My Sister the little seductress

Growing up in a middle class neighborhood, with parents who were both professionals, I should have been a reasonably well adjusted guy, however; the fact that I am writing this story while serving a twenty five year sentence in Folsom prison would indicate that something went terribly amiss with my life. I had always thought of myself as a good person, and would never have imagined that at age 16, I would be serving hard time, after being tried as an adult for rape and sodomy.

When I was 15, my sister Sarah was the self proclaimed “Princess” of the house, and in my parent’s eyes, she could do no wrong. Sarah was 13 and had my folks totally fooled into thinking that she was sweet and innocent, while taking every opportunity to torment me and make my life miserable. It wasn’t that she was particularly mean to me or anything like that, but if she felt her role as “princess” was diminishing, she would make sure that my parents saw me in the worst possible light.

I had my first girlfriend that year and since my parents were friends with her parents, they really liked her and made her feel welcome in our house. Jenny was also 15 and although she wasn’t the most beautiful girl in school, she was the most desirable, because of her body and her bubbly personality. She was possessed with a body that caught every guy’s attention, and most of them never looked her in the eyes. She had boobs that caused you to day dream about holding them in your hands and sucking the nipples into your mouth. Many times I had to keep my books in my lap to hide my erection, caused by day dreams like that.

With both parents working long hours, I had a lot of alone time in the house with Jenny, except for the “princess”, who never let us out of her sight. When I did close my bedroom door so I could get my hands on Jenny’s tits, Sarah would do everything in her power to interrupt. Once she even lit a match under the smoke alarm, so we would have to run out to check for fire. If I touched her or threatened her, my parents would hear about it, and I would end up grounded. Jenny’s mom didn’t work, so we had no privacy at her house and were forced to put up with Sarah’s antics, just to have a little alone time.

Jenny and I had done lots of touching and groping but I was hoping to get her naked so I could give that body the attention it deserved. I even talked her into sucking on my cock, but that lasted all of twenty seconds before Sarah set off the smoke alarm. Fuck, I was so horny I probably only needed thirty seconds to come, but Sarah made short work of that. That little tasty tease changed me that day, and I couldn’t focus on much of anything beyond Jenny’s body, and her tongue lapping at my cock head. Reflecting back, those twenty seconds of heaven shaped my life forever.

My relationship with Jenny was short lived, mostly because of the tension created by Sarah, and I came to resent my sister with a passion that would come back to haunt me. When we were alone in the house before our parents got home, Sarah would come into my room to ask about Jenny, and why we had broken up. I told her that it was because of her and her stupid antics, but she just didn’t get it. I began jerking off several times a day, mentally visualizing Jenny’s tits and her mouth on my cock, but it just couldn’t compare. What I am about to describe are the events leading up to my eventual arrest and conviction, and basically the ruination of my life.

It started with me jerking off in my room and getting carried away thinking of Jenny. I had my eyes closed and was mumbling things like: “suck that cock Jenny”. ”Let me hold those titties while you lick my cock”. “I’m gonna cum Jenny and I want you to swallow my load”. After I blew my load all over my stomach, I opened my eyes and saw Sarah standing in my doorway staring at my wilting, cum dripping cock.

“Get the fuck out of here you little bitch”.

“I’m not leaving and if you make me, I’m gonna tell mom and dad that you did this in front of me, and forced me to watch”.

“I’m gonna kill you, you little cocksucker”.

As I ran after her, she went into her room and slammed the door in my face, but I got it open and pinned her down on her bed. I wanted to beat the hell out of her, but my common sense kicked in, and I realized that I would be the one facing the wrath of my parents, so I just rolled off of her and lay back on her bed.

“Nice cock. I bet you wish that I was Jenny, so I would suck on it”.

It suddenly occurred to me that at that moment, I was naked with my limp cock fully exposed to my sister. It is still a mystery to me why it happened, but I got fully erect and began looking at my sister like she was a female capable of satisfying my lust.

