He returned to the basement, observing her in the exact position that he had left her in. She was laying on the metal table, quietly moaning. He wasn't sure whether she was moaning from pleasure or pain, but then again, he didn't care what was causing her to moan, he just enjoyed the sound of it. Seeing her naked, whipped body splayed out, cum oozing out of her pussy, and her face and tits covered in cum from their session this morning excited him a great deal. He was already hard again, wanting to fuck her more. He grabbed some restraints and went to the table to secure her arms and legs in the position that he wanted her in. He pulled her body to the edge of the table, so that her ass was at the very edge of the table. He attached restraints to her ankles, pushing her legs back, lewdly spreading them so that her pussy and ass were completely exposed. He put restraints on her wrists and then secured both her legs and her arms to the table.

She didn't make a sound as he splayed her out on the table. The restraints were tight, but they didn't hurt. She was glad because her body was in enough agony from his earlier punishments. Her skin was red and raw, whip marks covering her body. It burned, but it also turned her on more than she thought possible. She had cum so hard, her body was still shaking from the pleasure. She had surrendered to him completely and with that, her body, mind and soul had incredible sensations washing over her.

When he had secured her, he debated about what to use on her next. Her body was already red and swollen from the whipping he'd already given her, but he had an insatiable urge to continue to abuse her lovely body. He retrieved a butt plug from the closet and brought it over to the table, putting it in front of her mouth. "Suck this, bitch," he calmly ordered her. She opened her mouth and reached forward to take the plug in her mouth, soaking it with her saliva. He pulled it from her mouth and slowly pushed it against her anus, carefully sliding it in her ass, being very aroused watching her sphincter relax and stretch to accommodate the intrusion into her body. Soon, it would be his cock stretching her asshole, he was definitely going to fuck her ass good and hard. When he had fully inserted the butt plug, he slapped her ass a few times, wondering what he wanted to use to whip her before he fucked her again. He moved around the table so he was by her head. He grabbed a handful of her hair and twisted it around his fist, causing her to yelp in pain. "Are you enjoying being used like a dirty whore?" She stammered, but managed to say "Yes sir, I love what you're doing to me, I'm glad to be your slave, to have you use my body." He pulled her hair tighter, twisting her head to face him. "You're such a nasty slut. I can't believe what a disgusting piece of trash you are. I'm going to hurt you and slap you more, and you're going to beg me for it, do you understand?"

"Yes sir." she managed to get out, being so turned on, but nervous about what was to come. Her pussy was wet and still twitching from the orgasms she'd had, and she would do anything, anything at all, to get him to fuck her again, and let her cum. She would gladly endure the punishments he administered to her, she was happy to have him use her and abuse her. He was pulling her hair so hard that she thought it would come out, leaving a bald spot on her head. He was calling her the raunchiest names and saying demeaning things to her as he glared at her. He uttered his final insult, "You fucking cunt!" and then he spit on her, it landing on her face that was already covered in cum.

He moved back to the end of the table and began to slap her legs, ass and pussy, landing his bare hands all over her body, enjoying the sound of her skin being slapped along with her cries of pain, and moans of pleasure. She was arching her back, trying to get him to land the blows on her pussy. He chuckled at how horny his little slut was. He focused on her pussy, grabbing her labia in each of his hands and pulling them wide open and apart, crudely exposing her pink hole, her clit swollen and hard. Using one hand to keep her pussy lips spread, he used his other hand to shove two fingers into her, and then three fingers, stretching her cunt to take his fingers as he jammed them into her. She was soaking wet, from their combined cum, and he stretched his fingers inside of her, trying to gather as much of the juices on his fingers as possible. He abruptly pulled his fingers from her fuck hole and moved to viciously shove them into her mouth, gagging her with them as he forced her to lick them clean. He used his fingers to fuck her mouth, shoving them down her throat. After a minute, he pulled them from her mouth and wiped them in her hair. He moved back around so he was facing her intimate parts, lewdly spread wide open. He went back to the closet and came back with some nipple clamps, a wooden paddle that was a foot long, four inches wide and had four large holes down the middle, and something that looked like a turkey baster, but she couldn't be sure.

Terror filled her as he approached her with the nipple clamps. Her breasts hurt beyond belief and her nipples were so sore that she thought she would die His earlier abuse of her tits had left them bruised, red, ragged and marked with welts. She didn't think she would be able to tolerate any more pain, and she wondered if she could ask him to not put them on her. She took a deep breath thinking about saying just that, but the look in his eyes stopped her from uttering a word. He stuck a finger out and touched the tip of her nipple, illiciting a cry of pain from her. He looked at her quizzically for a moment, as if deciding what to do. He put the items in his hand down on the table and abruptly turned and left the basement. She used the time while he was gone to blow on her nipples, trying to ease the burning that was causing her so much discomfort. He returned a minute later with a tall glass of ice water. He motioned for her to open her mouth, when she did, he dribbled some water into her mouth. It tasted so good to her, she hadn't realized how sore her throat was from screaming and crying. She gratefully swallowed the cool liquid. He stopped and took an ice cube from the glass and traced her nipple with it. She took a sharp intake of breath, quivering under the touch of the ice to her skin. It felt both good and bad, the cold on her sore nipple was such a relief, but her tits had been so battered, that even the slightest touch caused her pain.

