Dealing with my sister’s disability

That terrible day a year ago scarred our family for life and would forever change mine. My name is Scott, and this story that I am about to relate, is about tragedy, abuse, love, and mostly about my sister Trish and her struggles to regain her life.

Trish and I were the only children in a home ruled by an iron fisted and abusive father, and a mother who stood by in fear and with indifference, and allowed the abuse to go on. We coped as best as we could and turned to each other for support and comfort. When I turned 14 and Trish turned 13, the abuse seemed to escalate, since the old man realized that Trish was sexually maturing and he seemed to have his eyes on her virginity.

I was very protective of Trish and kept a baseball bat at my side in bed, and wasn’t afraid to swing it if the old man got out of control. Trish slept in my bed more often than not, due to her increasing fears of being molested or raped by her father, but that started to become problematic. I had also become sexually mature, and found myself erect and jerking off at least a couple of times a day. I couldn’t do it when Trish crawled into my bed, but several times there was incidental contact during the night, and I found myself ejaculating in my underwear.

There had never been anything sexual between Trish and me, but we hugged a lot for comfort and support, and many times I had to keep my hips pulled back so she didn’t feel my erection. Trish was a beautiful girl with blonde curly hair and a blossoming body that made the guys at school drool. It wasn't hard to imagine why I got so easily aroused when I was near her body. I believe that Trish figured out why I was holding back, since she pulled me in tight to her during one of our hugs and whispered to me that she understood about my embarrassment. When she pulled me in close and tight, I could feel her soft mounds and erect nipples pressing against my chest and the full puffy mound between her legs pressed directly on my throbbing erection.

It was all I could do to keep from ejaculating, but after all, she was my sister and since I was older, I had to show restraint. Even during the night, when Trish hugged me in tight and sobbed over her fears of the old man, my erection was virtually out of control, and a few times I couldn’t stop the flood of semen, and completely soaked my underwear. I only wore underwear to bed and Trish wore just her panties and a long knee length t-shirt, so any contact between us got me easily aroused.

That night one year ago, was one of those times when Trish held me tightly and although I tried to show restraint, I lost control as my cock throbbed and humped at her pussy, through her t-shirt and panties. Trish was responding to my animal like behavior by humping back at me, so I moved my hands to feel her heaving mounds, and when I felt her nipples through the fabric, I began ejaculating. Trish whispered that she could feel my wetness, and she reassured me that it was okay.

She moved her hands to my underwear and rubbed my erection though the material. I became more aggressive and moved one of my hands to her pussy mound except I slipped it under the waistband of her panties and made contact with her bare pussy. Trish moaned and pushed her pussy against my hand, as she slid her hand under my waistband to hold my semen soaked cock. There was no longer any right or wrong, or regret about Trish being my sister. I was completely overcome with lust and it appeared that Trish was the same, as we groped, massaged and fingered each other with animal like passion. We had our first full on kiss that night, and it was both passionate and tender.

My cock was about to erupt a second time when we heard the door open, and the old man appeared with a look of drunken rage in his eyes. He was totally drunk, and came for us like a charging bear, so I pushed Trish off the bed and reached for my baseball bat. I managed to get one swing in, but it couldn’t stop him in his fit of rage, so I screamed for Trish to run. I knew that I needed to keep him occupied long enough for Trish to escape out my window, since her access to the door was blocked by this charging maniac.

As I watched her open the window and slip into the night, I prepared myself for a serious beating. I don’t remember how long it went on because I lost consciousness at some point, but when I woke up I was alone and in a great deal of pain. I hobbled quietly through the house and discovered that it was empty. I began to worry since it was February and with the snow and freezing cold, Trish couldn’t survive long in those conditions. When I finally checked the time, I realized that I had been unconscious for several hours, and my worry now turned to panic.

The only thing that I could think of to do was to call the police, and report what had happened. They told me that they were already aware of the situation and were searching for Trish. My old man had told the police that Trish had snuck out of the house to get away from me, and he and my mother were now out with officers searching the area. I dressed and walked the two miles to the police station, and by the time I arrived, I was in pretty bad shape from the beating. As I was giving my statement, the police called for an ambulance to get me checked out at the hospital, since I was having difficulty breathing. When the ER doc examined me, it was discovered that a broken rib had punctured my lung, but several other deep bruises and cracked bones were also evident on the x-rays.

When I came to in the Recovery room after surgery, I asked the Doctor if there was any news of my sister, but he wouldn’t tell me anything. A Detective arrived, and after consulting with the Doctor, they decided to tell me what was going on. Trish had been found alive but severely frost bitten, suffering from hypothermia, and barely clinging to life. When I cried, it caused severe pain, and that’s probably why the Doctor didn’t tell me earlier. They gave me morphine for the pain, as well as a sedative for the anxiety, so I slept through the next eight hours. When I awoke, my mother was at my bedside and was obviously distraught. She had told detectives the truth for once in her pathetic life, so the old man was in custody, and wouldn’t be abusing anyone for quite some time. Trish was in intensive care, and was expected to survive, but both legs had been amputated, due to the severe frost bite.

It was two days before they would let me see Trish, and when they wheeled my bed next to hers, we finally looked into each other’s eyes, and cried together. I was released home after a week in hospital, but Trish wouldn’t be coming home for another month. My mother and I had some very candid conversations about the old man, and it became clear that she had also been a victim of his abuse for years. I guess she hid her bruises and beatings from us, but why she allowed us to be abused as well, remains a mystery.

Just before Trish was to come home, we had a visit from detectives, who told us that the old man had hung himself in his cell. There were no tears shed for him, and we told them to bury him in an unmarked grave, since none of us cared. I suppose that we appeared to be cruel and unforgiving, but our attention right now needed to be on Trish’s recovery and rehabilitation. We learned later that our local Pastor had arranged a funeral and a headstone, but apparently no one attended the service.

