My Sister’s sleepwalking Friend- Final Chapter

During the next few weeks, my parents took Kim into our home and petitioned the court for custody, since she had no immediate family, but another dilemma surfaced. After his arrest, Kim’s father had confessed to everything, and entered into a plea deal with the prosecutor, agreeing to a thirty year sentence. He could be out in 15 years with good behavior; however his new attorneys filed an appeal, based on the unauthorized placement of the camera in his bedroom.

His lawyers claimed that he was the only person who could have authorized the camera to be placed in his bedroom. They alleged that Kim could only have authorized the camera in her own private space. If the appeal was successful, the video, confession, and plea agreement would be thrown out, and the prosecutor would have no evidence for a re-trial. An Appeal judge was going to rule within a couple of weeks, so any custody petition was stayed.

When the detectives came to our house and told us of the appeal, Kim was devastated and her recovery was severely set back. We were all upset, and the mood in our house was one of doom and gloom, until the following day when the detectives came back and asked to talk to everyone. We were all very curious when they came back, but curiosity turned to shock, as we heard the news. Apparently word had spread in prison that this child abuser may get out on a technicality, so the other prisoners took justice into their own hands. Kim’s father was gang raped in the shower, and then his balls and penis were cut off with a shiv. He bled to death before medical aid could arrive, and not surprisingly, the prisoners all claimed that they didn’t see a thing. Kim was torn with mixed emotions. As much as she hated her father for abusing her, he was her dad and she felt the loss very deeply.

After all the legal proceedings finished, my parents were awarded custody of Kim, and her father’s house and assets were sold and placed in a Trust for her. She was healing well physically, but the mental torture she put herself through over her father’s murder, took its toll.

Sue and I carried on our sexual relationship after the original incident, but now with all the sorrow Kim was feeling, things had cooled. Several times, I went to Sue’s bedroom in an attempt to make each other feel good, but her mood was somber and she wasn’t up for anything sexual. I even tried to help Kim’s depression, offering to make her feel good, but I ended up with the same reaction.

I had a serious case of blue balls, knowing that I had two awesome pussies nearby, and yet not being able to get at them. Finally I got a break when our parents announced that they also had been suffering along with Kim, and they needed some space in order to keep their sanity. They were planning a weekend away alone, and asked us if we could cope with being alone at home for a couple of days. I (my cock) was ecstatic, and the girls were in agreement with their plans, knowing how much our parents had sacrificed, so we told them we would be fine and that they should enjoy their weekend away.

Friday night after our parents left, I asked the girls to come to my room, so we could talk. Neither of them seemed interested, but I told them it was important, so they came. After explaining how I was feeling about our emotional separation, they seemed to understand. I told them both that I loved them and missed our happy times together. Sue was the first to react, and she said to Kim that maybe they should try and shake themselves out of the doldrums, and get on with life. My cock enlarged and started throbbing at the prospect of convincing them to resume our sexual relationship.

“Look Kim. His cock wants to cheer you up. It’s waving at you through his pants”.

“Very funny Sue. How could I not get hard around two beautiful and sexy girls”.

“I don’t feel beautiful or sexy. I feel empty and guilty over my dad’s murder”.

“Come on Sue, let’s show her how to get cheered up and feeling better about life”.

I tore off my clothes and with my cock standing straight out and throbbing; I walked over to Sue and helped her strip down. As we lay on the bed in a 69 position, Kim watched us but seemed to have little reaction. I began to devour Sue’s pussy, and since it had also been a while for her, she started to tremble and moan. I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and tongued it while I hummed, and the vibrations from my humming set her off almost instantly. She shuddered and shook as I held onto her ass, so I didn’t lose contact with her clitoris. She took my cock out of her mouth so she could focus on her orgasm, and soon my mouth was drenched with that musky sweet nectar flowing out of her pussy.

I could tell from Kim’s reaction that the smell of that pussy juice was getting to her, and I watched her rubbing her legs together. I held out my hand for her to join us on the bed, and I was happy when she got up and stripped and then lay down with us. I was on my back, so I placed her on top of me with her pussy over my face. The first lick at her clitoris seemed to take away all the sadness from her face, and her expression turned to one of joy.

Sue had resumed sucking on my cock, but was joined by Kim, so Sue moved down to my balls and let Kim get used to sucking cock again. Sue wet her finger and inserted it into my anal opening, as she sucked on my balls. When I placed a finger in Kim’s ass, and started humming on her clitoris, she began to shake and then was in full orgasm on my face. Her juices flowed and added a distinctive aroma to Sue’s juices, and soon I was ready to blow my load of cum that had been stored for a few days. I yelled out that I was going to blow, so both girls moved their mouths to share the cum, as I blew huge streams of cum. There certainly was more than enough for both of them as they alternated taking the cum streams into their mouths to swallow. As my balls emptied, I looked down and saw their face and lips completely covered in my cum, and that kept me hard. I wanted to fuck them both, but I began with Sue, who had helped me start all this tonight.

My cock was still fully erect so I got between Sue’s legs and placed my cock head at the opening to her pussy. Sue flinched and said that she didn’t want to get pregnant, so I should fuck her ass like before. I kissed her passionately and slowly rubbed my cock head against her pussy lips, as I whispered in her ear “Don’t you want to feel my cock inside your pussy”? She hesitated and then pulled at me to enter her. As my cock slowly slid into her hot tunnel, Sue grabbed my ass and pulled me until I slid the entire depth of her pussy canal, and when my balls came to rest on her ass, I began thrusting in and out.

Sue was bucking her hips upwards to meet my downward thrusts, and we were now in a finely tuned synchronized fucking rhythm. I didn’t want Kim to feel left out so I massaged her breasts with one of my hands, and she massaged my balls with her hand. I wasn’t totally sure that I could cum three times, so I told Sue that I wanted to make her cum and then I would switch to Kim’s pussy and make her cum before I blew again. I hammered a little faster at Sue’s pussy and I could tell she was close. Kim reached under and massaged Sue’s ass opening and that put Sue over the edge. I almost lost my load at the same time, since Sue’s pussy was contracting on my cock, and I felt sucked off.

Luckily I held my cum back and after Sue came down from the high of her orgasm, I mounted Kim and parted her pussy lips with my well lubed cock head. She moaned and heaved upwards as my cock moved deeper into her pussy, and soon we established the same rhythm that Sue and I experienced. Sue returned the favor to Kim as she played with her ass opening, so I began pounding Kim’s pussy hard. Her facial expression got contorted, and she humped up at me, as I felt the spasms in her pussy walls sucking at my cock. We both were cumming and as my hot cum streams hit her insides, she screamed out in ecstasy. Sue fingered both of our asses as we completed our orgasms and then collapsed in exhaustion.

“I forgot how much I loved making love with you two”, Kim said.

“Oh yes brother. You are a fine fucker, and I’m not sorry that you creamed in my pussy”.

“Give me a half hour for my cock to recover its strength and I will curl your toes again”.

“Let’s not tear him up. After all, we have all weekend. Besides, I’m a little tender so tomorrow would be better”.

As we lay there, a heap of contented lovers, we smiled and agreed that this was the time of our lives, and we needed to fuck our way out of the unhappy past.

The End

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Hahaha didnt even have to read this chapter to know that bitch was dead!! I love you for adding that!! That would actually happen too XD

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omg i loved it also when you said that his ball got cut off that is what the son of bitch deserved for all he had done to her and make a new type

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