He woke early. He had taken the day off, and was planning on utilizing every minute he could to train his new slave. He descended the stairs into the basement, peeking into see how she had fared overnight. She was asleep, exhausted from her first day with him. Little did she know that he had taken it easy on her the previous day, but today would be much tougher for her. He walked around the room, admiring his assortment of tools and devices that he planned to use on her, to cause her pain, to cause her pleasure. Mostly to pleasure himself, at her expense. He looked at her, in the dim light from the overhead bulb. She looked beautiful, with her long, dark hair framing her face. Her skin appeared so soft and smooth. By the time he was done tonight, it would have a far different look to it, he was sure of that much. He turned to set out all of the items he would use on her today. When he had finished, he looked over and she was still sleeping. He decided to wake her by using the riding crop to rouse her from sleep.

She was abruptly pulled out of her sleep by the sting of leather across her breasts. She screamed out in pain, and quickly sat up to reflexively cover herself from the lash. It only took her a second to remember where she was, who she was with, and to realize that trying to stop him was a big mistake. "Sssorry... sir...," she whispered. He didn't say anything, didn't even look her directly in the eyes. He grabbed a hold of her arm and pulled her to her feet. He traced the outline of her breasts with the crop, her nipples quickly hardening in response. Quickly, he raised the crop and brought it down hard across her breasts over and over again. She cried out in pain, fighting the urge to deflect the blows. Her skin was reddening quickly, and he started alternating his blows to each breast, often landing square on her large nipples. She was biting her lip, tears running down her face, her body beginning to shake from the pain. He kept whipping her tits for at least another fifty strokes.

He took a step back to admire his handiwork. There were dozens of criss cross marks across her breasts, her nipples were puffed, swollen and red. He felt blood shoot to his cock, wanting to fuck this slave of his, but resisted the urge. They had a long day ahead of them, and he'd be fucking her many times, but first things first. "Follow me, slave." He spoke softly, but firmly. He didn't wait for a response, he just turned and walked out of the room, knowing that she would be right behind him.

She followed him up the stairs and down the hall. He led her into the bathroom. He instructed her to use the bathroom, shower, brush her teeth and her hair. He didn't leave, but stayed. She was embarrassed to have him watch her do such personal things, but she didn't want to utter a word of protest. She knew that she needed to overcome all resistance that she had, in order to submit to him completely. She did as she was told, being ginger about washing her breasts, given how sore they already were. When she turned the water off, he handed her a towel and told her to finish getting ready while he made them breakfast. She nodded, and he grabbed her face in his hand, squeezing her jaw tightly as he spoke to her now, "You are a slut, but you are MY slut. I will be using you body in ways you've never imagined possible, and if you endure things well, you will be rewarded with great pleasure. I want you to look the part of a slut. Loads of makeup, the darker the better. No clothes, at all. Occasionally, you will wear restraints, but your body belongs to me, and I will use it in all kinds of ways. You will only speak when given permission to, you will only cum when I give you permission to. If I want you to suck my cock, I expect you to be on your knees with your mouth open before the words finish leaving my mouth. Understand?"

She nodded and he slapped her hard across the face before turning and leaving her to get ready. Over his shoulder, he said one more thing, "I want you seated at the breakfast table in 12 minutes. Precicely. For every second you are either early or late, you will receive two more lashings on your breasts. Time starts now, slut." She looked around for a clock, but she couldn't see one. She began frantically counting in her head, but became so nervous that she quickly lost track. She had no idea of how much time had transpired when she had finished, but she thought that she might be close. She rushed to the kitchen, where he was standing with his back towards her. She sat down at the table when he turned around slowly, glaring at her. "You stupid cunt. Did you forget who you are with, or why you are here? You just sat down without asking permission, and you are two minutes and fifteen seconds late! If your stupid whore mind can't do the math, you just earned yourself one hundred and fifty lashes. And you do not sit at the table, you will get on your fucking hands and knees, and eat like the animal you are."

She fought back tears as his words cut through her. She slid to the ground and assumed the position he told her to, and he put a plate of scrambled eggs in front of her. Humiliation washed over her as she bent her head down to the plate, carefully gathering a mouthful of eggs and chewing them slowly. She was so mortified, she thought she would die. She had wanted to be his sex slave, she had wanted to feel extreme pain at his hands, but this seemed too much for her to bear. As if sensing her turmoil, he pulled up his chair alongside of her and carressed her ass as she ate, sensously sliding his finger along her crack. It felt good to have him touch her this way, and it put her at ease as she continued to eat. When she had finished, he picked up her plate and put a bowl of water in front of her. "Drink, my slut. You will need to be well hydrated to handle what I have in store for you." Her tongue slowly darted out, lapping at the water, a knot of aprehension growing in her stomach as she let his comments sink into her mind. However, she was not afraid. Oddly enough, she was very aroused.

