserting a finger inside of her ass, fingering her ass as the truckers watched. He pulled his finger out, had he suck it and gave her the towel to dry her hair.

When she was finished, there was another towel on the car seat, which had been leaned all the way back, and the heat was blasting. She wrapped the towel around her head and crawled into the car. He put another towel on top of her and closed the car door. He drove away and it wasn't long before she was drifting off to sleep, loving the feelings of her aching pussy, her sore asshole, and her throbbing nipples. There wasn't a single place on her body that wasn't hurting, but she loved it. She smiled and fell off to sleep, looking forward to being back home where he would take her in his arms and hold her tightly until the pain was gone. She hated to admit it, but she loved it. She loved being his slut and she knew that she would always do anything to please him.

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