Over the several months, Trish got stronger physically and began to deal with the psychological scars, although her acceptance of her disability was something else. The money for daily home nursing had run out, so it fell upon my mother and me to take care of Trish’s daily needs. Every chance I got, I picked her up from her wheelchair and hugged her tightly and told her that I loved her and would always be there for her. She even asked my mother if she could sleep in my bed, because it made her feel safe and secure. Although my mother was reluctant, she couldn’t say no to Trish, considering her state of mind. Although the same passion existed between Trish and me, it didn’t seem appropriate to push my erection into her mound, as I had done before. I thought of it many times, but for now I would have to be satisfied with masturbation alone in the bathroom.

One of the times that I was in the bathroom masturbating, I hadn’t realized that my mother had brought Trish in and put her in my bed. I heard Trish’s voice as I pounded away at my erect cock.

“Scott, you don’t need to do that in there. Please come to bed so we can hug”.

As I walked out of the bathroom naked and erect, Trish held out her arms and said ”Scott, I want to make you feel good and I know that you can do the same for me, so please come to bed”. I watched as Trish pulled her panties down, and then unsuccessfully tried to remove her t-shirt. I helped her get it off and then stared at her naked beauty. I didn’t see a disabled girl with no legs; I saw a beautiful and loving woman that I wanted to embrace and hold in my arms to love.

I slipped in beside Trish and as our naked bodies touched, it was magical as her heat and lust caused my cock to blast streams of semen all over her abdomen and up her breasts, and onto her face. I watched as Trish licked my semen from her lips and I kissed her passionately and tasted my own juices, and it felt so natural and right. Even though I had just spewed, what must be every drop of semen in my balls, my cock still throbbed and ached to be inside of Trish.

When she reached for my pulsing cock, my hands also made their way to her breasts and pussy. I lightly massaged her beautiful breast and gently rubbed her nipple, as my other hand worked my fingers through her soft curly pussy hairs. Those outer lips on her pussy were moist and hot, and quivered as I stroked through them to reach the entrance to her love tunnel. Trish was stroking my cock and touching my balls and I felt like I was in one of my wet dreams. When my fingers touched a little button at the top of her inner pussy lips, Trish moaned and said that she wanted to take my cock in her mouth. It was a little bit strange as I maneuvered around to place my cock head near her mouth, since this was my first close-up look at her stumps. The strangeness lasted only for an instant, until I felt her hot breath on my cock, and then felt the flick of her tongue, as her mouth totally engulfed my cock head.

I buried my face between Trish’s stumps and into her pussy, until my tongue reached that little button, that caused her to moan earlier. I licked and sucked at it, and felt her entire body trembling, and just as I felt my balls aching to blast another load of semen, she said “Suck me hard Scott. I’m cumming”. I unloaded stream after stream of semen into her mouth as I felt her hot and sweet juices flowing onto my lips and tongue. I could hear Trish slurping at my semen to try and keep it all in her mouth, and the sweet musky odor emanating from the depths of her pussy had me mesmerized. I humped at her face as my remaining semen drained into her mouth, and she never stopped sucking and slurping until my balls were sucked completely dry.

As I withdrew my shriveling cock from Trish’s mouth, I repositioned myself so that we were face to face kissing. That kiss was magical, since our combined juices moistened our lips and tongues, and it intensified my feelings so much that my cock grew fully erect and ready to penetrate Trish, if she wanted me inside her.

“Scott, I want you to make love to me and take my virginity. I need you inside me”.

Hearing those words brought tears to my eyes, so I mounted Trish and placed my cock head at the entrance to her pussy. Our lips and tongues were locked as my cock made its way through those hot and wet outer lips, and into her pussy. I slid easily until I hit her virginal membrane, and when I heard “Take me Scott”, I gently pushed my cock until it broke through and my balls came to rest on her backside. I thought that she might be sore from the broken membrane, but her arms pulled at me and her moaning voice urged me to thrust into her.

I began to thrust in and out gently and slowly, but I sensed a lustful urgency from Trish, just by the way she moaned and clawed at my back. I began pumping harder until I could hear slapping sounds as my balls bounced off of her ass cheeks. We were crazed and mumbling incoherent words as I jack hammered my cock into her pussy, until I felt her contractions. The walls of her pussy quivered and milked my cock, and I was soon emptying my balls again. Trish reacted to each hot stream of my semen as it hit her insides, and that is when I buried myself deep and held it there, enjoying the sensation of being sucked off, as her pussy walls squeezed and milked my cock.

“Put your cock back in my mouth Scott. I want to taste you again”.

I complied and looked at her face as she hungrily devoured my cock and balls, and lapped up any remaining semen. I was totally spent and yet I couldn’t stop humping my cock into Trish’s mouth. When I became a little tender, I slid my cock from her mouth and lay beside her to cuddle and kiss. We were brother and sister and yet, lovers who were completely devoted to one another. We exchanged I love you’s and held each other tightly until we drifted off to sleep.

When we awoke in the morning, we were still snuggled together, and when the realization hit me that Trish’s hot and naked body was tightly pushed up against my cock, it reacted. Trish smiled and moaned as she felt my erection sliding against her, so she held my cock in her hand and told me that she loved me. Mom opened the door and got the shock of her life as she saw us naked and groping, but neither of us cared at that moment. She walked out in a hurry and when I wheeled Trish out an hour later, she never mentioned what she had seen.

Trish and I are lovers to this day and I am committed to helping her get her life back, and forgetting that terrible tragedy of a year ago.

The End

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