He pulled the water bowl away from her and grabbed a hold of her hair, pulling her to her feet. He motioned for her to go downstairs, and she descened the stairs. He felt a tightening in his loins as he followed her down, admiring the curve of her hips and her shapely backside. His cock twitched in anticipation, he'd been fantasizing about making her his slave for a long time. She stood obediently at the basement door, waiting for his permission. He opened the door for her, and as she passed through the doorway, he closed the door, sealing the two of them alone down there for the day.

"First things first. I believe you earned yourself one hundred and fifty lashings. After that, we'll proceed with the rest. You may cry or scream out in pain, but do not ask me to stop. If you refrain from such pitiful cries for mercy, there will be a reward for you." He picked the riding crop back up and watched her body tense up before he brought the crop down hard upon her left breast. Her hands were balled into fists at her sides, she was biting her lip to keep from crying out. He moved quickly slapping her right breast next, alternating back and forth between her tits, moving to either side of her to land his blows on all areas of her tits. She had large breasts with very large nipples, and he was effectively causing marks and welts over every square inch of them. The tears started to fall before he had gotten to twenty, by fifty she could no longer keep quiet and her voice rang through the basement, her shrieks of pain bouncing off the walls. Her screams turned him on, and he was tempted to stop whipping her to have her suck his cock, but he would wait.

On lash number seventy two, her body's reflexes kicked in, and without realizing she had done it, she brought up her arms to cover her battered tits, the crop landing across her forearms. He stopped. She put her arms down, she knew he would severely punish her for blocking the blow. He circled around her, glaring her down as he debated how to handle things. He decided it was time to tie her up, preventing such an event from happening again. In the center of the room, there hung a large steel ring, about eighteen inches in diameter, two inches thick. It was attached to a heavy chain that ran along the ceiling and down the wall, where he could control the position of the ring. It permitted him to put her in just about any position he wanted, from six feet off of the ground, to one inch above it. It was designed to hold far more than her weight, and it allowed him to tie her from head to toe, or hang her upside down. He also had an assortment of tables, chairs, stools and poles that he would eventually use to bind her to as he pushed her body to it's physical limitations. He also used this time to remove his clothes, wanting to be naked as he finished.

He stood directly in front of her. He stood almost a foot taller than she did, and he glared at her until she lifted her gaze to meet his. "Look, you fucking slut. You agreed to this, right?" She nodded. He continued, "You knew what you were getting into. You wanted this didn't you?" She nodded again. "Before we met, you begged me for this, you assured me that this was what you wanted, so what the fuck is wrong with you that you will now try to deflect the punishment you deserve? Give me an answer, whore!" She fumbled for the right words, "Yes, yes sir... this is what I want. I want you to hurt me, to punish me, to use my body. I do want it, I'm so sorry that I put my arms up. It won't happen again."

"Damn right, it won't happen again. I'll make sure of that. Now, I still need to give your breasts seventy eight lashes, but because you brought your arms up, I'm going to administer them with a heavier whip." He attached leather wrist restraints on each of her arms, lowering the large ring and chaining her wrists to it before raising the ring up towards the ceiling until she was standing on her toes, stretched from head to toe, ready for the next round of lashings. He picked up a long, thick leather belt. It was four feet long, two inches wide and just thick enough to inflict the right amount of pain. He held the belt in front of her face. "Kiss it slut, kiss it and beg me to give you the whipping you earned."

