I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a story about an old man next door, that gets a young boy to do to him, what he had seen the boy doing to his dog, out in his backyard. So, if that turns you off, please go read another story because I can't change it.

Here it is.......

I was 12 almost 13 years old, when the man next door called me over to his house, on the phone.

I thought that he needed help in his yard or whatever, so I went, totally naive, as to what was about to happen.

When I got there he gave me some cookies and milk and told me to have a seat, on the couch, while he went into the other room and got a scrap book.

He opened it to a certain page and handed it to me and I almost fainted. I felt my face getting all hot and I knew that I was blushing but there was no place to hide and I had to sit there and feel him looking at me. It was a picture book and he had taken pictures of me, playing with our boy dog, out in our backyard, when nobody was home. I wasn't just playing ball with him, I was playing with his boner and warm hairy ball sac. I was afraid to turn the page but I did anyway and sure enough, he had pictures of me with my pants down and our boy dog mounting me, driving his doggie boner up into me and humping me, until he squirted. He even had one of me sucking our dog as I layed down and he stood over me. Letting his boner hang down out of its hairy sheath and me raising up and sucking on it, while he squirted and got me to swallow it.

I was totally ashamed and heard myself whispering, " Please don't tell, please don't tell " over and over. I guess that I didn't want him to tell my parents, I don't know.

The shame that I felt as he undid his pants and said, " I won't tell, come here baby " was unreal. He took it out and started playing with it and I watched as he got a boner, a long skinny boner. Bigger than our dog's boner but he didn't have a big " Knot " towards the base of his.

When I couldn't get up, I don't know why I couldn't, I just couldn't. He got up out of the chair and came over and satdown on the couch, next to me.

I couldn't stop looking at it and he picked up on that and held it still and said, " You like it, don't you?" And I felt so embarrassed, as I heard myself whispering, " Uh huh " as he gently pulled me down to it and got me to open my mouth and let him slip it in.

I could smell the pee on it and I lost it. I don't know why the smell of pee turns me on, it just does. I've been that way, every since I was little, really little. As soon as he had it in my mouth, I started licking and sucking on it, making him moan and squirm all over the couch, next to me.

He had opened his pants all the way up and he didn't have any underwear on and I could see his hairy balls, down below it. Seeing the dark hair that they had on them and the dark hair, that he had all around his skinny dick, was turning me on, in some strange kind of way. I had never seen a full grown man's dick and balls before and was ashamed of how little my were. I guess because I still had peach fuzz on mine and around my little dick, I don't know.

He had ahold of my head and was moving it up and down on his long skinny cock, making it touch the back of my mouth and try to slide down into my warm throat but it wouldn't. Because everytime it touched me back there I choked or gagged and he'd pull me back up off of it.

I could hear his breathing getting louder and louder and all at once he let out a long low moan and held me down on it as I felt it starting to jerk and then erupt, squirting his white man cum again and again into my warm sucking mouth.

I felt nothing but shame, as the only sounds coming from the room, were the little, " Gulp, gulp, gulping sounds " that I was making, as he got me to " Eat It ".

I kept sucking on it gently, the whole time he was holding me down on it and when he finally took his hands away, I got up and ran out the door and ran back home. I was so embarrassed about what he had pictures of me doing with our dog and what he had just gotten me to do to him. But I also felt strangely satisfied, why I wasn't to learn until years later.

3 weeks later he called again.
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