He watched her nipple grow hard almost immediately when the ice touched it. He traced the outline of her nipple, watching the cube quickly melt from the heat that was coming off of her breasts. He moved the cube to her other breast, enjoying the shiver that crossed her body at the touch. Her nipples tightened and hardened, coming to stiff attention as he applied the ice. The ice was melting quickly, and he set what was left of the cube on her stomach as he grabbed the clamps. He wasn't going to put them on tight, but he was going to put them on her. He attached one, and she let out a scream of pain, which intensified when he attached the clamp to her other nipple. He took the chain and put it in her mouth. "Keep this in your mouth, slut." He walked around the table, again staring at her exposed sex. He took another ice cube from the glass and ran it along one thigh, and then the other. She was panting now, the ice heightening her sensitivity even further. He circled her clit with the ice, watching her shudder as he did. He ran the ice all over her pubic area, letting it melt down her ass, her sphincter tightening around the plug as the cold hit it. He pushed what was left of the ice cube into her pussy, and she shrieked, he wasn't sure whether from delight or from discomfort. It melted quickly dripping watery cum from her hole. He took the paddle in his hands and brought it down against the flesh of her thighs, pussy and ass.

Every muscle in her body clenched with pain after the first whack, and the second and the third. He was paddling her hard enough that her breasts were bouncing around, and with the chain in her mouth, the clamps were tugged tight with each stroke of the paddle. She was so relieved when he dropped the paddle after twenty strokes. She found that she was beginning to go numb to the pain. She seemed hyper sensitive to his touch, and her body was so hot and throbbing, that every gentle touch from him brought great pleasure through the haze of everything else. She moaned in pleasure as he gently rubbed her thigh, massaging them as he moved them closer to her ass and pussy. She wanted him to touch her so desperately, she arched as much as she could towards him.

He picked up the object that actually was a turkey baster. It was filled with lube and he removed the butt plug from her ass, watching as her muscles tightened back into a tight little bud. He slid the baster up her ass, pushing it slowly. He squeezed the bulb, filling her anal cavity with lubricant. He withdrew the baster and put the head of his cock at the entrance to her rectum. His large cock was going to hurt her, but she needed to get accustomed to taking it in the ass. He rubbed her clit as he pushed his cock slowly into her ass. He watched closely as the combination of sensations washed over her.

As soon as he touched her clit, she wanted to cum again. It felt so good, and she had been through so much today that her body ached for the pleasure, for the great release that she needed to overcome the pain that she had sustained. She looked at him longingly, hoping that he would take pity on her and allow her the orgasm that she so greatly desired. His face was like a stone, she couldn't read anything from it. Her ass felt like it was going to be ripped in half, his cock was stretching it double the size of the butt plug. It took a full minute for him to insert his cock into her bum, and once he did, she waited for him to start fucking her ass.

He loved the feeling of how tight she was. He pulled halfway out and slowly pushed back in. He could see that her face had gotten flushed, and he could see the signs that she was getting ready to cum. He decided to let her have the release she craved. "OK, you pathetic cunt. You've taken your punishment like a good whore should, so you can now cum like the fucking, sleazy slut that you are." He started fucking her with long strokes, but keeping the pace up as his hard cock rammed deep into her ass. He continued to rub her clit, watching her closely as the pleasure came over her body.

She was so relieved when he gave her permission to cum. She relaxed and allowed the beautiful sensations come over her. She didn't mind him fucking her ass, she actually enjoyed it, and it was making her cum good and hard. She called out his name, her body spasming in pleasure and ecstasy. Her heart was pounding out of her chest, and the blood was racing through her veins. She had never experienced such intense orgasms as she was having today. She was short of breath, and her head was spinning, going out of this world.

He was pleased at how passionate his slave was. She was so honest in her responses that it made him glad to look forward to the future that he had with this girl. He quickened his thrusts, fucking her tight asshole roughly. His wasn't sure how many climaxes she was having, but he could tell that they were intense. He was ready to have his own now, and with a loud shout, flooded her bowels with his hot, sticky, spunk. As the intensity of his orgasm subsided, he looked at her. She looked so beautiful there, his cock was still rock hard, he wasn't finished yet. He pulled his cock out of her ass and moved to undo her restraints and remove her nipple clamps. He took her by the hand and helped her off the table. He set her on her feet, but as he expected, she wasn't strong enough after her treatment today to stand on her own. He held her steady until she found her balance. When she could stand, he told her to kneel down.

When he put his cock in front of her mouth, she was hesitant to open up, after all, it had just been pounding her in the ass, but he looked so sexy, with his eyes glazed over with passion, sweat glistening on his muscular skin. She did as she knew he wanted and took his cock into her mouth, sucking it. It was still slightly hard, but as she sucked, it got harder, until it was fully erect and pushing harder and deeper into her mouth and throat. She loved the taste of him, the salty taste that was all man.

He couldn't believe how hard and hot this girl made him. He could already feel another orgasm approaching and before long, he blew another load, landing his hot cum all over her face and hair. Without a word, he undid her restraints, and turned and walked away, leaving her there for the night to rest and heal before he started her torture the next day. Boy, was this slave going to be fun, he thought as he left the basement.

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