Her breasts were in unbelievable pain. The slashes across them were deep and red, and some of them had started to bleed. Her nipples were especially sore, the crop hitting them more than the rest of her tits. Even through all of the pain, she was more aroused than she thought was possible. If he so much as touched her pussy, she'd explode in an orgasm, she was sure. As he strung her up, she was aching for him to touch her, to slide his cock into her, but she knew it would be a while before she was rewarded with that. She stared at the black leather belt that he held in front of her face. She pushed her lips together and kissed it, saying "Please, sir. Please finish whipping my tits." He stepped back and with all of his might, brought the belt down hard across both of her tits, eliciting an ear piercing shriek from her. If she hadn't been chained to the ceiling, that lash would have made her knees buckle and brought her to the ground. Because of the position that she was in, all she could do was cry and pray for it to be over soon. Before she'd had a chance to recover from the shock of the first blow, another one came cracking down across her. He worked up a furious pace, watching the leather lash across the skin of her tits, her body twitching in pain. She had been counting in her head, but the pain became so great that all she could think about was how much it hurt. Just when she thought that another blow would kill her, he stopped. He approached her and cupped her breasts in his hands. Her skin was burning hot to the touch, it sent a surge to his throbbing cock. Her tits would be sore for days from his torment, but he had enjoyed watching her squirm under his torture. He gently held her breasts in his hands, rubbing the nipples until they hardened beneath his touch. She took a sharp intake of breath, indicating that the pain was increasing as he aroused her nipples. He flicked his thumbs across the hard nubs, watching her face twitch in pain. He laughed at her pain, it turned him on so much. He decided he needed a release before he continued further.

He lowered the ring, pushing her to her knees, her hands still strung up tightly above her head. He stood in front of her. his rigid cock standing at attention. She opened her mouth and he pushed his cock past her lips. He grabbed a hold of her hair, shoving her face onto his cock. He thrust into her mouth, gagging her as he pushed deep into her throat. He pulled out and pushed in again, holding her by the hair as he held her head still, her mouth slobbering and gagging on his long, thick dick. He held it there for several seconds, listening to her choking sounds as she tried to adjust to his manhood filling her throat. Her body thrashed around, but he held her head still, loving the feeling of her throat clenching at him. He pulled out of her mouth, slapping her in the face with his saliva covered cock. Her lipstick had been smeared all over his cock, which he wiped across her face. Her eye makeup was streaming down her face in dark streaks, and she looked like a well used whore with his cock in her mouth.

He was certain his slave would work out perfectly, she looked so beautiful kneeling before him. With an animalistic grunt, he started fucking her face rapidly, his balls slapping against her chin. He was fairly worked up so it didn't take very long before he held his cock against her face and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum onto her skin. He left her like that, for it to dry, and went out for a few minutes to get some fresh air and stretch his legs.

She knelt there shaking. She couldn't believe this was really happening to her. She had loved the taste of his cock, and his aggressiveness in using her mouth had been such a turn on for her. Her breasts felt like they were on fire, and as she glanced down, she was stunned at how dark, bruised and beaten they appeared. She was already missing him, she was stunned that she could be so aroused at him whipping her tits until they were raw. She wondered what he would do to the rest of her, but she wouldn't have to wait long to find out because before she knew it, he had strode back into the room and was adjusting the ring that she was hanging from to allow her to get her feet underneath her.

"Spread your skinny little legs, whore." He used his foot to kick her legs apart. She stumbled but managed to stretch out both of her legs as far as they would reach while still touching the floor. He reached down and grabbed a hold of her shaved pussy, "I can see your cunt juices, you dirty little slut." He crudely shoved two fingers inside of her, making a nasty sloshing sound. "I knew you were going to love this, you filthy tramp." He moved his fingers in and out of her, laughing at her as she blushed with arousal. "Don't get all shy on me now, slut. You like this, you want this. You want to be slapped and whipped and used. Don't you? DON'T YOU?" he screamed at her.

She was shaking, not just from having him shouting at her, but from how hot his fingers were making her, how wild and wanton she felt. She knew that she didn't have his permission to cum, but her body wanted to badly. Her pussy was flooding his fingers in juices and it was a fight to not give into the sensations that were attempting to wash over her body. She managed to squeek out the words, "Yyyeees sir..." He pulled his fingers from her and wiped her juices across her battered breasts. Her pussy felt empty when he removed his fingers and she let out a little sigh of frustration. He heard the sound she made and laughed loudly at her arousal. "Well, well... you are more of a slut than I had anticipated. You want to cum, don't you?" She nodded her reply, but said nothing. He grabbed her by the hair and hissed in her ear, "I didn't hear you, slut. You want to cum, don't you?"