“You wish Sarah. I wouldn’t let you suck my cock if you were the last female on earth”.

“So why is it hard again? Maybe your cock would enjoy me sucking on it”?

“Why are you talking like this Sarah? You don’t know anything about sex, and you wouldn’t even know how to suck a cock”.

“I watched through your keyhole when Jenny sucked your cock, and it didn’t look all that difficult”.

“I can’t believe that you spied on me”.

“I was curious and also a little jealous”.

“Why in hell would you be jealous”?

“Because I wanted to do things like that with you”.

“You are one strange girl Sarah”.

“Judging by the way your cock is waving around, I can’t be all that strange”.

“If you don’t stop this, you might regret it. When I get hard, I can’t always control what I do”.

Sarah didn’t have a reply for that comment, but she did show me a side of her that I never would have imagined. She moved between my legs and started sucking on my cock. I asked her to remove all of her clothes, so I could see her naked while she was sucking, and she did. Her tits were not as big as Jenny’s mounds, but she had a really cute pussy that had sprouted curly blonde pubic hairs. I couldn’t resist any longer, so I pushed her back on the bed and felt up her tits while I dove face first into that sweet smelling pussy.

As my tongue parted her pussy hairs and lapped at her outer lips, my hands were busy rubbing her tits and rolling her nipples between my fingers. As my tongue gained greater access to her pussy, Sarah began to moan and raise her hips up off of the mattress. She got particularly vocal when my tongue lapped at a little bump near the top of her pussy. I didn’t know anything about a clitoris at the time, but I figured out in a hurry that she liked it more when I licked and sucked that spot. She liked it so much that I felt her spasm, and then sweet juices started running from her pussy and into my mouth. The taste and smell turned me into a raging sex maniac, so I asked Sarah to suck my cock again, and she gladly complied.

Sarah didn’t know shit about sucking cock, but it was a warm mouth, a swirling tongue and just enough stimulation to cause my balls to erupt with a massive cum shot. As the cum blasted out of my shaft, Sarah’s cheeks puffed out and she began to gag as the cum hit the back of her throat. There was cum dribbling from the corners of her mouth, and I have to give her credit for staying on my cock, until I finished shooting. Fuck me; it’s hard to believe that my little bitch sister just sucked me off and swallowed my cum. Looking down at her cum drenched mouth was a real turn on and my cock stayed hard and continued to throb.

“It’s not finished Sarah”.

“What do you mean”?

“I’m gonna fuck your pussy now, and show you what real sex is all about”.

“I’m not sure that I want to do that. Won’t that big thing hurt me”?

“Only for a few seconds Sarah, and then you will really like it”.

I got between her legs and poked my cock head at the entrance to her pussy, as I sucked on her nipples. Sarah didn’t put up a lot of resistance, but she did ask me to stop. I was out of control and couldn’t stop, so I began pushing my cock head past those blonde pubic hairs and into her sweet tunnel. Sarah begged me not to hurt her, but I ignored her and managed to get my cock head tight up against her cherry. I knew about virginity because Jenny and I had discussed having sex and breaking her cherry, but it never happened, thanks to my sister. That thought prompted me to push even harder, and as I sucked at Sara’s erect nipples, my cock broke through her barrier, and my balls came to rest on the cheeks of her ass. Sarah flinched and screamed that it hurt, so I just lay on her buried to the hilt, while still sucking on her tits. It seemed like an eternity, but probably was only a minute, when Sarah reached up with her arms and grabbed my ass and seemed to be pulling me inside her.