"Yes sir. I want to cum." Her knees were weak at the feel of his hot breath in her ear. He snaked his tongue into her ear, moving his mouth down her neck, nibbling lightly at first, but then increasing pressure to nip his teeth into her skin. She started making little yelping sounds in her throat, arching her body towards him. "Mmmm..." she purred, "Please let me cum, sir." He continued to bite along her neck, digging his teeth in a little deeper each time, until he began to see the impressions in her skin. He loved marking her as his own. She was arching her body in the air, helplessly searching for some kind of release. "If I let you cum, you're going to have to prove to me what a detestible little whore you are." He left for a moment and returned with a small stool. On the top of it, he had mounted a large latex dildo. "If you truly want to cum like a fucking porn star, you damn well better act like one." He placed the stool directly in front of her pussy. "Mount this, and ride it like crazy, show me what a disgusting harlot you are. Keep pumping your hips like crazy. I'm going to be whipping your cunt and your ass non-stop, you cannot cum until I've landed fifty strokes on your front side and fifty strokes on your backside. Do you want it, slut?" He looked at her and she was already nodding, "Yes, I want it, sir." The dildo looked rather large, but she was aching to have something inside of her. She wanted him to fuck her, but if this was her only option at the moment, she'd take it.

He lifted her legs and positioned the stool underneath her. He lowered her onto the plastic phallus, spreading her pussy lips and pushing the dildo inside of her. She let out a loud moan as soon as it entered her, wanting to cum immediately, but knowing that she had to endure the whipping before he'd allow her release. He adjusted her body so that she was straddling the stool, her knees bent enough so that she could move her body as she rode the imitation dick. He pussy lips were crudely spread open as the large dildo filled her. He turned to grab a cat o' nine tails to use to administer the lashing. He held it in front of her face, as he had the previous whip, "Kiss it, slut. Tell me you want me to whip your ass and your cunt. And while I'm whipping you, you will be bucking your hips, riding that cock, and shouting loudly about what a nasty slut you are. I want you to use the lewdest words you can think of, and tell me how much you like what's happening to you. When you have received all of your lashings, you can cum, but I'm going to continue to whip you while you do. Are we clear?"

"Yes, master," she muttered leaning her head forward to kiss the strips of knotted leather that would soon be crashing against her tender skin, "I'm ready to have you whip my cunt and my ass, because I'm a dirty whore who loves to be used and abused." Her pussy felt stuffed and stretched to it's capacity, and her body ached to climax. Using the ring that she was chained to as leverage, she pulled her body up slightly and came back down on the stool. She felt awkward, but she made the movement again, her juices lubing up the didlo so that it slid in and out of her pussy more easily. She started into a rhythm of moviing her hips slightly up and down and back and forth, imagining that it was his cock that she was riding.

He was amused at her eagerness to toss aside her inhibitions. He stood to the side of her, and raised the whip, bringing it down hard upon her pussy. She let out a squeal of pain, but kept going, riding and moving her hips. He pulled his arm back and brought the whip down on her ass this time. He alternated between her ass and her pussy, enjoying the sounds of the leather against her skin, combined with her lustful cries of pain and pleasure. She was chanting non-stop about what a naughty slut she was. He doubted that she was counting how many lashings he was giving her, but he would be fair with her and let her know when he'd let her have an orgasm.

She was fighting to keep her body from going over the edge. The dildo filled her pussy completely, and she was riding it with reckless abandon. She was loving how good it felt. The whip stung, but it made her feel so wild, so nasty, and so hot. Her voice filled the room, "Oh yes, I'm such a dirty whore, I love being whipped, I love having this up my cunt, my fuck hole feels so good, oh yes, oh yes..whip me, I love it, I want to cum, I'm so hot, oh yes.." her voice kept rambling, she wasn't even aware of what she was saying anymore, it was just feeling so good. She had no idea of how many more lashes she needed to have before he would allow her to cum, but she was hoping it would be soon, her body was shaking and she was perspiring from the heat in the basement and from being all worked up into a frenzied state. Her breasts were bouncing up and down, and every movement shot more pain through them, but at this point, she no longer cared about the pain. She was focused on refraining from cumming, although her body was desperate for release.

When he reached the forty fourth lash on her front side, he started counting them out loud, letting her know how close she was. "44," the whip landed squarely on across her pussy mound, then swinging the whip around to land on her ass cheeks. "45," another lash on her front, followed by one to her back. His own excitement was building, watching her writhe and moan, her hips bucking, her throughly marked tits thrust forward as her head lolled back, her moans and screams unintelligable at this point. "46, 47, 48," He brought the whip down over and over, the welts rising up, not as red as her tits, but still good and whipped. "49," he made sure that he timed his blow to coincide with her thrust foreward, to land on her clit, before bringing the whip around with great force to land on her lower back, some of the knotted strips landing in the crack of her ass. He took a deep breath and said, "50, cum now slut!" He brought the whip down for the final series of whips before her body started bucking and thrusting wildly, her orgasmic shrieks increasing as the waves of passion started rocking her.