I took that as an indication to start fucking her, so I began to stroke my cock in and out of her pussy. Her anguish and cries were replaced with moans and she began to scratch at my back, seemingly wanting me to fuck her harder. I began thrusting faster and harder, and as the slapping sounds of my balls hitting her ass cheeks echoed through the room, I became like a crazed animal. I hammered my cock into that pussy until I felt my balls tighten, and then surge with a huge cum shot inside Sarah’s pussy. When the hot streams of cum hit her insides, Sarah screamed out that she didn’t know what was happening, but asked me to keep pumping. I felt her pussy spasm and tighten its grip on my cock, almost like it was sucking me off, and Sarah now had a delirious look on her face.

When the streams of cum subsided, I looked to see if Sarah was hurt, but she just grinned and moaned. I went to roll off of her, but she wrapped her legs around my thighs and held onto my back with her arms, so I stayed buried inside her pussy. My cock was starting to shrivel, since I had now cum three times today, but her hold on me, and the continuing contractions inside her pussy tunnel, kept me lodged deeply and still partially erect. To catch her breath, Sarah relaxed her grip on my body, so I began to withdraw my cock, but before I got totally out of her pussy, she pulled me back inside. The squishing sounds of my cock churning my cum inside her pussy was such a turn on that I got totally erect again. As I began thrusting my newly hardened cock, Sarah groaned and said that her pussy was a little sore.

I withdrew my cock and flipped her over onto her stomach, and then lay down flat against her back. I’m certain that Sarah had no idea what was coming, but my slimy erection was now rubbing in her ass crack, and she began to move her ass upwards to meet my humping. I found the entrance to her ass opening and rubbed my cock head on it, until it was wet and slimy, and as the head pushed at her tiny tight opening, she let out a scream. I told her to relax because I was going to fuck her bum, and that she would enjoy it, as soon as I got past the tight opening. I knew that she didn’t want to do it, but I kept up the pressure on her ass until my cock head lodged inside her opening. I lay still for a while, but when I felt her hips rise to meet me, I began sliding deeper into her ass. Her groans and pleas for me to get out of her ass fell on deaf ears, since I was totally overcome with lust.

I was now balls deep in her asshole, and when I began thrusting gently, I could feel her ass rising up to meet each downward pump. I increased the speed and intensity of my humping and soon I was hammering at her ass and about to spray her insides with cum. A final deep thrust, as my balls bounced off her ass cheeks, caused my balls to let loose and when she felt the hot streams of cum, she moaned and shuddered as she came with me.

As I lay in a dream like state enjoying the aftermath of an incredible cum shoot, my ears were assaulted by a blood curdling scream.

“Get off of me. You are hurting me you bastard”.

“What the hell are you doing to Sarah, you sick son of a bitch”?

Yes my parents had arrived home and came to Sarah’s bedroom to check on her. The direction that Sarah was facing when I was balls deep in her ass was towards the door, so she must have seen the door opening and started her screaming act.

Sarah should have got an academy award for her acting performance over the next half hour, and she was equally convincing when the police arrived. To make a long story short, I was thrown to the wolves by my parents, and Sarah’s fine acting performance convinced the District Attorney to prosecute me as an adult rapist and sodomizer. You should have seen her on the witness stand. If any talent scouts had been in the court room, she would have received multiple offers for Hollywood acting jobs. She was that good. The Jurors even cried with her during her testimony, and any glances toward me were hate filled glares.

Here I sit, a year after fucking that little bitch, but paying the price with the next 24 years of my life. My parents have never come to visit me, but I did get a letter from Sarah asking me for forgiveness. I wrote back to her and told her that I have accepted that my actions caused my current dilemma, but her acting and lying were difficult to forget. I told her that I forgave her and asked that she also forgive me. A few weeks after that letter, my parents brought Sarah to visit me, but they waited outside since they couldn’t face me or forgive me.

I looked through the glass and saw that in just a short year, Sarah had grown considerably, and her tits were now as big as Jenny’s. My cock hardened as the thoughts of that day a year ago flashed through my head, and just as visiting time ended, I came in my underwear. Oh well, at least I will have her current appearance and my memories of that day, for jerking off thoughts for the next 24 years.

The End

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