When she heard him say "50." She allowed the sensations that she had been holding back to wash over her body. Her cunt started spasming, clenching tightly against the dildo, juices flooding her pussy, running down her legs. Her first orgasm hadn't subsided when the second one started overtaking her, even stronger than the first. She was screaming his name, her head thrown back, her eyes rolled back into her head.

He had planned on whipping her even harder while she climaxed, but he was taken aback by her primitive sexual response. His cock was harder than he'd ever felt it before, wanting to be inside of her right now. He dropped the whip and moved quickly, picking her legs up, and wrapping them around his waist. Removing the dildo and moving the stool out to quickly replace it with his own cock. Her pussy was not just soaking wet, but producing incredible heat. He easily slid inside of her, and grabbing a hold of her hips, began fucking her with quick, hard thrusts.

She was acutely aware of him replacing the stool with his own cock, and she tightened her legs around his waist, trying to pull him deeper inside of her. The feeling of his hard, hot manhood inside of her pushed her over a new ledge, and she started cumming even harder than before, being completely thrilled that he was fucking her. feeling his throbbing cock throb inside of her tight cunt. She could no longer tell where one orgasm ended and the next one began, it was an unbelievable ride, one that she couldn't believe that she was really taking.

He didn't want to cum so quickly, but the matter was quickly being taken out of his hands. Her cunt muscles pulled at his cock, milking it to the point where his own climax was unavoidable, and he flooded her tunnel with his hot cum. He wasn't ready for this to be over with, though. He reached up and removed her restraints, letting her arms drape around his neck. He wanted more, and damn it, he was going to take more from her. His cock was still mostly hard, and he managed to keep it inside of her as he moved her body effortlessly to the metal table on the other side of the room, setting her ass on the edge of the table. He needed a minute to catch his breath and gather his thoughts before he could focus on fucking her again. He held her body close, feeling the tremors that were still wracking her body, her screams turning into whimpers as her body went into sensory overload. Her breathing was ragged, and he could feel her legs shaking, the muscles spasming from the pleasure her body was experiencing. He wanted her to keep on cumming, and he wanted to cum again himself. He pushed her back on the table, pulling her ass to the edge and removing her legs from his waist. He shoved her legs back towards her head, ordering her to hold them in that position.

She thought that she had died and gone to heaven. Her body was shivering, as if she were cold, but she had never felt hotter in her life! She grabbed a hold of her legs as he had told her to, not wanting to do anything that might stop him from fucking her more. He had pulled her ass to the edge of the table and was slowly pulling his cock out, and then ramming it hard back into her pussy. He thrust into her slowly but forcefully, keeping her aroused, but not allowing her to cum again. He admired the whip marks on her skin. Using his hand, he began openly slapping her inner and outer thighs as he quickened his pace of fucking her.

It didn't take long for him to get worked up in another sexual frenzy, fucking her furiously while his hands slapped her skin, leaving red marks that deepened in color with each time his hand landed on her skin. He was going to enjoy this slut, enjoy using her body. She was more responsive than he had ever expected, and he had many plans for their future sexual activities. He moved his hard cock rapidly inside of her dripping wet cunt, his balls covered with their juices. He watched her head moving back and forth, another orgasm approaching her, but he wanted her to contain it, holding onto her passion until later. "Don't you dare cum, you fucking whore!" To make certain that her body didn't betray her, he pulled out of her pussy and climbed onto the heavy steel table, shoving her legs back down and straddling her stomach. His cock was glistening with their mixed cum. He told her to push her tits around his cock so he could fuck them. The heat that was radiating from her whipped tits was incredible and she held them together as he began to slide his cock between them, the pain evident on her face as her skin was rubbed even more raw from the friction. He thrust against her, more rapidly, and after a couple of minutes, he ejaculated, spraying his jizz all over her tits and chest. It had been a satisfying morning for him, and certainly for her as well. He left her there like that, ordering her to lie still until he returned. He was going to go for a little break before coming back to continue her slave training for the day. "Oh, yes, " he thought, "this slut will work out just perfectly.

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